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Jovela gasped as he flipped her, slightly shocked at the move. She was used to men taking a back seat, most of the time they were content to let her do all the work. Not that she minded, hearing a man groan and moan as she worked on him was like music to her ears. But rarely did they take such an active role. She went to say something, went to reassure him he didn't have to, when his hands found her breasts, and began to tease her nipples. His movements told her he knew what he was doing, and she sighed, content, as he worked. "Well, rehabilitation is a two way street..." she muttered softly, as she began to shift slowly under his caresses, driving herself up to meet his advances, trying to get more sensations from his touch.

When his fingers found her sex she gasped, and let out a small, lustful giggle. "Oh my..." she added, as her sex eagerly coated the welcome intruder with it's liquid, begging for it to enter her, her hips thrusting gently upwards, trying to slide the hand deeper into her welcoming folds, her breathing now an almost consant rhythm of moans and gasps.

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"Exactly. Sex is one of the most effective methods of emotional therapy, after all," Garen chuckled as he briefly pulled his mouth away from Jovela's breasts. He watched her, smiling, as her body writhed under him, loving the way the shapely Risan was reacting to his touches.

He teasingly slid two fingertips back and forth along Jovela's wet, sensitive folds, feeling her juices dripping down his hand. Every time the nurse thrust her hips toward him, he pulled away just slightly, denying her pussy the penetration it so craved, waiting until Jovela's need reached its highest point before finally pressing forward. Two of his fingers gently parted her folds, inching slowly up inside of Jovela.

Garen grinned at the Risan nurse, thinking that they would make quite a sight were someone to suddenly walk in on them. There they were, Jovela's lush, naked form leaning back against the rock while Garen stood in front of her, lewdly fingering her pussy. Her moans and gasps with each penetration was driving him crazy; his cock was even harder now than it had been before, amazingly.

"Does that feel good, Jovela?" he asked her as he took one of her breasts into his free hand, squeezing the soft flesh between his fingers, teasing the hard little nipple. He leaned in close to her, kissing and nipping at her neck and shoulder again as he started fingering her faster, moaning as his hard shaft rubbed against Jovela's stomach. As Garen slid his fingers up inside Jovela's pussy again, he curled them, finding her most sensitive spot and rubbing it hard.

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Jovela's sighs took on a more urgent, pleading tone as he teased her, but then they relaxed into a more satifised, sexual groaning as his fingers slowly slid into her sex. She didn't care if they looked odd or bizarre, if anyone were to walk in on them she'd just invite them to join them. But for now she focused on the counciller's fingers as they slid back and forth inside her sex, a small puddle of her fluids collecting on the cold stone beneath her.

"Oh yes, it feels fucking amazing..." she gasped as he asked her, his fingers pressing against her most sensative areas, her hips slowly humping his hand, rising and falling from the stone. "But I think it'd feel much better with this..." she said, as her hand slid across her stomach and found his shaft, quickly sliding along it, her hand wrapped around and squeezing it encouragingly...

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Amikris frowned slightly and blushed as he began to finger her.  It was unexpected and although part of her said it was necessary it made her more then a little uncomfortable to be so close to satisfying her own primitive drives.  Especially with a superior officer, everything her parents had taught her and the academy had pushed further into her mind said that it was very much wrong.  This caused her to shift slightly away from his hand as she stroked his shaft slightly swifter with her own, grasping it firmly between her two thumbs and fingers.  Thick white paste slowly spreading out over it as each stroke caused a slight tremor in her hand stimulating the gland.  "I...I think I'm fine Dr....really I am." She nervously said as she began to stroke faster the thick paste clinging to his skin and slowly pouring down out of her hand and along his shaft to his public region.  It almost was like partially melted butter in consistency. 

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Garen grunted as Jovela took his shaft into her hand again, feeling her stroke him as he kept pumping his fingers in and out of her. He smiled as she squeezed him gently, and slowly pulled his invading digits out of her soaking wet sex. He reached around Jovela with both hands, cupping them under her ass, and lifted her up bodily, pulling her to just the right height.

He felt the Risan's legs instinctively wrap around his waist, and he groaned with need as he rubbed the swollen, leaking head of his cock against Jovela's slick, dripping opening. With the nurse still holding his shaft steady, he slowly lowered her onto him, grunting with pleasure as her warm and welcoming pussy slowly parted for him.

"Fuck, you feel amazing," Garen moaned as Jovela settled all the way down on him. He hunched his hips up into her a few times, moving inside her with small thrusts, then slowly pulled back until his long shaft was almost completely out of her soft, clutching grip before suddenly thrusting upward again. He started fucking her then, groaning, holding Jovela's small body easily as she bounced up and down on him, his hips driving his rigid shaft into her again and again.

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[ Meanwhile | Inside the Decontamination Chamber | Battle Sickbay | Primary Hull ]

A first, when Amikris pulled away from his fingers - leaving threads of her nectar and the Group IV gel between his tattooed hand and her slick pussy - Dr. Nicander might not have shown anything in his face...

...but in his distorted mind's eye, he was ramming his whole forearm up her cunt. Ash'reem blood and decon gel everywhere. The symbiont screamed excitedly for it to be made true. In fact, in the disoriented state Lucan was in after the nigh brush with full infection at the hands of Cir'Cie, the only thing that prevented Amikris to die in that eventful night in the Medical Labs...

...was the fact that she moved to stroke him harder, more quickly. Under the peculiar circumstances, her shyness rendered a rather jocular development with her suddenly increased rhythm. Comedy, indeed... had the man she sought to help been someone else. Her decontaminating secretions lathered and oozed over Lucan's rigid arousal, and he gasped hard in since he was already so close. Though he showed her nothing, and the biology of his Caroôn brain protected his thoughts, he did not wish to scare her somehow when the symbiont - or his affected mind, he did not know which - wished her such harm for denying proper release inside her body. His knees were already weak, so he leaned back against the wall as she took him across the percipience.

"Ahh!" he cried as he ejaculated all across her blue abdomen and breasts - warm cum splattering her...

...and he realised that not only did his desire abate, but his dissolved symbiont grew still too. The infection...

"Ah... Ah... You..." he swallowed in the aftershocks, a small chuckle escaping him, " cleared my urethra from the contaminant... Cadet. I... ah... Thank you..."

Lucan swallowed again and let her milk out the last of his cum - watched it mix with her own secretions upon her hand. "How are you feeling?"

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She stared at the cum as it landed on her body with concern and then reached up wiping it off of her chest and cleaning herself as best she could of the contaminating fluids.  She listened half halfheartedly as he spoke.  Before reaching for her uniform and preparing to put it back on.  "I'm feeling a little light headed, and warm, but otherwise fine" she replied as she began to slip her shirt back on over her chest,.  "And yourself?  How are you feeling?  Any lingering sensations in your body?"

Her interest was of course out for his own health and survival but the way she said it made it sound slightly more, perverted.  Slowly her color was returning to its proper tones although some lingering paleness remained along her stomach and legs.  "Do you think this infection has spread far around the ship, or is it still early on?" She asked anxiously as she stood to put on her pants and panties now.

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As soon as Lucan's legs supported him fully after his climax, he also moved to dress himself - the sonic vibrations and the steam having rinsed them both of excessive fluids. Before he answered, he picked up his garments and turned off the decontamination chamber - the lights returning to normal. Her choice of words let his imagination have a filed-day, yet he cleared his throat and answered in the manner she probably was expecting. "Now, I feel more clear-headed," he said and slipped on his underwear followed by his uniform trousers, "it seems we are both in the clear, but you should pay attention to any symptoms that might arise. I want you to inform me the moment the symptoms you have now change in any way."

Lucan felt more in control of his own body and his thoughts, certainly. He felt spent, naturally, and decided to address what had happened after he answered her question. He pulled on his undershirt and crouched down to attend to his discarded socks and shoes. "It's impossible to say, yet you and your parents have been feeling the scent during the day, so I hardly think these two are the only ones. Listen..."

He stood up and lay his tattooed hands upon Amikris shoulders, looking into her eyes. "We can let what happened here remain within these four walls. I will not put any details about how you helped me in the decontamination if you will return the favour. Such things are hardly of consequence, okay? We both had to do what we did, and the circumstances dictated our treatments. We'll not speak of it again, and I promise that it will not have any consequence in regard to how I assess your work here in Sickbay. I will still help you alleviate your addiction, and I will still keep it off the record. Moreover, I will put in my report how you had no choice but to defend yourself based on the poor information we had about the situation. The Lt. is dead, the winds caress his soul," he said, and made a small Caroôn gesture with his fingers when he said those words, "and the living cannot help him any more."

Removing the other hand as well from Amikris' shoulders, Lucan straightened - just as anxious as the Ash'reem about getting to work instead of lingering. They needed a cure, else this infection would sorely interfere with his plans for the ship... "I believe we have some work to do..."

Yet when Lucan pressed the button that opened the air-tight door, his eyebrows climbed when he saw the whole area cleared from tables, equipment or any other loose objects - including Lt. Gladstone's body. "By the father of storms... What..?"

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"Thea, report the location of all transporter activity in the last hour?" Amikris asked as her mind raced placing events into place and frowning. "Our transporter rooms are compromised likely, they'd have been the initial vector anyways, since this disease likely comes from the surface anyways." Her eyes opened wider behind her goggles as an opportunity arrived.  "Lucan can you override the safeties on teleporters to have the machine place medications into the organic entities blood streams?" She asks anxiously as she began to pace anxiously as her thoughts cleared conceiving a plan to get a larger sample size of infected. 

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Stepping out into the empty area, Lucan listened to the Cadet asking the Computer for the transporter logs.

[2420 hours, Transporter Room 1, One plasma conduit diagnostic tool, Location: Engineering, Destination-]

"This might take a while," commented Lucan, realising that they had too many Transporter Rooms and too little rime, "Computer. The body of Lieutenant Gladstone, can you locate it?"

[Affirmative. The remains of Lieutenant Gladstone is in the Morgue.]

Lucan exchanged a glance with Amikris, quite genuine relief that their infected specimen had not gone too far. "And where have all the things here in Medical Lab 1 gone?" he asked next, "Was it moved to the Morgue too? Some kind of malfunction? And who issued the transport to be done?"

[Two thirds of the medical equipment in Medical Lab 2 is currently upon the following coordinates upon the planet Niga: 421.675-6473. One third of of the medical equipment in Medical Lab 2 is currently in Transporter Room 3. The Transport of the remains of Lt. Gladstone was issued by Lt. JG Jovela and executed by Ens. Fox. The Transport of the medical equipment in Medical Lab 2 was first issued by Ens. Warner, and secondly by Ens. Warner, both Transports were executed by Ens. Warner. All aforementioned Transports were sequenced through Transporter Room 3. All Transporters are functioning within normal perimeters.]

Frowning, Lucan could not make much sense of what might have transpired, but in focus of what was important, he reckoned that his Head Nurse had been right outside, finding the body and beaming it to the Morgue. The rest was a mystery there was no time to solve. "Where is 'Lt. Jovela now?"

[Lt. JG. Jovela is not aboard the ship.]

Exchanging another glance with Amikris, Dr. Nicander pinched the bridge of his nose. "We will have to run diagnostics in Medical Lab 1 instead, and take the body there from the Morgue. We do not have the time to find Jovela now. My best guess is that... Computer, was there any individuals beamed down to the planet?"

[Affirmative. One Human. One Risan. Confirming identities through visual records... Identities: Lt. Nelis and Lt.JG Jovela.]

"They must have lost their comm badges..." said Lucan and tried to contact them next, with no answer. Only the quiet humm of the ship was heard when he tried to contact the Chief Counsellor and his Head Nurse. He gave up and led the way to the Morgue. "Very well, we have no time to waste. As for your question, Cadet, I am a Doctor, not an Engineer. Even if I was, and the Transporters were safe to use, we might just as well end up placing medication inside their brains or somewhere else where it does not belong- effectively killing them instead. We are just barely able to transport foetuses from the wombs of women that are about to die in childbirth, so the kind of transport-injections you are suggesting is too delicate to perform, and certainly so when bodies around the ship are constantly moving. In theory, it was a good idea, though. In a couple of decades, we might be able to calibrate Transporters into syringes, but sadly not tonight..."

[ Medical Lab 2 ]

Gladstone's body lay on a diagnostics table, Amikris attending to it and relaying readings and samples to Lucan, whom sat before a computer console and tried to unravel the readings he had and testing the reactions of several different kinds of artificial antibodies. His tattooed hands moved at a furios pace, and his scowl was one of deepest concentration. Still, he turned his head to speak to the Cadet.

"Have you found anything else that can be of consequence?" he asked first, and for the third time in the past two hours they had been working, added, "are you feeling any symptoms of infection?"

Gamma Shift was low on people since the last battle, and the few that remained were in Main Sickbay - attending to appointments of other people that up during the night. Neither of them had heard anything about more infected people, secluded as they were and having locked themselves in, and the fact that they were running diagnostics upon someone they - or rather Amikris - had killed served as an incentive to not spread the word and panic the ship until they knew more. For all they knew, there was no greater cause for concern for the crew just yet. Rather, at least Amikris ought to have been more concerned about the death of the Science Officer upon the table becoming public knowledge.

Lucan wondered why he was trying to protect the Cadet to such extents lately... Finding it highly peculiar that he would care. He had no answer. He had no time to find an answer besides the cure either.

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Jovela sighed with contentment as Galen lifted her and then slid her onto his shaft. She hung onto him, her legs and arms supporting her weight, without being too much of a burden. She could hold her body weight up on a pole for nearly a full hour (she had, at one point, the Risan record but it only lasted 2 weeks before the old record holder beat her for it), but she also knew how best to support her weight evenly, so as not to strain any one part of his body.

She held on, even as she felt the warm feeling of his shaft entering her, the feeling both familar and new, as it always was different when she slept with a new partner for the first time. But as he began to stroke, as his shaft began to plow her inner passage, she began to moan loudly with every stroke, her voice becoming a jumble of words, moans and cries.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me with you oh god... Mmmmm.. Fill me with your hot cum, I need it so badly, fuck me fuck me..."

It was an act, yes, but one that was only just slightly put on, as he did feel amazing, her body jiggiling with pleasure with every stroke, her breasts bouncing between them, her sex clamping down as he stroked, squeezing his shaft, trying to milk out his seed, her body finely tuned and focused solely on sex.

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Amikris frowned slightly as she passed the samples to Lucan. "I think its a virus, although how its not killing its host cells I'm not sure.  I still think it'd be best if we started transporting individuals who are infected into a quarantined area sir.  Prehaps Thea could help?" She said calmly as she looked over the readings scanning mainly the brain and genitalia. 

When he asked about how she was feeling she hesitated and at first didn't reply, after a few moments she does though. "I'm...fine.  Don't worry I don't think it can infect me."  Her voice hinted concern as she finished the statement and then began to go back to work.  Her mind remained clear but other parts of her body seemed to be displaying, subtle changes in sensation.  The most noticeable symptom she seemed to be displaying was a swelling in her ovaries. 

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It had been a long time since Garen had experienced this much pleasure. Jovela felt absolutely amazing to him, both within and without. The sensations he felt as he drove himself in and out of her were indescribable. His moans joined hers, the sounds of their mutual pleasure rising to fill the clearing, the moon and stars above the only witnesses to their joining.

He held her tightly to him, feeling her body shake with every deep, hard thrust, her nipples brushing against his strong chest as her breasts bounced between them. Garen smiled at her words; he could sense that she was partly acting, likely to heighten his own pleasure (which was, admittedly, working), but he could also sense the genuine joy rushing through her body, as well.

Garen had recognized early on that being an empath, being able to sense other people's true emotions, intensified the act of sex for both him and his partners. He was able to tell what was working and what wasn't, even if the other person never actually showed it, which had helped him to hone his skills as a lover over the years. Normally he could have gone on longer, but this was the first time he had ever been with a Risan, and Jovela was doing an incredible job of showing Garen why the Risans had the reputation they had.

He felt his orgasm approaching, his seed threatening to burst from him, and he groaned, trying to hold it a little bit longer. He had initially done this to help Jovela, having sensed the need within her for this physical and emotional distraction from what she had witnessed on the ship, but now he found himself not wanting it to end. Ultimately, though, Jovela's well-trained skills were too much for him, and Garen cried out as he lost control.

"Oh, fuck!" he moaned, pulling Jovela down onto him as he pushed up into her, trying to bury himself as deeply inside her warm, clutching sex just as he exploded. He held Jovela close, teeth clenching as he moaned, his whole body shaking as his hot, thick cum spurted deep inside of her, filling her.

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His eyes darting over the monitor and his hands still working to find more weaknesses to exploit with his counter-agent, Lucan did not notice the aforementioned changes in her voice - subtle as they were.

"Its a large universe, Cadet," he replied distractedly, "I'd say we cannot be too surprised that we have encountered a virus that acts differently than the known ones. Differently... and by the winds its an aggressive bastard. The sheer levels of potency in this cocktail I am working on in staggering. Listen, I need a second opinion on what I have so far..."

He whirled out of his chair and faced her, gesturing while he spoke - his long unkempt hair in disarray. "We cannot fight this with the number of hyposprays we have available, should the contamination spread farther than twenty or thirty people. Thus, we'll replicate a far greater number of crude syringes that will do the job just fine. Also, given the danger of close proximity to people with this virus, we have to blend the antidote with a high-end sedative that literally makes those treated with the shot fall to the floor within a second. This will serve to let the antidote run is way through the body and return the affected cells to their original state - which is something beneficial about this virus. The antidote works more swiftly since there is no true damage to deal with. Its merely a matter of reverting the process. Here, confirm what I have so far..."

Lucan handed her a PADD that he had uploaded his work to and folded his arms behind his back. He was now wearing a white lab coat over his teal undershirt. It was by then he remembered her advising to enlist the aid of the Ship AI. "Without our completed diagnostics of this contamination, the Ship's internal sensors will have no data to go on when scanning for the virus - given its unique composition and rarity. I should, however, inform the Captain about what is about, but given how Lt. Gladstone over there is dead... I think it would be best if we presented a solution along with the news. Yet... Wait a minute..."

Fishing out a second PADD of his own, he began to run some statistical numbers. "Incubation time... we do have that data now... under an hour... we have been at Niga for just so many hours... yet if but a single infected female in the crew would... potentially... visit those sleeping in their rooms... all out of eye-sight... She would not need much time for each... The exponential rate of merely ten people over the course of..."

Dr. Nicander trailed off there, realising the mistake they had made. If only they had they known the short incubation time...

"Cadet, by the morning... close to half the ship might be infected, and that's counting the number of possible partners for each new one low..." before he finished his sentence, his hand darted for his combadge, yet he realised it was still attached upon the uniform jacket he had left in Med Lab 1. "Quick, give me yours..."

He stepped up to Amikris and snatched her combadge from her chest. "Dr. Nicander to Cpt. Ives, please respond." Only when he had finished his sentence did he realise that there had been no chirp from the litle golden trinket. The decontamination room... She took her uniform into it. The combadge had not fared well by it...

"Computer, would you please joi-"

There was a brutal mechanical clamour coming from the door they had locked.

Lucan whirled around to see a naked man from Engineering staring at them - grinning like a devil. He had secretively got the door open, and vandalised the wall panel next to it on the inside. In his hands were the chips he had yanked out - effectively killing all kind of communications channels to and from the room. Thea would not hear them any more. Behind the Engineer came another man, and a woman, both blonde beasts of lust once employees of Lucan's from the Gamma Shift.

"Can't have you spread the word, Doctor..." said the big menacing Engineer with shortly cropped grey hair, "nor can we have you escape. It would ruin the fun..."

In fury mixed with trepidation, Lucan saw the bastard yank out the control chip for the door and drop everything in his hands to the floor. He destroyed all of the computer chips with a chair, while the two others advanced upon Lucan and Amikris....

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"I regret to inform you any attempts to infect us likely will be futile at best, may I suggest you have a seat this may take some time to explain." Amikris said calmly with a smile as she slipped two of the syringes into her palms hiding them behind her fingers as they were clasp between her thumbs lightly.  She made her advance toward the crew men smiling. "I for one am already infected, if you can't tell perhaps that's because my biology is quite different then your own?" She suggested closing the distance and glancing between them.  Two wouldn't be enough but it'd be enough to by them time. 

Her mind raced with calculations, she'd only have one attempt.  Who would be the most vital targets to take out of this conflict.  The sad thing was she was fairly certain she was correct, that her body had changed during the contact with Lt Gladstone, but the swelling didn't seem bad to her.  In fact it seemed like salvation to her in her own way.  A means of saving her race rather then watching it die out. 

She planned her move then made her strike, once within range she thrust her hands out aiming for their sides and pushed the syringes out so that the pointed needles would penetrate first if she managed to hit them.  Her targets the blondes approaching, leaving only the engineer as a  present danger, although fragile she was sure she could hold the engineer at bay long enough for another dose to be administered.  Hopefully this cure would work on them.

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The two nurses from gamma shift, crewman Johnson and recruit Xeanta - whom Lucan knew as far as their duties went - paused when Amikris spoke, but they did not completely halt their advance. Lucan, remaining at the back of the room, saw the two prototype syringes hidden in Amkris' palms - two which he had meant to analyse for flaws yet in theory was supposed to work like his data had shown. He admired her bravery; this facet of the Cadet that he had yet to see up until that point.

The Engineer, however, was unimpressed. "'Infected'?" he asked and narrowed his ice blue eyes as he advanced as well - straggling behind the two confused nurses. "Oh, you cannot fool us... for we are not infected, we are enlightened; blessed to see life as it was meant to be seen before society gave us roles and commitments we didn't need. Deep down, every single living and breathing organism mindlessly seek to procreate; to seek pleasure and bear children. We celebrate the images we were made into... and find no need to hide them."

He raised a finger and pointed to Amikris and Dr. Nicander. "Which you are... quite needlessly. And besides, why would you lock yourself up in a medical lab, hmm?"

Lucan reckoned that the man the Engineer had used to be was older - more wise - than the youths that were about to be given the sharp ends of Amikris' hidden weapons against their visitors. He was the most dangerous, and he was about to catch up with the nurses any moment - turn the tide in their favour at this most crucial moment. Amikris would not have a needle to put into him, so Lucan had to do something, even though they had no more prototype antidotes....

If he had any other kind of recourse, he did not see it.

"Amikris," he said as he raised his open hands by his sides. The air in the room began to whirl like a storm had begun to blow within the close quarters of the lab. His labcoat flared out behind him like the wings of an angel, "close your eyes hard and get down!"

Then the lights vanished in the room - making everything pitch-black.

Yet the lightning bolt made everything completely white, as it shot forward against the three infected humans. It struck at the centre - straight into the chest of the Engineer, before it vanished. The imprint of the flash still lingered upon Lucan's retinas when the lights returned, slowly flickering to life after he had sucked the energy out of his closest proximity. There had been no crack of thunder besides the loaded charge emanating from him - leaving the scene in a field of residual static electricity.

Next to the disabled doors lay the still twitching body of the Engineer - chest burned open and eyes distended. The smell of roasted flesh filled Lucan's nostrils, and it did not serve to amend his nausea following the use of his diminished Caroôn powers. What he had done... it would make him as much a murderer as Amikris was, only now they knew just how dangerous the virus was, and how important it was that a cure could be secured.

"Now!" he cried weakly to Amikris, seeing the two blondes slowly getting up from the floor after the blast - not yet having gained their footing after Lucan's attack. Though the doctor was drained from the detonation, he stumbled forward to assist Amikris in sticking the syringes into the survivors if she needed it. For at least they might be able to spare two lives...

Not that the symbiont would care, but Lucan found it more pragmatic to try and uphold his image of innocence in the eyes of the crew.

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Jovela began a soft, panting chorus as her new lover approached his peak, wth every thrust she gasped, each gasp a little higher and louder, until finally he came, and she screamed, a cry of pure joy. Her screams rang out across the clearing, causing some bird like creatures on the outskirts to wake up and fly away, as his seed filling her sent waves of electricty through her body.

But eventually, far too soon for her liking, she came down, her breathing returning to merely deep panting, as she looked into his eyes, grabbing by the neck and giving him a long, loving kiss. She broke it and smiled. "Thank you Counciller. That was most... refreshing." she said, giggling softly like a young girl. She looked down at their union, and ran a finger along the base of his shaft, collecting some of their combined fluids that had seeped out. She slowly licked her finger clean, smacking her lips. "Hmm... Very tasty. But I think now, we should rest." she said, sighing contentedly.

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Amikris did as she was told but immediately seemed disoriented immediately following the lightning strike, shifting her weight slightly in an odd angle as her disorientation resulted in her weak flexible bones having more influence over her stride then normally.  It took her almost ten seconds to truly recover fully before she made an attempt to strike at the two blondes with the serum she had in the syringes. 

Even after the attempt she seemed disoriented as if unsure of exactly where she was, the skin along her neck and face seeming to pale a few shades as she looked around as if confused by what was going on.  A few seconds after that she collapsed back on the floor laying fairly still the only signs of life her breathing.

(if he does a tricorder reading, he'd find moderate dehydration and a slight 'scrambling' of her nerves from the sudden application of a strong electromagnetic field (AKA Lightning) )

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Garen laughed softly at Jovela's words, his heart racing as he tried to catch his breath. He reluctantly lowered the nurse to the ground, his spent organ slipping free of her as he did so. "You're very welcome, Nurse Jovela," he said, winking down at her. "I'm happy I could help."

He nodded, agreeing with Jovela as he took a step back and turned to look around the clearing in which they stood. "Yeah, you're probably right," he agreed. After all that, he felt a warm, contented weariness spreading through his body. "They didn't see fit to beam a tent down with us, though. I hope you don't mind sleeping under the stars."

Garen started gathering all of their discarded clothes and quickly piled them together, so that they wouldn't have to sleep on the ground. He left out his uniform's jacket, however, so that they could have something to keep them warm (besides each other), and laid down on the makeshift bed, making sure it was comfortable enough before shifting over to make room for Jovela.

"Care to join me?" he offered, smiling up at the nurse as he held his hand out to her.

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Jovela smiled, and dipped down, curtseying with an invisible dress, her breasts jiggling slightly in the moonlight from the movement. "Thank you kind sir!" she said, laughing as she sauntered over. "Oops, wait, wouldn't want to stain anything." she said, running a finger along her warm, happy slit. She gathered up the last few drops of their fluids and then licked it up, sucking on her finger like an ancient Earth lollypop. She giggled around it and then lay down, cuddling up to Garen, her legs wrapping around him, her breasts pressing against his body, her arms hugging him, a hand reaching up to run itself through his hair, caressing him. "Now then, go to sleep, my dear patient. Nurse's Orders." she whispered, before beginning to hum, a soft Risan lullybye, her voice, while not good enough to sing professionaly, good enough to carry the tune as she watched him, smiling as her body caressed his.

Re: EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter III - Violation]

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When everything grew still inside the medical lab, Lucan put his hand on the diagnostics table - the remains of Lt. Gladstone still lying there. He assessed the situation with his breath heavy, head reeling in the aftermath of what he had done. The monitors slowly lit up again all along the sides of the room, casting the scene in light.

Amikris moved a bit before she slumped down to the floor. The body of the Engineer slid sideways and fell splayed out along the wall - face down. The two blonde Nurses from Gamma shift had been stung by Amikris just before she passed out, and the potent sedative had made them take a few stumbling steps in either direction before they also fell. Left standing was Dr. Nicander, whom saw that not only had the bloody Engineer effectively cut all kind of communications with the ship - computer and comm wise - and disabled the door. No, the damnable prick had had the insolence to stand in front of the hatch that led to the jefferies tubes. It only took Lucan a few frustrating tugs on the sooty plate with his tattooed hands to confirm that he had accidentally welded the bloody thing tightly shut along two sides.

"Hello!" he called and banged the door with his fist, "is anyone out there? Damn it, can anyone hear me? We are trapped inside here!"

In the end, he cursed and kicked the dead Engineer where he lay. He took a few calming breaths after that, scanned Amikris to notice how the discharge of electricity had affected her nervous system and dehydrated her. He administered a dosage of an appropriate stimulant and moved to replicate some water for her - only then noticing that also the replicator had been taken offline by the troublesome yet dead Engineer.

At loss, he realised that the only thing he could do until the Nurses came to - after monitoring their condition and making sure the cure was working as it should - was to further perfect the antidote on his computer console, however unable to produce any more of them... Thus his night would pass, in helplessness to alert the crew, and secure the ship for his own purposes of genocide. He doubted the Nurses would be of much help to get them out, for just like himself and Amikris, they were medical personnel, not engineers. If they worked together, they might be able to pry the sliding doors open.

Before he returned to his computer, given the lack of other things to do, was to make sure Amikris was comfortable.

A gesture he had no idea why he bothered to make...

- Fin

[...To be continued in Chapter IV...]

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