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"Do not feel responsable, Thea." Nerina said, putting a hand on the hologram's shoulder, turning the digitial representation of the ship's AI to face her. "You, of all... people on board cannot help how they are made, or in your case programmed. I know the guidelines you operate under, and I'm fairly sure the tech heads back at Command never envisioned an... Orgy making contaminate. We can perhaps sit down after this is over and see about getting your programming changed a little to let you take more of the initiative, but right now we need to focus on the task at hand. I want you to contact any unaffected crewmembers... and that bartender idiot as well, but only if it is safe to do so, only if it will not attract attention to them from infected crewmembers. Inform them of the dangers, and instruct them to either make their way to the main Bridge if it is safe, and if not, to secure themselves however they can. Since it is via bodily fluid, a force field or a supply of phasers should be enough to hold the infected at bay. Make sure all phasers are set to stun, if it's an infection then hopefully it can be cured, so let's not have any deaths." Nerina said, issuing her orders calmly as she put two fingers together in front of her as she thought, as she planned, as she tried to recall the relevent procedures. "I know the captain already did most of this, but I'd like to make sure everyone is clear... Wait, do you have biological components? Are you at risk?" Nerina said, looking at the hologram, suddenly unsure. She wasn't that up to date on her engineering, and so she wasn't sure what systems the ship had in place.

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Thea too a deep breath, something observed and adapted into her characteristics, and listened to the XO's orders carefully - already calculating the best way to acarry them out effectively.

When the question about whether or not she had biological components, her answer was ready at  hand. "Like most ships produced since the commissioning of the Intrepid Class, I am fitted with bio-neural gel packs."

The gel packs formed the basis of her bio-neural circuitry, which was essentially an organic computer system that helped store more information and operated at faster speeds than isolinear circuitry. The packs contained neural fibers surrounded in a blue gel with metallic interfaces on the top and bottom, yet they were separate, so...

"The fibers in an individual gel pack of mine is capable of making billions of connections, yet my circuitry is still not an animal with a subsequent need to copulate. Each individual pack would have to be injected with fluids, but that would serve no purpose. They are all merely.. arteries, if you will permit the generalisation. Oh, they may be infected with bacteria or viruses, but the symptoms would only be lessened performance and a headache for Ops and Engineering to handle. They are quite well protected now too, given the problems the Intrepid Class had with compromised gel-packs... As for my pasitronic brain in the Main Computer Core?"

Thea assembled the information. "No. My brain is based on he schematics of the Soong-type androids. Thus incapable of alcohol intoxication. Yet it has been known that components in its processing systems were apparently susceptible to disruption by polywater intoxication. This, however, is not on a cellular level, and there is no - to me - conceivable way to infect my completely encased brain. The infected would, if they would even bother to try, have to physically tear apart the Main Computer in order to reach it and... Commander, I do not know how they might go about it from that point on."

Thea cleared her throat a little. "Extremely unlikely, in short, since polywater intoxication and this contamination are quite different matters, judging from the results the CMO has compiled for the Staff Briefing. He is, by the way, on his way to Deck 01 as we speak."

After giving her orders some further thought, Thea supposed that she would have to move out expediently. "Anything else you wish to know, or that I can do for you, Commander?"

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Nerina shook her head. "No, I'm glad I can count on you for this operation. Please seek out and help those not yet infected. I have a bit of a climb ahead of me." she said, cracking her neck. "Thank you Thea, dismissed." she said, opening the hatch upwards. She took one last breath and began to climb, taking the rungs in a fast, even pace as she began to climb the rest of the way up to the bridge, her footholds rhythmicly echoing softly in the recess of the tubes.

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==Deck 5, Waste Management [ Atten: Lucan ]==

When one thinks "Waste Management" they tend to think dank, smelly and over all disgusting. That was certainly what Natalie had expected when her boss told her to meet him near the Waste Management center on deck 5 for "routine repairs". Why Lt.Cmdr Hendricks needed her help was beyond her, but she was too quiet to verbally complain. Hendricks had been nice so far, as far as superiors go.

So Natalie was quite surprised when she arrived on deck 5 to find the place a sterile, bright environment. Not a whiff of waste was in the air. In fact, it would have been almost cheery, except for the drone from beyond the doors for the "Reclamation Center." The sound was at just the right pitch to grate on her nerves. She shook her head slightly, as if trying to clear the sound from her ears, before rounding the corner and spying her boss, bent over with his head stuck in an access panel. Natalie took a quick moment to pull her hair (which had started to curl again) into a bushy ponytail, before coming to attention.

"Lt.jg Stark reporting as ordered, sir," Natalie called out, voice raised to be heard over the din of the reclamator. For his part, Hendricks, Chief of Operations for the Theurgy, managed to not bang his head against the top of the access panel when he jumped. Pulling himself out and turnings to face Natalie, the senior officer chuckled "Two things Lt. One, you snuck up on me. Two, you don't have to give your full rank every time I see you."

"Sorry sir," Natalie meekly replied, eyes shifting to stare towards the floor.

"Never mind," Hendricks said, motioning her to come forward, "Believe it or not, Lt, the Reclamation Center here falls under the jurisdiction of the Operations department, instead of Engineering or Life Sciences. We drew the short end of the shift stick," he laughed at his own joke, seeming not to notice Natalie's lack of response. "This means, " he continued, "That we get to be the ones that go in and bring the force field generators back online, as well as reprogram the actuator."

Natalie nodded to show that she was following her superiors lecture as she pulled out her tricorder and began to bring up a few quick tuning protocols. Meanwhile, the two started to walk towards the Reclamation Center doors as Hendricks kept the dialog going.

"As I'm sure you know, given the ships current situation, we have to resume everything available to us, including reprocessed waste. Therefore, it is vital that we get this place back up to tip top shape. And that means making sure the actuator is properly aligned to process everything that comes through this center, and that the safety force fields work. We have a limited number of crew members, and the last thing we want to do is loose someone cause they slipped and fell over a railing"

"Yes sir," Natalie said as she walked through the doors, taking a moment to observer the actual room. The din was worse here, but like the rest of Waste Management, was well lit and clean. So clean in fact, it was hard to tell that there was any damage. 'Must all be beneath the surface', the Asst Chief Operations officer thought as she looked over a near by status console.

"So then," Hendricks said, drawing Natalie's attention back to himself, "You start on the actuator controls, I'll work on the force field generator." As he spoke, he indicated which console Lt. Stark was to take care of. Then, with a grin, "Hop to it Lt. Sooner we get this done, the sooner you can get back to that Holo-control interface you're always working on."

The room was definitely bright enough that Hendricks would easily see the blush that spread across Natalie's otherwise pale cheeks as she meekly replied, "Aye aye sir," and made a bee line for the actuator control boards. She kept her back to her commanding officer, shoulders slumped as she started to run scans. She knew that the Lt.Cmdr wasn't making fun of her, but her little pet projects were (like her drawings, and choice of reading material) something she was very self conscious about.

Soon the room was filled with the sounds of diagnostic tools, clattering panels, and the various noises sentient beings make while working. It was almost pleasant to Natalie, to be lost in the work. She would have just about been enjoying herself if only she could drown out the din of the reclamator.

"Jien to all Senior Staff members, report to the Bridge ASAP, and do not stop on your way for any kind of reason or distraction. Better yet, make sure as few people as possible notice you while you get there. Try to keep comm transmissions to a minimum in order to not compromise each other, should either of you need to pass unnoticed. We are hereby at Yellow Alert, ladies and gentlemen, and areas of quarantine will be set as soon as we converge and know more about what the hell is going on."

Natalie's head snapped up as the orders came over the comm system. What is going on? she thought, before turning to face her superior. Hendricks frowned at his combadge which had relayed the message, pinned on his now open uniform jacket. There was sweat on the older mans brow from his work on the generators. "What the hell was that about?" He said, running a hand through his hair before sighing.

"Stark, you better come with me." Natalie blinked and stood up, "I'm not sure what's going on, exactly, but it sounds like it's not safe out there" he pointed towards the doors, "The force field generators will have to wai--"

The sound of the Reclamation Center doors opening cut off Hendricks, as did the site of two very shapely, and very naked women. Natalie and Hendricks stared in surprise as the two sauntered into the room. Try as she might, Natalie was unable to figure out who they were. Her skin flushed red when she realized that both women were in a state of high arousal. She found herself wondering just how their tits could be so perky as a strange, pleasant smell filled her nose.

"Crewmen! Why are you out of your uniforms? Whose you're CO?" To his credit, Hendricks stared at their faces, looking stern and in command.

"Bugger our CO," the blond on the left said, causing the raven haired woman on the right to say, "We already did Elsie." The two shared another laugh, before the blond, Elise, turned to Hendricks.

"We're out of uniform because they're just soooo constricting. You'll understand soon, 'Commander," she said, licking her lips. Almost an afterthought, the woman added, "And so will you, Lt. Women aren't really my type. but once we fuck your CO, we'll take real good care of you, too." Her 'friend' giggled, and said "Reeeaaaal good care."

"This must be what the Captain was talking about," Hendricks whispered to Natalie, breaking her out of her reprieve. She had been thinking it might be fun to be 'taken care of' but hearing her  bosses voice made her realize just how wrong those thoughts were. Natalie visibly shuddered, and murmured "What do we do, sir?"

"When I say to, break right. I'll go left. Whomever gets out heads for the bridge, as per the Captains orders. Stop for no one," he said, then smiled, "I was a right tackle back in my Academy Days.Don't worry Stark, we'll make it through this just fine."

Natalie had to admit that the old man had some charm right there doing his best to reassure her. She smiled, "Aye sir." And was about to say more, when Elise broke in, "I think that's enough time for you two to talk. Serine, let's get them." Her face took on a hungry, feral look as she and Serine, the raven haired woman, bent down, hands spread apart to try to catch either of the two officers. Muscles seemed to flex and become more visible, while a sheen was easily seen between both their spread legs. The sweet smell in the room seemed to get stronger, and Natalie found herself becoming light headed. Why should I go to the bridge? It's so nice here...

"Run! Now Stark, run," Hendricks shouted, shoving Natalie to the side. She bounced against the rail, falling to her knees. The two crew men rushed Hendricks. He grabbed their arms, trying to fend off their advances. They seemed crazed, unaware of anything but the LtCmdr, grabbing at his uniform jacket, his neck, his hands, whatever they could get a hold of. Natalie couldn't hear what the two were saying as they struggled with her superior. It all happened so fast: one minute they were trying to press their lips to his face, the next, feet were tangled. A loss of balance, a sharp cry, and then all three went over the side.

"HENDRICKS! NOOOO!" Natalie didn't realize she'd even called out his name before she was on her feet, leaning over the safety rail. She stared in horror, mouth agape as the three bodies - for there was no doubt that all were dead - sizzled in the reprocessing field, their skin stripped slowly from their bones. The din that had been ever present grew louder as the bodies were reclaimed by the ship.

"Ohgodohgodohgodoh-hurk-" The small lunch that Natalie had eaten earlier rose up her throat, spilling out into the reclamator. She hugged the rail as tight as she could, coughing over and over, before sinking back to her knees, tears pouring down her cheeks.

She wasn't sure how long she stayed there, arms wrapped around herself as she rocked back and forth on the floor of the reclamation center, but slowly her training kicked in. She bottled her shock and pain, and rose to her feet. Using one hand to support herself against the nearby wall, she hit her combadge with the other.

"L-Leiutenant Stark to Captain Ives. I re-regret to report sir, that Lt.Cmdr Hendricks, Chief of Operations, has died in the line of duty"

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[Edena Rez's Quarters]

The announcement immediately caught her attention.  A contamination on board was the kind of crisis that Edena had been prepared to destroy the ship over, to ensure it would not be salvaged in the event they all died.  Such thinking was hardly productive in that moment, however, as she knew what she had to do.  A meeting point had been set, and with orders to avoid as much contact with others as possible.  For such a thing, there was only one thought that crossed her mind; a site-to-site transport from one section of the ship, namely her quarters, to another.  It was instantaneous, and did the job.  She heard stories that Symboint carrying Trill shouldn't use transporters, and had adhered to that as best she could, but she also knew of Trill who used them safely, and decided it best for that situation.

Hearing a chime at her door, Edena's eyes shot towards the door, questioning who might have been on the other side.  The first time she ever got a visitor, it was the Andorian security officer, who burst in while she was showering.  She overrode the door and entered without being cleared by Edena herself.  Was the one on the other side capable of the same thing?  "Computer, prepare to initiate site-to-site transport."  She spoke, as she rushed towards the nearest console to input the position, hoping she was faster then whoever was outside.


Nathaniel had been working on fighter in the hangar bay when the call came.  Part of him was surprised to get it, only because he hadn't thought of himself as a senior officer.  He was just a pilot who reported to another department head.  Was this perhaps a preference of the captain?  Based on events that happened between them?  Whatever it was, he knew a ship-wide contamination was nothing to scoff at, and he should have made his way to the indicated safe zone asked of him.

No sooner did he leave did he come across the sight of an Ops officer cornered by a group of men.  The men were those he considered colleagues; fellow pilots and workers who maintained their crafts.  He saw first hand the effects of the infection, as they stood naked in front of her, forcing themselves on Lisa like it was the only thing that could sate their symptoms for a brief moment.  His hand quickly moved to his side, and he cursed at himself when he found his phase not present.  He was stronger then a normal human, but to fight off five men at once?  And to protect someone while doing it?  It was too much.  Even with futile odds, he found himself still debating whether he should, but his delays only left Lisa open to infection, as she was soon lowering her guard, and instead welcoming the sensations of a foreign tongue caressing her moistening folds.

You should have acted faster.  He chastised himself, as he darted down the first empty hallway he found, searching for the nearest turbolift that would get him closer to his final destination.  There was no more time to mourn his inaction; not when the infection continued to spread, increasing the odds of being detected, and subjected to similar treatment.  He thought about how many fools must have stupidly walked into a trap; a naked woman appearing before them, wanting nothing more then to have their way.  For the women, it was likely a horrible experience, but an unsuspecting man might have thought he hit the jackpot.  Nathan knew what it was now, and that he had to avoid it, or else end up the same mindless beast who would force himself upon the unwilling.

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William heard the annoucement, and grunted. Why did everything always have to be so difficult? He tossed back a lock of hair and went to the door control, and tried to manually override it. He knew some tricks about breaking and enterting, and with the ship in such disrepair he had hoped to get in quickly, but it was several seconds before he got the door open. He rushed in, looking around, ready to jump and tackle anyone he saw who wasn't having sex. He hoped he was not too late, but with the time he had wasted opening the door, he was not particuarlly optomisic, even with the wonderful pink clouds in his mind.

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[Edena Rez's Quarters]

It had been a long time since she had performed a site-to-site transport, and it proved trickier then she remembered, especially for a ship she had never done one on.  It wasn't just a matter of finding the right place to beam to, but making certain she materialized in empty space; the last thing she needed was to reassemble her molecules while occupying the same space as a table.  Before she could finish, the door to her quarters opened, and a face she knew of, yet had never actually spoken to, was there to greet her.  Why him?  Clearly, he was seeking her out, yet he was a stranger to her.  What reason did he have to hunt for her?

As much as the questions burned in her mind, she had no time for such thoughts.  There was a phaser by her bedside, so Edena darted for it, diving across her bed to reach for her nightstand, leaving herself in a very vulnerable position if she didn't reach it before he reached her.  Laying on her stomach diagonally across her queen size mattress, one arm was outstretched towards the drawer handle.  She hoped it was set to stun; she didn't know if she had time to check.

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William saw her, and strode across the room quickly, before diving onto the bed next to her. All he needed was one kiss, one brief moment, and then it didn't matter if she shot him, hit him, whatever. One kiss was all it needed. Yes, he'd like to do more, a lot more with her. And sure, he'd like to come out without dying. But he was thinking of the group, of the community now, something he'd never really done before in his life.

Edena would be useful, and so he grabbed her shoulders, trying to force her over onto her back, his mouth going to her skin, but only finding cloth. He had to kiss her, on the mouth, then his job would be done. He struggled to turn her over, his purpose singleminded, his actions hurried.

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Edena was in far too vulnerable a position to fight back.  With her lighter weight, she was rather easily rolled over, even if she was flailing her limbs in both an attempt to strike him, and to prevent the rolling.  She ended up on her back, hands still pushing him away, but unable to work against the superior strength of a human male.  His mouth eagerly searched for hers, and before long, he had it.  Edena's eyes were wide with disbelief, unable to fathom the idea that something that was deemed a romantic gesture could have turned so sinister by the infection.  The first sign of success was her inability to fight back; her body seemingly went limp, laying there almost paralyzed.  Her breathing was deeper and more rapid, matching her heartbeat at the time, as she found herself questioning what might happen next.  She was at the borderline between resisting and participating, resulting in her inaction, even as her body began to feel some fledgling urges, which were only bound to grow further and further.

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William smiled as he continued to kiss her, his lips and tongue exploring her mouth, moving rapidly around, sliding across the inside of her mouth. After coating her mouth with his saliva, he rose his body up slightly, leaning over her. "Welcome to the party. I'm so glad I get to be your first. Call me Bill." he said, smiling down at her. He could see the change starting, slowly at first, but soon she would be fully committed to the cause. But for now, his hands went to her clothing, and began to rip them off, not caring for the state of them, only trying to remove them as quickly as he could. "You'll need some space, once you're fully formed. Don't want them constricting you!" he said, laughing, as he tore away all of her clothes, leaving her only in tatters. He paused, looking her over. "Very nice..." he said, smiling at her, lust clear in his voice and in his body, already his erection was quite obvious, outlined against his pants.

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Under the early influence of the infection, Edena still retained some of her rational mind.  It was enough to feel embarrassment and shame as her body was bared to Bill, be it forcefully or otherwise.  Most would have considered her an innocent when it came to intimacy; she wasn't a virgin, but her number of partners probably topped off at three for her entire life, and hadn't really gotten to the stage of casual sex, but more romantic encounters.  It was something she was teased for by Illya, who was much more free with her sexual urges, and would have no issue using Edena's body if given the opportunity. 

His violent tearing left her breasts revealed, and most of her torso, save for a bit of material that still covered her neck and back, as well as some now shortened sleeves.  Her pants were completely gone, along with her underwear, leaving her well trimmed sex visible to the eyes of her predator.  Despite the feeling that she should cover herself, she didn't do so, and even though she wasn't aware of it, her eyes seemed to plead with Regal to take her, just as he was sure to want.  Her mind and body were fighting a war, as her subconscious cues beckoned him forth, while her words asked for a reprieve.  "Please . . . no."  It must have appeared like she was playing coy to William; feigning innocence.

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"No, the words you are looking for are 'Please, fuck me hard, Bill. Fill me with your hot cum.'" he said, shaking his head. He yanked at his pants, pulling them apart and then down, his thick, enlarged shaft springing out, pointing at her as he then quickly pulled his shirt off. "But that's all right, you're still on your way. I'll forgive you for now." he said, laughing softly as he grabbed her legs and pulled them apart, revealing her trimmed sex to his sight, the lips spreading apart slightly. He looked down, licking his lips. "Hmm. I'm gonna enjoy tasting that... But later, for now, let's go straight to the main course." he said, as he took a hold of his shaft and aimed it, sliding it across her nether lips, his own precum spilling out at an accelrated rate, acting as both a lube and as another infection point, before he pushed forward, his large shaft slowly pushing past her inexperienced lips, her tightness causing him to hiss.

"Oooooh.... So very tight..." he said as he pushed harder, trying to slide deeper inside her, his shaft barely making it in.

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[ Hallways | Deck 05 ] Attn: Everyone (note the conditions of yellow alert, with the loud message over the comm systems)

As Captain Jien Ives descended the corridors at a furious pace - his sheathed sword in hand - Thea's automated voice clamoured through the comm system.

[Yellow Alert. Yellow Alert. All hands to duty stations. Report to your Commanding Officers and await further instructions. Yellow Alert. Yellow Alert. Level 4 auto diagnostics is to be initiated on all primary and tactical systems. Suspend all current operations and shipboard activities that may interfere with the ship's readiness to respond to a potential crisis. Yellow Alert. Yellow Alert.]

Being full aware that Deck 04 and 03 above was in majority de-pressurised and blocking his path, he also knew that the Chief of Security and his team might not yet have cleared the Main Bridge from the madness taking place there, so a Transport there was - for the moment - inadvisable. There was no way to tell as of yet whether all the Transporter Rooms had not already been overtaken. Indeed, Deck 04 had become a bottleneck for the ascending Senior Staff, and a very dangerous one too. For upon the Deck that Jien traversed with his mordant stride were the entire palette of potential locations that the infected might be occupying.

Even though the Deck was divided between the Saucer Section and the Primary Hull, they were currently in SOM and that meant that Transporter Rooms 1 to 4, the Junior Officers Quarters, the enlisted Crew Quarters, even the Senior Officer Quarters and the primary arsenal of armaments in the Weapons Locker were all available. At the given hour, Alpha Shift was coming awake to find their dreams of abandonment turning into a waking nightmare of rape and madness.

Looking out from the corner at an intersection with his scowl, Jien spotted four unknown crew members walking his way - all naked except for the Type III Phaser Assault Rifles in their hands. Evidently, the Weapons Locker had indeed become compromised. Jien bared his teeth and mouthed a grim Japanese curse as he turned to head in the other direction.

[L-Lieutenant Stark to Captain Ives,] came the static scratch from Jien's combadge, and he immediately covered it with his hand to muffle the noise in the otherwise silent corridor, [I re-regret to report sir, that Lt.Cmdr Hendricks, Chief of Operations, has died in the line of duty.]

"Over there! It is the Captain!" came the exulted cry from the group of people that Jien had tried to circumvent. Alas, there was no use in running now. He had passed several other pits of writhing naked bodies on his way already, and he would merely be rushing straight into them. No, instead, Jien straightened and stepped out from the corner - facing the horde of running people. With eyes like seasoned oak, he did not blink whilst they tried to halt their advance. To Lieutenant Stark, he said in that brief moment before the storm:

"Hold, Ms. Stark."

As images of 'Commander Hendricks, and the years they had served together passed before his eyes, Jien extended the pommel of his sword and made one running woman vault backwards from the impact - unconscious before she even hit the ground. Following through with the spinning momentum he had gained, Jien consecutively kicked in the kneecap of the following Klingon man - making him roar and stumble on disjointedly before crashing into a wall. The third - a dark-haired woman with eyes mad with carnal hunger - almost managed to come to a full stop before the carpus of Jien's hand rammed down into the nape of her neck, effectively rendering her into gelatinous state.

The fourth, a large Trill technician from the Tactical Conn department, unless the Captain was mistaken, had raised his rifle - the muzzle trained upon Jien's head whilst his finger curled around the trigger. Though Jien had already made his brutal cut in the air between them - sending his wooden scabbard spinning forth as if it had been shot from a cannon. The tip hit the raised assault rife, sending the aim off and making it cough and hiss phaser fire into the wall and the floor. Closing the distance, the Captain had only fractions of moments before the naked Trill had managed to realign his sights with his numbed hands. Fully aware that the steel of his katana had been bared, and he still needed the range, Jien was prepared to cut the man down. It was his last resort, yet he didn't flinch from it...

Yet he did when Thea materialised between him and his target - her golden yellow body suit a blur as she struck once, twice and then rammed the Trill's head into a wall panel. Sparks and the glimmering spray of the shattered monitor filled the intersection for a moment, before the bulky man fell to the floor.

Inclining his head to the Ship AI in gratitude, whom had acted according to her programming and protected the Commanding Officer, before she moved past him to deal with the screaming Klingon behind Jien, he took a deep breath to still his nerves before speaking to 'Lieutenant Stark. "With you being the Assistant Chief of Operations, Ms. Stark," he rasped through his teeth, "you will immediately make your way to the Main Bridge and take his place. We do not have any bloody time for tears, despite this grievous loss of a dear friend, so leave the scene right away. We have no time to waste... Ives, out."

Jien rounded on Thea, whom had ended the cries of the Klingon with incapacitating blunt force. "Locate 'Lieutenant Stark and assist her. She needs to find a safe passage to Deck 01. Have you spoken with Commander Nerina?"

"I have," said the Hologram and handed over an assault rifle to her Captain, "she ordered me to..."

"Her orders stand," said Jien immediately and was already moving away, picking up his katana's sheath mid-stride. He trusted his First Officer - he realised - to handle the situation. He merely wanted to confirm that she was uninfected. "Dismissed."

Captain Ives continued down the corridor without looking back, only dropping his eyes to make sure his rifle was set to stun.

[ Waste Management | Elsewhere on Deck 05 ] Attn: Natalie Stark

In a cascade of photons and forcefields being lit to frame her body, Thea appeared next to the Assistant Chief of Operations.

Her face was rather grim, and she wore yellow - uniformed for the occasion. Her own voice still repeated itself over the comm system, and she had already relayed the communications that Cpt. Ives had issued to the Senior Staff to other individuals that might need to be alerted. She had accidentally relayed it to Mr. Regal - because of his importance and his unique ..agreement with the Senior Staff, and only later realised that he had been having carnal relations several times already according to the footage she sifted through in the back of her head. She had included the Fighter Pilot named Nathaniel Isley since, which she was programmed not to divulge, she knew that his standing with both the Commanding and the Executive Officer was... unique.

"How are you faring, 'Lieutenant?" she asked and lay a hand upon Natalie's shoulder, the concern in her eyes quite genuine even though it was digital. "We need to get going. Are you ready to move out?"

[ Turbolifts | Deck 15 ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley

Behind Wolf 09's retreating back, Lisa was preyed upon by the hunched-over man until she finally let out a long, rising, animal mewl.

Yet by the tubolifts, nigh out of earshot, there was another voice speaking right next to Wolf 09 as he waited for the turbolift to arrive.

"Did you enjoy the show?"

If he would turn in ThanIda zh'Wann's direction, his gaze would fall upon a pair of bulging blue breasts. Should he fancy raising his eyes, he would confirm that it was the beautiful Andorian Deputy Chief of Security. Her skin was a soft shade of blue, similar to the colour of Earth's sky on a cloudless day. Her hair was pure white, hung freely down around her shoulders, almost touching the dark blue nipples that poked out from her ample breasts. She smiled seductively, patiently waiting for a response to her question.

If nothing else, the phaser in her hand would command an answer.

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 ==Deck 5, Waste management== [ Attention: Thea ]
 The words had barely left Natalie's lips when the Captains response came back over the comm system, softly hissed "Hold, Ms. Stark." followed by the sounds of scuffling feet and raised voices.
 Oh no... her face paled, The Captains not alone. A look of mild panic washed over the young woman's tear stained features, as she worried after Cpt.Ives well being. The last thing she wanted was to have got the ships CO caught up in whatever it was that caused the two crewmen earlier to try and sexually assault herself, and the now late Lt.Cmdr Hendricks.
 Of course, just thinking about Hendricks again nearly made her bust out in a fresh wave of tears. So she was very relieved to hear her combadge go off again, even if the Captains voice sounded strained.
 "With you being the Assistant Chief of Operations, Ms. Stark," he rasped through his teeth, "you will immediately make your way to the Main Bridge and take his place. We do not have any bloody time for tears, despite this grievous loss of a dear friend, so leave the scene right away. We have no time to waste... Ives, out." The transmission ended before the young woman could respond.
 Natalie's face flushed red with shame. We don't have time for me to cry, she thought as she angrily tried to wipe the remnants of her early outbreak from her face. She took a few deep, calming breaths as she tried to get herself back under control, and asses the situation, figure out what she would need to get to the bridge. But when the ships AI materialized right in front of Natalie, just as she'd opened her eyes, the Asst. Chief nearly jumped out of her own skin in surprise.
 "Thea?" Natalie asked, her voice shaken as her left hand pressed against her own chest, above her rapidly beating heart.
 "How are you faring, 'Lieutenant?" she asked and lay a hand upon Natalie's shoulder, the concern in her eyes quite genuine even though it was digital. "We need to get going. Are you ready to move out?"
 "I-oh, give me a moment," she said, trying to form a smile as she moved her hand from her chest to gently squeeze the holographic hand on her shoulder, "You startled me, and I'm a bit of a wreck." Her smile was quickly becoming genuine however, as Natalie was truly glad to see the ships AI. Aside from the fact that Thea was far more skilled in hand to hand combat techniques then Natalie, and that she would know exactly where any infected crew members may be in relation to the path to the Bridge, Thea was one of the few people (for that is how the young LT viewed the hologram) on board this ship that Natalie felt able to be herself around.
 Giving the holograms hand another squeeze, and buoyed by the AI's physical presence, Natalie straightened up and smiled. "I think I'm ok to go now, Thea." She walked away from the other 'woman' and went to grab her tricorder and repair kit. Not knowing exactly what she faced, she reasoned having the ability to seal doors and activate certain systems could be useful.
 "Ok, I think all I need now is a weapon. Where is the nearest weapons locker?" She tilted her head a bit to the side, and added, "Oh, and can you please fill me in on what the hell is going on with everyone?"

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Giving Natalie a quick comforting smile when the human gathered her gear and said she was ready to move out, Thea turned to the exit and led the way - talking over her shoulder while she scouted the path out of the Waste Management section and towards the corridors.

"I am afraid the weapons locker here on this deck has been compromised and almost emptied, and there are people just outside... having carnal relations," she said, the footage from that area upon her retina. "I am a Tactical Strike Cruiser though, and I have over thirty-one smaller lockers spread all over my decks. This way, please."

Leading the way down the corridor with her head held high and looking back every few seconds to spot any people appearing behind them, Thea then answered the other question in a low voice. "A contaminant from the planet's surface has spread amongst the crew over the later half of the day yesterday and during the whole night. Currently, since my internal sensors are not calibrated to detect the specific contaminant, I cannot give any firm statistics but for what I can see through footage of different sections of the ship. My calculated guess is that almost half of the crew are either fully infected, or just about to be. As for the nature of the contaminant, it is spread through bodily fluids, and it causes the victims to desire further copulation. As to what purpose, I cannot say, but the Cheif Medical Officer and Cadet Amikris Neotin may know more and tell you when you get to Deck 01."

Looking out from a corner, Thea checked an intersection before motioning for Natalie that it was clear to proceed. "Until I arrived to assist Captain Ives, I have been trying to keep women from being raped whenever I could, and talked men into running away from the infected women. This under orders from the First Officer. Now, I was ordered by Captain Ives to assist you in finding a way to Deck 01 safely, so as soon as we find you a safe passage, I will again try to help the rest of the crew. As you are aware, I can only be projected into one place at the time."

The closest weapons locker was still somewhat further to the bow of their position. Yet before Thea could get there, she spotted the bare back of a woman riding a man in the middle of the corridor - the male officer propped up against a wall and drinking milk from the woman's bouncing breasts. The man spotted them, but was too preoccupied and dazed to give them any real notice. The wet sounds of the giggling woman's vaginal orifice echoed faintly - slurping and sucking at the warm meat that it was preying upon.

Thea frowned, most of her emotional sub-routines deactivated, and looked around for another way. "We can either run past them," she whispered to Natalie, "or try another path. Though..."

It took her a moment to assemble the data, but she continued, "...I see now that all the alternative ways to the closest weapon lockers are likewise occupied..."

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Natalie Stark fell in line behind Thea, crouching down slightly as she pulled out her tricorder and began taking scans. In the back of her mind she realized there was probably very little she could find with the hand held device that the ships avatar could not also sense, and point out, but Natalie wanted to at least feel like she was contributing.

Given the fact that two infected crew members had assaulted Natalie just a short while ago, she was not surprised when the holographic Thea revealed the weapons cache for the deck had been broken into. Nor was she surprised that there were more 'carnal', as Thea put it, relations being engaged in outside the Waste Management section of Deck 5. Natalie took a moment to shake her head slightly, physically trying to shake away the visions of just what 'carnal' might mean in this case from her mind. Come on Natalie, focus!. The sweet smell from earlier seemed to be floating down the hall. Maybe I can calibrate the tricorder to pick this up...

"Half the crew..." Natalie said softly, doing her best to repress a shudder at the thought of how many people were screwing each other right at that moment. The Lt was glad to hear that at least someone on this ship might have an idea about what was going on, but of the two people the hologram mentioned, Natalie only recognized the name of the CMO.

She did smile though, when she heard that Thea had been doing her best to protect the uninfected crew members, but at the same time, she realized that she now had a greater responsibility to get to the bridge as soon as possible. She didn't want to be the cause of another woman getting raped because Thea was occupied escorting her.

"Maybe, once all this mess is taken care of, and things are as back to as normal as they have been in the past few months, I can see about tweaking your program to allow you to be in more then one physical place. Times like these would certainly merit having that option." Natalie smiled at Thea when the hologram glanced back, before they continued down the hall. I should talk to the Captain about that, provided he doesn't kill me for nearly getting him caught. Her pale skin flushed red again at the thought of having caused some trouble.

But before Natalie could allow herself to slip back into self pity, the ships AI came to a stop. Natalie nearly ran right into the back of Thea, but was able to halt herself, peaking slowly around the corner.

"We can either run past them," she whispered to Natalie, "or try another path. Though..."

It took her a moment to assemble the data, but she continued, "...I see now that all the alternative ways to the closest weapon lockers are likewise occupied..."

"Damn," Natalie swore softly, surprising herself. She wasn't always this profane, but at the moment, she was stressed out enough that she didn't care. She bit her lip slightly as she tried to think, a gesture that would have looked cute in other circumstances. Come on Natalie, think! How to get past without drawing suspicion. She was having trouble focusing her thoughts, as they seemed to wander back towards the couple at the end of the corridor. The sweet smell hung heavy in the air, too much so to ignore. For a moment, Natalie's mind started to drift back to the encounter with the naked women in the Reclamation Center. They had teased about 'taking care' of Natalie.

"That's it!" Natalie whispered in a sharp tone. She quickly began to ramble off her idea to her holographic escort. "Thea, you can shift your appearance slightly, right? Change your uniform to look a bit more like a regular crew uniform? And maybe, um, add in details like flushed skin color, and sweat?" When the AI nodded, albeit with a confused look on her digital face, Natalie gulped a bit, and tried to keep a blush down. "Then here's what we do. We're not going to run by, or try and sneak past the group. We'll hide in plain sight." She then leaned in closer, as if the proximity between herself and the hologram somehow mattered to what she was going to say, and began to whisper...

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[Edena's Quarters]

Her thighs were parted by William, and the whole thing seemed so surreal to her.  It was like a state of drunkenness at that moment, where every action her body made felt so distant and far away.  She was swimming in such a haze, she could barely register what was happening to her own body.  Then a new feeling came forth; something stiff touched her lower lips, oozing with something familiar.  That sharpened every sense beyond their usual amount, leaving the sensation of his entry all the more apparent, as her mouth dropped open and she let out such a deep moan, it almost sounded like she was in pain.  Long had it been since she experienced the sexual act, and to make matters worse, the infection he gave to her only heightened every little thing.  Her hands moved to her head, brushing through her hair; it was all she could do to keep herself from using them to stimulate herself herself further, as her body was begging for.  She didn't want to give in, and there were three other voices in her head shouting at her not to do it either.  They served as a sense of sanity, even as her body betrayed her, and bucked her hips forward in compliment to Bill's motions.  "Stop it!  I don't want this!"  She declared, even as her body displayed very much the opposite with each motion it made.

[Deck 15]

Nathaniel tried to put the sounds behind him, and not dwell upon them.  The guilt was killing him, but he knew if there was any hope in survival, it fell to the uninfected.  He might not have prevented Lisa's violation, but he could at least make certain she wasn't doomed to remain in such a mental state for the rest of her life.  His plans were brought to a quick end by a meeting with the blue skinned woman holding a phaser to him.  No matter how sharp his reflexes were, he had doubts about his ability to disarm her from the comfortable distance she held over him.

If it were any other time, he would have been pleased to see that naked body of hers.  He had some interest in it before, but he let his Vulcan side win over this time, and logic dictated there was far less to gain from giving in to any temptations to satisfy some urges with Ida.  If they survived the pandemic, there would be plenty of time to proposition her.  "Let me pass.  You don't want this, I'm sure."  It was hard to make an argument to her that would work, especially when her rational mind was lost, but what else could he do?  She was the one with the power as long as she held a weapon to him, yet he couldn't just allow himself to be infected, and provide not only another vector for the virus, but reduce the number of people able to assist in it's eradication.  If nothing more, he couldn't allow his choice to abandon Lisa go in vain.

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[ Deck 05 ]

Thea listened to natalie's plan, and a blush rose up her cheeks - something that had not been possible any time soon after her initial activation.

"I see, however, I have amendments to the plan, which I think will prove more convincing - given how I have had first-hand experience with their behaviour..."

[ A short time later... ]

Sauntering, the image of the Deputy Chief of Security - ThanIda zh'wann - followed the retreating Natalie around the corner and towards the two people indulging in the coitus by the wall.

"There is no way you can escape, 'Lieutenant," said the hologram of the Andorian, stark naked and smiling rather convincingly. Behind those midnight blue eyes, Thea knew for a fact that Ida was one of the first she had noticed to be infected, and the likelihood that she would be recognised by the others quite beneficial. Also, by accessing the holographic images in her medical journal, she was able to make her projection quite believable after some... augmentations that the body get in order  to look like those of the infected.

Acting out the plan, Ida chased after Natalie...

...but they had not considered how the man would reach out past the bobbing woman in his lap, and grab Natalie's ankle. "I... I... want her too..." he rasped breathlessly, seeming surprised that he had said the words himself. With a dazed expression, he held on to Natalie's ankle - eyes running over her uniformed body.

The woman fucking him, however, caressed his cheeks and turned his head back to her breasts. "Soon..." she purred, "soon you will make her and many other women very happy..."

The stalling time did make it so that Ida would have to reach Natalie. Thus, the option to continue the act convincingly persented itself... yet so did another option.

The image of Ida struck the woman over the neck deftly, and then followed through with another strike upon the man. Both slid down to the floor.

Changing back to her golden body suit, Thea smiled to Natalie. "The weapons locker is right over there. I advise you to arm yourself so that we can make some headway."

[ Deck 15 | Turbolifts ]

Ida laughed out loud.

"Don't want his?" she asked incredulously, circling the pilot slowly - sauntering, making her breasts bounce with the steps. "Oh, I assure you, you want this too. Everyone does, of all species. People are spending their whole lives wrapped up in dreary jobs and careers, when they'd rather be having fun. Given a choice between duty and pleasure...which would you rather have?"

She raised her antennae and her eyebrows in query as she posed her question - eyes running all over Mr. Isley's frame. "Take off your clothes, or I will do it after I stun you with this handy little phaser I found. Either way, you will be mine. Though if you cooperate, you will have gotten some enjoyment out of it..."

Her grin was quite uncompromising. "Not to mention... how I will enjoy you between my legs, Pinkskin."

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Hearing the commotion outside her quarters, Cir'Cie made her way toward the door.  Her body tensed, preparing for the worse.  Either one of the crew had resisted the indoctrination and been slain or slain the emissaries of their salvation.  She moved with purpose and intention swiftly crossing her quarters to the door and hitting the open panel.  Glancing outside cautiously around the corner she prepared herself and then lunged at Jien aiming for a swift stroke just below the rib cage, striking out at Jien's left kidney with her left hand well grasping at the wrist of Jien's swordarm with the other aiming to put pressure on the ulna and radius in an effort to break the wrist.

Assuming she was sucessful her next action would be to remove the sword and step in close pressing her breast to Jien's lips in hopes of stimulating the nipple enough to release its precious contents into the unsuspecting Captian's mouth.  The first step in a more through infection.

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[Edena's Quarters]

William laughed, as he positioned himself just so, wanting his first stroke to be exactly right, his rough hands grabbing the young Trill's hips and adjusting her position on the bed. "You're doing very well, the other women I've welcomed to the light were by this point begging for it. Not that it matters, you're going to be like that soon enough. But well done all the same." he said, before his hips thrust forward, burying himself from tip to the very base of his shaft, his entire length forcing it's way into the young Trill's sex. He groaned, a long, loud groan, as the sensation overwhealmed him and he came, his shaft bursting with his seed, depositing it directly into the deepest part of her pussy.

"Well, that was unexpected." he said, laughing. "Still, it'll speed it up some, and don't worry, I'll be ready again in a few seconds... Take it as a compliment." he added, laughing that same jovial, annoying laugh, as he remained on top of her, his shaft slowly going limp, but after a few seconds slowly rising again, still buried inside her sex.

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[Deck 15]

As he suspected, talk got him nowhere, but at least he made her respond, instead of just stunning him and getting it over with.  "I'm not a fan of duty, but it has to be done.What happens to this ship when everyone decides to see things your way?  It's left unprotected, unattended, and eventually will begin to break down and kill everyone on board."  Why was he still bothering with trying to use logic?  He didn't even believe in it most of the time.  It just had a use right now, since he was the level-headed one who wasn't looking to get laid . . . for once.

Then Ida gave her ultimatum; remove his clothes, or have them removed by force after she shot him with the phaser.  It wasn't much of a choice, but he decided to go with the option that had the best chances for overpowering her.  If he played along, she was bound to get closer, and he might have been able to overpower her.  Maybe he could even get his hands on the phaser and stun her.  Though he played along, he didn't look enthusiastic about it; he gave the appearance of a reluctant man as he unbutton his outer jacket and slid it off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor.  He then gripped the hem of his white undershirt, and pulled that over his head, exposing the physique he had honed over years of hard work.  Letting that drop to the floor, he looked to Ida, searching to see if his appearance had begun to make her distracted, or compelled her to get closer, where he might overpower her.

[Edena's Quarters]

When his hands took her hips, a pleasurable gasp escaped her.  She couldn't help it, much like she couldn't help most of her bodily responses.  The heated yelling of Illya, Jona and Kiya were all that kept her from slipping into the same mindless state that most of the crew had.  They were merely facets of her now, and did not possess any biology that could cloud their judgement.  In the end, she was still infected, and lost a great degree of her ability to control her subconscious actions, but she still knew right from wrong.  It was why she could still say no to William, even if it must have just appeared like a game to him.

As quick as it started, it was over, with a burst of seed filling her, making that rational mind of hers think of nightmare scenarios of impregnation, even as her body writhed in pleasure, as if it had been injected with a fresh supply of some wonder drug, which the virus had made the sexual act into.  Her breathing intensified, which made speaking all the more difficult.  "Why . . . me?"  She finally managed to ask, begging to know why he sought her out.  What him want her so badly that he would break into her quarters, rather then just have his way with whatever came along?

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[ Deck 04 ] Attn: Arcorn and Amatras Noetin

A group of three crew members had, after being blessed and now completely forsaken their duty-stations, taken up the activity to wait for people trying to pass through Decks 03 and 04. They had effectively disabled the turbo lifts to pass them by, and whilst they waited for new cunts and cocks to enjoy - like spiders having spun a web - they were plundering the weapon lockers and enjoying each other. It would not last, however, since they were beginning to get restless...

Yet suddenly, the lights went out, and they ceased their writhing and thrusting movements to look around them.

There cam a giggle from one of them... "Ohhh, we finally might have some company."

The sounds of shuffling bare feet filled the corridor, and then the searing white headlights of phaser assault rifles lit up - the beams of illumination searching for movements. They fired no shots, but they giggled as if it was all a good joke when they spread out - three angels of lust with flash-lights to lead them to new conquests. One woman, and two men, yet equally hungry for new flesh.

[ Deck 05 ] Attn: Cir'Cie

His mordant stride taking him to the corner, Captain Ives did not even have the time to look around it before a naked silhouette cast herself at him.

Nostrils flaring at the invasive cascade of scent, he was hit by the strike into his left side. However, he had by reflex tried to gain distance so he was moving away already when it connected. It hurt like hell, still, and the woman had seized his left wrist too - the hand holding the mouth of the scabbard that held his dai-katana. He snarled at her while he moved to intercept her intentions to get even closer.

She did not have the time to harm him further, though her grip bit into his wrist... for Thea had provided him with a rifle just recently, and he still held it in his right hand.

Shortest possible distance, quickest counter; a brutal sweep with the rifle against her. He aimed the swing against her exposed head, coming straight across. With the turning motion, he also swept his right leg low immediately afterwards. The first hit with the rifle would disorient her at the very least, and the second would send her hard into the deck - legs swept out form under her.

After that, he would make short business of her with his trigger-finger.

[ Deck 15 ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley

Ida purred and licked her lips when she watched the pilot undress his top half, yet she stepped no closer...

...not yet.

"Mmhhh... Delicious... Continue! Oh... what we'll do when the entire crew sympathises? Is it not obvious?" she said, and she ran her free hand over her left breast, down her abdomen, across her small white little thicket, and began to rub herself slowly - the scent of her potent nectar and her very bare expanse of skin filling the air before the turbolifts. "We need new conquests, all of us... And if there is no more to be found aboard, I would think we have to go somewhere we can find a few. A small matter.. nnnghh... to change the ship's course, and head straight for Starbase 47 at full warp. The Federation would not catch us in time... We are on the fastest ship in the fleet, remember? We even have escape pods, and Valkyries.... all ending up where ever they conveniently may."

Two fingers were pumping into her, and she let him watch it all - how her transparent fluids dropped and ran down her thighs. How she bucked her hips and thrust down upon her own digits. "Continue... I said... I want to see more of you, show me what you have to offer..."

The phaser in her hand was the only thing not moving - trained upon his virile chest.

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==Deck 5==

It was Natalie's turn to blush a deep crimson when Thea transformed into the Deputy Security Chief. The stark naked Chief...She shut her eyes to block out the image for a moment, reminding herself that the projection was actually the ships AI.

"All right," the Ops officer said, mustering her courage, "Let's do this"

==Short time later, down the corridor== [ Attention: Thea ]

Natalie ran, perhaps not as fast as she might had this been real, but still fast enough to be convincing. She kept glancing back behind her, in part to sell the flight, and in part because she liked what she saw. Damnit Natalie, now is not the time. You don't even like women! But as the sweet smell filled her nose, at least one part of her didn't care.

But all of her cared when her foot was suddenly snagged, and the floor of the corridor rushed up to meet her face. She got her hands out barely in time, bouncing slightly with the impact. For someone getting his brains literally fucked away, he had a surprisingly strong grip. Natalie tugged, but couldn't get out of his iron grasp.

She missed what he said, as fear overcame her. The thought of being scared her, the loss of control. But what scared her the most was the fact that part of her wanted it. Natalie was so shook ,that she missed what was being said. She turned to look over her shoulder, eyes wide, when Thea in her Andorian disguise walked up, and promptly took care of her problems.

Changing back to her golden body suit, Thea smiled to Natalie. "The weapons locker is right over there. I advise you to arm yourself so that we can make some headway."

Natalie blinked a few times, then took a hand offered by the hologram to pull herself up off the floor. Her heart was beating a mile a minute, and a cold sweat had broke out on her skin from the encounter. Her face was flushed, and her breath short. She stood there for a moment, bottling all the emotions of the moment deep inside, forcing herself to take calming breaths, when all she wanted to do was run, or fall back to the floor and curl up, or grab on to the nearest safe person and not let go. But she was a Starfleet officer, with orders to carry out. Part of her knew she'd have some very long sleepless nights ahead, but for now, she couldn't focus on that. Instead, she focused on Thea. giving the digital hand a very real squeeze.

"Thanks Thea," her voice earnest. After a pause, she continued, "Right, weapons locker..." Natalie turned from the hologram, and made her way over the locker. She punched in her authorization code, and the panel slid back from the wall, revealing a small cache of options. She tilt her head to the side and bit her lip again, hip jutting out to the right as she assessed the display before her. After a moment, she picked out a type 2 standard phaser and stuck it in a hip holster. The LTJG then grabbed an assault rifle, her Starfleet training kicking in as she worked the settings. Almost as an after thought, Natalie grabbed a satchel of stun grenades.

Once she had assembled her own one woman arsenal, Natalie pulled her tricorder back out and took a few quick scans, looking for the best way to get to the next deck. She saw a few possibilities, and turned to Thea.

"All right Thea. What's the best way from here? The Captain ordered me to avoid as many crew members as possible, so even though I'm armed, I'd rather not have to blast my way to the bridge"

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[Deck 15]

Shamelessly, she teased herself, plunging her fingers inside her sex, enjoying the sight of his bare upper body.  In his mind, Nathaniel suspected that she couldn't have kept focus forever; she was too driven by animal lust to keep her mind trained on keeping the phaser on him.  Just his naked chest was enough to have her playing with herself furiously.  It was his hope that her guard would drop completely when he continued.  Pushing down his pants, they dropped to the floor, where he stepped out of them, leaving him in just a pair of light gray boxer briefs; standard issue for the uniform.

He kept his eyes to the floor, making himself appear unwilling, to hide his intentions to use the act as a distraction.  With any luck, Ida was beyond the point where she had enough sense to even notice.  Just to be sure she was as distracted as possible, he decided to go all the way; he wasn't ashamed of his body, so he would use it against her in a psychological battle.  She spoke of invading star bases to continue the spreading of the infection; he knew the stakes were even higher then he had first thought, and couldn't let her win.

Pushing down the boxer briefs slowly, he unveiled what he had at an agonizingly slow pace, which was bound to only work her up even more.  Through some mental restraint, he managed to keep himself from getting erect, even with such a gorgeous azure body in front of him, pleasuring itself so feverishly.  Keeping himself limp only made it more difficult for her, and motivated Ida to get close enough to do something about it.

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[ Deck 05 ] Attn: Natalie Stark

Thea waited while Natalie armed herself, keeping a look-out inside her head for footage of the area that would show whether anyone of the opposition was heading their way. When the question came, Thea needed little time to think before she tendered her tactical estimation of the best path for Natalie in order to reach Deck 01. She weighed in a few other things she knew as well into her recommendation.

"I spoke with Commander Nerina whilst she was climbing the jefferies tubes, and my estimation is that if you enter through this hatch here," she said and gestured towards the faint outline of a hatch that would lead out of the corridor, "and make your way towards tube junction Gamma 43.34 within a five-minute timespan, and bide your time by plasma flow regulator Epsilon-Seven, you will rendezvous with her. Reason I suggest this is that she is still unarmed to the best of my knowledge, and the odds of the two of you reaching Deck 01 would be increased... quite severely."

She had refrained from giving Natalie the exact increase of odds for it, since she had come to know that people were seldom receptive to her precise data. Moreover, the odds were still not fully in their favour.

Rumaging through the static at the back of her mind, she detected three situations where she would be able to keep people from getting infected. Thus, she bid her leave before vanishing. "Best of luck, and call on me if you need it, 'Lieutenant."

And then, she was gone.

[ Deck 15 ] Attn: Nathaniel Isley

Watching the Pinkskin disrobe in silence was utterly tantalising, and Ida bit her lower lip in expectation before the briefs were removed.

"Oh?" she said, all worked up and denied the chance to impale herself upon it. The flaccid state was something she was not quite used to seeing since the last evening when she had had her epiphany. She had always managed to make the men crave her bodily, and soon afterwards, in every kind of way. Little did Ida know about the activities in the Gymnasium that morning, which might have weighed into the progress of this particular conquest of hers. "Now now, I think we might have to do something about that, don't you agree?"

He seemed reluctant still, this pilot, and he was evidently strong. She might just come closer and let him scent her some more, but the woman she had used to be had been a thorough Deputy Chief of Security. She wanted to come closer, but with him neither warming nor hardening at the promise of what she had to offer, she supposed she had to safe-guard her own desires. Had he only seemed more eager, she would have felt less need to brandish her weapon.

"Lay down with your back upon the deck," she said in a sultry voice, "and make sure you lay down with your hands clasped underneath your body."

If he complied, she would continue rubbing her wet labia - well, she would regardless - but she would hold her phaser against his forehead in order order to sit down on his face, and rub herself against his nose and his jaw in long strokes. Perhaps, before she squatted down, she would let him see her fingers plunge inside herself, dripping all over his face with her feet on either side of is head. He would be hers soon enough, when the scent of her fragrant slit would come so close to his nose. Oh, she would ride his mouth, and he would eventually begin to lap up her delicious juices. All she would have to do next, when his body finally responded to her... would be to slide down his abdomen and bury his very much quickened penis inside herself.

By then, she would certainly not need to encourage him at phaser-point.

OOC: I wrote a bit about the actions-to-come from Ida, and let you decide what you want Nathaniel to do and when. I'll respond accordingly.

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