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EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 04 - Apprehension]

EPISODE 01: Outbreak [Chapter 04 - Apprehension]

[ Gymnasium | USS Theurgy ] Attn: Lt.JG Nathaniel Isley

The locale lay empty that early morn on the second day in orbit of Niga - the vast floor illumined only partially by flickering light.
Her arms were leaden with exhaustion. Her lungs felt like they were bleeding through ice, yet her body radiated heat like a furnace - breath a singe in the air. The hilt of her sword slick with sweat and every part of her hands aching by the trial she put them through, she refused herself rest throughout her non-seizing movement.
For the movement was one, but the variations many. They had names, old names that the samurai of yore had made immortal through their students - an undying legacy down the centuries. One variation turned into another and the names changed, yet the intent remained the same.
They were the names of murder, and Captain Jien Ives knew them all.
Through the years, she had not deluded herself to think they were more than they were. Mankind always craved to justify its actions, with titles and favourable misconceptions of honour. Though if the deaths of many had individual names, some of them could be found in the way of the sword. Yet by naming Death, one never failed to draw its attention.
To Jien, respite could be found in summoning Death this way. For in craving its notice, she forgot everything else. The self-flagellation she conducted in the early morning left her mind void of all else. Her purpose? To forget the reality she suffered. Expel the memories from her head; Old shame of inadequacy and past wanton destruction of her own morale; The suppurating scar of past failures, torn open by the fact of her continued servitude to the Fleet; the doubt of her orders that had fed so many of her own to Death - all expressed in the techniques that overlapped each other in a dance that stretched the limitations of her bare-chested body.
Her stances and steps fluctuated in counterweight to the silver arc of her blade. Yet in sensing the presence of another, her dance stopped; focus quenched by the distraction. Jien was poised to strike. Yet her dai-katana would not fall... even though she defied admitting it to herself. Her movements had lost their momentum. It was too late to resume them. Her ragged breathing steamed invisibly before her contorted face - eyes wide in mirror to the past nightmares.
Where she stood, in the very centre of the Gymnasium, she sensed the approach from behind her. Like a wild beast noticing someone entering its cave, Jien turned her female form's face towards the intruder. Yet her bared teeth and pumping lungs did not implicate hostility. She preserved her modesty by changing her form just slightly - now wearing a black sports bra of the same shade as her loose yet hip-hugging hakama.
She said nothing, but took in the shape of the man that came out to her. Only someone new to the crew would not know that this time in the Gymnasium was hers alone - regardless of present circumstances.

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Nathaniel took care of his body, working out when possible to sustain it.  His physical strength was above what was normally needed, considering his Vulcan side had three times the average of a human, but he still suffered from being the average of a Vulcan.  Most Vulcan he knew chose not to develop their physique; they were a people of science and of the mind.  Nathan, on the other hand, had never developed those traits, his mother telling him his brain chemistry was more like a human, and lacked the telepathy of his maternal side.  He considered himself to have a human mind for that reason, which only served as another reason to forgo with the pursuit of enlightenment through logic; he was always a better football player as a kid then he was a Kal-Toh master.

He was already well into the gymnasium before he noticed anyone there.  His eyes had been to the equipment made available for physical training.  He was hardly used to such things, having served on a ship that wasn't as well prepared for honing the bodies of it's staff.  Was such a well stocked gym standard on a Theurgy-class vessel?  Or was this a result of the captain's own retrofits?  The opportunity to answer that question might have come sooner then expected, as his eyes finally fell to a naked back, making him slow to a dead stop.  As she turned to face him, his eyes raised up to the ceiling, almost in a casual manner that made it seem incidental.  By the time he looked back down, her breasts were covered in a way that would have been inexplicable, if not for the fact that he now knew who it was.

"I'm . . . guessing this place is off limits at this time?"  He spoke, seeking confirmation.  It seemed a sensible conclusion to make; Jien wouldn't allow her female body to be topless in a public place unless she knew for certain no one was going to see her.  No one but a new crewman who didn't know anything about any special permissions or schedules on board the Theurgy.

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Breath still uneven, Jien spat excess saliva and sweat upon the floor - a quite vulgar thing for a woman to do yet being what she was, she believed herself at least half-excused. "I have not asked for many favours beyond seemly, but this is my solitary exception to the rule, 'Lieutenant," she rasped in reply, her stance unmoving - sweat trickling down her bronze skin. "A Captain's privilege is my own to enforce, and I ought to have simply locked the door. Too much on my mind, of late, can you imagine?"

She looked down upon the deck, her drawn sword still by her side. The single lamp in the room kept flickering - the pool of light between them dancing to and fro in rhythm to the fluctuating power-surges on that segment of the Theurgy. There was a silence lingering then, yet Jien did not find it an uncomfortable one - regardless of what the pilot might have seen or not. She was too old for such adolescent concerns. The times weighed too heavily.

"Now that you are here, would you care to hear a story?" she asked him quietly, glancing up through the sodden fall of her hair. It was plain - by the pilot's aesthetically form-fitting attire at the very least - that he had come there for training of his own, and she did not wish to intrude upon his time. Still, she had her purposes. "It is about an old master of the sword who sought an apprentice." Jien looked into the shadows of the Gymnasium, finding her words somewhere out there - the memories lurking in shade. She deftly sheathed her sword in its scabbard before she began.

The master summoned three young men to stay at his cottage in the mountains. He had prepared for their arrival by letting the door to his cottage be slightly ajar, and by putting a cushion upon the door. When the first young man entered upon the master's call, he opened the door and the cushion fell upon his shoulder. The young man then replaced the cushion upon the door and entered the cottage to greet the master."

Jien began to slowly pace the mat in front of the pilot, turning her back on him while the story spilled from her mouth. "A knock on the door the next day told of the arrival of the second young man. And when he opened the door at the master's call, the cushion fell upon his shoulder. But before the cushion reached the floor, the young man had his sword drawn, and he cut the pillow apart in one strike. Then, he entered the master's cottage and greeted him."

Having walked in a semi-circle, Jien turned to face the Loe Wolf again - continuing the narrative with her brown eyes locked upon his. "The third young man arrived on the third day, knocking at the door. Entering upon the call from the master, the young man cut the cushion apart in mid-air before it reached him. He then entered the cottage and greeted the master like his predecessors."

Then, Jien smiledquietly, the finely chiselled features of the Chameloid giving away nothing after she had finished the tale. "Tell me," she said, "which young man do you think the old master accepted as his apprentice? Furthermore, can you motivate your answer?"

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Jien's story went over his head a fair bit.  He knew not enough of the culture that she referred to, to know which of the choices would be deemed the one which was best.  Part of him wished he was more familiar, so he could give a proper answer.  Instead, he knew he was going to end up rambling, trying to justify whatever choice he ended up making.  "The third one displayed the greatest speed, but with such speed, there was no saying he truly knew what he was doing.  Instinct is important, but not knowing what you are slicing could be the cause of an unneeded death."

His palm pressed against his chin, brushing his facial hair to make a light scratching sound as he thought more.  "The second man determined it was a cushion when it struck his shoulder, and proceeded to slice afterward.  He looked before he leaped."  Nathaniel kept following Jien's movement, trying to maintain eye contact with her, as a form of respect to the commanding officer of the vessel.

Then it came time for him to make a choice, wondering if there really was a correct answer, or if it all had some trick to it that he didn't understand; always a possibility.  "I would say it was the first.  He did not draw his weapon without necessity, nor did he act impulsively."  Would this be something about his impulsive actions in his fighter, when he broke formation and traveled beyond the distance of the Theurgy?  Like his own observation, he had leaped before he looked.  of course, he could have been reading too much into the whole story in the first place, and the actual answer was something so simple it has passed him by.  "I'm afraid I am not very good at these sort of answers.  You'll have to forgive my ignorance, ma'am."

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"Not at all," said Jien with a small smirk on her features, finding the pilot not as ignorant as he believed himself to be.

"You are correct in all things you say. The first student could assess the situation quickly. There is more, however, to the answer that you did not grasp, which is quite understandable since you only just heard it. Consider that the first student not merely see that the cushion was not a threat, but kept his attention upon the room that he entered - his guard never lowered towards his would-be master. Furthermore, the first student displayed knowledge about restoring order; a respect towards the old master that made him replace the cushion.

"The story has another depth as well, which details the scenario if the first one lacked perception. Then, he is chosen because the other two are already set in their destructive ways, and cannot be shaped in their swordsmanship to the degree of the first one. Nevertheless, the commonplace quality for any assumption regarding the first student's skill... is respect."

Jien now stepped out towards the Lone Wolf and looked him in the eye. She stopped at arms-length, the flickering light above them making her eyes gleam to and fro. "I sense that this word - respect - is something that you need to add to the word 'perspective', if you have the ambition to some day advance in rank upon this ship. You respect me because of your belief of me being a tactician and a soldier, yet what about the rest of this crew? What about your fellow squadron members? What of the Senior Staff? What about the whole of the Federation that we mean to safeguard? Would you rather draw your sword and cut those that you think to be lesser than yourself?"

Folding her arms underneath her breasts, she looked up into the pilot's eyes - waiting.

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"I respect a superior officer whom is one of action.  One who makes compromises for the sake of furthering their political aspirations is a person I would not show respect to.  Men like the ones who ceded colonies in the demilitarized zone caused the loss of homes, just because of some Cardassians making demands.  The fact that they provided assistance during the end days of the Dominion war is supposed to justify that?"  Nathan had been a native of such a colony, which was another matter of perspective; his was limited to the sight of horrors, caused by a losing battle the colonists fought to keep the world they had settled.

"I have my personal sense of justice, Captain.  The COs that I had altercations with were ones who acted against my own personal beliefs.  As a superior officer, and even as a fellow living being, you have your own views, and Starfleet would tell me that opposing a higher-up is something that shouldn't be tolerated, but I can't shut off my own beliefs, either.  Add a sense of justice to a short fuse, and I can be trouble.  I know it, and accepted it, despite knowing I probably do a disservice to my mother with my attitude.  I suppose I prove Vulcan logic sound; my emotions are a crippling thing."

He kept his eyes locked on hers, to communicate how genuine his words were, as well as to exemplify their impact.  "I don't think of anyone as lesser then myself.  If anything, I am lesser then anyone.  I'm a man who can't follow simple orders, or display any sense of emotional restraint.  All I know is that I will do what is necessary out here, and if someone can convince me that my actions were not the best for those I made them to help, then I will give my apologies and accept my punishments.  Otherwise, I will fight tooth and nail to say that the good we do at the end of the day should be remembered, rather then how well I mind my 'yes, sirs' and 'yes, ma'ams.'"

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Jien listened in quiescence, her stance rigid before the Vulcan half-blood. When she spoke, it was not to Nathaniel.

"Computer, lock this door, security code Ives-Nine-Zero-Epsilon."

There was a distant noise from the other side of the dim gymnasium - the echo a faint whisper in the air. Then, Jien stepped forward, and her glare blazed though the lack of light - the flickering lighting reduced to the background. Her arms remained folded, and the beaded sweat upon her skin had faded to a glistening sheen. She pursed her lips to make her observation.

"So in essence, you claim to be either the second or the third student, knowing that the swordmaster might not pick you for her apprentice."

The pommel of her sheathed sword connected with the pilot's mid-riff, and after he stumbled back, she drew the blade completely - holding it by her side.

"If you have a mind to conduct your exercise upon this given hour, then you will know the concept of respect towards your Sensei. You will learn humility in my presence, and you will defer to my word and not let your emotions guide your hand - making you cut the cushion before it reach the floor. Otherwise, I will not teach you anything; be it tactics, martial arts, or how to be a better man than you believe yourself to be."

Jien whirled the arc of cold steel around in her hand, and rammed the point into the deck - leaving the dai-katana swaying next to her. She stepped after the half-blood, closing the distance with measured steps - her eyes trained upon him.

"Raise your guard, 'Lieutenant."

Then, the onslaught began.

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Struck in the mid-section, his body lurched forward, head lowering in a way that almost made him appear to bow.  His legs were shaky, causing his steps to become unpredictable, as he stumbled back and forth as he put some distance between them.  He quickly regained his composure, standing back up, eyes filled with more determination.  Though he was holding it back, he was angry, and doing his best not to let it blind him.  The doors were locked; it was just the two of them, and a spar seemed to be the order of the day.

With Jien's advance, Nathaniel rose his hands upward, a closed fist in front, while an open hand was kept just a bit behind.  The position of his hands were similar to that of a boxer, while his legs were more like that of a Muay Thai user, keeping a strong degree of balance between the two to make him less likely to be taken down by a quick strike to his knees.  He didn't know what degree of strength was possessed by his sparring partner, so chose to pull his punches a bit, treating her with the same level of strength he would show a human male; he knew better then to underestimate her female form, knowing if it was a hindrance, she would not have remained in it.

An opening attack from her hands would be met with a bursting attack; one arm would be used to block, drawing the attacking hand upward and away from the body, while the other hand simultaneously struck with a blow of it's own.  It was an effective form of counterattack he had learned years before, and found quite effective, especially as an opening feint, when it was still unexpected.  If successful, he would follow it up with an attempt to grapple, looking to wrap his arm around her neck, and perform a quick hip toss to throw her to the ground on her back.

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In moments, the first exchange was over.

The half-breed had been ready for her first sweeping strike with the edge of her carpus, and dealt his own strike back. Swaying to the side, Jien had led the strike past herself with her free hand. In the momentary connection, she realised he was too strong, so she had to spin on her feet as she deflected her blow - the outer edge of her forearm compensating for her lack of power. Whilst she escaped, she had lost a fraction of her balance, and thus had to lower her point of gravity towards the floor. The initiative lost for a immediate riposte, she instead awaited the pilot's intent.

He sought to grab a hold of her, and in the close quarters of his approaching body - the sweep of his arm that was going for her neck - she used her half-crouching stance to drive an elbow into the exact same spot in the man's mid-riff that she had struck before with the pommel of her sword. She knew it would not make him retreat immediately, so she launched a strike with her open hand that ascended straight up from the floor - the power of her legs, torso and arm soaring up to catch him under the jaw. It would serve to drive his head backwards, and thus also make his attempt to reach her fail.

Regardless whether she struck perfectly or not, she continued to fight in her lowered stance - the deck beneath her leverage for her strikes. The power would cross through the centre of her gravity; hurled towards him in a rapid series of punches that would hammer his exposed torso like twin phaser turrets. At the end of her quick strikes, she would deliver a kick from the side - a brutal wide sweep designated to crack his ribcage apart had he been a weaker man.

Aye, the thrill of a fight had been a long time coming, yet now it had; a much needed distraction. Cutting shadows with her sword did not suffice for her. She would teach this pilot in the mornings to come, and by tutoring him, she would gain the gratification of proper and very much alive opposition.  Fighting nightmares were deteriorating for both her skill and her mental stability. She needed proper flesh that would bruise and bleed.

Moreover, it was due time she picked someone for her apprentice. She was in her mid-forties, in contrast to her appearance, and she was not getting any younger. The legacy of Hitoshi would not die. If the Theurgy went down, at least they would be two who could carry his memory into the next generation. She did not speak of any of this, but her decision had been made. If he proved himself unworthy right then and there in the Gymnasium, or if he would refuse her teachings, she would simply have to search for someone else. Yet this one... Oh, he was filled with passion, and passion she could meld and shape like hot glass - pry out and design his stubborn soul to best accommodate his raw talent.

Still, the level of his current skill had yet to be determined. He was strong; as much she had learned... Yet was he fast enough?

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She wouldn't settle for landing just one significant blow; Jien sought to bombard him like a ship firing it's entire payload on an exposed, shield-less enemy vessel.  None of his attacks had been able to make contact as he hoped, due to swift, graceful movements that either lessened their damage or outright negated them entirely.  Worse still, she was quick to pick a weak point and keep hammering away at it; the initial blow from her sword pommel had left his abdomen weakened, which Ives took advantage of with her following strikes.  It was the center of power for the body, and thus a huge loss for him.  Every thrown punch, crouching motion, or burst of speed took something from the abdomen.  The damage done to him would be like trying to jump to warp with a defective drive; every action was a gamble.

He had some skills but he would have classified himself as more of a brawler then anything.  He wasn't the type to dodge; he either took the attack head-on, or found some way to counterattack.  Punches, knees and joint locks were his greatest weapons.  Hell, he even knew the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, and had no problem using it in a life-or-death situation.  This, however, was a test for him.  One he wished to pass without resorting to what he would have personal held to be cheating.

With the kick coming towards his mid-section, looking to continue it's assault of his bruised abdomen, Nathan reacted with enough speed to catch the kick in his two hands, his grip much firmer then before; he was exerting much more then the human standard for strength, knowing that pulling punches against an opponent of that level was a quick trip to the infirmary.  Pulling the leg forward, he sought to bring Jien even further off balance, bringing her legs into a front split, which would make escape all the more difficult.  In an extra push to prove himself a fighter, and not a punching bag, he thrust his head forward, impacting his skull against hers in a brutal sounding headbutt.  His head was aching, his body was sore . . . and he felt more alive then he had in quite some time.  Amazing what a good fight could do to remind one that pain was just as much a sense of life as pleasure could be.

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Her ankle caught and pulled at, Jien's face was a contorted mask of both focus and anger - fiery hatred for the fact of her crew's fate. She needed an exhaust to vent her carefully bottled up fury, and she sought this as much as she sought for a chance to pass on her knowledge in the martial arts. A knowledge accumulated both from her Master's teachings and her own experiences from the wars she had been involved in. Nathaniel Isley would be her heritage to the Quadrant, should he chose to accept her teachings. This was the time when she might not only evaluate his potential, but for him to find her a worthy to be his Sensei.

Before she lost her balance - since she would even though her centre of gravity was low - she spun her arms, shoulders, torso, hips and legs around in that consecutive order - the heel of her foot whipping up from the side in a savage supinely executed roundhouse kick. His strong grip on her leg elevated her for this counter, and though she lacked any true force (being in mid-air) and her ankle was bruised inside his strong warm hands as she twisted around, she hoped to gather enough force to slap her foot against his ear and disorient him enough to let her go. It was a great convenience to her that he had so helpfully leaned forward to strike her with his manly brow, since she otherwise might not have hit him hard enough.

Either way she managed to hit him or not, she would land on her back, and she would - ankled freed or not - kick out with both her legs to either catch his advance upon her prone form, or regain her footing. From there, she would assail him with a rising strike - the heel of her hand shooting towards the ceiling to catch him underneath his unshaven jaw - making him retreat further as his head would be whipped backwards. The adamant floor would be the support for her glistening bronze arm, just as it would for the following straight kick into his middle - her black hakama sliding back from her calf in the brutal movement.

The thrill of a fight at long last, it was making her blood boil hot, and Jien's frenzy was barely contained by her skill.

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The strike of her foot, was enough to disorient him, leaving a ringing sound in his ears for a few seconds, before it settled in to a muffled tone, as if his ear was filled with water.  Having let her go, and allowing the woman to get back to her feet, he was left shaking his head a few times, trying to get his hearing back as quickly as he could, for the sake of making certain he was not left in a handicapped position against a superior skilled opponent.

With an open palm barreling towards his jaw, shooting forward like a cannon, Nathan shifted his head to the right, avoiding the strike, before advancing with some more grappling.  Mixed martial arts was his style, and that included a degree of submission based techniques, which he was looking to make use of in that moment.  His arms wrapped around both her neck and her left arm, grabbing hold of both, as his foot stepped in behind her leg.  from there, leverage played the part, as he leaned forward and made use of his leg like a wedge to knock her over, so he could pin her to the floor, and apply pressure with his hold to make her "tap out"; a signal that she surrendered to him. 

The likelihood that she would?  Not very good.  He would have expected her to lapse into unconsciousness before she would admit defeat.  of course, he expected her to find a means of getting out of the hold before that were to happen.  He had seen enough fighters over the years to know the "lock pickers" when he saw them; those with a talent for getting themselves out of submissive holds.  All he could do was use his weight against her, pressing his chest against her own, legs bent to push more force down upon Jien.

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When Nathaniel yet again tried to wrestle with her, she was quite convinced the man held a preference to close quarters combat. His scent filled her flaring nostrils and she bared her teeth when he tried to make her topple backwards - both his arms closing around her toned body. With a furious snarl, she rounded her back and brought up a knee between them before she fell. The momentum of the fall was distributed into a roll, and she hurled Nathaniel's weight over her head.

Nevertheless, the pilot was strong, and his grip around her true, so she was dragged along as well. She had to make use of the situation and therefore propelled her self along with a foot kicking away from the floor. She ended up straddling him with her thighs, the pilot on his back and his arms like curved iron bars around her. The feeling of his pubic bone pressed into the apex of her legs brought memories from... Truly? This was not the time to consider old frivolities. Then again, there was quite some time since... The notion battled with her righteous fury, and it was quite an opponent.

She used her free arm before he managed to alter his grip, and placed her open hand against his throat - pressing down in counterpoint to the pull of his arms. The harder he tried to pull, the more likely he'd suffocate himself. Her whole arm was shaking, her whole body - his strength magnificent for a fighter. The stalemate last another couple of seconds, and Jien's finger dug into his cheek, trying to twist his head sideways. for what purpose slipped her mind by, but she realised that she was admiring his form - something a Chameloid was prone to do from time to time, wasn't it? Still, their struggle, the momentary motions, it made Jien grind against Nathaniel, and the previous memories of having a lover between her legs instead of an opponent resurfaced.

Jien looked into the pilots eyes, not sure whether she was fighting him or pleasuring herself upon him. She swallowed, realising that her thumb brushed across his lips, and that her labia was saturating her hakama. A grunt, or a stiffled moan, slipped past her pursed lips. Nevertheless, the stalemate wore on... and before she knew it, her hakama had vanished... an unconscious choice given the circumstances - her body thinking the situation was something quite else. She was undulating her hips; grinding down upon the man she had trapped. Or was it she who had been trapped? Before long, her sport bra vanished as well, and she did not know whether to feel mortified or beg him to honour her body's wishes.

Regardless, her wits returned to her for a second - only to voice words she could not believe herself to say. "If you tell anyone..." she rasped, her scowl never having left her. She did not have to finish her sentence. He'd know the repercussions of her built-up desires becoming knowledge to the crew. Then she relented.... not able to help herself, and dove down to split his mouth with her own, and to kiss this man that had made her realise the loss she had suffered in becoming a figurehead of authority.

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It was hard to say when the fight took it's amorous turn of events.  Their bodies had been tossing each other around, bruising and pummeling each other, yet all the grinding somehow managed to arouse them.  Nathaniel hardly noticed it at first; the feeling of her hips making their motions could have been excused as her trying to pry herself free of his hold, while her hand against his throat served to distract him further from doing much else but to stiffen his neck, and make her choke just a little bit less effective.

The first sign that something was going awry was the disappearance of her sports, exposing her bare, shapely breasts.  At first he thought it to be some kind of distraction on her part; the level of comfort she had with her body must have been more then enough to expose her chest in an attempt to catch a man, with all those male urges, off guard.  It worked better then he cared to admit, his eyes moving down to the fleshy orbs which seemed too perfect to have been based on an actual person; more the invention of Jien's mind when she invented the form for herself.  Before he knew it, the hakama that covered her lower half had taken a similar path, vanishing like it had never existed in the first place.  Her chest he could understand, but when the other half of her clothing vaporized, he was questioning just what was happening.  Was she trying to seduce him?

"If you tell anyone..."  Her words were almost unbelievable.  He knew their meaning, and why she felt the need to say them.  The Captain, due to a position as an authority figure of the highest level on board a starship, was not permitted to fraternize with crew.  She had her urges, however, and needed some form of companionship, which he heard some relieved with the use of the holodeck.  It was not an option for Jien at that time, given the rationing of power preventing it's use.  In the end it came down to keeping a secret, and in the heat of the moment, urged on by the naked body that laid on top of him, he nodded in agreement.

By that time, submission holds were no longer necessary.  His hands went down to his sides, and his eyes directed themselves to her; to every new detail they could pick up.  Unlike most who had been undressed, her skin was without flaw; since her clothing was merely an extension of her shapeshifting, it did not leaving any marks upon her body that served as tell tale signs of wearing something restrictive.  It was like she had just walked out of the garden of Eden, in a state of perfect nudity.  When she drew downward, bringing their lips together, it was a subtle communication about her; there was a depth of experience in just her kiss alone, which spoke to her years of knowledge about intimacy, as well as a passion which burned white-hot.  Nathaniel brought a hand to the back of her neck, and he returned the gesture, intensifying their lip-on-lip action further.  Whether it was as a fighter or a lover, he was looking to impress.

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The taste of Nathaniel's mouth was too good to be true - surely some kind of trick made upon her in her wanton yet awkward desire. Her hand was still upon his throat, yet the pressure had loosened somewhat - fingers curling continuously and gently stroking his facial air while she feasted upon the taste of him like some kind of vampire from a holo novel. She felt famished, insatiable, and her blood had already been worked up in the fight - her breath already ragged against his lips.

What was she doing? Surely this was a mistake, but wasn't it to late for that now? What manner of thoughts that came to her were incoherent, hardly being able to maintain her reasoning at this rate. Of course this was a mistake, but she did not care. She had been so weary and strung out over the last couple of weeks they had been fighting with teeth and nails to keep the ship together and the body-count down amongst her crew. She deserved this, didn't she? She needed release; to obliterate her own mind together with this prime example of a man. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she realised that the SCO had offered closeness just a day or so ago in Sickbay. Was it him that made her unconscious starting to prowl for the solution he might - and mightn't - have offered?

Her hips were still undulating - grinding savagely against the Lieutenant's groin. In her movements, the flickering lamps somewhere off in the darkness that surrounded them shone upon her glistening body - sweat from her previous exercise and the fight that had been aborted. She imagined that her own lips were salty, feeling the taste of her egesta mingling with the lurid male nectar of the half-blood's mouth. His tongue was divine to nip at with her lips when she reached them, and she granted him the same favour in turn. Still, her concentrated and focused scowl remained from the fight - only replaced by the cravings stirring in her. Making her a beast hungry for carnal satisfaction.

She breathed heavily with each thrust that her hips made. It did not allow for speech, but nevertheless she bit his lip and leaned back a little - eyes staring into his and her shuddering countenance as serious she she could make herself out to be. "Swear it."

Her free hand - the other still holding him down by the throat- insistently raked down his chiselled chest and abdomen before it hooked the hem of his shirt between her fingers. With a brutal thrust of her arm, she bared his upper body to his collarbones. She was rewarded by the sight of him in the flickering light, and the scent of his sweat hitting her nose. She imagined that she might have soaked his gym wear down there where her frame was thrusting down upon him, and she did not care any more if the way her body heaved in the lamp-light made her appear like some rabid beast - each shining curve of her upper body caressed by both shadows and light. "Swear it... please..."

I sounded to her own ears too much like lustful plea, even though it was a guttural grunt made through a parched throat. She insisted that he would comply, by leaning down and licking his chest - grazing her teeth against his nipple.

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The intensity of her kiss was like no other.  It was as if she was capable of drawing his life force out through their lip contact, and was in desperate need of it.  He could barely draw enough oxygen in through his nostrils to keep from passing out, yet he couldn't care.  It was far to wonderful to push away, and bring to a halt.  The feeling of her hip motions, grinding her womanhood against his pants, was only adding to everything else, and garnered the exact reaction one would expect; in his pants, he was hard as a rock, aching to get out and bring things forward in progression.

She asked him to swear what he had only acknowledged with a gesture of his head.  One would have thought she might have put things to a halt until she heard him make the promise, yet nothing broke her pace.  In the back of his head, he wondered just how far she would be willing to go without hearing him agree to keep what they did a secret.  That was only a passing thought, however, as he wasn't willing to risk an end to their amorous adventure.  "I swear what happens in this room . . . will not be known to anyone but the two of us."  He spoke, making the promise she wanted, so that she could put that thought to rest, and focus upon what they were doing.

His bare chest was revealed to her, bringing a degree of fairness long overdue; after all, he had been looking at her naked body for some time.  The licking across his chest, followed by the feeling of teeth upon his nipple, made him groan out in pleasure, his eyes keeping watch over her.  She was aggressive, as one would expect from a commanding officer.  She was used to being the one giving orders, rather then receiving them.  It was that thought which amused him a little, as he decided to test how she might react to him trying to take control.  As a person who always had to be strong in the face of the crew, perhaps being able to submit to someone would be =refreshing to her . . . or maybe she would just fight back for control.  Either way sounded fun.

Rolling his body, he moved her to the bottom, and placed himself on top of her.  His hands had gripped her arms when making the roll, but they were quick to move inward, wrapping around her breasts, fingers to the side, while the thumbs nestled beneath.  Like she had previously, his tongue came forth, grazing across her mounds of flesh, rubbing against the nipple, before he allowed his teeth to light press against the hardened nubs.

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Oh, how divine was not the feeling of a man's weight upon her? Needless to say, though the instincts of the fight still lingered, his initiative and his ministrations were not unwelcome. Jien raked her fingers across his head, mouth open and panting hard. When his teeth touched her, she drew in her breath sharply, and let it out in a long feral moan.

She bucked her hips against him, insistently lifting herself up with her feet - grinding herself against his arousal through the sodden obstruction of his gym-wear. She showed no signs of patience, yet she would not complain, not if he treated her so well. Her own urgent insistence for immediate fulfilment was not productive for her satisfaction. If she had it her way, she would have him inside her already - her nails digging into his buttocks and crying out for more.

She whimpered in her anguish, biting her lip, her hand reaching down between them. Her fingertips coursed down his ripped abdomen. They traversed the hem of his trousers without mercy - struggling to gain access underneath his underwear. She wanted to feel it in her hand. She wanted Nathaniel's manhood between her fingers, to insist upon him the urgency she felt with firm strokes.

"Now... Now... Please..." she panted, her scowl now lessened as he gave his admiration unto her form. she bucked her hips against him again, just when her fingers closed around his warm girth. His form certainly wasn't flawed, but she would have accommodated any size with her species natural ability. "Need you... Take me... Take me..."

She began to try and push and kick down his trousers and underwear with her bare feet, the loss of not being able to grind against him more unbearable with each frustrating moment she spent with the ungainly obstructions between them.

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It was painfully obvious that there was no such thing as romance in the event about to take place.  It was fueled by pure, animalistic needs, and only the actions that fit that description were the ones which would occur.  Nathaniel was enjoying the feeling of a pair of firm breasts in his hands.  As one would expect from a shapeshifter, Jien had made them to perfection, not just in appearance but in every sense of the word, from the feeling and weight to the color and scent of her skin.  The more he touched them, the more he wanted to keep squeezing them, and feeling their firmness in his hands.

The feeling of toes attempting to hook his trousers were more then enough to draw his attention.  She was dripping wet, which told him a simple truth; the time for foreplay was long past.  Their fight had been more then enough of a prerequisite for that.  Finally freeing her melons from his grip, Nathan moved them to his waist band, pulling them down, along with his underwear in one go, until it was well past his hips, revealing his length to her eyes.  Long, thick, and arching for what was next to come.

"Take me..."  She made it sound so old fashioned, and there was something sexy about that.  A young woman might have gone with something more like "Fuck me" and let her bluntness speak for her desires.  He was wasting no time in giving her what she wanted.  His shaft pressed against her wet slick, slipping up and down a few times, before pushing it's way past her flesh entrance, and moving inside of her.  He buried his length as deeply as it went, coming to a brief halt, just to take in the sensation of being inside her.  His breathing shallowed, yet each breath was deeper sounding, making it much more audible to her ears.  hands pressing against her hips, he began the motions, thrusting inward and out with strength.  She hardly looked like the kind of woman who needed to be taken gently.

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Indeed not, for as Nathaniel finally filled her up with his man-meat, Jien threw her head back and cried out, her hands reaching up to stroke and pinch her own nipples to further heighten the sensation of fulfilment. She cried out again, not able to stop herself, when he thrust himself inside the second time - dizzy in the feelings that assaulted her body. The second cry died out in a growl of contentment, and she propped herself up on her elbows - staring with challenge into the pilot's eyes from where she lay beneath him and urging him on. If that did not get his attention, she had also wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled at his frame. She sucked in a breath between her bared teeth, and after her love channel had been forced to expand a great deal to let him in, she now made it tighten into a perfect fit around him.

By the third thrust, she was bucking and arching her back against his movements - her agile body gaining momentum through the way she had raised her self up on her arms a bit. She worked her entire torso to undulate against his hips - grinding down upon him savagely. Her breath was ragged, her breasts were bouncing beneath his eyes, the toned musculature of her abdomen working with her counter-movements. She bore her hips down upon his thrusts to the point where her clitoris was squished against his pubic bone, and she flexed her legs to bring him in harder - quite insatiable.

Yet she was fooling herself, thinking that she could outlast him in any capacity. As heated as she was, it took only ten seconds before she felt her body betraying her. Her eyes widened, and she pursed her lips in disbelief, and her climax was an avalanche that smothered her mind into limbo. She cried out and fell back on the floor, writhing and squirming as the carnal electrocution lasted. She came so hard she feared she might fracture his cock, and her nails helplessly scratched at his chiselled chest for somewhere to hold on to. All her pent up desires had been denied for far too long, and she had not even lasted a full minute.

Jien opened her eyes during the aftershocks of her orgasm, and as she looked into Nathaniel's eyes above her, she could not help but smile and chuckle breathlessly. "I-I'm sorry," she said with an uncharacteristically easy grin, her breath catching at the pause, "You w-were just so... Let me make it u-up to you."

She always returned favours given to her, and she felt that she had a great deal more to give her happenstance lover. She gyrated her hips a bit in a languorous way, teasing him with a smile, while the dance of the light caressed her glistening body. She bit her lower lip and stroked her hands up to his neck - pulling herself up with the hold she took so that she was sitting in his lap. She kissed him just as her nipples scraped against his chest, her shuddering gratitude plain, and the promise of making him come too just as evident.

"Do you want me like this, Lieutenant?" she whispered against his lips, finding the use of his rank funny in the situation they had ended up in. Even if she was over-sensitive in the wake of the storm, she began to shift against him - the warm friction that encompassed him dealt in slow and sensual movements.

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There was an experience with her that he could have gotten nowhere else.  The feeling of perfection.  With the ability to alter her home, Jien was able to changes the size and tightness of her womanhood, and while it had started simple enough, she had soon restricted herself around him to the point that his thrusts almost felt like he was trying to escape from orbit, being forced back in each time he tried to pull out.  The intensity of his breathing served to tell just how powerful the feeling was, only increased by how she moved her body, adding an exclamation point to every action.  There was something to be said for a strong woman with a focused mind; she was capable of a great deal.

Watching her breasts bounce with every motion added an additional level of pleasure; one he wished he could have handled first hand, yet he felt that he needed to keep his hands to hers hips, to support his thrusting and her motions beneath him working in tandem to reach new heights.  Before he knew it, she had reached a climax, and some part of him couldn't be surprised; one of them had to break after all of that, and despite the pressure she put on his shaft, the tightness she formed around him must have profoundly affected her body's response to every motion.  There was a brief transformation in her after her orgasm, in which she was apologetic, and even cast out a smile his way.  It was as if her problems had been left behind for a while, and the weight of the universe was no longer upon her.

Her wish to make it up to him came as a surprise at first, as he felt her pull herself forward, until she was straddling his body.  Feeling her hard nipples grind against his chest was another element that only added to the experience.  Their motions against each other resumed, their breathing even more evident to the other, now that they were so pressed together.  "Do you want me like this, Lieutenant?"  The use of rank did seem strange, but then, they never did use each other's names throughout the whole thing.

"Yes, Ma'am."  He responded, keeping to a similar command protocol with her, as his hands slipped to take hold of her rear, and provide her with some more support, as well as to simply enjoy the feel of her ass.  His face brushed against hers as he moved his lips to her neck, taking advantage of a place that was always sensitive on a woman to arouse her further.  He didn't want her losing her motivation, after all.

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Their joining having switched from being savage and brutal, Jien now shivered and revelled in the slower and more sensual movements they made against each other. She took her time to fully appreciate the sensations Nathaniel was giving her; to feel his hands slide down to hold her up, to graze her breasts against his muscular chest while she slowly rode his cock, to twine her fingers into his hair, to flex her crossed legs around him and feel him gaining those extra few inches into her, to breathe heavily against his ear in gratitude for his tender kisses upon her neck; to extend her tongue and outline the swirling patterns of that ear.

She felt mellow, relaxed, and at peace with everything when there was nothing else to think about but to milk the pilot with her hot quivering sheath.

Leaning back, her eyes fluttered open and looked into his. She bit her lower lip and groaned for him to continue, one hand coming to rest upon his shoulder for support, and the other planting its palm against the deck behind her. The pilot seemed to enjoy looking upon her Chosen Form, so she would let him see everything while she rode him - feeling as flattered as only a Chameloid might be.

"Do you like them..?" she asked him quietly while her body rolled, her hips sliding up and down along his length - making her breasts shiver each time she brought him home. She was only half-teasing him with her question, since the query was partially sincere; her appearance something she considered quite differently than humans. "Do you like what you see, Mr. Isley?"

She grinned to him, and she bit her lip again, moaning as the sensitive numbness was ebbing away in favour for her own readiness. Her eyes fluttered close in the enjoyment of the rhythm they had found.

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While there was less of an animal-like drive behind their act, it didn't mean a loss of intensity.  Her hips still rocked strongly, with his own matching her pace.  The scent and taste of her skin as he kissed her neck only made him more wanting, while her tongue teasing at his ear brought it even further, pushing him to use his hands on her rear to begin lifting her upward before letting her lower back down, increasing the range of motion caused by his member slipping in and out of her.

Her question about her breasts, made a lusty smile form on his lips.  "They're perfect."  He commented, but that was nothing she didn't already know.  On average, they were the ideal size and shape, with the areola and nipples being in perfect proportion to each other and the relative size of the breasts themselves.  There must have been quite a degree of study in the female form to decide upon each of the minor tweaks that led to Jien's female body. 

"It's a shame you have to cover that body up, but I suppose the crew might have trouble staying focused on the bridge if you looked like that all the time."  A part of him wanted to snicker at the idea; her sitting naked in the captains chair, ordering a change of coordinates, only to find the helmsman unable to break his gaze from her bare form.  It was a comical thought.

Joking thoughts might have bought him some time, but the inevitable was still on it's way.  He could fill that climax building inside of him, and wondered if this was the last time such an encounter could occur.  By reaching his peak now, was he denying any chance of another round?  With those thoughts filling him, he filled her, tightly holding her body against him to halt her motions, as he felt his release come.  Only when he felt the sensation cease did he ease his grip, and rest his forehead against her shoulder, his breathing heavy but getting calmer with the passing seconds.

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In those moments of rueful intimacy, Jien did let herself indulge in the humour - a throaty chuckle escaping her pursed lips while she insistently sawed her hips against his. She was just about to form a somewhat coherent reply when he gathered her up in his arms and pulled her close - smothering her form against his chest. Oh, she could feel it rising; his imminent release, and she hugged her arms around his neck and urged him on with whispers in his ear.

The she felt it, the molten warm feeling of his seed erupting inside her. She gasped from the rare sensation, her eyes going wide with wonder at how she had almost forgotten what it might feel like. Though he held her so close, she persisted to slowly gyrate her hips a bit in his lap - milking it all out of him with a content grin on her face. She kissed his neck and grazed her teeth against the skin, a husky chuckle of satisfaction slipping out.

"There, there..." she cooed quietly in her raw voice when he was resting his head against her shoulder, "...that felt good didn't?" She shifted against him a couple of more times to really drain him - using her unique sheath to really siphon the last of his prostatic fluids. It was safe, since not only had birth-control evolved infinity during the last couple of hundred years, but this was not the way Chameloids mated either. He/she could but conceive another morphogenic matrix with another of her rare kind. She bit her lip in her own contentment and leaned back again, looking into his eyes with a quiet smile.

"Here I was, thinking that I'd find a possible apprentice," she said and ran her fingertips over his forehead and bruised cheek, "yet instead I found a happenstance lover that lived up too all my expectations... I pray you did not suffer from the suddenness of the development?"

A sarcastic joke, whilst she toyed with his hair and the reddened ear - the one she had kicked earlier. Her hips only moved minutely now, revelling in the feeling of him still inside, since she had been ready to come again before long. Yet she felt far from bereft after he had finished...

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There was nothing like a woman who knew how to satisfy a man.  Those who pursued virgins almost habitually could never know what it was like to have a woman who knew her body so well, and could use every facet of it to draw out the most pleasure.  It was ironic that one who could change their body was the one who could understand it best; after all, simply forming the body required an attention to detail and an intimate understanding of how each and every part worked.

"Apprentice huh?  You sure a brute like me has a place with such graceful technique?"  He asked, knowing there was a vast difference between the way they fought each other.  Though he did know martial arts to a degree, the style of combat he chose to employ was more militaristic, finding it effective to use a style meant to take down an opponent, and stay in close enough to negate the use of their weapons through quick disarming.

Nathaniel lowered Jien back onto the floor, placing her back against it, as he moved on top of her again.  He slipped his length out of her, but their closeness still had it pressed against her slick womanhood.  "So am I done being your happenstance lover?  Or am I still allowed to do this?"  He leaned in and brought his lips to hers.  One more passionate kiss to put an end to the secret events that occurred within the confines of the gym.  Outside those doors, no one could ever know what happened.  He had promised her that, but it also made it tempting to not want to leave any time soon.

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Chuckling as she was laid down and meeting the pilot's lips with her own, Jien drew her nails up and down the pilot's bare back.

As to his question, she was unsure whether she was prepared to stop right then and there, since while the rough edge of her desire had been worn down the first time she came, she was not quite sated yet. She found herself unwilling to let this rare chance slip her by when satisfaction was so close at hand. Had Nathaniel not come, she suspected she had not been to far behind him.

"Perhaps," she said in answer and bit his lip a little, quite playful in comparison to her usual austere character, "Yet only if I am permitted to do this..."

After turning him over on his back, as if she was about to stand up and leave...

...her hand instead reached down to boldly wrap around him - feeling the wet warmth of their union lingering. As she began to stroke him, she leaned in over him so that she could lay her lips to his - enticing him with her tongue as well as her hand. Her mouth worked in tandem with  the lewd movements of her fingers. Eventually, she rolled on top of him, both hands now on his chest. Her gaze told it all, the flickering artificial light upon her making her look almost otherworldly.

His pulsating manhood was strategically positioned between her legs - pressed down against his lower abdomen - and Jien felt the crown of his arousal pass along the sensitive valley of her womanly desires as she slid upwards. She gently thrust her hips down again, and found that by doing so, his length nestled in the warm, moist folds - the portal to her femininity. She continued to grind along him, yet not letting him revisit her yet, as her breathing became deeper and unsteady.

"Unless you want to quit?" she whispered. As insistent as her tone, both her hands finally commandeered him - setting him just so. She lowered herself gingerly, eased herself down onto him. She could feel him glide upwards. She could not help but let a small noise escape her as he filled her, when she enveloped him - when she brought him home.

With his full measure inside, she opened her eyes again, smiling down to his mien. "You see... Lieutenant..." she said and ground her teeth, beginning to gyrate in measured, insistent circles. She wiggled her hips experimentally; slowly and provocatively. She curled her nails into his chest. "I am not quite done with you yet..."

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