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Title: CH05: S [D03|2130] The Past Reaches Out
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Chapter 05: Supplemental [ Day 03 | 2130 hrs. ] The Past Reaches Out

Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Corridor | USS Dauntless] @Fife

Donna 'Chance' Petterson stood in the corridor wondering if she was doing the right thing. And it was not the first time she had wondered that in the last 10 minutes alone. Not to mention the 3 hours since she had received the message. Why had she agreed to do it? It was impossible. And now she was here because the message had suggested that she could get some help from someone else. Was it right to draw someone else into this insanity? Did she have a choice now?

Wearing her uniform as she was, Chance suddenly felt stifled at the enormity of the task before her. She needed a release. And the hand of fate had offered her that very opportunity it would seem. She hadn't been the only replacement pilot transferred aboard when the Dauntless needed replacements for its Tac CONN division. She had been joined by, among others, a former companion from her academy days. They had had some very memorable occasions over the years of training and now it seemed they might do again. She tried to think of a rule to govern what she should do but nothing came to mind so she fell back on her instincts and training instead. And they said that for the success of her task, it had to be done.

So Chance continued on down the corridor until she reached the door of her former lover; Ensign Isel Nix.
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[ Ensign Isel 'Foxfire' Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Ensign Isel Nix had only been in her quarters for about 10 minutes, and was still in her Vulcine form and wearing her uniform as she stood looking out the viewport at the stars as they drifted past. She cradled a cup of coffee in her hands, and took a sip of the bitter liquid as her mind wandered.

It felt strange to be aboard a new ship, having spent the past 2 years aboard the USS Persephone before suddenly being transferred to the USS Dauntless as a replacement pilot to bolster the ranks of their depleted Tac CONN division. Now she was a member of the Black Wolves squadron, aiding in the hunt for the USS Theurgy and the traitors aboard her. The Theurgy was guilty of horrible crimes, and was a fugitive from Starfleet, on the run and hunted. She couldn't help but smile into her cup at the irony, as she was probably one of the only people aboard the Dauntless that could relate to the Theurgy's position.

It wasn't all bad, though. She had run into an old friend from back at the Academy. The smile she hid in her cup broadened as she reflected that "friend" might be too mild of a term for what she and Donna Petterson had been back then. She took another sip and lowered the coffee, and thought back to the time she and Donna had-

Her thoughts were interrupted when the door chime sounded. Mildly disappointed at being pulled out of her reverie, she turned and stepped to the side, placing her cup on the table.

"Enter" She said aloud, turning to face the doors as they slid open.
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Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna entered into the personal quarters of her former lover in as seductive a manner as she could muster given the limitations of her Starfleet uniform. The skirt wasn't too bad for the task but the regulation boots on her feet were entirely too low to effectively present Donna as she wished. Still, she smiled in greeting at the Vulpinian that had captivated her from the first time she had set eyes on her.

She wasn't sure if it was mismatched eyes or that incredible tail but Chance could already feel herself enjoying the task that lay, or rather stood, before her. She had always enjoyed how she was taller than the white-haired female and despite what she had come here to do, she hoped to again.

"Isil, it's been a long time," Chance said as she looked across the room. A pang of guilt fluttered through her stomach but Chance quashed it. Now wasn't the time. She had accepted the mission and now she had to make preparations. Who knew when the task force would catch up with the Theurgy. She had to be ready. 

"I wasn't sure if we would ever see each other again and fate, it seems, has drawn us together once again," Chance said, although, the more she thought about it, fate was having less and less of a hand in all of this. No, this was someone else's hand pulling their strings.
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[ Ensign Isel Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel wasn't sure who she had expected to walk through her door, but she was certainly surprised to see the tall, trim figure of Donna Petterson entering her quarters. Isel smiled at the taller woman, crossed her arms and shifted her weight to her left leg, popping her hip to the side.

"Donna Petterson, as I live and breathe." Isel's smile grew wider as she spoke, her eyes taking in the woman standing before her. Isel had always appreciated skirts. They allowed her tail more freedom of movement than the uniform pants would have. In Donna's case, however, Isel appreciated it for the view it afforded her of Donna's shapely legs. Her tail twitched as her eyes moved back up to Donna's face. As her gaze met the other woman's hazel eyes, she found she couldn't keep up the act any longer. Her tail swished in a wide arc as she uncrossed her arms and bounded forward, her bubbly personality winning out over her attempt to play it cool.

"It's good to see you!" She laughed as she pounced on her old friend, wrapping her arms around Donna and tilting her head back to look up at the taller woman. "The Academy seems so long ago! How have you been?" Isel stepped back a pace and looked Donna up and down again. "The uniform suits you better than the cadet uniform did." She said with a sly smile and mischief in her eyes. "Not that you didn't look amazing in the cadet uniform as well!" Isel grinned, giving Donna a wink and flicking the hem of the taller woman's skirt up a couple of inches with her tail as she made the last remark, the white fur brushing Donna's leg lightly, as though it may have been an accident.
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Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna returned the hug as she shuddered from the feel of the velvety tail on her thigh. She hadn't realised until that moment how much she had missed it. Despite all the people, men and women, that she had been with over the years, her time with Isel stuck out in her memory. And now she was here to do something she hoped she wouldn't regret; but knew that she would. But you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, so they said. Time to be the honey.

Releasing the hug and stepping back, Donna rested her hands on Isel's forearms as she made a deliberate show of looking Isel up and down slowly. She looked even better than she remembered. Her instincts, despite her personal feelings, were telling her that she was doing the right thing in regards to the mission. Rule of Acquisition #09: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.

"I've been well, thank you, Isel. And you look better than I remember," Chance crooned as she massaged her companion's arms gently. "Although, if my memory serves me, you preferred me out of uniform rather than in it," Chance baited as she brought her right hand up to her tunic zipper and lowered it a little. She had had the forethought to remover her bra before coming here so enough lowering of her tunic and undershirt zippers would reveal a tantalising amount of flesh. "Has that changed?"
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

"Ah-ah-ah! Not so fast!" Isel said by way of a teasing reprimand as she reached out with her left hand, placing it over Donna's and halting it's progress in lowering the zipper. She reached up with her other hand and gently brushed her fingers along the left side of Donna's neck before sliding them around behind her head, while at the same time lightly running her tail up the back of Donna's left leg.

"Lovers are like gifts. The unwrapping is part of the fun!" She playfully chastised the taller woman, gently pulling Donna's mouth down to meet her own. As their lips met, Isel moved her left hand, still resting over Donna's, and brought the zippers all the way down, first the tunic, then the undershirt. She broke the kiss as both tunic and undershirt spread open, revealing a vertical strip of bare torso. "I've missed you, Donna." Isel told her former lover in a soft tone.

Maybe not former anymore... Isel thought as she looked up into Donna's eyes, her own multicoloured eyes each seeming to display a different emotion. Her blue eye seemed to twinkle mischievously, while her green eye seemed to burn with desire.

Glancing down at the bare stretch of skin, Isel moved her left hand and touched the waistband of Donna's skirt, then gently slid the tips of her fingers up the strip of flesh, over Donna's navel and through the valley between her breasts. As her left hand reached Donna's collarbone, it moved to the side, sliding under the garments and over Donna's shoulder. At the same time she slid her right hand down from Donna's neck, mimicking the actions of her left hand on Donna's other shoulder.

"You're right, though" Isel said softly and grinned, her prominent canine teeth readily apparent. She returned her gaze to Donna's deep hazel eyes as she pushed both undershirt and tunic off Donna's shoulders, letting the pieces of uniform fall to the floor. "I do prefer you out of uniform."
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Hook, line and sinker as the saying went. Or something like that. Donna didn't care at the moment as she shivered slightly at the feel of Isel's hand on her neck. And that damned tail.

"Lovers are like gifts. The unwrapping is part of the fun," Isel chastised Chance playfully, her eyes full of mischievousness. And then their lips met. Chance ran her tongue along the edge of Isel's lips before moaning softly through the kiss as her companion lowered Donna's hand that still held the zipper to her tunic. Once it was open, she guided Chance's hand to the undershirt's zipper and repeated the movement. Breaking the kiss, Isel stepped back as Chance's unrestrained assets pulled the edges of her uniform apart, revealing a naked strip of her torso.

"I've missed you, Donna," Isel said as Donna bit her bottom lip and looked down at the Vulpinian. She was enjoying the look in her lover's mismatched eyes. The mischievousness and now, the desire that was building.

She didn't resist, nor did she want to, as Isel's left hand touched the waistband of her skirt before slowly sliding up the bare strip of her torso that her uniform no longer concealed. She shivered again as that hand traced a line between her breasts and up to her collarbone before sliding in under her uniform on her shoulders; her right hand dropping from Donna's neck to mimic the actions on Donna's left shoulder.

"You're right, though" Isel said, her voice seductively soft as she grinned; revealing her prominent canine teeth. Chance's right breast could attain as to how sharp those teeth were; she still bore the barely visible scars of a 'love bite' from the white-haired vixen before her. Chance focused on Isel as they stared at each other's eyes. Feeling movement, Chance lowered her shoulders slightly to allow Isel to push both her undershirt and tunic off. As the pieces of her uniform fell to the floor, Chance heard Isel speak again. She returned her gaze to Donna's deep hazel eyes as she pushed both undershirt and tunic off Donna's shoulders, letting the pieces of uniform fall to the floor. "I do prefer you out of uniform."

Donna rolled her shoulders up, back and around as was her habit after taking off her uniform. This had the benefit of pushing out her, now free, 36C breasts. She had always liked them. Some women complained theirs were too big or too small, but Donna had always felt that hers suited her perfectly.

"I thought I might be right," Donna said with smile as she brought her own hands up to rest on Isel's hips. With a soft tug, she pulled the shorter woman up against her as she kissed Isel, again running her tongue across the Vulpinian's lips. This time though, they parted slightly, and Donna playfully danced her tongue across her companion's canines.

"But two can play that game," Donna whispered after pulling back. Without dislodging Isel's arms on her shoulders, Donna brought her hands up in between their bodies, caressing both her own bare skin and Isel's uniform covered skin. Grasping the zipper of her lover's tunic, she brought it down in one motion before swapping to the tunic zipper. This one, she took her time with, using a much slower, more sensual motion to release the interlocked teeth.

Returning her hands to Isel's waist, she ran them up under the undershirt to rest on where the waistband met bare skin. She toyed with the idea of releasing the skirt to the floor but was distracted by Isel's tail on her leg again.

"Did you plan on biting me again?" Chance asked as she caressed her Vulpinian lower's skin.
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

In the years since they had last seen each other, Isel had not forgotten about Donna's wonderful habit of rolling her shoulders when removing her uniform. It was a habit Isel had always appreciated, as it only served to accentuated the taller woman's enticing bust. As Isel's eyes played over the now bare flesh of Donna's pert breasts, she could feel a familiar, animalistic hunger begin to stir. A shameless smile spread across her lips as she noticed the feint scars on Donna's right breast.

Maybe I should balance them out... Isel thought hungily.

"I thought I might be right," Donna said as she took hold of Isel's hips, tugging Isel closer. As their lips met and Donna's tongue scampered over her canines, Isel pressed herself against the Human, her grip tightening on Donna's shoulders as she fought back a moan. Then Donna was pulling away, leaving Isel panting slightly.

"But two can play that game." Donna's whisper teased her ears as her hands ran up between their bodies. Isel felt Donna's hands creep over her smaller breasts, and felt the peaks of her firm mounds react to her lover's touch as the hands made their way to the collar of her tunic.

Isel gasped softly as Donna lowered the zipper of her tunic in one fluid motion, her multi-coloured eyes staying locked on the golden-brown hazel eyes of her lover as Donna's hand moved to the zipper of Isel's undershirt. This time she manipulated the zipper slowly. Isel's fingers dug into the warm skin of Donna's bare shoulders and she let out a soft sigh of longing, feeling impatient and yearning to feel the warmth of Donna's bare skin against her own. Isel could feel the air stir against her skin as the undershirt's zipper reached it's lowest point and released, the freshly exposed skin raising with goosebump from both the cool air and her own anticipation.

Her longing turned to ravenous desire as Donna's hands came to rest on her waist once again, running under the uniform and along her bare skin.

"Did you plan on biting me again?" Donna asked, seeming to have heard Isel's earlier thoughts. Isel flashed her sharp canines in a tantalizing smile and pulled Donna down towards her again, not kissing her but bringing her mouth alongside Donna's right ear.

"From what I remember, you enjoyed yourself the last time I got a little carried away..." Isel whispered, her breath warm on Donna's neck and her lips brushing Donna's ear ever so gently. Isel gave Donna's earlobe a tiny nip, with her flat teeth rather than the sharper canines, and pulled back, locking eyes with her lover once more. She gave Donna a wolfish grin as she slid her hands down from Donna's shoulders, moving them over her collarbones and down the outside of her breasts, pausing the descent of her left hand to lightly brush her thumbs over the faded scars left by her teeth in a moment of wanton desire."Besides..." She said, still keeping her head angled down but raising her eyes to look up at Donna through her lashes. "I love the way you taste..."

Her hands resumes their descent, and finally came to rest on Donna's hips. She tucked her thumbs into the waistband of Donna's skirt and pulled her close again, savouring the feeling of Donna's warm skin against her own bared flesh. Isel tilted her head up, raising herself up on tip-toe and softly kissed the right side of Donna's neck, at the same time letting go of the skirt with her left hand and lightly tracing a slow, meandering fingertip up Donna's back. As her left hand came to rest between Donna's shoulderblades, she reached up with her right hand and softly brushed the backs of her fingers across Donna's left cheek. She pulled Donna down into another kiss, hungrier than the previous ones, and this time she found herself unable to stifle the soft moan that escaped her lips.

She weaved the fingers of her right hand into Donna's hair as the kiss deepened, this time slipping her own tongue forward to caress Donna's as it probed forward. The fingers of her left hand curled inward and gently scratched their way down Donna's back as they made their way to her skirt, and with a quick motion the skirt joined Donna's tunic and undershirt on the floor at their feet.

Placing her hand back on Donna's hip, she finally broke the impassioned kiss and eased back a step, brushing her tail across the lower curves of Donna's newly exposed behind. Her eyes burned passionately as she looked up into her lover's eyes, her face slightly flushed. Her eyes travelled down to explore the newly uncovered flesh of Donna's lower half, taking in the long, toned legs and the curve of Donna's hips before stopping to appreciate the underwear which was now the only remaining piece of clothing Donna wore.

"Aren't you going to unwrap the rest?" Isel asked as she looked back up, her breathing now a little ragged.
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Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna's breath hitched as she was brought down to Isel's height. She could feel her lover's breath on her ear and a part of her wondered what she could say that would require her to whisper.

"From what I remember, you enjoyed yourself the last time I got a little carried away..." Isel whispered. Donna closed her eyes and sucked in her breath at Isel's words, her mind flashing back to the night that she had been bitten by the Vulpinian. Her memory proved all the more vivid when Isel nipped her earlobe. As she opened her eyes, she found her lover's mismatched eyes awaiting hers. With a wolfish grin on her face, Donna felt Isel slide her hands down from her shoulders, over her collarbones and down beside her breasts. Isel's left thumb paused to brush the faded scars from her previous affections, coming dangerously close to tweaking her nipple. "Besides..." Isel said, her voice still a whisper and filled with brimming desire. "I love the way you taste..."

Donna felt herself flush from the double entendre; her center moistening at the thought. Isel's hands continued their descent, coming to rest on Donna's waistband. Donna moaned again as she felt Isel kiss her neck while simultaneously tracing a finger up her back. A hungry kiss later and Donna was again breathless from her lover's tender affections.

She didn't have time to gather her breath though. As the two lovers' kiss deepened, Isel hooked her right hand into Donna's hair while her left hand ran back down her spine until it's fingers were hooked into her skirt's waistband. Donna didn't know what Isel did but a moment later, her skirt had joined the rest of her uniform on the floor. 

Donna was finally granted release to catch her breath as Isel broke their kiss only for her to snatch it away again as her tail caressed the lower edges of her backside. Donna barely managed to keep her senses enough to notice that Isel took a long moment examine her up and down once again. As Donna finally managed to ground herself, Isel spoke again, her own breathing ragged with desire.

"Aren't you going to unwrap the rest?"

Donna, clad only in an ultramarine g-string and her uniform boots, smiled like the proverbial Cheshire Cat as she ran her thumbs along the inside of Isel's waistband. She teased her lover, lowing it an inch before withdrawing her thumbs.

"I like to take my time with such things," Chance said softly as she began moving her hands upwards. She ran them along Isel's skin, under her uniform. She paused to cup her lover's breasts in her hands, using her thumbs to trace small circles around the areaola before passing once across the engorged peaks. As Isel's eyes fluttered at the stimulation, Donna's hands continued their ascent up and over the pert mounds she had just cupped and onto the Vulpinian's shoulders.

"Haste makes waste, after all," Donna intoned softly as she massaged the shorter woman's shoulders for a moment. Deciding the moment was right, Donna arched her hands to slide the tunic and undershirt off together. When her lover pulled her shoulders back to assist, Donna struck. Bringing her head down like a striking snake, Donna latched onto Isel's left breast with her mouth; her tongue flicking and caressing the nipple at its pinnacle. Her arms paused in their movement, locking Isel's arms behind her as she continued her assault on the Vulpinian's breast. Not that the sounds Isel was making sounded painful at all. More the opposite in fact.

After what may have been moments but felt like minutes, Donna released her prey gently, her tongue pausing for one last flick. Not bothering to release Isel's arms from her garments, Donna instead chose to lower her raggedly breathing lover's skirt. As it fell to the floor to leave Isel in all her naked glory, Donna stepped back and away from her lover. She moved over to the work station and bent over it, presenting her backside to Isel.

"I hope I got your favourite colour right," Donna said nonchalantly as she looked back at Isel over her right shoulder as she wiggled her butt; her mind conjuring up another memory of when they both had had fox tails for an evening of pleasure.
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel felt goosebumps rise as Donna ran her thumbs along her skin, just inside the waistband of her skirt. Her breath caught as Donna's thumbs slowly slid lower, teasing her, only to be removed a moment later.

"I like to take my time with such things," Donna spoke softly, slowly running her hands up the sides of Isel's body. Isel felt her body reacting to her lover's touch as Donna cupped her breasts, the circles Donna's thumbs traced around her nipples calling them to attention before the guilty thumbs finally passed over the hardened peaks. Isel's eyes fluttered, and her breathing became quick and shallow, only slowing once Donna's hands continued their journey up her body, gently sliding across her skin before coming to rest on her shoulders. "Haste makes waste, after all," Donna remarked in a soft, teasing tone as her hands massaged the muscles of Isel's shoulders. Isel closed her eyes, savoring the pressure in the taller woman's touch. Then Donna arched her hands to slide the uniform off her shoulders, and Isel rolled her shoulders back to assist with the garments removal.

Isel let of a small yip of surprise as Donna's head darted down, her mouth finding Isel's left breast and taking the engorged tip into her mouth. The small yip Isel had let out was quickly followed by a soft, breathy moan as Donna's tongue danced over the sensitive peak, causing Isel to tense and shudder, her back arching in an attempt to press closer to the other woman. Isel's body shuddered again as Donna's slick tongue continued to caress her breast, and she realized that Donna's hands had stopped in the middle of lowering her shirt and tunic, manipulating the garment and effectively trapping her arms behind her back, leaving her bound and forcing her to keep her chest thrust forward, offering up her swollen, sensitive flesh to Donna's hungry mouth.

Her heart raced at the thought of Donna having her restrained in such a vulnerable position, the thrill of being bound causing the cleft between her legs to dampen as desire burned within her.

She was entirely at her lover's mercy, not that Donna seemed to have any mercy at the moment as she sucked and licked Isel, prompting the Vulpinian to release several gasps and soft moans. Then, with a final flick, the tongue was gone, leaving the taut skin at her breast's peak glistening with Donna's saliva and tensing in the cool air of her quarters, making her long for the warmth of Donna's mouth to return. With her arms still firmly pulled behind her back, Isle could only watch with burning anticipation as Donna slowly pushed her skirt free from her hips, the fabric pooled on the floor at her feet, leaving her naked and bound. Isel kept her eyes locked on her lover as Donna moved to the workstation, bending over it and offering Isel a tantalizing view of Donna's backside and the ultramarine blue g-string that only served to accentuate the sensuous curves of Donna's hips. "I hope I got your favourtie colour right." Donna spoke as if it were an offhand remark, looking over her right shoulder at Isel and wiggling the round perfection of the proffered flesh. Isel's lips parted and she took in a ragged breath, unable to take her eyes off her lover's enticing backside.

Finally managing to tear her gaze away from the curves of Donna's ass, Isel focused on Donna's eyes as she stepped forward.

She's right. Two can play at that game...

She moved slowly, her hips swaying alluringly as she moved towards Donna, stopping as her right hip came to rest against the left cheek of Donna's rear end.

"My favourite colour..." Isel said, her voice taking on a soft, breathy quality. "Framing one of my favourite parts..." Isel continued, brushing her hip against Donna's butt and hip as she turned her body to face away from her lover. She looked over her right shoulder at the blue fabric that circled Donna's waist and reached back as best she could with her still bound arms, tracing a single finger along the lower edge of the waistband, following it's path across Donna's lower back. "Of my favourite person..." Isel's face took on a devious smile as her finger continuing to follow the fabric as it curved downward, only deviating from the fabric's path to trail her finger across the smooth skin of Donna's ass when the fabric entered the cleft between her cheeks.

"I'm afraid you forgot one thing though, lover..." Isel said, turning back towards Donna and staring into her lover's hazel eyes. She pressed her pelvis against Donna's right hip and delighted in the warmth of Donna's skin against her own. When she continued, her tone had taken on a mischievous note. "I can touch you with more than just my arms..."

As she uttered those words, the Vulpinian's velvety tail brushed across the back of Donna's left knee and slid forward, curling around her leg. Isel kept her eyes locked onto those of her lover, her smile growing wider and her heart racing in anticipation as she slowly slid her tail up the inside of Donna's left leg, the velvety fur teasing her skin as it traveled higher, finally reaching the apex of Donna's legs. Then, pressing herself more firmly into Donna's hip, Isel's tail began to slide out from between her lover's long legs, keeping a soft pressure on Donna's womanhood as the length of the tail slid past, teasing her inner thighs and the tender flesh beneath the g-string. Isel delighted at Donna's reaction, and longed to have her arms free to touch her.

"Now won't you please release me, Donna?" Isel pleaded playfully, putting an emphasis on Donna's name. She cocked her head to one side and looked at Donna with innocent eyes, or as innocent as they could be, given then things that Isel longed to do to the other woman. "Or do you plan on keeping me tied up while you have your way with me?" Isel asked with a note of hopefulness in her voice, feeling the slick wetness of her own excitement as she shifted her weight and pressed herself against the woman she so passionately desired.
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Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna felt a thrill run up her spine at the intensity of the look in Isel's face. Her lover disappeared from view as she stepped forward and Donna shivered as she heard her speak.

"My favourite colour..." Isel said, her voice taking on a soft, breathy quality. "Framing one of my favourite parts..." Isel continued. Donna felt her brush up against her left cheek, before dragging her hip across it as she turned away. Another thrill ran up her spine as she felt a single finger dragged across the edge of the waistband of her G-sting. "Of my favourite person..." Isel's voice echoed. Donna could almost imagine the devious smile on her lover's face as she felt that single finger move across her skin, following the edge of the fabric as it curved. It only changed its course when the fabric disappeared between her cheeks, the finger instead opting for a trailing path across her skin. Donna was mildly disappointed as she turned her head to look over her other shoulder, her hair falling across her shoulder and under her jaw from the movement. Donna saw Isel turn back towards her, a wanton look in her eyes.

"I'm afraid you forgot one thing though, lover..." Isel said, her mismatched eyes boring into Donna's own. Donna felt her press up against her hip and she enjoyed the feeling of warmth that it gave her. And the dampness that she had caused. When Isel spoke again, her voice had changed to a more impish tone. "I can touch you with more than just my arms..."

Donna did not even get a chance to consider those words before she felt the softness that was her Vulpinian lover's tail brush across the back of her left knee. She exhaled, almost moaning as that tail wrapped around her leg and began to slowly rise. Donna spread her legs a little more in anticipation of what was coming. Her eyes practically rolled into the back of her head at the feelings that tail was causing as it finally reached the vertex of its journey and began to withdraw. The movement had Donna wishing she had taken her G-string off before she had lent over the workstation but there was nothing she could do about that now.

Slowly the feelings abated and Donna returned to the moment to see Isel with the most innocently lustful look she could imagine on her face.

"Now won't you please release me, Donna?" Isel pleaded with a smile, emphasising her name. It was only then that she realised that her lover's arms were still tangled up in her uniform. By the heavens, she had done all of that with her hands bound. "Or do you plan on keeping me tied up while you have your way with me?" Isel asked and Donna swore she heard hopefulness in that question as she felt Isel press against her once more.

"Why should I release you?" Donna asked as she ached her back. She kept it arched as she straightened up, knowing the effect that her pronounced breasts would have on the Vulpinian vixen that had so recently teased her. Once upright, she turned to face her lover, resting herself on the edge of the workstation. "After all, you've been a naughty little fox. I think I should leave you tied up for a bit longer," Donna declared as she played along. She had forgotten that Isel enjoyed being restrained. She wouldn't forget again.

Standing, Donna slowly circled around Isel, her standard-issue boots making no sound on the carpet as she moved. Oh, how Donna wish they were different; platform heels perhaps, to accentuate her legs and figure more. Once behind her, Donna pressed herself up against her, pinning her hands and arms between them as she brought her own arms around to encircle Isel. With her hands on her lover's shoulders and her forearms mashed against Isel's breasts, Donna had her right where she wanted her.

"What should I do now?" Donna whispered in her lover's ear as she brought her mouth down to plant soft kisses on her upper trapezius and over her shoulder to her collarbone. Wanting to repay a favour, she dragged her teeth back over her path before nipping the skin lightly and pulling away. "Hmm, I like that idea," Donna announced without details. Using her body, she pushed Isel forward gently until she butted up against the workstation. She then released her holder on her lover's shoulders and withdrew her arms, being sure to caress and mould her breasts on the way, before grasping her shoulders again from behind and pushing her over until she had her upper body resting on the desk. "Perfect."

Stepping back, she admired the view for a moment before her right and snapped forward and planted a firm, and perhaps slightly painful, slap against her lover's backside. With that out of the way, she crouched down behind her companion and got a close look at her center. She had to rest her arm under her lover's tail to keep it from blocking her view but it was worth it.

Reaching up, she used the fingers on her right hand to pass down either side of her slit, her motions causing it to glisten even more. Bringing her hand back up, she rested it on her lover's right cheek as she asked. "Would you like me to go back there, Isel? Do you want my fingers to touch you?"

"Please, Donna. Please!" Isel begged as she tried to press herself back towards Donna. That motion was halted by Donna's arm that was blocking both her tail and her ability to move away.

"As you wish," Donna acquiesced as she returned her hand to her companion's shiny slit; this time running her thumb up from base to top, massaging the bud gently at the end as she passed.
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

"Why should I release you?" Came the teasing reply.

Donna straightened up from the workbench, arching her back as she rose. She was obviously aware of the effect if would have on the Vulpinian, who's eyes were transfixed on the marvelous fleshy globes that were so prominently displayed by the movement. As Donna turned and leaned back against the workbench, she added, "After all, you've been a naughty little fox. I think I should leave you tied up for a bit longer."

Donna moved, circling around behind Isel. Isel felt the heat of Donna's skin on her own and Donna pressed herself against Isel's back and wrapped her arms around the Vulpinian from behind. Donna's arms crossed over Isel's chest, pressing on the fox's small breasts, with her hands on Isel's shoulders. Isel could feel Donna's ample breasts pressed against her back, savoring the feeling.

As Donna whispered in Isel's ear and asked what she should do now, Isel pressed herself back against her lover, wanting to be enveloped by the woman's warmth as Donna kissed her shoulder and collarbone. Isel gasped in pleasure as Donna then dragged her teeth over her shoulder and nipped her skin, prompting a small yip from Isel who's tail moved up between Donna's legs and laid against her back, brushing downwards in an attempt to draw the blue g-string down, but her tail was not dexterous enough to manage the task.

Donna had apparently thought of what she wanted to do with Isel. With a vague hint, Donna withdrew her arms and pushed Isel forward, then bent her forward over the desk. Isel giggled at Donna's choice of position, her tail wagging slightly in anticipation. Donna made an approving remark, though Isel wasn't sure if it was about her position or the fact that her behind was now neatly presented to Donna.

Or maybe both... Isel thought, though her thoughts were interrupted by Donna's hand as it came into contact with her ass, causing her to jump and gasp at the sudden stinging sensation in her left butt cheek. Isel turned her head and looked over her shoulder, checking to see if she should brace for yet more spanking, when she saw Donna crouch down behind her and pin her tail down. Isel drew in a ragged breath, her heart racing with yearning as she felt Donna's fingers slowly teased the petal-soft folds of her womanhood, causing her to shudder. Then the fingers moved away, and Donna was asking her a question, though Isel was only vaguely aware of it through the mist of desire that clouded her thoughts.

She was asking if Isel wanted Donna to touch her.

"Please, Donna." Isel moaned, trying to push herself back towards her human lover, or to use her tail to bring Donna's mouth to meet her slick core, though she failed at both. Donna had her effectively pinned and unable to move, leaving her fully exposed and vulnerable. The idea that Donna had total control over her only served to increase the pounding in her chest and the warmth in her womanhood. "Please!"

With an "As you wish.", Donna returned her hand to Isel's center, trailing her thumb from the base to the top and sending a wave a ecstasy through the Vulpinian. Isel gasped softly, the gasp turning to a moan as Donna gently massaged the bud with her thumb as it moved over it, causing Isel's already receptive body to moisten further as Isel pushed herself back as far as she could, craving more.

Isel had only a moment to try and catch her breath as Donna's thumb lifted away, the moment's respite ending quickly as Donna's middle finger touched down in the place the thumb had left off, trailing back down over the aching node and through the trench of Isel's delicate softness. Donna could feel that Isel was ready for her as she silently trailed her now moistened finger along, feeling Isel's blissful shudders as she went. As she reached the lowest point, the finger stopped and she turned her hand, pushing forward ever so slightly, feeling the entrance to Isel's tight, wet womanhood just beyond her poised finger.

Still pinned to the table, Isel could only shudder and moan as Donna continue to keep her bound. As Donna's finger paused in its electrifying exploration of Isel's most special of places, Isel let out a cry of pure want, her mind barely able to focus on anything but that wonderful finger.

"Oh god, don't stop..." she pleaded , desperation and need plain in her voice as she strained to press herself closer to Donna's poised finger, wanting nothing more than to skewer herself on the ready digit. "Please..."

Isel gasped as Donna granted her request, her eyes fluttering and rolling back as Donna's finger advanced into her tight, wet womanhood. Isel writhed with pleasure as Donna's finger explored her, finding her moist and desperate, causing yet another moan to escape from her parted lips.
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna smiled as she felt her hand be bathed in her lover's warm juices as she continued to massage the tender bud at the top of Isel's wet center. A moan escaped the Vulpinian as she pushed back on Donna as much as she could, seeking more contact. Donna's arm prevented that movement however as she lifted her thumb away.

The reprieve was short-lived as Donna returned her hand to it's previous location, this time using her middle finger in place of her thumb. Moving slowly but steadily, she dragged her finger over the delicate hood and into the slick, shiny trench of Isel's womanhood. Donna could feel each shudder that her movements caused in her lover and she knew from them that Isel was ready for her. As she reached the sensitive entrance, Donna paused to probe the area with her extended digit, searching but not entering.

Donna adjusted her arm slightly as Isel continued to moa and shudder from Donna's finger and its ministrations. After a particularly close teasing pass, Donna paused her actions and was rewarded with a cry of pure desire, want and need from her lover. That same cry set Donna's on juices flowing, saturating her already damp G-string. If not for it, she was sure she would be dripping onto the floor.

"Oh god, don't stop..." Isel pleaded, her voice vibrating with desperation and need. As she begged, she pushed herself harder against Donna, straining against her arm to try and get more contact from Donna's digit. "Please..."

Saying nothing, Donna closed her hand except for that one probing digit and, without pausing in its passage, plunged it into Isel's drenched womanhood. The Vulpinian's reaction was immediate as she writhed over the workstation in pleasure as Donna wiggled and rotated her finger inside her; finding ever more moist places to touch. And every time she found a new one, Isel moaned again.

Donna was enjoying herself, having completely put aside her reasons for coming here and just living in the moment. Her own womanhood had saturated her G-string to such an extent that she could feel it beginning to leak out the sides. And the scent of Isel's ever increasing desire was driving her wild.

Withdrawing her finger, she extended a second one to align with it before returning them to the hot, moist tunnel that was poised before her. She had Isel at her complete mercy and she was making the most of every second of it. Experience had told her that once Isel was let off her leash, so to speak, that all Donna would be able to do was hang on for the ride. And what a glorious ride it would be.

As Isel continued to writhe, shudder and moan from Donna's fingers inside her, Donna herself was considering when she should release the wanton vixen bent over before her. Feeling another trail of her own desire escape her G-string, Donna decided that now was a good time.

Withdrawing her fingers, Donna moved her hands to caress and hold Isel's hips as she brought her head forward. Basking in the sensations from the now free tail rubbing across her face, Donna extended her tongue and ran it along the complete length of Isel's trench, from base to bud. The squeal and moan that somehow emanated from her lover was beautiful as Donna planted a kiss on the Vulpinian's right cheek. 

As Isel shuddered from the intense new feelings that her tongue had brought forth, Donna stood up and pulled the tunic and undershirt from Isel's arms, releasing her. Backing back into the middle of the room, Donna struck a pose that accentuated her breasts and caused her womanhood to release a fresh flow of warmth down her inner thighs, her G-string unable to cope, as the thoughts of what might happen next flashed through its owner's mind.
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel basked in the sensation of Donna's finger exploring her, probing deeper into her wet core. She let out a shuddering breath and was about to protest when the finger withdrew, but was silenced when the pleasure started anew, there being an increase this time in the pressure against the walls of her moist tunnel, Donna having slipped a second finger into her. Not that Isel was thinking such thoughts, or any thoughts at that point beyond the burning desire for the Human woman who had Isel completely at her mercy.

Isel moaned and whimpered as Donna continued to move her fingers inside her, still unable to move. She rolled her hips, getting a rhythm going against Donna's fingers the way she would have if she was riding a male.

"Oh Donna, yes..." Isel moaned, those being the only intelligible words she could manage at the moment. "Yes..." Isel could feel a pressure building inside as she continued to move against Donna's fingers, feeling herself getting wetter as Donna's fingers kept up their rhythm of thrusting and withdrawing. The pressure continued to build as the fingers continued their work and Isel neared climax, her moaning and whimpering becoming more pleading.

And then the wave of ecstasy came crashing down, and Isel's pulsating core tensed around Donna's fingers as Isel let out a long, delirious moan which only intensified as Donna withdrew her fingers, the sensation of her probing digits being replaced with the wet, slithering warmth of her tongue. Isel let out a small squeal of delight at the feeling, then giggled as Donna planted a kiss on the right cheek of her ass.

Then Donna had stood and released her arms, freeing her to exact delicious retribution upon her lover and tormenter. Isel brought her hands forward and pushed herself off the workbench, keeping herself bent over as she stretched backwards, giving the standing Donna an unhindered view of Isel's wet cleft. Then Isel pulled herself forward, back towards the workbench, straightening up as she moved, turning to face the Human woman with a an almost predatory hunger in her eyes. Still gripping the workbench, Isel's chest rose and fell as she worked to catch her breath, her eyes moving up and down Donna's body.

Moving forward with carnal yearning in her eyes, her hips swaying alluringly as she slowly stalked forward, Isel advanced on Donna.

"I've read about how some foxed hunt on Earth." Isel spoke softly as she reached Donna, stopping just in front of the taller woman. She reached out with her right hand and placed it on Donna's chest, in the valley between her ample breasts. Applying slight pressure, she began to guide Donna backward, all the while staring into Donna's eyes as she continued to speak in a soft, sensual tone. "Foxes hunt in the winter by listening to their prey below the snow. But it would take too long to dig through the snow with their hands, the prey would escape." She gave Donna an extra push, causing Donna to stumble back a step. The back of Dona's legs came into contact with the edge of Isel's bed, causing them to buckle and deposit Donna onto her back on the soft mattress.

Isel continued her slow advance, and now she climbed onto the bed, finally coming to a stop and sitting back as she straddled Donna's hips. Donna could feel the hot wetness between Isel's legs, a testament to her handiwork while she still had the vixen bound. Now Isel stared at her with those mismatched eyes as she continued to speak.

"So what the fox does," Isel said, speaking softer than she had before as she lowered herself to lay atop her lover, Donna's ample breasts pressing against the Vulpinian's smaller onces. Isel placed a light kiss on Donna's mouth, then cheek. "Is the fox jumps," now she kissed Donna's neck, then her collarbone, the kisses light and teasing. "and buries it's face in the snow to get what it wants." Isel had kissed down Donna's chest, and now regarded Donna's breasts for a moment before slowly lowering her head and flicking her tongue across the already swollen peak of her left breast. Then she raised her gaze to look up at Donna's face as she repeated the motion of flicking the nipple with her tongue, this time teasing Donna's right breast. Keeping her eyes locked on Donna's from between the fleshy hills of the Human's breasts, Isel continued to speak, a smile that screamed of mischief playing across her face. "And so, Donna," Isel said, beginning to plant light kisses on Donna's warm skin as she made her way down over the toned abdomen. "I'm going to give you a choice." The Vulpinian's tongue flicked gently over Donna's navel.

"I'm going to get what I want." Isel said in a matter of fact tone. "But I'll let you choose how." Isel now had her head tilted sideways, resting on Donna's right hip. "Do I get what I want with my hands?" Isel lightly trailed the index finger of her left hand up over the wet mound of Donna's desire, still shrouded by the g-string. The hand turned, hooked the finger over the fabric and pulling it down, revealing the wet heat of Donna's womanhood. "Or do I hunt like a fox, and use my mouth to get what I desire?" Isel asked, dipping her head and running her tongue slowly up the sopping cleft, giving it a little flick as it passed over the sensuous bud at the highest point. Isel raised her head, looking at Donna's face once again as she made an appreciative noise in her throat. "Mmmm... just as good as I remember." Isel grinned wickedly as she crawled back up, bring her mouth back to Donna's and kissing her lover hungrily. As she finally broke the kiss, her breathing once again heavy with desire, she stared into Donna's eyes, her hands pinning Donna's upper arms to the bed.

"Time to choose, Donna." Isel said, grinding her hips into Donna's as she waited for her lover's answer.
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Oh, how much she wanted that fox now, was the continual train of thought running through Donna's mind as the Vulpinian bent, arched and stretched over the workstation. She made sure to move just right so that the lighting in the room glistened off her sweat laced skin and saturated center. Her nubile form rose and fell with each breath as those mismatched eyes found Donna's body and gazed upon it with unbridled yearning and hunger. Donna had thought she couldn't be any wetter at her core, but she was proven wrong when a fresh wave of passion flowed forth. As Donna's eyes fixated on the predatory gaze of Isel's, the Vulpinian began her advance; her hips swaying almost hypnotically as she approached.

"I've read about how some of the fox's hunt on earth," Isel spoke softly as she reached Donna. She stopped just in front of her and placed her right hand in the valley between Donna's ample breasts. Pushing softly, she guided Donna backwards towards the bed as she stared in Donna's eyes hungrily. "Foxes hunt in the winter by listening to their prey below the snow," Isel spoke in a soft, almost hedonistic tone. "But it would take too long to dig through the snow, the prey would escape," She continued as she gave Donna a gentle shove. Donna's legs stopped against the edge of the bed causing her to tumble backwards onto the soft mattress.

Isel stopped at the edge of the bed for a moment, gazing down at the splayed form of her lover before she nimbly climbed up on to the bed, straddling Donna and sitting on the human's hips. Donna felt the heat that emanated from Isel's core even as the wetness she had caused began to drip onto her navel. Her attention was drawn back upwards as Isel continued to speak.

"So, what the fox does," Isel said, practically whispering as she stretched out on top of her lover, the Vulpinian's small breasts pressing down on Donna's ample ones. "Is the fox jumps," Isel continued as she began planting light, soft kisses on Donna. First her lips, then her cheek. "And it buries its face in the snow to get what it wants." Collarbone and chest. Isel's descent paused as she stared at Donna's bountiful bosom before she flicked the engorged nipple of her lover's left breast. Donna's eyes shut as the waves of pleasure washed over her and she missed cheeky look from Isel, who repeated the motion on Donna's right breast. As her lover basked in the feelings she had generated, Isel continued her descent, slowing kissing lower and lower. She kept her eyes locked on Donna's, who slowly returned her look as the sensations from her nipples abated. "And so, Donna," Isel said in between kisses of Donna's toned abdomen. "I'm going to give you a choice," Isel said as she her tongue across Donna's navel, tasting her own excitement that had dripped onto Donna.

"I'm going to get what I want," Isel declared in a tone the brooked no argument. Not that Donna was going to quarrel; she was looking forward to what came next as much as her Vulpinian lover. "But I'll let you choose how."

Isel rested her head on Donna's right hip and ran one of her index fingers up and over the drenched fabric that shrouded Donna's aching womanhood. "Do I get what I want with my hands?" she asked as she hooked a finger into the waistband of the ultramarine G-string, pulling it down enough to unveil the heated core of Donna's desire.

"Or do I hunt like a fox, and use my mouth to get what I desire," Isel asked as she dipped her head. Donna subconsciously opened her legs as Isel's head lowered more until she was able to run her tongue up the full length of Donna's dripping cleft. She even flicked the sensitive bud at the top that caused fresh waves of pleasure to expand through Donna's body, practically driving her over the edge. But as they ebbed, Donna saw Isel looking at her once again; her face framed by Donna's own, now very sensitive breasts.

"Mmmm... just as good as I remember," Isel said with a wicked grin as she climbed back up Donna's body, dragging her own nipples along the path of her previous kisses. She brought her mouth up to engulf Donna's own as her tail caressed the inner thighs of her human lover. When they finally broke the kiss, their breathing heaving with desire for one another, Isel stared into Donna's hazel eyes with her own mismatched ones while pinning Donna's arms to the bed with her hand. Donna could do nothing but caress and lightly run circles on the outside of Isel's knees as her lover spoke again.

"Time to choose, Donna." Isel stated, grinding her hips into Donna's as she waited for her lover's answer.

For her part, Donna knew exactly what she was going to choose. But she could have a little more of her own fun first. Isel was a fox on fire and it wouldn't take much for Donna to send her completely over the edge and turning her into a lascivious vixen. Which is exactly what Donna wanted right now.

"I didn't know the predator asked their prey how they wanted to be eaten," Donna teased before lifting her head and placing a soft, tender kiss on Isel's lips. Pulling back, her eyes lit up with mischievousness as she brought her knees up, planted her still booted feet on the bed and bucked lightly. This sent her lover crashing forwards; her head ending up resting on the mattress next to Donna's own. Turning her head, she brought her lips along side Isel's ear.

"I thought they just consumed their prey however they wanted," Donna teased before nibbling on attached ear lobe a little. When she released it, she felt Isel push on her upper arms as she lifted herself back up to look down at Donna. Donna adopted a look that she hoped was more devilishly innocent as she bored her eyes into Isel's mismatched own.

"After all, they are just prey to the predator."
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel gripped Donna's arms harder as the human teased her about predators eating prey, the image it conjured in her mind having little to do with the "predator" part of the comment. The tender kiss that followed caused Isel to moan lustfully into her lover's mouth. Isel erupted in a fit of giggles as Donna then bucked her hips and sent Isel face-planting into the mattress, the giggles taking on a more mischievous sound as Donna teased to her.

"I thought they just consumed their prey however they wanted." Donna spoke softly, and Isel found herself keenly aware of the proximity of Donna's mouth. Then Donna nibbled Isel's earlobe and sent a new wave of burning desire coursing through the Vulpinian. Isel rose and pinned Donna's arms again, handling the taller woman more roughly this time as passion threatened to boil over. The delightful look of innocence Donna adopted as she locked eyes with Isel only made the Vulpinian lust for her all the more.

"After all, they are just prey to the predator."

Isel grinned, mischief ever on her mind even as she gripped Donna all the more tightly in an attempt to restrain herself, just for a moment longer. Her hands gripped Donna's toned arms tightly just above the elbow, though she stroked the inside of Donna's left arm with her thumb. At the same time Isel squeezed Donna with her thighs, and Donna could feel the moist proof of Isel's desire as the smaller woman continued to grind herself against her lover.

Taking a deep breath to focus herself for another moment, Isel leaned forward, her mouth seeking Donna's once again, the passionate hunger she felt readily apparent in the force of the kiss. The kiss drew on, and Isel released Donna's left arm, bringing her right hand up and slipping it gently under Donna's head. Isel pressed herself against Donna, savoring the feeling of her lover beneath her as she grabbed a handful of Donna's dark brown hair and kissed Donna harder, her tongue slithering forward in search of her lover's.

Finally breaking the kiss, Isel stared into Donna's eyes from mere inches away while loosening her grip on Donna's hair only slightly. She never grew tired of staring into Donna's hazel eyes, and could feel herself getting lost in the honey-brown pools even now, though she had other plans for the hazel-eyed woman.

"You have never been just prey to me, Donna." Isel spoke softly, eyes still locked on Donna's in a stare that held both tenderness and lust. "Although you're right about one thing." Isel continued, her voice dropping to a whisper as she brought her mouth close to Donna's left ear, taking the earlobe in her mouth and sucking gently on the soft flesh for a moment before whispering once again, even softer this time. "I am going to have you any way I want." She nipped Donna's lobe once again, letting out a lusty chuckle as she did. "And it does involve eating...."

At that, Isel lowered her head, bringing her mouth the Donna's neck and taking the skin between her lips, careful not to puncture the skin with her sharp canines as she sucked. After several seconds she pulled away, admiring the hickey that adorned the left side of Donna's neck.

"Mmm... I just love marking you..." Isel purred as she began kissing her way back down Donna's throat, moving slowly as she kissed her was over Donna's collarbone. She shifted her body downward as she kissed her way into the valley between Donna's breasts, laying herself down atop Donna once again, letting her breasts press against Donna's abdomen, shifting herself to brush them back and forth against Donna's stomach. Once again she looked up at Donna from above her lover's beautiful fleshy globes, as dark smile crossing her lips as she slid her left hand down over Donna's right breast. The hand paused in its descent, her hand cupping the soft flesh as her thumb lightly brushed over the scar left from her bite. With a devilish glance at Donna, she brought her mouth to the hardened tip of the breast, taking it in her mouth and sucking on the taut pink tip as her hand resumed its movement south. Isel continued to suck and tease the nipple of Donna's right breast as she lightly trailed her fingers down over Donna's toned abdomen.

Isel reluctantly released Donna's nipple as her fingers glided over Donna's right hip, her index finger hooking onto waistband of the enticing blue panties, sliding them down Donna's legs and past her knees before passing over her feet. Flicking the damp fabric of the G-string off into the void of her bedroom, Isel returned her focus to her partner, who's movements begged for the return of her attention. Isel slid her hand back up Donna's leg, moving slowly towards the beckoning dampness. The Vulpinian looked over the ample hills of Donna's chest and smiled as she lightly slid a finger over Donna's wet opening, slowly moving the finger up and down the slick cleft of Donna's womanhood, teasing the entrance to her hot core. She spoke again as she slid her finger into Donna, slowly advancing the digit deeper and deeper into the wet heat of her lover.

"You like when I mark you, don't you Donna?" Isel decided she could take Donna's soft moan as agreement, basking in the view of Donna's arching back and fluttering eyes.

As Isel worked the intruding digit, thrusting it in, hooking her finger and drawing it out, she revelled in Donna's reaction, the woman's throaty moans playing like music to her pointed ears. As Donna arched her back again, Isel found she could no longer resist the urge. Her head darted forward, her sharp canines flashing as she bit Donna's unmarked left breast, intent on balancing the pair of lust-inspiring mounds. A soft crunch could be heard as her teeth pierced the skin, followed by the warm, salty, iron taste of blood.

Whoops... She had bitten harder than she had intended to, though that didn't stop her from savoring the taste, gently sucking on the fresh wound for a moment before releasing the flesh. As she pulled her head away she saw the vivid red puncture marks the now adorned Donna's left breast. Thin trails of blood trickled down the smooth slope of the skin, both into the valley of between the luscious hills, and down Donna's flank and onto the rumpled sheets of the bed. Isel leaned forward and licked the small pond of blood that had begun to form in the valley, her carnivorous nature delighting in the taste. Isel shook herself out of the animalistic enjoyment, licking her lips clean as she looked up and Donna with a guilty smile.

Removing her hand from Donna's center, she brought the dripping digit to her mouth and ran her tongue along it, tasting another of Donna's flavours.

"Mmmm.... Donna, Donna..." She teased, closing her eyes for a moment as she luxuriated in the taste of her lover's essence. "I think I may have to eat my prey after all..." Isel giggled again as she slithered backwards, dragging the nails of her right hand down Donna's stomach as she went.

Isel gently pushed Donna's legs apart and turned her head, kissing Donna's left thigh halfway between her knee and the heart of her womanhood. She felt Donna tense, as though bracing herself for another bite, but it never came. Instead, Isel gently nipped the tender flesh inside Donna's thigh, then trailed her tongue up the inside of Donna's leg, leaving a glistening trail of saliva which ran towards the apex of her lover's legs. Upon arriving at her intended position, she gently trailed her tongue over the soft folds of Donna's labia before placing a kiss on the fleshy curtains to Donna's heated desire. She could feel Donna move at the sensation, and could not suppress the smile that played across her lips at Donna's enjoyment. Isel opened her mouth and snaked her tongue forward, parting the soft folds of skin and tasting Donna in full, exploring her lover's most secret of places. She could hear the noises Donna made, could feel the movement as Donna gyrated her hips and thrust her pelvis towards Isel's warm tongue. She felt Donna's fingers snake into her snowy hair, pulling the Vulpinian closer as Isel continued to pleasure her, fuelling her lover's wanton desire.

Isel moaned softly from between Donna's legs, experiencing the movements, taste and scent of her lover's mounting passion with sinful enjoyment.
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna felt the grip Isel had on her arms tighten as she looked up into the face of her Vulpinian lover. Oh, she was struggling to hold herself back, Donna could tell. Even as she stroked the inside of her left arm, Donna could feel the warmth of Isel's desire leaking onto her body as the vixen ground herself against her.

Donna knew when the chains were slipped as Isel lent forward to her kiss her hungrily, almost desperately. As the kiss deepened further, Donna felt the hand on her arm snake its way up along her body and under her head where it grasped her hair firmly. With her lover seemingly restraining her head, Donna felt Isel grind into her as her tongue slipped out in search of Donna's own. Not one to disappoint, Donna released hers from its confines and the two began their own writhing dance. Donna didn't know how long their tongues tangoed but when Isel finally broke their kiss, Donna found herself both disappointed and excited.

"You have never been just prey to me, Donna," Isel spoke softly, her mismatched eyes focused on Donna's. "Although you're right about one thing," the vixen purred as she brought her mouth down next to Donna's left ear. She sucked on the earlobe for a moment, sending tingles through Donna before whispering again. "I am going to have you any way I want," she whispered before nipping the previously sucked on earlobe, letting out a lusty chuckle as she did. "And it does involve eating..."

Donna felt herself moisten even more at Isel's words as the Vulpinian's head disappeared from her view. She soon realised where she was however, when the woman began to suck on the skin of her neck. Donna inhaled at the feeling, knowing from the strength of her suction that the love bite would be quite prominent.

"Mmm... I just love marking you..." Isel purred. Donna could do nothing but lay there as her lover descended down her body, trailing kisses in her wake, until she was level with her breasts. As Isel looked at Donna through the valley between her ample globes, her left hand slid over Donna's right breast, her thumb brushing the bite scars from years ago. Donna's mind flashed back once again to the night that Isel had bitten her right breast, leaving the characteristic scars behind as a memento. As the memory faded once again, Donna's senses told her that Isel was sucking on her breast and the nipple at its peak even as her hand continued to descend, its fingers running across Donna's toned abdominals.

When Isel finally released her nipple from the warm, wet confines of her mouth, Donna almost whimpered as the cool air of the room swirled around it. The sensation was forgotten, however, when she realised that Isel was removing her G-string. She moved about as best she could, given Isel's position upon her, so that Isel could free, and then fling away, the saturated ultramarine garment. As Isel returned her attention to her, Donna widened her legs and arched her back as best she could, practically begging for Isel's touch upon her energised body. A finger ran up and leg and Donna looked down to see Isel smiling up at her over the crest of her breast just as that finger touched down on her most intimate of areas. It moved up and down, each passage eliciting a moan of pleasure from Donna that she did not fight to contain. It danced around her opening, teasing it. Just as she began to finally slide her finger into Donna, Isel spoke once again even as that digit burrowed deeper and deeper.

"You like when I mark you, don't you Donna?" Isel asked and all Donna going do was moan and arch her back from the waves upon wave of pleasure that that tunnelling finger of Isel's was causing her. The digit moved around inside her wet heat, thrusting, hooking and then withdrawing; each action causing a fresh moan to escape her lips. Her eyes fluttered and she lost sight of Isel in between arches. As she lowered herself once again, her chest heaving from the effort and causing her breasts to sway about, Donna finally glimpsed her lover as the Vulpinian's head darted forward. She wasn't sure if she saw a flash of teeth or not but there was no mistaking the feel of it as Isel's teeth bit into the skin of her left breast.

A flash of pain was quickly forgotten between waves of pleasure from her lover's finger and Donna all but ignored the sudden warmth that flowed across and down her breast. Some of that warmth seemed to pool in the valley between her breasts while more of it ran down the side of her body to the bed beneath. A part of her mind seemed to realise that the flowing warmth was her own blood but Donna didn't care. The feelings from her core were almost overpowering.

An odd, new sensation poked its way through the tsunami of the others and Donna lifted her head to see Isel licking the blood from her lips that she had seemingly enjoyed from the pool between her breasts. As Donna looked at her, the Vulpinian removed her hand from between her legs, causing a whimper to escape Donna, followed by a moan as the vixen licked the hand she had been using pleasure Donna.

"Mmmm.... Donna, Donna..." Isel teased, closing her eyes as she seemingly enjoyed the taste of Donna's warm juices. "I think I may have to eat my prey after all..." Isel giggled once she had said that and the combined effect of her words and the giggles afterward, had Donna practically gushing again as Isel slithered back down her body, Isel's nails dragging across her skin.

Donna felt Isel's hands on her thighs, pushing them apart gently; not that she needed to as Donna pulled them as wide as she could get them to give Isel all the room she needed. She felt Isel tease her by kissing the middle of her thigh and she tensed, considering on reaching down and driving her lover's head into her womanhood to get what she wanted but she didn't. She would let Isel do as she wished. She felt the nip from Isel on her thigh near the kiss and forced herself not to react as Isel's wet, hot tongue moved along her skin, leaving a trailed behind it.

Donna knew when Isel had reached the vertex of her legs when the vixen ran her tongue over the edges of Donna's core before gently kissing them. Donna moaned throughout this as she writhed around from the pleasure her lover was bringing her. She felt the Vulpinian's tongue enter her heated cleft, parting the saturated skin and drilling into her core. Her hips moved with each caress of her lover's tongue and before she realised it, she had reached down and run her fingers through Isel's snowy hair; grasping it and pulling Isel downwards even as she thrust her hips up. Isel's moan from betwixt her thighs was almost lost on Donna as the first tidal wave of ecstasy came crashing down. Donna's last though as it hit, one she wouldn't remember until sometime later.

How have I lived without this?

Several Hours Later

Donna awoke slowly, the soft gentle caresses of her lover's tail upon her thigh bringing her slowly from the confines of sleep. Judging from her breathing, her Vulpinian lover was still asleep and Donna made no move to wake her as she luxuriated in the delightful exhaustion and soreness that she felt. A combination only enjoyed after an evening of incredible lovemaking. And that little vixen, she had bitten her again, on her left breast this time. And judging by the look of the bites this time, the scars would be pretty prominent. Probably just below obvious. It was worth it though. As she lay on the bed, Isel laying at her side, on her stomach and using Donna's right breast for a pillow; Donna began to remember why she had come here in the first place.

She had been contacted by her former commanding officer at Starfleet Intelligence. He had asked her to perform a mission of the utmost importance; the very survival of the Federation being in the balance. Donna, her patriotic duty leaping to the forefront and backed up by the debt she felt she owed him after what he had done for her after her last mission years earlier had accepted without question. And then she found out what the mission was.

If it had been anyone else, she would have thought them insane. But she trusted this man and so took him at his word. She was to, somehow, make contact with the renegade Federation starship Theurgy and put Captain Ives in contact with him. After that, she was free to leave the ship however she pleased and a new identity and enough Latinum to last her a lifetime would be waiting for her. Yes, he was buying her off. But it would be the only way Donna would do it anyway. He was asking her to commit treason, and to do it in front of an entire squadron, if not an entire taskforce, that was hellbent on finding, catching and doing the stars knew what to the very ship he wanted her to get aboard.

And to help her, he expected her to blackmail an old friend. He had already seemingly arranged it so that Isel would be her wingwoman, perfectly placed to aid her. She had no idea how he had done that. She didn't even know if this information he expected her to use was even accurate. But could she take the chance. Could Isel? Donna guessed that would be up to her as the Vulpinian in question began to stir, her mismatched eyes fluttering open to look up into Donna's hazel ones. Best to get it over with.

"Isel," Donna said softly and evenly. This could end terribly. "I need to ask you a question. But before I do, I want you to know that I ask this as a friend. A friend that cares for you." When Isel didn't say anything, merely looking at her quizzically from where her head rested on Donna's breast, Donna continued. "Who is Analla?"
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel's return to the waking world came slowly. She was aware she was lying on her stomach, and the left side of her face rested on something soft and warm, but her mind had not yet fully stirred. Unaware and unconcerned, she simply enjoyed the warmth for several moments, swishing her tail back and forth slowly. She groggily half opened her eyes as her senses returned and saw a breast in front of her face. A breast that sported a fresh bite mark.

The memories came back to her as she finally forced her eyes fully open, and a small, slightly guilty smile crept across her face.

I think I went a little overboard... Isel thought as she looked at the dried blood that crusted over the bite and that which had trickled down Donna's soft flesh. That one will scar way more than the last time...

Isel looked up at Donna's face and blinked her eyes several times as she attempted to rid herself of the sleepy feeling that still hung over her like a fog. Donna was awake and watching at her. Isel smiled at her lover and she nuzzled into the soft breast which she had commandeered as a pillow, looking into Donna's lovely hazel eyes. She was about to mutter a "good morning" to her lover in a sleepy voice, but Donna spoke before she got a chance.

"Isel, I need to ask you a question." Donna said, speaking in a soft, even voice. "But before I do, I want you to know that I ask as a friend. A friend who cares about you." Donna's tone was not what Isel had expected. While she spoke softly, there was none of the warmth it usually held when she spoke to Isel, especially after they had made love. Instead it was an even voice, with a hint of something else. A hint of something that she didn't like. Was it regret? Resignation? Isel lifted her head from Donna's breast and regarded the other woman with a confused look, her chest suddenly feeling tight. She made no reply, choosing to silently wait for the question as concern crept over her, accompanied by a tinge of fear.

"Who is Analla?"

Isel's eyes grew wide as she stared at her lover's face. Fear seized her, enveloping her chest and threatening to smother her, to crush her in it's vice-like grip.

That name. How did she know that name?

Her mind still unable to fully comprehend what was going on, Isel pushed herself up and backwards. Donna's legs and the tangle of upset sheets entwined with her own, causing her to lose her balance and fall out of view off the end of the bed. She hit the floor hard, the impact knocking the wind out of her. She felt like she couldn't breath. As she stuck the floor she had unconsciously shifted back into her natural form, and the head that rose back above the bed to look at Donna was not the human face she had just been watching, but something that could be best described as a white were-fox.

"How do you know that name?" Isel asked softly, still trying to catch her breath. Rising to her knees at the foot of the bed, her ears were laid out to the sides and her shoulders slumped. Her eyes conveyed no anger or blame, but instead spoke of sadness as tears began to build in them. "Donna..." Isel's voice held none of the usually mischief it usually sported. Instead it carried with it fear and sadness, blended together into a single tone, like a lamenting melody. "Donna, how do you know that name?"

Isel had a suspicion as to how Donna knew Analla's name. Either she was with the Orion Syndicate, or she was with Starfleet Intelligence. In either case, Isel had hoped never to hear that name again. And now here they were, and Donna invoked it.

Donna. Her lover. Someone she truly cared about.

But for all Donna's talk of asking the question as a friend, as someone who cared about Isel, the Vulpinian knew that her motives would not be friendly. If she was with the Orion Syndicate, then she would most likely be here to try and kill Isel. If she was with Starfleet Intelligence... Then what? Blackmail?

Isel's mismatched eyes stared into Donna's, seeking an answer. She saw no hostility. No murderous intent. Besides which, Donna was lying on her bed, completely naked and with no weapon within reach. Assassination seemed unlikely. Broaching the subject when she was in such a vulnerable state would be foolish, especially knowing the damage Isel's jaws were capable of.

Isel's mind raced, and she suddenly felt dizzy. She placed her right hand on the bed to steady herself, the long claws at the ends of her fingers digging into the sheets.

Anger crept into her heart. She was being betrayed by one of the few people she had let in. One of the only people around whom she could truly let her guard down. Or so she had thought. Her ears moved, angling to lay back along her head. Her lips curled, baring the carnivorous teeth of her natural form. A low growl emanated from within her chest, her lips quivering as though dancing along with the low rumble.

"Why are you really here, Donna?"
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

The change that came over Isel when she had asked who Analla was, was so sudden that Donna didn't have the chance to move before her Vulpinian lover fell backwards out of the bed. Donna had just propped herself up on one elbow to roll over and check on Isel, when the woman's head rose up over the edge of the bed. But now Isel was in her natural form.

Donna froze. It was the wisest course of action when the person she had obviously just upset greatly was now best described as a werefox, complete with claws and fangs. She remained still and listened as Isel asked her how she knew that name, her voice quiet and filled with a mixture of distress and sorrow.

Donna considered how to answer her question, running through different scenarios in her head and discarding them sequentially as less than ideal. Only one seemed right to Donna; the truth. But as she lay on the bed, naked and vulnerable, Donna's mind also played over the outcomes that could result from what she had just done and what she was about to do. And they all had a single, glaring constant; she lost Isel. That single fact shook Donna to her core. She hadn't even realised she cared so much for the Vulpinian female, and yet now she was worried not for her own safety but for her lover's feelings. Feelings she was hurting with but a single question.

Donna even considered jumping up and running out the door but knew that even that would not stop what she had set in motion. Isel would just chase her down and demand an answer. And she deserved one. A low growl rumbled through the room and Donna refocused on Isel, taking in her physical posture with her claws digging into the bed and her ears laid back. She was angry and deservedly so, Donna realised. She herself had no idea who this Analla was; she only knew what was in the message, but even that seemed to elicit a panic response in Isel.

"Why are you really here, Donna?" Isel asked and Donna shifted very slowly in the bed, propping herself up on her elbows while moving her hands under her back; deliberately restricting her movement. Perhaps it would seem suspicious to hide her hands but Donna also hoped that by restricting her own ability to move, while also being naked, that she would not be seen as an immediate threat. 

"I'm here to ask for your help Isel," Donna said slowly and clearly. She would not lie to her lover. What was that old Earth proverb? And You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free; or something like that. Good luck with that. "I... I have been asked to do something very dangerous and I need your help to do it," she continued. She had to get this all out in one go. One roll of the dice and see where the dice fell. 

"In a past life, before this one, I was a member Starfleet Intelligence's Covert Operations Department. I enjoyed it and I was good at it," Donna said. "But in early 2376, a mission went south on me and my cover was blown. A price was put on my head, which is still there, that made it impossible to continue to do my job. Luckily, my boss gave me a second chance. We created Donna Petterson, a new life for me, and I returned to Starfleet Academy, this time on Earth, to reinvent myself. That is where I met you." Taking a deep breath, Donna considered how to get to the crux of why she was here.

"This morning, after no communication for 5 years, I received an encoded, secure message from my old boss. The message asked me to undertake a mission for him that would have dire ramifications for the fate of the Federation. For the Alpha and Beta quadrants. If I agreed to it, I was to punch in my former ID code and it would unlock a small briefing packet," Donna revealed in a monotone voice as she stared at Isel. There was no hiding now. "I owed this man my old life several times over and my new one only came about because of him. And I trust him implicitly. So I accepted."

"The briefing packet revealed the goal of my mission, as well as a plan of action and a list of several people that might be able to help me. Your name was at the top of the list," Donna said softly. "The subsection under your name said that I should come to you and tell you that Analla is alive and looking for you and the three. In exchange for your help, he will protect the three. That is all it said. I swear."

"I came here to ask for your help," Donna reiterated as she led up to the kicker. "To make contact with Captain Jien Ives of the USS Theurgy."
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel remained silent as Donna spoke, telling her about her past life as a Starfleet Intelligence Officer. She listened as Donna explained how her cover was blown, and how they created a new identity for her, giving her a second chance at life. How odd that someone she cared so much about had such a similar story. At least as far at the change in identity. Their past lives were on opposite ends of the spectrum. Isel listened as Donna explained about the message, and how she owed her old boss so much.

She listened as Donna told her that Starfleet Intelligence was using Isel's past to blackmail her into helping with this mission.

Yes, the message had said that they would protect the three in exchange for Isel's help. But that also implied that they would extend no such protection if she refused. Rage continued to build slowly in Isel's chest at the thought that Starfleet Intelligence would stoop so low as to risk the safety of the children in order to get what they wanted. Hadn't she given them enough? Hadn't she risked enough? Years spent feeding them information on the Orion Syndicate, years spent putting herself at risk, and then her defection and the pile of intel she'd brought with her, allowing them to act against multiple high ranking Syndicate members.

And this is how they thanked her. By turning one of the only people she cared about against her.

Isel hardly batted an eyelid when Donna told her what the mission was. That didn't matter to her at this point. Nor would it be the most dangerous thing she'd done. If they were caught, they might be executed as traitors, but that would be the worst of it. The Syndicate would do far worse to the children, if they found them. Not that Starfleet Intelligence seemed to care.

All of those thoughts seemed secondary to Isel, however. The overwhelming emotion she felt was an acute sense of betrayal. She had cared for Donna. She had developed feelings she had never felt before, beginning when they were still back at the Academy. When she had found out that Donna had been transferred to the Dauntless as well, she had thought she might get a second chance at telling the human woman how she felt. They had been lovers, true, but Isel's people had very separate views on sex and love. Even after spending only a short time among her own people, that mentality had been ingrained in Isel. But her time with Donna had been more than just sex, more than just something casual. She had truly cared for Donna. She had loved her.

And now it seemed as though her hopes regarding the relationship were crumbling down around her, being reduced to rubble before her very eyes.

The tension seemed to drain out of her body, her shoulders slumped, and her head tilted forward. Her growling ceased, and her teeth were no longer bared. Her ears seemed to droop forward and to the sides, giving Isel an utterly defeated look. Isel stared at the hand which rested on the bed silently for a moment and noticed that the claws had ripped deep trenched in the sheets and mattress. She removed the clawed hand from the bed, letting it fall to her side.

"I guess we both have a past we're hiding from." Isel spoke quietly, her voice barely above a whisper. "You haven't left me much of a choice, Donna." Isel finally raised her eyes to meet the human's, the multicoloured orbs of the Vulpinian's eyes were brimming with tears. "I thought..." Isel hesitated as she tryied to force down her grief, to steady her voice. "I thought we..." Isel squeezed her eyes shut and turned her face away from Donna, unable to speak. Her chest felt like there was a hole in it, like a part of her wasn't there anymore.

Isel slumped down into a sitting position, twisting as she did so that he back rested against the bed. She sat with her back to Donna, silent and unmoving. Her mind churned over the situation. Images and snippets of memories drifted through her mind.

The day she had first met Donna at the Academy.

The three children, slaves she had freed from the Orion Syndicate when she had fled.

The terrible things she had done while she was with the Syndicate.

The delightful things she and Donna had done that very evening.

How did things get so fucked up so fast? Isel thought to herself, tears soaking into the snowy fur of her face as she sat unmoving, still lost in her own thoughts.
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna wanted to reach over and hug her companion. She wanted to say friend but now she wasn't sure if Isel would, could still be her friend. After all, to her, Donna had just blackmailed her to commit an act of treason. Donna herself didn't feel as objective about it; she had committed dozens of criminal acts in the course of her past life with Starfleet Intelligence. Although, they were all authorised acts that brought about a greater good. This time, well, Donna had to hope that her former commanding officer was still the man she had known. If not, then she was screwed. 

She had done some of her own searching to get a better understanding of what had been happening. And it didn't add up. If the Theurgy had indeed defected to the Romulans, why had they stayed within Federation space for 2 months? Why had they not retreated to the safety of the Romulan Empire? And then there was the Harbinger. Another list of questions surrounded that vessel. And the Resolve only muddied the waters even further. The only way to get a full picture was to talk to Captain Ives.

Which was exactly the crazy, practically suicidal, mission that Donna had accepted. And now her former commanding officer, using her as his proxy, had blackmailed Isel into helping. It didn't matter that Donna hadn't no until after she had accepted. Or that she had no idea what her boss was speaking about. The only thing that mattered was that she had shown up and used the information she had been supplied with the elicit the Vulpinian's assistance.

"Isel, I....." Donna began to try to apologise but stopped when she realised it would do no good. Right now, the damage was done and no amount of words would change that. "I need to know, clearly, whether you will help me or not," Donna asked softly, starring at the woman she had made love to oh so recently. Tears were beginning to brim in her eyes from the gamut of emotions she was feeling. But she had to hold them in. And that would just make her look even more uncaring. "And if you chose not to, I beg of you, that you say nothing to anyone."
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless ] @Stegro88

Isel's ears laid back again as Donna spoke. Her lip curled back away from her teeth and a low rumble emanated form her throat as she rose and turned to face the human again, her whole frame tensed as rage coursed through her.

"You want an answer, Donna?" Isel growled, leaning forward and resting her hands on the bed, her claws tearing a fresh set of deep rents in the mattress as she gripped it in anger. "Let me start with your first one." Isel remained silent for a moment as she gritted her teeth and took a deep breath, then continued.

"Analla is a high ranking member of the Orion Syndicate. She dabbles in gambling, smuggling, kidnapping, piracy, assassination and prostitution. She bought me at the slave auctions when I was just a pup. Later she freed me." Isel snarled as she jumped forward onto the bed and straddled Donna, grabbing Donna's throat with her left hand and forcing the naked woman down against the mattress. "I became her employee, then her enforcer, then her right hand. I ran her operations for her, went on jobs that needed direct oversight." Isel raised her right hand up in front of Donna's face, the large claws readily apparent in Donna's vulnerable state. "Do you know how many people I've killed with these claws, Donna?" Isel spoke in a low tone. She leaned closer, her menacing jaws mere inches from Donna's face. "With these jaws?" Isel leaned back, maintaining her grip in Donna's throat as she stared pure hatred into Donna's eyes.

"Then I turned informant for your precious Starfleet Intelligence. I spent years feeding Starfleet intel on the Syndicate. Then I went into Witness protection, and they gave me a new identity. When I left, I took three slaves with me. Children Analla had bought at the slave auctions, just like me. I brought them to Earth, and put them into an orphanage. Those are the three your boss is referring to." Isel sighed, loosening her grip on Donna's throat slightly. "I thought I'd killed Analla. I thought the kids would be safe..." The menace had gone from Isel's tone as she spoke those last words, and a look a regret seemed to cross her expression for a moment.

Isel seemed to come back to her senses and roughly shoved Donna's throat, forcing the human deeper into the mattress before releasing her grip and rolling off the bed. She began to pace in the bedroom as she continued to speak.

"So your boss is threatening to let the Orion Syndicate have those children if I don't cooperate. He's planning to let the Syndicate have three innocent children who's only crime is that they are freed slaves!" Isel said, stopping and facing Donna. "So yes, I'll help you. But only for the sake of those kids. Only because I know what the Syndicate will do to them if they get their hands on them." Isel stalked to the side of the bed and leaned forward again, her claws ripping a new set of gouges in her already mangled mattress. "If Starfleet is the kind of organization that will threaten children to get what they want, then I'll be happy to join the traitors."

Isel leaned closer, bringing her bared teeth just inches from Donna's face once more. "You tell your boss I'll help you." she growled, her voice barely above a whisper. "And you tell him when this is all over, Demetria is going to be coming for him." Even in her enraged state, it felt strange to use her old Syndicate name. It had been years since she'd spoken the name aloud, and she had hoped never to speak the name again. Isel had no idea if Donna would have heard the name before, though at this point she didn't care either. She pushed herself away from the bed and stalked towards the bedroom door.

"There. You have your answer." Isel growled, crossing her arms and glowering at the human who until so recently had been so dear to her. "Now get the fuck out."
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 Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Isel Nix's Personal Quarters | USS Dauntless] Attn: @Fife

Donna had never seen Isel like this. She had seen her playful, happy, cheery and a host of other positive and pleasant emotions. But anger and rage were new experiences for her and she wasn't sure what to do. Should she do anything? If what Isel was saying was true, then Donna knew her boss had crossed a line. Every time she had had a mission go awry due to the involvement of one or more children, he had told her not to worry. That a child's life was paramount. But now? What could be so important that he would break his own guidelines?

Donna rubbed her throat where Isel had held her. From the strength of that grip, Donna knew that there would be some bruising; even without considering the Vulpinian's claws in the matter. Had she deserved it? Donna wouldn't answer that until she knew more. Isel had said a great many things that concerned Donna. Slavery, Orion Syndicate, Informant and Witness Protection. What a life. Donna had had her own dealings with the Orion Syndicate, still did in a way, but she had never heard of an Analla or Demetria. 

Pushing all of that aside for the moment, Donna slowly climbed out of the bed and reached for her uniform. Dressing quickly, Donna stood before Isel, wanting to apologise but knowing it would be in vain.

"I want you to know, Isel," Donna said softly, staring into the hate filled eyes of the Vulpinian. "I didn't know they were kids. I swear. If I had, I would never had asked you for help."

Her words spoken, Donna opened the door and exited the compartment without looking back. A part of her was broken inside and she had no idea how she was going to fix it.