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Topic: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party (Read 939 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
STARDATE 57605.03
DAY 19 - MARCH 29, 2381
2100 HRS.

[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The official cermenony had started at 2030 hrs with the speech of First Appointee Radue of the Aldean Defence Committee. The official leader of the Aldeans had invited the crew of the secret ship called Theurgy to a palace at the outskirts of Aldea Prime. The palace was situated at the mound of the river Ibai Besi as it spilled into the Aldean Ocean. The building was a feat of years of construction and a perfect display of Aldean architecture and splendor. No costs seemed to be spared for the occasion as various drinks, meals and snacks were provided with the support of a small army of servants and staff. The decorations inside were marvelous and were best compared to one of the ancient times of gala dinners during the twentieth century on Earth. Theurgy crew had been invited to wear their official uniforms for the occasion as their privacy was ensured. Said privacy of the guests attending was guaranteed by Klingons whom were posted at the entry points of the palace and scattered throughout a well defined perimeter around it.

The occasion for this feast was how the Aldeans managed to isolate the bug in the Gestalt Program with the help of the Theurgy crew. An issue that had been solved with the wits and help of Theurgy's science department. The speech of the First Appointee was coming to an end now and as he thanked the attending guests for their contribution once more, the cue was given for for the party to start in full. The doors were opened and more warm dishes were served for the guests. The few staff that had been attending to the thirsty ones during the speech were now cycled out with fresh faces. The First Appointee stepped down from the speaking stand and a new man appeared on it in a colorful and official Aldean state Chlamys. He smiled broadly as he spoke up "Please guests enjoy your evening in the palace. Feel free to mingle with one another and us as I am sure we can learn a lot from each other. Again, I can assure you all that your identities are kept safe with us. Enjoy the evening and may your future journeys be as prosperous as it is here."

With that the stage was vacated and the mingling began as The man who had used the stage last moved through the various crowds of Starfleet officers. A small hint of recognition given by the man as he snaked his way further and greeted and talked to a few people, Starfleet and Aldeans alike. Eventually his eyes fell on the captain of the ship that lay in dry dock overhead. He boded his time for the party to go in full swing before he made his way to the captain. He was just a few meters out from reaching the man before a blue skinned woman barred his way. The look on her face said everything as she had possibly been eyeing him as he hawked around Ives' companions. The Andorrian was in her official Starfleet dress uniform so it was easy for the man to identify her rank.

"Lieutenant. How can I help you this evening?" he smiled as he raised his glass to her. The content a blue liquid that seemed carbonized. An Aldean delicacy it would seem as he looked into her eyes, his blue eyes almost piercing into hers as he was adamant on reaching his target "Might I add that you look quite stunning in your uniform. The white really contrasts nicely with your skin tone." he continued with a charming smile. His eyes broke away from hers as he looked at Ives' back once more before returning his gaze to hers "I was meaning to have a chat with your captain." he clarified. 

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88

The speech was seemingly endless and while the glass he was holding never seemed to run empty, Thomas Ravon looked around for some familiar faces. The invitation had been delivered a few days back and as part of the senior staff, he figured his attendance would be appreciated. He took another swig from his drink and felt the carbonated drink fizzle in his throat before the warmth of the alcohol coaxed his insides. His eyes fell upon a member of his pack not too far away from him as he slowly and subtly made his way over to Donna Petterson. He came to a stop behind her and waited for the other guy to finish off the speech as the activities begun and he placed his hand on Donna's shoulder before leaning in "Fancy seeing you here lieutenant." he said to her "Is Isel around too?" he asked her curiously as his eyes moved over the crowd as with the end of the speech a lot more murmuring, talking, and movement was ensued.

His eyes eventually landed back at Donna as he took another nip from the drink. Waiting for her reply first before he laughed and nodded "How are you adjusting to the new ship and surroundings?" he inquired as he didn't mind the chance to have some small talk with her.
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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Nolan @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel was weaving her way through the throng of people who filled the room, milling about and congregating in small groups now that the First Appointee had dismissed them to the evening's pleasantries. Isel had arrived a little later than many of the others, though she had caught his speech. Lots of thanks had been given, and good wishes for their journey ahead.

Isel just hoped that their next journey didn't land her in sickbay like the last one had.

Isel shook her head slightly as though to shed the grim thoughts, determined to stay in a happy mood this evening, and to not say anything that would cause any affront to their hosts. She suspected the latter would be the more difficult of the two tasks...

Twisting her body to avoid spilling the two drinks she carried in her hands, Isel narrowly avoided colliding with a rather large Aldea woman in a very bright dress, the Vulpinian murmuring an apology while inwardly wishing she was taller and thus more visible in the crowd. She thought to herself that she should have replicated her dress uniform to fir her Natural form rather than the Vulcine form, as people tended to pay more attention and give her more space to move when she looked more akin to a predatory animal. Finally, after several more near misses, Isel spotted her Donna through a break between two gaggles of people, both mixtures of brightly garbed Aldeans and smartly dressed Starfleeters. Her wingmate, element leader and lover was talking to someone, though Isel couldn't see who it was through the crowd.

"I leave her alone for two seconds..." Isel muttered with a chuckle and a grin, carefully weaving her way between the guests. After she navigated another cluster of chattering Aldeans, she saw that it was Lieutenant Commander Ravon that Donna was talking to. Dodging a servant carrying a tray, Isel found herself with a clear path to the pair of officers, Ravon dressed in the spotless white of his dress uniform, Donna resplendent in a long dress which Isel's eyes very much appreciated. "Best behaviour now, Nix." Isel reminded herself as she approached form behind Ravon as he was speaking.

"Is Isel around too?" Ravon asked as she pulled up beside him.

"Isel's here! And whatever they said I did, they're lying." Isel chimed in, grinning at the SCO before giving Donna a wink as she handed the taller woman one of the drinks. "Here you go, my lovely." Then, turning to Ravon. "What do you think of her dress, sir? She's stunning, isn't she?" Isel couldn't help herself, and directed a shit-eating grin at Ravon. "I'm just glad I didn't wear the same one. I hate when we show up in the same outfit." Isel chuckled to herself at her lame joke and took a sip of the blue Aldean drink, finding it pleasantly carbonated and bubbly, if a bit weaker than what she might have preferred. She took another sip and listened as Ravon asked how they were adjusting to their new surroundings. Isel smiled up at Donna, deciding it was probably safer to let the taller woman reply to the question, suspecting Donna's response would be more appropriate than Isel's would be... and less peppered with expletives...
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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace | Epsilon Mynos III ] Attn: @Nolan 
Standing in front of the Aldean, Ida had a drink of her own in her hand, but she hadn't taken a sip from it. Instead, she just cocked a hip as she looked into the man's eyes - antennae angling forth as she folded one arm across her chest and kept her glass partially raised. All flattery and charm aside, it was clear the man wanted something from Captain Ives, but judging by the way he'd behaved before the approach, Ida was not entirely sure what his intentions might be.

"Sweet words won't get you past me," she stated flatly, merely offering a small quirk to her mouth in acknowledgement of his greeting. It was surprising that some random Aldean would have taken the time to learn what Starfleet rank pips meant. Was this a cause for concern, or merely a curious detail, she wondered? "I'm Deputy zh'Wann, and I have been assigned to attend this function in defence of our Commanding Officer. You seem quite keen in reaching our Captain, so the only thing you can help me with is stating your name, your position and what your intentions for this alleged chat are."

From underneath her white eyebrows, she studied the man - ready to intercept any sudden movements. The glass in her hand would serve as a great means to disorient the target, the drink blinding him. She had a number of follow-ups at the top of her mind, ranging from a hip-throw to a discombobulating strike to the temple and a finishing low kick to send him into the marble plates beneath their feet. Her antennae angled forth even more, like twin serpents ready to strike at any given notice.

"Be a nice gentleman and I will let you pass," she said quietly, barely even blinking as she looked at the pampered up alien in fancy clothes. He looked quite comfortable wearing them, while she merely tolerated the dress uniform since it served as no hindrance for her to preform her duties.

Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[LCdr Blue Tiran-Ducote | Official Shit | Drag Me Out of the Dungeon | I Have Shit to Do | Twinkies were Promised]
@Top Hat

Blue tugged at her uniform again, dress uniforms were just so... dressy.  The double pair of wedding and engagement rings surrounding her left ring finger caught the light as she adjusted the whole top.  The white with subtle trim, looked like shit.  It washed her already pale skin tone out of what little color it had and made her look like a fucking ghost.  "I'm not fucking doing it." she called over her shoulder as she pulled the uniform off her body and tossed it onto the unmade bed.  She knew it was no surprise to him, why should Blue Tiran ever go with the norm.  But honestly, while Ranaan looked sexy, hot, and frankly gorgeous in white because of his skin tone, she just looked fucking dead.  So that wasn't going to happen, not in the least. 

"It's a formal event." Ranaan reminded her, coming in from the bathroom where he had been fixing his hair up.  She looked at his reflection behind her own in the mirror.  He always looked so good.

"I'll be fucking formal." she grumbled, hating the whole art of this shit.  "Or, we could just stay home, watch the Princess Bride, and fuck."

"Blue." he admonished, giving her 'the look' that said they needed to go.  This was a big deal and they were both senior officers.

"Fine fine..." she sighed as she stripped down and went to the replicator and began to punch in a bunch of codes of shit she would actually wear.  Once everything was replicated she headed into the bathroom to get her own shit ready.  Blue knew that she wasn't normal, and she wasn't what anyone would think of as overly professional.  She and Ranaan were two opposite sides of the coin, until you fucked with their ship and their people, then you couldn't find two people more alike.  Ship was family. 

She stepped out in her suit, figuring she would get to the tie on the way so it just hung loosely around her neck and down her chest.  Ranaan raised a brow and walked over to her, holding a stripe of ribbons she knew to be her own, he lifted her collar and softly pinned them in place.  "I wasn't going to put those fuckers on." she reminded him. 

He gave her a knowing smile.  "You should be proud of them." he reminded her.

"Are you?" she shot back, knowing that the ribbons and medals had been hard won because of deaths, because of bravery, and because of how long they had served the Federation.  Blue sighed, knowing she had pushed too hard.  "Sorry." she whispered only to be answered with a kiss on her forehead that lingered a moment.

~Ready, Trouble?~

She smiled.  "Always."

The place was already filled with people.  She didn't fucking want to be here, and she doubted that Ranaan did either, really.  But, they were both senior officers and it would look badly upon one or the both of them if they didn't show up.  There was already clusters of activity, people talking to one another, people doing their thing, people drinking, eating, and laughing.  Blue had never been a social one tending to stick to herself and when she had free moments they were usually soaked up with Ranaan or Cross.  She still thought fondly of Cross, he was like the brother she had lost when she was young to her.  He had become instant family and someone she couldn't and wouldn't live without if at all possible.  He had done so much for her and been there for her when things were shit and she was terrified of waking up and horrified to go to sleep.  All of it was too hard for her and she needed him to just be a shoulder to lean on.  He had been, and he had taken the place of someone she never thought anyone could replace.

Blue was pretty proud of herself, opening her world to Cross.  It had been hard enough for Ranaan to get an open spot, and then Cross to step in, she was pretty proud of the efforts that she had made.  Cross was kind, and fun, and the two got in more trouble than they should but it was all worth it in the end and she was pretty sure that even Ranaan had to agree.  He would rather have trouble maker Blue back than the one that fell into the depths.

"Don't forget you promised me twinkies when we got home." she reminded him, though she needent he wouldn't forget, he never did, except at senior staff meetings.  Something she poked him for every fucking time, and he never remembered, she was pretty fucking sure he was just trying to get her not to be lazy, and she was just trying to get him to remember who made his bed comfy and who made it fucking furry as shit.

She was wearing the same heels she had to their wedding, because they hadn't been that uncomfortable, she appreciated the height, and it took her whole white-shirt-black-suit to another level. She never did get around to tying her tie and it was really just too fucking hard and she didn't care enough to so she left it draped around her chest and neck as it was.  Looking up at him as they headed inside, her hair was actually somewhat tame for once, and she had straightened it a bit so that the black and blue locks weren't falling around her in frizzy curls.  His arm was loosely around the waist of his wife and already she could tell she didn't want to be here so much.

"I wonder if Cross is here." she thought outloud as they made their way around the perimeter of the party.  "Oh!  Booze!"  Blue's hand snatched one from the tray someone was carrying around and began to drink it. 

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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[Zyrao Natauna - Klingon Liaison Officer | Only Here for One Reason | Assimilating into Society | Socializing is Painful | Black Swan]
@Nolan @Fife


It was not often, she decided to rub elbows with the populace of the Theurgy.  However, one lone officer had prodded her enough that she had decided to grace the event with her presence.  Assuring her she was considered an officer, the word even among those in her official title, that some days felt more placation than actual position.  Already, she wasn't sure if she should regret her choice as she sauntered carefully to the entrance.  Grey eyes looked more silver tonight in the glistening of the light but also because of the sheer amount of make up and eye liner that surrounded both of them.  Allowing her eyes to pop and become less of a imput system for her sight, but instead, an accessory of their own right.

The dress she had picked, was fairly modest for her.  A high neck, long sleeves, completely covered up many of the tattoos that on a regular day she would have exposed.  She supposed, that made it even more special for her.  The dress, however, was skin tight, and left little to the imagination.  She hadn't even gone for a bra or any underwear at all, allowing for a completely seemless look from her neck all the way down to her knees where the dress flared out slightly in a mermaid style.  The bottom was soft ruffles, so they didn't swish or make any noise as she walked, in fact she was nearly silent.  She had not opted for regular heels, but instead, thigh high boots that were laced and buckled as evident by the high slit on her left leg.

People parted, as she made her way through the crowd, silver eyes shimmering as she searched for those that she knew.  Those that she worked with, those that she had experience with.  Zyrao was not a shy woman but tonight didn't seem the time nor the place to actually try to branch out and meet others.  She was not against meeting others, but, first she wanted to meet up with the one that had pushed her to come.  Teasing her, telling her she was as much a part of the ship as anyone else, and furthermore he was hoping to see her there.  Not one to disappoint, and not one to regret things later, she had dolled herself up in her Quarters and had come to see the party.  She was unsure if it would be enjoyable but she truly hoped it would be.

She heard him, before she lay her eyes on him, the baritone of his voice echoing.  Perhaps it was because she had such experience of his voice in her ear when they had taken the fighter out for a test run or if it was just that it had slowly become burned into her auditory memories.  Still, her eyes sought him in the direction of his voice and landed on him in his dress uniform.  Zyrao was glad, for the moment, she was not made to wear such a thing, but then, he must have chosen it for not all the officers were wearing it.  Some were, and her eyes noticed the First Officer, D-something, was also wearing his and yet the woman on his arm did not.  She supposed it must be personal preference and less about what was required.

Turning her body towards his visage she worked her way through the crowd until she stood behind him slightly.  He was talking to others, she knew not their names, but he was asking about someone named Isel, who came up a moment later stating yes, she was there.  Zyrao fought for a moment, her decision to stay or to mingle more.  However, he had asked for her to come, and she had.  He would not know this was such a thing if she didn't make her appearance known to him.  Everything was very new, and she found herself slightly unsure of the next step.  It had been a long time since she had been in a relationship that was not driven by what she could get out of the union, and more about her own wants and desires.  But, Zyrao was a confident woman and didn't allow for her mind to worry over much about such things.  If it was meant to be, it would be.

The El-Aurian stepped forward, placing her strong tattooed hand on Ravon's elbow to alert him to her presence as she moved forward with a couple steps to allow her to stand beside him.  "Fancy finding you here." she said with a teasing smile, knowing full well, he had coaxed her into this appearance anyway.  "Greetings to you all." she said turning her eyes to the people around Thomas.  She did not wish to be rude.

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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The Andorian identified herself as a deputy from the starship from above. The eyes of the Aldean man were hard focused though his demeanor calm "Ah, how regrettably that I won't be able to sweet talk myself past you beautiful Andorian." he concluded as his eyes looked over her shoulder to Ives "A fine Deputy though to spot me on my way to her captain though. However, I'm afraid that what I have to tell your captain is... For his eyes and ears only I'm afraid." he smiled as he nipped from his drink.

"Obviously, I understand your task at hand. You can't just let me walk up to him should I have any vile intentions as a large portion of this galaxy seems to have for your crew and shipmates. However, I can only inform you that I come in peace. Perhaps you could introduce me to your captain? My name is Jona'krah Stessias I'm part of the Aldean Ministry of Transport, responsible for the logistics actually." he continued to talk as his eyes returned to Ida's.

He could tell she was fairly guarded by the way her antennae were angling forward, that and well her ice cold look. Jona'krah remained calm as always however as he studied the Andorian's face. Flattery seemed to have no affect on her and thankfully that was the case. Otherwise life would be too easy for some who'd want to reach Ives.

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88 @Fife @BZ

Ravon's question wasn't even cold yet as to where miss Nix might be before she made her attendance quite clear. Thomas couldn't help but laugh a little at her words. He gave Isel a nod as he clarified "No accusations tonight... That I know of at least." he grinned at her before Nix asked what he thought about the dress Donna was in. The SCO took his time to answer to the question as he clearly looked Donna over from head to toe first before formulating his response "Stunning might be cutting it short I'd say. Unless you'd disagree with me on that Nix?" he grinned at Isel before giving Donna a wink "You are making me curious though Nix. If you'd wear the same dress as Donna. Would be easier to spot the both of you. That's for sure." he concluded as he sipped from the drink with a grin on his face.

Waiting for Donna's answer Thomas could feel like someone was crawling up behind him. Call it gut feeling or hyper awareness, he didn't immediately turn around to check who it was. He could have a hunch who'd seek him out tonight and when he felt the touch against his elbow, he turned his head only to be baffled by the looks Zyrao had when she stepped besides him. If he had looked over Donna with some curiosity and interest, this was a whole new level. His eye moved slower over Zyrao, taking in almost every detail that he could before he was forced to look back up at the white of her eyes as the grey, yet now almost silver eyes were locked with his.

Her teasing remark made him chuckle as he shrugged "What can I say, I'm a social guy." he answered her back with a matching teasing tone in his voice. His hand moved over her back, running down her spine and stopping just short of her hind. He broke his eyes away from Zyrao for a second, almost as if he wanted to introduce her to his squadmates before he changed his mind. He looked back at Zyrao and leaned in as he whispered in her ear "You look beyond stunning." he looked back into her eyes before giving her the welcome she actually deserved for showing up. The pilot closed the distance easily to her lips as he kissed her without any shame or care in the world of how his or her surroundings would react. The kiss only lasted for so long of course before he gave Zyrao a wink and looked back at Isel and Donna.

"Ladies, I'm not sure if you've met her before. Miss Zyrao Natuana, our new strategist aboard the ship, she'll be working with us on missions to lay out more suitable strategic solutions. Zy, meet lieutenant Donna Peterson and Ensign Isel Nix." he introduced the parties as his hand now came to rest on Zyrao's hip, holding her closer to him.
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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Fife @Nolan @BZ

Donna had been surprised to receive the invitation to the Aldean event. She hadn't played any role in the solution to the Gestalt problem that their hosts had been experiencing and she didn't believe that she ranked high enough in the command chain to warrant a specific invite. So, she was either here due to her skills from her, mostly, former occupation, or, more likely, to fill in the numbers. Not that she minded. She hadn't had the opportunity to get this dressed up in a long time without the threat of someone losing their life hanging over her head.

The First Appointee had just finished his speech, heralding the real beginning of the night when she felt a strange hand on her shoulder. Dismissing her first instinct to crotch shot whomever it was, she turned to see Commander Ravon, the leader of her pack, standing there in full dress uniform and holding a glass.

"Fancy seeing you here lieutenant," he said to her as his eyes scanned the crowd. Donna noted the habit that she had seen in many people over the years. To a being, they had all seen combat on multiple occasions. Having your head on a swivel ended up being a survival instinct. "Is Isel around too?" Donna was about to respond when she noticed the Vulpinian in question stalking up behind the SCO.

"Isel's here! And whatever they said I did, they're lying." Isel announced cheerfully, grinning at the SCO before shooting Donna a wink as she handed the taller woman one of the drinks she was holding. "Here you go, my lovely," Isel said while turning to Ravon. "What do you think of her dress, sir? She's stunning, isn't she?" Isel asked, directing a shit-eating grin at the man, seemingly unable to help herself. "I'm just glad I didn't wear the same one. I hate when we show up in the same outfit." 

Donna mentally winced at her lover's light teasing and prodding of the man. Donna knew that it was in Isel's nature to behave as she was and there was nothing in the universe that would make Donna want to change her. She had worn the dress after consulting with her lover and deciding that she didn't want to wear her dress uniform. The dress itself was replicated but there wasn't much she could do about that. While the Aldean markets did cater for some offworld clothing styles, the selection of formal dresses was lacking, to say the least. Still, she liked it and it seemed to be the topic of conversation now between the three of them. The SCO took his time to answer Isel's question as he clearly looked Donna over from head to toe first before formulating his response 

"Stunning might be cutting it short I'd say. Unless you'd disagree with me on that Nix?" he grinned at Isel before giving Donna herself a wink. "You are making me curious though Nix. If you'd wear the same dress as Donna, it would be easier to spot the both of you, that's for sure."

"She'd certainly stand out in the crowd," Donna said, finally speaking up. "And thank you for the complement. I rather like it myself. As to why I am here sir, I received an invitation. It would have been rude of me to refuse," the pilot answered, thinking over the other question Ravon had asked about them settling in. "Settling in has been, interesting, to say the least. The ship has quite the eclectic crew roster. Everything from Caitians to Klingons and Bajorans to Remans. Even a pair of Câroon. And reading up on the ship's recent exploits has made for some interesting conversations between the two of us," Donna said, indicating Isel and herself. Movement past Ravon's shoulder drew her attention and she saw woman approaching from her SCO's blind spot. Whether the man noticed or not, Donna wasn't sure as she gazed over the female, measuring her up as she joined the group.

"Fancy finding you here," the woman said by way of a hello. Her smile belied some prior connection between the two of them. They obviously knew each other. "Greetings to you all," she went on, glancing at Isel and herself so as not to be rude. Ravon's reaction was, interesting, to Donna's trained eyes. He seemed to be practically memorising the visage before him. And the tone he used, matching the woman's own was telling in its own way. Any doubt about them knowing each other in some way was put to rest when he first lent in and whispered in her ear before locking lips with her as if they were the only two in the room. The wink that followed when they finally decided to break for air was just an exclamation point to their interaction.

"Ladies, I'm not sure if you've met her before. Miss Zyrao Natuana, our new strategist aboard the ship, she'll be working with us on missions to lay out more suitable strategic solutions. Zy, meet Lieutenant Donna Peterson and Ensign Isel Nix," Ravon introduced his fellow wolves as Donna watched his hand snake around Zyrao's waist to rest on her hip, holding her closer to him.

"Speaking for myself, I can't say I have had the pleasure," Donna remarked casually, her own eyes regarding the woman. Her outfit was an interesting clash of styles. Modest, high-necked and long-sleeved, her dress was skin-tight. And judging from the details that she could pick up, Zyrao, much like Donna herself, was not wearing anything beneath it. It flared a little towards the ground, but most people wouldn't notice as their eyes would instead be drawn to the high split and thigh-high boots beneath. "I'm certain I would remember the meeting. How is your evening so far Miss Natuana? You seem to have made quite the impression on our commanding officer."

"A neutral question but I was briefed on who this woman is. She is an unknown variable," Donna thought to herself as she smiled politely. "The worst kind."

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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Nolan @Stegro88 @BZ
[Show/Hide]"No accusations tonight... That I know of at least."

Isel tried to look as innocent as possible as Ravon followed the remark up with a grin, then considered her question about Donna's dress. Isel watched as the SCO looked Donna over, her eyes straying more than once to look at the object of his inspection as well. Isel laughed as Ravon pronounced that "stunning" might be cutting it short, asking if she'd disagree with him on that thought. "I wouldn't disagree with you in the least, sir." Isel admitted, giving Donna another up and down look.

She glanced back at Ravon with a look of surprise as he asked if she'd ever wear the same dress, adding that it would be easier to spot them both. Isel knew what the man had meant, but couldn't help herself. "Oh, I'd consider it, sir. It'd be a tight squeeze to get us both in there, but it might be fun." Isel gave Ravon a wink. "Seriously though? I'm not much for dresses. Doesn't always work well with my tail." Isel gave the furry white appendage a swish behind her for emphasis as Donna agreed that she would stand out in a crowd, then thanked the SCO for the much deserved compliment earlier. Isel listened to Donna speak, though her eyes had drifted to a woman clad in a very nice black dress who was approaching the SCO from behind. Isel watched as the woman greeted Ravon, then she and Donna. Ravon leaned in and whispered something to the woman, then locked lips with her in a kiss which seemed to make the room around them disappear as far as they were concerned. Isel watched the two for a long moment, not trying to hide the fact, as sipped her drink before directing a wink in Donna's direction. She went back to watching the two, taking another sip of her drink as her tail swished back and forth behind her in amusement. Finally, Ravon and the black-clad woman broke apart, and Ravon introduced her as Miss Zyrao Natuana, the Theurgy's new strategist before giving Zyrao their names.

Donna spoke first, eyeing the woman up and down as she stated that she had not had the pleasure. Isel grinned at Donna's polite manner of speech as she asked how Miss Natuana's evening had been thus far. Isel, for her part, grinned at the other woman, who's dress was indeed just as stunning as Donna's.

"I'm starting to think I should have worn a dress! You two are seriously showing me up! The one time I try and follow protocol..." Isel chuckled, directing a grin at Natuana. "It's really nice to meet you, Miss Natuana. I'm Isel." Isel's mismatched eyes regarded the ship's new strategist with interest as she held out a hand to Zyrao, though an impish light had crept into them as she did so. "And I must say, the SCO's giving you a much warmer welcome to the Theurgy than he gave us!" She directed a grin and a wink at Natuana, then glanced at Ravon to make sure her CO wasn't about to court martial her, then gave him a sheepish grin as a slight blush crept up her features, making a stark contrast to the pale white hair that framed her face. "Kidding! Kidding!"

Isel averted her gaze from her CO, hoping he'd either be too preoccupied with Natuana or too drunk to remember the remark, and instead turned her attention to Donna and Zyrao. "How the hell is it that I'm the one who looks all stiff and stuffy in this uniform, while you two are standing there all sexy-like in slinky dresses that totally show off your boobs?" Isel turned her gaze back to Ravon. "Not that you look stuffy, sir. You look very handsome... and dapper... and uh..." Realizing that she was only daggering her hole deeper, Isel snatched an hors d'oeuvre from the tray of a passing server, stuffing it in her mouth before she could get herself into any more trouble. She made a surprised noise as the flavour spread throughout her mouth, the taste proving to be heavenly, and peered after the server to see what it was that he was carrying on the tray.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Public Affection | Caught by Surprise | Pleasant Greetings | Meeting Others]
@Fife @Stegro88 @Nolan

Those eyes.

Those beautiful and intense eyes, they raked over her body, a slow and gentle burn on her dark visage.  The dress did much to accent her natural attributes, and she was glad that she had chosen a dress instead of the pants suit of just her Klingon jumpsuit that she had toyed with wearing.  However, since she had been invited as a guest of Thomas Ravon she had wanted to make a good impression.  Not just on Thomas himself but also on those he would be introducing her to.  There was a great deal of the ship she had not yet met, and tonight would hopefully do wonders to help open up the people of the ship to her and who she was.  Many didn't know her, many knew her as the mouthy bitch that Trent hated, and many only knew her as the new officer that had many rumors surrounding her getting on board.

She couldn't help but let her own eyes wander over the lovely white that he wore.  While it would definitely bleed some people out dependant on their skin tone, his was just different enough that it didn't.  In fact, he looked rather sharp with the clean lines, singular color, and all dressed up like this.  She probably would not see it often or even again depending on her life span and how the Theurgy did when they left Aldea, so she found herself committing such a thing to memory.  Her eyes flickered back up and their eyes locked for a moment, a soft right-sided smirk filled her lips as her eyes glistened with mischief. 

His hand reached out to run down her back, letting his hand rest on the lowest part of her back.  Her grin softened into an almost-smile.  He leaned forward, and she found herself turning her ear towards him, the multi-pierced lobe glistening with black gems as he began to speak to her.  About how she looked beyond stunning.  "I will admit, you surprise me with how nicely you clean up, quite handsome." she smiled softly at him, her face softening as if it was just the two of them in the room.  And, they might as well have been the only ones because seconds later, he was kissing her.  Zyrao had most definitely not read his cues correctly, or maybe he had thrown her off by looking at the other two girls before looking back at her, but whatever it was, she had not expected the lip to lip contact that she was now engaged in.  However, that didn't bother her in the slightest, and instead, she rose a hand a large lovely silver ring on her index finger drew down his jawline as her hand cupped his cheek for a long moment before the kiss ended. 

The smile was real and true this time.

"I think this shall now be my preferred way to say hello." she teased.

He then introduced her, his hand sliding over to her hip and having her stand close.  She didn't mind such a spot either and fit rather well against him even in her heels.  Her lovely silver eyes looked over at the two women, one was a race she had not encountered before the other, was something she was used to.  The latter seemed to be wary of her, which was smart but it also reminded Zyrao that many felt she didn't fit in on the ship because of her lack of Academy education.  However, her sheer amount of hands on training, use, and experience should counter all of that.  She was gifted, smart, and always willing to lend a hand.

The older woman gave a smile as the lovely pink clad woman said that they had not had the pleasure.  "I have not yet been able to introduce myself to the entire ship.  It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." she stated calmly.  "Thomas is right, I am the new Strategist on board, and also the Klingon Liaison Officer." she figured that she might as well pull that one out as well, to make sure they understood she was accepted onto the ship as they were.

"My evening has only just started, Lieutenant, however, I think it is already going quite well thank you.  And your own?"

The white one, next to Donna, began to speak, and she was more giddy and slightly annoying in the way that she utilized her speech.  She began to speak about how they were showing her up by wearing dresses and she was only in her uniform.  Zyrao gave a bit of a chuckle.  "Had I an actual uniform, you might have seen me in one, besides, I wanted to see what I could do, to play with Thom." she teased giving him a little nudge in his ribs.  Turning her attention back to the woman in front of her.  She took the hand offered to her. 

"It is a pleasure, to meet some of Thom's people.  I have not been able to come down to the flight deck during the hours he is working because I kept quite busy on the ship myself."  Isel teased that Zyrao had gotten a much warmer welcome than he had given them upon coming onto the Theurgy causing the El-Aurian to raise a brow and look over at the man of the hour.  Isel suddenly claimed she was kidding and Zyrao was unsure if the woman was nervous or if she was always this way.

Isel continued on rambling, and zyrao was intrigued at how she was a fighter pilot.  Did she chatter so much when she was wearing a helmet and heading into a fight.  Was that her strategy?  Talk them to death, or distraction and then allow someone else to swoop in and do the work.  No, Thomas wouldn't have someone useless under his wing, she had to have redeeming qualities.  Either she was just that bubbly, or she was the sort that was nervous.  Zyrao had not read her enough to know but she was leaning towards nerves now that this new element, Zyrao, had arrived. 

"No, you're right, he does not look stuffy at all." she stated simply as she reached up and brushed her fingers over the collar of his uniform before she rested her hand again.  A odd noise made her return her attention to Isel and the odd squeak of .. contentment?  Enjoyment?  That escaped her lips as she snagged a snack off the tray.  Zyrao studied the snack herself and carefully picked one up.  She broke it into halves and fed one to Thomas before taking the other half for herself.  Chewing thoughtfully, it was.. fine, but she expected stronger flavors.

"What is the protocol at evenings like this?" she asked the man beside her, and the women too, making sure that they understood she was not excluding them from the conversation.  No, she didn't want them to feel run off and honestly Zyrao had not attention a Federation officer party previous.

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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88  @Fife  @BZ

When the kiss came to an end, the lingering touch of Zyrao's hand could still be felt against Thomas' face as he saw her smile like he had for only a few times. As she teased him that this would be the way she preferred to be greeted, Thomas couldn't help but chuckle and shrug, though gave no further response to it. The grin on his face said it all though. He could still taste Zyrao on his lips as his tongue ran over his lips for a second as Zyrao introduced herself further to his fellow pilots. His eyes going back to Zyrao as she conversed with Donna and Isel.

Ravon's eyes darted over the two pilots as they talked with Zyrao, his hand still resting comfortably against Zyrao as he nipped from his drink with the other. He listened in to the conversation yet didn't mix himself in it as he gave Isel a sterner look when she started to blabber and ramble. The stern look broke off when Zyrao nudged Thom in the ribs and his attention was drawn away from Nix and back to Zyrao as he moistened his lips once more before answering "Behave. It's an official meeting remember." Seemingly wanting to fit back into his role as senior officer despite the warm welcome he had given Zyrao. The advice however could've been warranted for Isel as well perhaps.

The latter now busy tasting what had been brought around and seemingly enjoying the treat. Ravon's eyes narrowed as Zyrao had complimented on not looking stuffy at all. The pilot's eyes darted back to Zyrao, followed by a slight shake of the head as he grinned. Her hands running along his collar before she snatched a snack for herself. She split it though and offered it to Thomas whom accepted it gratefully and started to chew on it. He hadn't eaten before coming back down to the planet and the hors d'oeuvre did little to satisfy the hungry state he was in. A slight squeeze was given to Natauna's hip as he offered her his glass to drink from.

She asked him what was expected or what the protocol dictated, Thomas could only shrug once more "I believe this is my first protocol party I'm attending to as a senior officer. So I must admit that I haven't got the faintest fucking clue." he grinned before looking at Donna and Isel. He waited for them to weigh in their opinions as well as his eyes scanned the area for familiar faces. The next appetizer was brought to them as a small bowl shaped cup. In it a certain kind of soup that was presumably a specialty of Aldean cuisine. Thomas took one and nipped from it as he let the power pallet in his mouth recognize or familiarize itself with the taste of it. Eventually he leaned back in to Zyrao  "Perhaps some mixing with the other crew and getting you acquainted with some new faces might be a viable option?" he suggested. He wasn't in a hurry to move away from Donna and Isel in any case.
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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace | Epsilon Mynos III ] Attn: @Nolan 
Whatever manner of secrecy this Aldean opted to deploy in his affairs with Ives, Deputy zh'Wann didn't care. Her task was to protect the Captain from harm, and this she would do. Whatever words this Jona'krah wished to speak, Ida was confident such words would not be harmful. The compromise suggested was amiable enough, and would allow her to accompany this man in his approach.

"Raise your hands," she stated flatly, and stepped forward to frisk the Aldean and to remove any obvious weapons. She still had her drink in one hand, and used the other to make sure noting out of he ordinary hid in the fancy clothing. "All right, step after me."

Closing the short distance, Ida saw how her Commanding Officer was currently in his male form, and he turned his head to face both Ida and the Aldean whilst they approached. Once within earshot, she did as asked.

"Captain, this is Jona'krah Stessias of the Aldean Ministry of Transport, and he says he has a matter of some urgency. He wants to have a word with you." Ida stopped and remained where she stood.

"Very well," said Jien and turned to face her and the Aldean.

"He says this is for your ears only, sir," said Ida and stepped away a bit, but her attention was still on this Aldean, ready to answer and intervene if duty called for it.

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[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"Oh, but miss Zh'Wann, we barely just met." he answered teasingly whilst complying and unable to hide the grin on his face. He wasn't wearing any hidden attributes that posed a threat. As she had to frisk him with one hand he smirked again "Would you like me to hold on to that glass Deputy?" once she had been satisfied with the result he gave her a nod as she escorted him closer to her captain.

He was formally introduced before he bowed to Ives with respect before he looked back at Ida. Jona'krah waited for Ida to take a step back before turning his gaze back to Ives "Captain. I must admit you have quite a thorough protection detail. I hope you're enjoying your stay in orbit and of our hospitality." he smiled before leaning in, coming close enough so he wouldn't have to raise his voice and keep the message between just the two of them. His voice became cooler, more calculated and quite serious whilst his features changed little to the Aldean host that he was "I was wondering... I have not seen Jona Rez attending the party. Would he still be aboard your ship or occupied elsewhere? he asked as his eyes looked straight into Ives'.

He was curious to see how the captain would react to his question. Having received the simulcast, he had no doubt that Jona Rez would've been aboard the Theurgy. A parasitic thread loomed according to the deciphered message, yet more details weren't specifically given. The only certainty he had was that he message had originated from Jona's hands, the lack of seeing that man here was quite concerning to say the least.
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Fife @Nolan @BZ

Donna forced herself not to blush at Isel's comment about Zyrao and herself practically showing off their boobs. She had worn much more revealing outfits over the years, both accidently and deliberately, that her grading curve was probably severely warped. And then there was watching Isel try to dig herself out of the whole she had just dug with the Commander. That was worth it.

"My own evening is slowly looking up," Donna responded evenly, glancing around at the crowd. "But the night is still young," she observed calmly. She listened more as Isel, Ravon and Zyrao spoke more while her attention went back to the crowd. "Old habits die hard, don't they Donna," she thought to herself. "Especially when you are forced to bring them back to the forefront of your life again."

"I haven't been to that many formal events in my career," Donna said honestly. It was technically true. In her career as a pilot, the last major formal event she had attended was her graduation from Starfleet Academy. "And I believe that the Commanders assessment is accurate. Meet and mingle, as they say," Donna continued, wondering how much she should probe.

"I am curious Miss Natauna," Donna began. "Where are you from. I cannot place your accent at all. And the tale of how you became our Strategist and Klingon Liaison Officer must also be very interesting. Klingons are not the easiest of people to get along with. Or through to."

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[ Captain Ives | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ]
Whatever Jien had expected to hear from the Aldean after the Deputy stepped away from them... hearing Jona Rez' name hadn't been one of them.

Having adapted his male form to wear the white dress uniform, Jien had been listening to the speech of the First Appointee, thinking about the achievements of the Science Department and Lieutenant Izar. The event had appeared to hold little surprises up until that moment, with the usual kind of comforts provided. Holding a glass of something that the Aldeans equalled to champagne, Jien looked at this man that had spoken of the Rez symbiont's former host - someone that Jien had loathed to know since his own time in Starfleet Intelligence. He'd always been at odds with the Trill, not liking his methods.

In fact, Jona Rez had been a driving motivation for why Jien had abandoned the career as an infiltrator and turned to the Counselling career path and later the Diplomatic Corps. Even as the Executive Officer of the USS Vendetta, he hadn't missed the time spent in Intelligence, even though Command oft forced him to make the kind of decisions that an intelligence operative might balk from. Still, his current position - despite the fact that he was in command of a renegade ship - he could stand for those decisions, knowing that they followed Starfleet protocol and the tenets of the United Federation of Planets. This creed that Jien abided to were the very thing that Starfleet Intelligence had a tendency to shirk, all for the sake of results. At least that had been the case back then, before and during the Dominion War.

So why did this Ministry of Transport - of all things - know about Jona Rez? While it put Jien on alert, he made no outward appearance of a reaction - a mere pause lingering between himself and this Aldean before he replied, slowly raising his glass to sip it afterwards. His eyes, however, were unblinking as he regarded the man. "Lieutenant Commander Jona Rez is dead since over a year back, but the Rez symbiont is still alive, and has had two other hosts since Jona carried it," he said, nothing but the truth stated. "Currently, Lieutenant Amelya Rez carries the symbiont, and she's one of our two Assistant Chief Medical Officers. Therefore, it is not surprising that you don't recognise Rez at this event."

Raking his mind, Jien thought of any affiliations between Aldea and Jona Rez, but as far as he was aware, it had been Jien himself that held the most affiliation with Aldea Prime from his time as an undercover operative. This was the reason he didn't resort to using the Universal Translator in his combadge when he spoke to Jona'krah Stessias, instead addressing the Aldean in his native tongue. If Jona Rez had invested any time in the Aldeans after Jien left the service, it was something Jien knew nothing of. At least not yet, but he had a feeling that Jona'krah Stessias was about to tell him more.

"Pray tell, why do you ask?" he said with a faint smile, still not blinking. "Did Rez have any prior business with the Transport Ministry here in Aldea Prime? I never took him for the kind to invest such interest in the ongoings here in the Epsilon Mynos System."

Did this have anything to do with the doctored simulcast?

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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Nolan @BZ @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel was thankful when Zyrao turned her attention to Ravon, and looked up at Donna as the taller woman began to speak, content to remain silent and thus avoid any further digging of holes or embarrassment. The Vulpinian sipped her drink as Donna spoke, shifting her weight to lean lightly against the other pilot when Donna too fell silent. Isel glanced up again when Donna again began to speak, thinking that while Donna hadn't been to many formal events during her Starfleet career, Isel hadn't been to any.

And would likely avoid them in the future as well... she thought as Donna agreed that the protocol of the evening was Meet and Mingle. Isel would have to watch what she said as they were mingling, and like stay close to Donna so that the other woman could keep her from sticking her foot in her mouth any more than she already had.

Isel turned her attention back to Zyrao as Donna asked the woman where she was from, claiming to be unable to place her accent as well as curiosity as to how she had become a strategist for the Klingons. Isel thought Zyrao must have the patience of a saint, given her own dealings with the warrior race. The Vulpinian felt that, had she been stuck on a ship full of Klingons, she would likely have tried to set the ship to self destruct. As Donna's statement of the Klingons seemed to mirror Isel's thoughts, the Vulpinian finally spoke up. "That's the truth." She said, glancing up at Donna before turning back to Natuana. "You must be pretty tough, Miss Natuana. I don't imagine many people would fare overly well working in your old position." As she spoke, Isel's eyes briefly took in Zyrao's figure, the slender yet muscular frame telling of strength, the posture speaking of confidence and self assurance. It make her think of her old life, when she herself had carried herself with such an air. She had tried her best to shed that demeanour when she'd joined Starfleet, adopting a more silly and carefree persona. Now, seeing it in Natuana, Isel almost missed it. "Careful, Commander." Isel said with a  smile as she glanced at Ravon. "This one's got a presence to her. You don't watch yourself, she'll have you coming to attention when she's talking to you." Isel gave Natuana a wink, then silenced herself with another sip of the Aldean drink.

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[Zyrao Natauna | Officiality is for Chumps | Not Here for the Food | How Long Do We Have to Stay]
@Nolan @Fife @Stegro88

An official meeting.

Zyrao rose her brow, and gave him that 'really?' look before rolling her eyes.  She had never been good with the kind of official that Starfleet found of import.  All their multiple uniforms, and their quiet glamour when they wanted it.  Like this particular 'meeting'.  Which was truly a party disguised as a meeting.  Whatever it was, she had only come for one person in particular and the moment he left she would no longer entertain this foolhardy endeavor.  With  his hand on her hip, though, she felt grounded to the spot at the moment.  Zyrao was not a shy woman, she would be fine mingling on her own to meet people but honestly she had never felt more unwelcome on a ship until now.  Perhaps it was all the comfort of the Klingon ship she had stayed on for such a long time.  Or perhaps it was that she had been with them for over a decade and had forgotten the struggle in the beginning.  But, Klingon were very much for face value.  Once she had proven herself a good story teller, a great fighter, and willing to banter as well as back up the shit she said, they had accepted her as mostly their own.

"You're wrong." she stated to Thomas without missing a beat.  "This is a glorified party."  she chuckled softly as she looked around the room with her grey eyes.  Many of the officers here were in their uniforms but many of them had opted for just fine clothing. There were drinks, food, music, low lighting.  Most definitely a party.

As she shared the snack with him, he offered her a sip of his glass.  She took the very thin stem into her fingers and took a sip of the odd bubbly liquid.  It was too sweet for her taste, she liked her booze to be thick, harsh, and capable of actual hangovers, not this.. light weight business.  But, it washed down the half-snack she had eaten which only made her stomach grumble.  She would need to seek actual sustenance after the party ended or Thomas decided to leave; which ever she could manage first.  Thomas admitted he had no idea what the purpose of this party was, causing the woman on his arm to give a grin. 

He then mentioned that maybe some mingling and introducing her around the ship might be beneficial.  "perhaps." she stated as her eyes cast around the crowd again.  She had only really had limited interactions outside bedroom Quarters.  She had met Captain Ives, Commader Ducote, Commander Cross, and a few others that she had experienced on the Bridge during her first moments on the Theurgy.  However, outside of them and her bedroom counterparts she knew most of the ship as strangers. 

Donna then spoke, directly to her, causing her grey eyes to center on the pink clad woman that stood there brazenly asking questions.  Zyrao didn't mind answering though she had nothing to hide, if she did, it would have been different.  But Zyrao had always found that hiding things only made people less trusting but also she was not ashamed about a single moment in her past.  She had come to terms with all of it and how it befell her. 

"It would make sense that my accent would be an oddity.  My own race is nearly wiped from the universe." she said with a bit of a sadness in her voice for a moment as she remembered her home planet and those that she had lost there.  "I am El-Aurian." she stated to them both, because she looked human she was often mistaken as such. 

No one new about Eboh, though.  The half El-Aurian man that had died at the hand of the Borg nanobots.  It wasn't something that she liked to talk about, the wound too fresh.  They had promised to share stories, they had promised to reconnect.  She had wished to know him as one of her own people, but, he had died and she was still really pissed the fuck off about it.  Before she could begin speaking about how she made it on the ship Isel had spoke about how hard of a woman she must be to have taken on her old role.  A small smirk came across her lips.  "You would be surprised what a little freedom will do for the soul given whatever position available."  She left it at that not diving into the whole slavery story.  There was no need for it here, but, it was true.  "Once you figure out how the culture works, it's not as hard as you think, I suppose it's easier for me; I've always been a soldier."

"As for my arrival here it's quite the tale." she stated.  She wasn't going to go into too much details, but, she might as well throw out some truth.  "I assisted the Theurgy crew members in their escape from the SuD Lang center." she explained brushed a hand down Thomas' back.  "I had been working with the Klingon for well over a decade when my ship was destroyed because of the defense systems onboard the coreless moon.  Because of my actions in helping to save Ida, and ousting the traitor, I was welcomed on board the Theurgy by Captain Ives once they returned from the Versant."

"I had been working such a long time with the Klingon that I had already long since been taken in as a member of the House Martok.  Thus, Ives sought to allow myself the position of Liaison since I already have a heavy base of Klingon assets and they already know me.  It's easier for me to deal with them than someone they do not respect." she gave a simple shrug.

Isel then spoke up again warning Thomas that he had better watch himself, that Zyrao had a presence and he might find himself coming to attention at some point because of it.  She gave a bit of a chuckle.  Looking over at Ravon.  "I may have to try that at some point."  Zyrao did exude confidence in her every move, her body, her eating, her drinking.  Her movements were always very calculated as well but also smooth she was very comfortable and knew all the nuances of her body it seemed.

"And yourselves?  I do not know as many races from around the world as I ought, where are you both from?"

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[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

While this captain Ives seemed to remain rather calm to his question, the silence that it took to reply had sparked the attention of the posing Aldean Gestalt. He was somewhat surprised to hear that the intelligence officer called Jona Rez had been dead for over a year. The Rez symbiont however was still alive it seemed and it made the whole situation even more peculiar as to why Jona had sent the message in the first place if he were dead. Granted, Trill symbionts could use the knowledge and expertise of their former hosts, though the message of the simulcast had been so precise to be decoded that nobody else but Jona Rez would be behind it. A ghost now it would seem.

Byrne showed little of his train of thoughts to the outside world just like Ives as he looked at the male captain as he sipped from his drink. The inevitable question came as expected, like one would expect a sun to rise at the start of each day. Why had he asked in the first place. The way Jien spoke, his Aldean accent pretty much on point for an outsider was quite a mystery for the Aldean. The man cocked his head slightly, as if surprised to hear the captain speak Aldean with such fluency.

"Oh, Rez has had no dealings with the Epsilon Minos system directly. I'm quite certain a man of your rank knows the way in which Starfleet likes to dabble when it concerns systems close to potentially dangerous empires." the man replied with a shrug "I've known Jona Rez personally to be fair with you sir. Hence my question to see why he hasn't attending. Even though I have not heard from him for quite a while. Rumors had been spreading through back channels. I has heard he'd be aboard the Theurgy when it departed Earth." again the man shrugged "Obviously, the rumor I have picked up must've been partly false and I have been mistaken. Rumors don't always hold truth." he waved the matter off casually.

"Your Aldean accent is quite accurate if I may say so captain. Might I ask where you picked it up?" he asked as he wasn't quite ready yet to reveal himself, curious to see if Ives would be able to form the puzzle himself. A test so to speak. Jona'krah continued "If I wouldn't know better, I might even believe you'd have spent quite some time on Aldea Prime." he laughed as he narrowed his eyes to look in Ives' oaken eyes.

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88  @Fife   @BZ

While Thomas saw the current activity as work, Zyrao gave him a look that quite obviously told him she wasn't agreeing with him. In fact, she quite stated that as she called him out on it and called the gathering a glorified party. Ravon couldn't help but laugh and shake his head "For you it might, this is still pretty much work for me. Even though I've never had such good looking company with me during work." he answered with a wink before he looked back to Isel and Petterson.

The more experienced officer starting to ask more question to Zyrao about her accent and background. Thomas didn't mind and tried to satiate his hunger on the passing trays of food, though the portions were too small to actually fill his stomach. He figured he couldn't just leave the current company he was in and his eyes darted back to Donna and Isel as they continued to talk to Zyrao. The El-Aurian informing them of her background, be it limited and less open than she had shared with Thomas.

As the conversation moved on Isel called Thomas out that Zyrao was one with quite a presence to her. Thomas couldn't help but look at Zyrao before he pressed his lips together. A cheeky comment burned on his lips and he doubted to just blurt it out. She'd be able to get him to a certain degree of attention. He simply chuckled as Zyrao suggested she'd have to try it out some time and he shook his head "Don't give her any more ideas than she already has Nix." he laughed as his hand moved away from Zyrao's hip and rode up a little higher to her side.

Zyrao asked about the two women before Thomas and he was quite interested to hear about the two pilot's origins. Sure he had read their files and backgrounds. Though one could always learn more from a person if they chose to talk about it themselves. Ravon's stomach in the meantime gnarled as it required more food and he placed his other hand free of glass now against his stomach as he looked at Zyrao for a second to check if she had noticed or not.
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[ Lt. Izar Bila | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime | Epsilon Mynos III ]
@Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Fife @Stegro88 @whoever more is around

Bila leaned over the railing and fiddled with the collar of his officer dress uniform again. He could count with the fingers of one hand the number of times he had worn one of those uniforms and, like the previous times, he didn't feel as comfortable as he should have inside it. Bila was a social butterfly and normally he knew how to move in situations like this but... white just didn't suit him. Whoever had designed those uniforms had not taken into account someone with gray skin.

Bila sighed and took a new sip from his glass. As much as he wanted to, he was unable to contact the Starfleet designer to offer him his two cents over fashion, so it was not worth wasting time on idle musings. At least the bluish-gray lining of the suit made the pair of gold pins on his neck stand out more clearly.

The hybrid smiled to himself with his lips still pressed against his glass. That had been a surprise. A VERY pleasant surprise. He knew that it was worthless outside of the Theurgy, that to the rest of the Starfleet he would likely was just dead or something worse, and that if they learned that he was alive and had allied with the Theurgy's crew they would likely not only ignore that promotion, but they would court martial him. And yet there was a kind of cosmic justice in all this, a sense that it was the right thing after all that he had endured in the past few weeks before arriving to Aldea.

Bila gulped down the bluish liquid and looked at the goblet for a moment. It was a fruity, smooth liquor, obviously one of the best things one could find on that planet. And it was definitely fine, even though by his standards he would have to consider it a bit weak. But he assumed that being drunk wasn't the goal of an official reception anyway.

His eyes wandered idly around, looking at familiar and unfamiliar faces. In one corner stood the captain, with one of those grim-looking Andorians, debating with what looked like a native. A little beyond that was a group of scientists chatting animatedly. The lot suddenly laughed as one, and half a dozen glasses were raised in a loud toast. Bila grinned, as he recognized most of the faces in that group. He had worked with them on the project of saving the Aldean Gestalt. In the beginning, it had been a side project for him, and yet in the last few weeks he had become fully involved and had assisted that group in finding a solution to the problem. Something highly rewarding: helping others, solving a problem, saving lives. Exactly why he had joined Starfleet.

Someone in the group noticed him and raised their glass in his direction and the chemist hoisted his in reply, a cheerful smile dancing on his face. He really had no reason to feel awkward there: the night was delicious, there were friendly coworkers around and he had just been promoted. The weather was good, the food tasty and the booze sweet.

The bajcardie stepped forward, ready to join the group of scientists, but a familiar face caught his eye. The bird-brain was there too. Bila strayed momentarily from his path, waving an arm to call the pilot's attention. But then he saw something that froze his blood in his veins. Grey eyes turned towards him and pierced him as if they could fulminate him on the spot. And they almost did. Bila's pale face became even lighter when he recognized the woman he had been avoiding, consciously or not, for the past few weeks. The one who had sworn him that he would pay heavily if he failed to save Ekon, which, of course, he had never done. Bila swallowed ostentatiously and tried to sneak through the crowd, but he knew it was probably too late. Zyrao Natauna had located him.
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ] Attn:  @Fife @BZ @Nolan

She was somewhat taken aback when Zyrao identified herself as El-Aurian but Donna forced herself not to react to that announcement as the strategist continued speaking, revealing some, but not all, of how she came to be where she was. She glossed over her past with some sort of veiled comment pertinent only to herself before continuing on with mentions of the Theurgy's interactions with SuD Lang and the coreless moon. Donna herself only had an incomplete recapping of what had happened there but it seemed that Zyrao had been in the thick of it ever since meeting the renegade Starfleet vessel.

"I grew up on Risa but I was born on Earth," Donna answered the El-Aurian's question, trying to remember the last time she had readily admitted that. She'd had a different name then, Donna Petterson was the identity created for her by the now Admiral Anderson, but now declared a traitor, Donna was beginning to get tired of living and breathing lies to everyone around her. "I'm just your plain old Terran. Nothing special about me at all."

"Now Isel, here," Donna continued, redirecting the attention to the Vulpinian. "My girl is much more interesting than me. Isel, beautiful. Why don't you explain?"

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[ Captain Ives | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ]
That Starfleet liked to dabble when it came to systems close to volatile factions... that was stretching the truth a bit when it came to Aldea specifically. Though Jien Ives made no comment towards the fact that Aldea's other merits had compelled Starfleet Intelligence to send him there all those years ago, soon after the Enterprise-D had made first contact with the Aldeans. Furthermore, Ives was quite aware that Rez held not direct dealings with Aldea Prime. The blatant lie, however, was the ludicrous assumption that Jona Rez was a fair man. If anything, that might have had Jien scoff, but he didn't betray his feelings in that particular matter. Not when the person in front of him was an unknown quantity.

"I've always had a penchant for languages, and before entering the Command Division in Starfleet, I was a diplomat," he said instead in a non-committing way, not about to reveal his undercover assignment on the planet to an Aldean. Such things could backfire on the entire repair effort of the Theurgy, even though they were in good graces after the assistance with the Gestalt Program. The reason he'd opted to use Aldean was to lure something out of the person in front of him, beyond the highly peculiar affiliation with Jona Rez.

"So now that you mention it, I do know the way in which Starfleet dabbles with foreign powers, but even more so, I know specifically how Jona Rez does so, since the new host of the Rez symbiont belong to my crew, and the one before that was even my First Officer," he continued quietly, wondering if - indeed - the simulcast of his own making had reached even Aldea, and that this person in front of him could be one of the recipients of Jona's choosing. "If I were to venture a guess, Minister Stessias, I think you got an encrypted message from Jona Rez about three weeks ago, since that would corroborate with the symbiont's ambitions at the time. Pray tell, am I wrong?"

Pausing, Ives already had an idea about what was going on, and given a certain fact... he could at least tie the Stessias to Starfleet Intelligence.

"For you see, the presence of Rez on the Theurgy is something that couldn't just have reached you by mere hearsay. Fact is, when Rez came to serve on the Theurgy, the host at the time did not even go by their own name. They had infiltrated the ranks aboard my ship with the mission to liquidate any risk of the ship's high-end technology falling into the hands of foreign powers. To put in more plainly, posing as a counselor, Rez was on an undercover mission aboard, with a security clearance higher than that of my own rank."

Sipping his drink, Jien did not gloat in the least over how he'd ensnared the Minister by his own admission of awareness. There was no smirk accompanying the trap closing. In fact, Jien had left Starfleet Intelligence in loathing of childish intrigue, and had little patience for lies. The set of his stare was sharper now, with little stomach for the pretence. "So either you got the real simulcast from Rez, and you've been working on an assignment of his here at Aldea... or, you are a Starfleet Intelligence officer, that wasn't just aware that Rez was aboard the Theurgy to kill my crew, our A.I. and to destroy the ship whenever he saw so fit... you might even have similar orders yourself. Right here in the middle of Aldea's government."

Lowering his glass, Jien's oaken eyes were now quite uncompromising, done with the little game. "Or could it be both?"

The only mercy given was the fact that he'd kept his voice quiet so that no other Aldeans might hear.

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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn:
[Show/Hide]AS Zyrao mused that she might actually try having Ravon stand at attention, Isel dropped her gaze and busied herself with another of the tasty foodstuffs that the servers were carrying as they circulated around the room. That was great. Give the tattooed lady ideas, Isel. The SCO was sure to appreciate that!

And would likely be sure to pass such gratitude down the chain.

Donna and Natuana had been exchanging a few words, with Isel doing her best to remain silent and thus keep her foot out of her mouth. The last thing she needed was to get herself in shit with the SCO for embarrassing him or pissing off his new "friend". And so Isel sipped her drink and listened. She was doing just that as Donna steered the conversation towards her, the Vulpinian nearly choking on the pleasant blue beverage as she heard her name.

Clearing her throat to try and clear the alcohol form her airway, Isel inwardly marvelled at the fact that she'd managed to keep form spilling any of the drink on her dress uniform as she glanced between Donna, Ravon and Zyrao. "Me? Interesting?" Isel asked with an awkward chuckle and a slightly bewildered expression. "I don't know about that. I'm just your average furry shape-shifting carnivorous alien from Inari Prime!" Isel glanced at Donna with a look of amusement. "Which, if you're calling yourself a plain old terran, I suppose would sound pretty interesting by comparison..." Isel's mismatched gaze moved back to Zyrao. "I can't say I've ever met an El-Aurian before. And a Klingon relations officer? That'll certainly be handy! The Commander here hasn't exactly had great success in his own dealings with Kli..." Isel cut her words short and buried her face in her drink once more as Donna nudged her, immediately knowing she had once again said the wrong thing. She took a long, slow sip form her glass, and gave Ravon a apologetic look that seemed to say I shouldn't be allowed out in public.

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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Ibai Besi Palace | Aldea Prime ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @BZ @Fife

Ducote tugged the cuff of his sleeve further down his arm, straightening it out unnecessarily. It fit him perfectly, as his replicated uniforms ever did. And he knew he looked good in it, the crimson trim standing out nicely against the ivory field of his jacket. Blue, true to form, hated hers with a passion. He himself thought she looked great in it, but the compromise with a civilian suit still worked very much in her favour. The complete disregard for the tie she 'wore' somehow brought the whole thing together. Her earlier offer of a movie and a fuck were altogether far too appealing when they had other obligations to attend.

In his completely unbiased opinion.

The surroundings were a hair on the side of too opulent for his tastes, but that hardly mattered. It had to appeal to Aldean tastes more than anyone else's, of course. While Blue snagged a glass of... whatever that was, he plucked the stem of a flute filled with some fizzy golden liquid - on tasting, a fair analogue to Terran champagne. The emotional atmosphere slowly revealed itself to his blunted empathy - in the main, enjoyment at the occasion, some undercurrent of determination at the prospect of getting underway again in a week or so... a successful event so far. There were knots, of course, little nuggets of more serious things tucked in... but he'd be damned if he could tease them out now, and he was disinclined to try.

"I wonder if Cross is here."

"He better be," Ducote grunted in mock grumpiness, "I ordered him to attend."

If I have to turn up to these things, so does everyone else. We can be grumpy about it together.

Still, appearances had to be maintained. He raised his glass towards a few officers here and there who spotted their arrival, and caught the Captain's eye to do the same. S/he seemed to be in a rather intense conversation with some local official though, so he didn't care to interrupt.

The hybrid turned his attention happily back to Blue. "And no, I didn't forget the twinkies," he grinned down at her. "I might even still have a couple of that fresh-baked batch in stasis...

"Probably still warm when I pull 'em out, too."
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[Zyrao Natauna | Work Should Not Be Pretty | At Least Company is Good | Private Enemy Number One - Enter Scene]
@Numen @Stegro88 @Fife @Nolan

She supposed, this might be considered work to some, to her, it was a party.  The beautiful dresses, the drinks, the food, the various people in open conversations.  She could not imagine where work actually fit into this whole situation.  Not that she was going to go looking for it, since coming to the Theurgy she had been busy working as hard as she could to smooth over the relations of the Klingon and the Federation officers.  Many times it was her putting people in their places, usually the Klingon, but she had a talent for speaking to a Klingon's sense of honor and pride.  It was the fastest way to get to them when she needed to.  So she was glad that tonight was not about work, for her anyway, but instead just about spending more time with Ravon while the time allowed.  Who knew when their schedules would align again, though they had been doing well to make the most of what time they could find.

He told Isel not to give Zyrao any ideas, and truly, she didn't need any. The El-Aurian had been around longer than their collective lives and knew more things than probably all of them combined about what she could do to Thomas should the need arise.  However, so far, other than kissing they had done nothing.  She was fine with that, content to let Thomas move at his own pace.  She knew that he had been wounded gravely by the woman from his past and she was not one that wished to take her place.  Zyrao was going to seek to find and make her own place, she would not settle for someone's vacated position.

Thomas' hand slid up from her hip to her waist.  Zyrao didn't mind in the slightest where his hand actually was, she was still quite surprised that he was showing such public affections for her.  She would take whatever she could get with  his still-healing heart.  Donna was the first to speak up about her origins.  Zyrao watched the woman's face, body language, and the ease at which she spout a lie from her lips.  Zyrao didn't give anything away, but she knew that this was a woman she would not trust with anything further than necessities until she knew more about the woman.  She would not go about gossiping or trying to ruin the woman, everyone had shit they needed to hide, Zyrao included.  There was no reason to judge the woman, merely because she needed to keep things a secret. 

"It intrigues me, how everyone believes themselves average." she stated calmly when Isel had used similar terminology to that of Donna. Perhaps they had a secret together, but, she didn't get that vibe from Isel.  Either the wolf woman was better at hiding it or she didn't have the same secrets.  Isel admitted to having never met an El-Aurian before.  "Few have." was Zyrao's answer. 

Her eyes shifted to Thomas when he it was mentioned that he was struggling with the Klingon himself.  Her brow rose, as her grey eyes bore into him.  "You have failed to mention your struggles.  It is literally my job to help in such situations." she reminded him.  "You should have ca-"

It was then her eyes were caught by a flailing hand.  The way she was trained she immediately went into assault assessment mode only to realize it was some officer waving it around like an idiot. It was when she followed the hand upwards to the shoulder, the neck, and finally the face that she realized who the idiot was.  It was the one, the one she had charged with keeping Eboh alive.  With keeping her one and only kin alive until she could get back to  him.  He had been the one to keep up with Eboh while Zyrao was busy helping secure the ship and get them to safety. 

Later, it was told to her that Eboh had lost his fight and had been killed.  Her entire mood and demeanor changed.  She knew this man, she knew this asshole, she wanted to throttle him.  To wrap her well trained hands around his stupid throat and squeeze the life out of him and make sure that his last word in the Universe was Eboh.  Zyrao had been relaxed before, and quite comfortable in her skin.  But now, she was all tension and fight.  Her back straightened, her eyes sharpened, she was doing everything she could not to launch at the man and break his nose.. his face.. his soul.

He had failed in his mission, one that he had promised he could complete.

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[LCdr Blue Tiran-Ducote | BTD in the House | Boozin' Makes Me Feel Good | Where in the World is Cross?]
@Top Hat

While Blue had picked some kind of brightly colored booze, that rivaled that of the gummy bears she and Cross had gotten in a world of trouble with, Ducote had opted for a more subdued golden drink.  It had bubbles at least, so that was probably the most fun thing about it.  Blue figured if she was going to have to fucking talk to fucking stuffed shirts all fucking night until they got home she was going to need her fucking sanity.  It could only be found in the bottom of her glass at the moment.  But, getting drunk here was not a good idea and she wouldn't do that to Ranaan.  So instead of guzzling it as much as she really wanted to she decided that sipping would have to do.  The sugary sweet booze had just enough kick that she could just get a hint of alcohol past the sugar content. 

Ranaan admitted that he had ordered Cross to be here, and Blue's eyes redoubled their efforts to find the previously ridge-nosed mother fucker.  She didn't see him and figured that he was probably off doing some stuff and would come in when he was ready.  If not, she would delight in all that was good when Ranaan took him to task for missing this very important meeting.  That's what this was right?  An Aldean party-meeting-torture fest?

He promised that he hadn't forgotten the twinkies and that they would still be warm when he pulled them out of stasis later.  Her brow rose.  "Ranaan Ducote, I thought we were saving sexy time for later." she grinned over at him with a chuckle.  "You're over here talking dirty to me."

Blue sighed, determined to get through this fuckfest so that she could get the twinkies.  Reward systems were beautiful things when they were done properly.  She was just glad that it was something to look forward do.  So maybe if she could get him to make the rounds rather quickly she could kick off these heels, fire up their favorite movie, lay on the couch... eat twinkies and..

That was totally the plan now.

"That food looks fucking weird." she stated simply as they walked past someone carrying a tray of something she could not imagine putting in her mouth.  She wasn't sure what the point of actually fucking being here was other than to make appearances, and to rub elbows with fuckers that she didn't know yet.  Honestly, if she didn't know them, she probably didn't fucking want to.  If it wasn't for Ranaan she would have told Ives to get fucked when this fucking party was fucking mentioned in the first place. 

"What is the actual point of this fucking torture fest?  I know Ranaan Ducote loves these fucking things as much as I do, so please.. remind me why we are all dolled up and letting twinkies cool at home?"

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[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Oh how Ives seemed to walk the fine line of telling a lie yet informing him how he spoke such fluent Aldean. As Ives carried on to explain how Rez had been aboard his ship and even served as his first officer, Stessias remained stoically calm. He nipped from his drink as Ives pushed further and asked if he was a recipient of an encrypted message by Jona Rez. What really caught his attention was that the captain spoke of two hosts. The last one being this Amelya Rez whilst the other was his former first officer. It was intriguing to wonder how Jona got a message out after all. Was the captain telling him a true lie now or was there more to it?

Before he could reply to what Ives had told him, the man carried on to talk and explained just how Rez had come aboard the Theurgy. How that he could not have heard about it unless informed by Rez or anyone else from Starfleet intelligence for that matter. A quirky smile formed at his lips as he seemed to be outplayed by the man in front of him. The Aldean official simply drank from his own beverage, emptying it entirely now before his eyes looked back into Jien's as he started on his conclusion.

He paused himself to think over what he had to answer the captain "Both perhaps." he answered simply before looking around, aware that they were in a rather open meeting "I have received an encrypted message for that matter from Rez. Quite a peculiar one I might add and you can understand the surprise when the Theurgy decided to dock here out of all places. As for what mission Rez was on when aboard the Theurgy, I have no intention to follow up on it as I think times and ideas have changed in the meantime. I do however wish to offer my services to the Theurgy." he explained his motives now as Jonathan no longer saw the point of hiding his agenda "Lieutenant Jonathan Byrne, Sir. Starfleet Intelligence as you may have guessed. Jona Rez was my mentor, thought me a couple of tricks and the rest I developed further. However, if you were to consider my suggestion to join. I'd rather discuss this in a more private place on a more convenient time." he stated calmly as he never dropped his act as an Aldean Gestalt while talking to Ives. He had looked left and right from time to time, to keep his surroundings in check should anyone overhear them by accident. Obviously most people were kept out of distance by the blue deputy that oversaw their conversation.

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88  @Fife  @BZ  @Numen

As Donna spoke to Zyrao, Ravon looked around. He had to smirk slightly as Donna shoved Isel back into the spotlight and Zyrao was curious to what Nix had to say. Obviously Thomas should've seen it coming that Isel would talk faster than she'd be able to think. Although sheh ad started off properly by explaining what she was , she mentioned Thomas' misfortunes with Klingons. In fact a single Klingon came to mind as Ravon's eyes shot over to Isel as she dug her face back into her drink. Just as Zyrao confronted him with the fact that her purpose aboard the ship was to help with struggles with Klingons. He could tell that the El-Aurian wasn't pleased "Hey, I told you about that!" he fended for himself, being put to damage control thanks to Nix. As if that wasn't enough though, Ravon's eyes caught something in his peripheral vision.  "When my fa-" he interrupted himself as he recognized Izar Bila.

Thomas wasn't sure if he was grateful to see Bila, seeing the look on the scientist's face as he moved closer to them and eventually froze in place a few steps away from them. He could recognize the expression from various past encounters, usually when something had gone wrong with contraband shipments which may or may not have been partially Thomas' fault during the time. Yet this look was more intense, more angry than usual.

And he wasn't alone. Ravon could feel the skin underneath his hand tense up. The woman he was accompanying cut her sentence short as her whole body tensed up. If he didn't know better he'd think she'd be preparing to lash out for an impromptu sparring session right here and now with him. Was this because of his trouble with Klingons or because of Bila? Thomas wasn't quite sure yet before he remembered a conversation he had with Bila after the Battle of the Apertures.

"Ekon..." he murmured softly to himself before his brain linked any involvement with Zyrao. His eyes darted over to Zyrao now. His own muscles tensing up and readying to intervene should his plus one lash out and most probably break Bila and his mushy bones.

'Sure, this was a party and not work.' he thought to himself as his grip on Zyrao's side tensed up and he whispered to her ear "Play nice."
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