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Topic: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party (Read 30 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
STARDATE 57605.03
DAY 19 - MARCH 29, 2381
2100 HRS.

[ Jona'krah Stessias / Lt Jonathan Byrne | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

The official cermenony had started at 2030 hrs with the speech of First Appointee Radue of the Aldean Defence Committee. The official leader of the Aldeans had invited the crew of the secret ship called Theurgy to a palace at the outskirts of Aldea Prime. The palace was situated at the mound of the river Ibai Besi as it spilled into the Aldean Ocean. The building was a feat of years of construction and a perfect display of Aldean architecture and splendor. No costs seemed to be spared for the occasion as various drinks, meals and snacks were provided with the support of a small army of servants and staff. The decorations inside were marvelous and were best compared to one of the ancient times of gala dinners during the twentieth century on Earth. Theurgy crew had been invited to wear their official uniforms for the occasion as their privacy was ensured. Said privacy of the guests attending was guaranteed by Klingons whom were posted at the entry points of the palace and scattered throughout a well defined perimeter around it.

The occasion for this feast was how the Aldeans managed to isolate the bug in the Gestalt Program with the help of the Theurgy crew. An issue that had been solved with the wits and help of Theurgy's science department. The speech of the First Appointee was coming to an end now and as he thanked the attending guests for their contribution once more, the cue was given for for the party to start in full. The doors were opened and more warm dishes were served for the guests. The few staff that had been attending to the thirsty ones during the speech were now cycled out with fresh faces. The First Appointee stepped down from the speaking stand and a new man appeared on it in a colorful and official Aldean state Chlamys. He smiled broadly as he spoke up "Please guests enjoy your evening in the palace. Feel free to mingle with one another and us as I am sure we can learn a lot from each other. Again, I can assure you all that your identities are kept safe with us. Enjoy the evening and may your future journeys be as prosperous as it is here."

With that the stage was vacated and the mingling began as The man who had used the stage last moved through the various crowds of Starfleet officers. A small hint of recognition given by the man as he snaked his way further and greeted and talked to a few people, Starfleet and Aldeans alike. Eventually his eyes fell on the captain of the ship that lay in dry dock overhead. He boded his time for the party to go in full swing before he made his way to the captain. He was just a few meters out from reaching the man before a blue skinned woman barred his way. The look on her face said everything as she had possibly been eyeing him as he hawked around Ives' companions. The Andorrian was in her official Starfleet dress uniform so it was easy for the man to identify her rank.

"Lieutenant. How can I help you this evening?" he smiled as he raised his glass to her. The content a blue liquid that seemed carbonized. An Aldean delicacy it would seem as he looked into her eyes, his blue eyes almost piercing into hers as he was adamant on reaching his target "Might I add that you look quite stunning in your uniform. The white really contrasts nicely with your skin tone." he continued with a charming smile. His eyes broke away from hers as he looked at Ives' back once more before returning his gaze to hers "I was meaning to have a chat with your captain." he clarified. 

[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Stegro88

The speech was seemingly endless and while the glass he was holding never seemed to run empty, Thomas Ravon looked around for some familiar faces. The invitation had been delivered a few days back and as part of the senior staff, he figured his attendance would be appreciated. He took another swig from his drink and felt the carbonated drink fizzle in his throat before the warmth of the alcohol coaxed his insides. His eyes fell upon a member of his pack not too far away from him as he slowly and subtly made his way over to Donna Petterson. He came to a stop behind her and waited for the other guy to finish off the speech as the activities begun and he placed his hand on Donna's shoulder before leaning in "Fancy seeing you here lieutenant." he said to her "Is Isel around too?" he asked her curiously as his eyes moved over the crowd as with the end of the speech a lot more murmuring, talking, and movement was ensued.

His eyes eventually landed back at Donna as he took another nip from the drink. Waiting for her reply first before he laughed and nodded "How are you adjusting to the new ship and surroundings?" he inquired as he didn't mind the chance to have some small talk with her.
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Re: Day 19 [2100 hrs.] Oceanside Dress Party
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[ Ensign Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Aldea Prime | Ibai Besi Palace ] Attn: @Nolan @Stegro88
[Show/Hide]Isel was weaving her way through the throng of people who filled the room, milling about and congregating in small groups now that the First Appointee had dismissed them to the evening's pleasantries. Isel had arrived a little later than many of the others, though she had caught his speech. Lots of thanks had been given, and good wishes for their journey ahead.

Isel just hoped that their next journey didn't land her in sickbay like the last one had.

Isel shook her head slightly as though to shed the grim thoughts, determined to stay in a happy mood this evening, and to not say anything that would cause any affront to their hosts. She suspected the latter would be the more difficult of the two tasks...

Twisting her body to avoid spilling the two drinks she carried in her hands, Isel narrowly avoided colliding with a rather large Aldea woman in a very bright dress, the Vulpinian murmuring an apology while inwardly wishing she was taller and thus more visible in the crowd. She thought to herself that she should have replicated her dress uniform to fir her Natural form rather than the Vulcine form, as people tended to pay more attention and give her more space to move when she looked more akin to a predatory animal. Finally, after several more near misses, Isel spotted her Donna through a break between two gaggles of people, both mixtures of brightly garbed Aldeans and smartly dressed Starfleeters. Her wingmate, element leader and lover was talking to someone, though Isel couldn't see who it was through the crowd.

"I leave her alone for two seconds..." Isel muttered with a chuckle and a grin, carefully weaving her way between the guests. After she navigated another cluster of chattering Aldeans, she saw that it was Lieutenant Commander Ravon that Donna was talking to. Dodging a servant carrying a tray, Isel found herself with a clear path to the pair of officers, Ravon dressed in the spotless white of his dress uniform, Donna resplendent in a long dress which Isel's eyes very much appreciated. "Best behaviour now, Nix." Isel reminded herself as she approached form behind Ravon as he was speaking.

"Is Isel around too?" Ravon asked as she pulled up beside him.

"Isel's here! And whatever they said I did, they're lying." Isel chimed in, grinning at the SCO before giving Donna a wink as she handed the taller woman one of the drinks. "Here you go, my lovely." Then, turning to Ravon. "What do you think of her dress, sir? She's stunning, isn't she?" Isel couldn't help herself, and directed a shit-eating grin at Ravon. "I'm just glad I didn't wear the same one. I hate when we show up in the same outfit." Isel chuckled to herself at her lame joke and took a sip of the blue Aldean drink, finding it pleasantly carbonated and bubbly, if a bit weaker than what she might have preferred. She took another sip and listened as Ravon asked how they were adjusting to their new surroundings. Isel smiled up at Donna, deciding it was probably safer to let the taller woman reply to the question, suspecting Donna's response would be more appropriate than Isel's would be... and less peppered with expletives...
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