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Topic: Day 19 [1535hrs.] Anxious Arrivals (Read 37 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 19 [1535hrs.] Anxious Arrivals
Anxious Arrivals
Stardate 57604.47
29 March 2381
Day 19

Ensign L'Nari | Aldean Spacedocks > USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]L'Nari had not been enjoying herself since arriving at Epsilon Mynos III.

Her transport had arrived from Starbase 82 via the Oceanus System without incident, the journey having been long but not overly unpleasant. L'nari found she had a beautiful view of the orange and gold hues of the planet's atmosphere as they docked at a spaceport in orbit around the planet, though she knew the planet's surface to consist largely of unpopulated wasteland.

Her problems had started when she stepped off the transport.

L'Nari had read a little about Aldea on the trip from Cait, including a brief overview of the incident involving the USS Enterprise-D in 2364 and the fact that the Klingons had taken over as protectors of Aldea. She had also read that Aldea population tended to be wary of outsiders to the point of xenophobia.

This had become quickly apparent once she had disembarked the transport.

Though she wasn't wearing her Starfleet uniform, L'Nari's species still stood out among the predominantly Aldean population of the spacedocks, earning her many curious looks form those she passed, not all of them friendly. She had purchased a kind of colourful headscarf from a vendor in the hopes of hiding her ears and face somewhat, though anyone she talked to directly could easily tell her species based on her furry face and the structure of her nose. It had taken some time to find her way to the Klingon security office that she had been instructed to present herself to, and a longer wait still before she managed to speak with KDF officer in charge of the security outpost.

Thankfully, things seemed to advance more quickly form there. The Klingon officer in charge of the security post had been surprised when the Caitian had spoken to him in his own language rather than relying on the use of a universal translator, and had become less dismissive than he initially had been. However, this didn't stop him from laughing at her as she informed him she needed to speak with General Chu'vok on a matter of some urgency. The man's laughter ceased as she provided the correct password, prompting the Klingon to sit upright in his chair and regard her with surprised curiosity.

After passing along notice of her arrival to the General, the KDF officer had her escorted to the transporter room, and form there to speak with the General. Chu'vok was an imposing Klingon specimen. The man had dark skin and a large, heavily ridged forehead which somehow served to add to his presence; a presence which left L'Nari feeling rather intimidated, the attaché being more accustomed to dealing with diplomats than soldiers. And so it was that she found herself being barked at by General Chu'vok, though she suspected this was how Chu'vok spoke with everyone.

"You wished to speak with me, cat, and you have the correct password." Chu'vok growled at her, eyeing her at though sizing her up in case the Caitian were to attack him. Or perhaps for some other reason which L'Nari didn't want to think about. "Why is it that you've come here?"

"I think it's safe to assume you know why I've come here, General." L'Nari replied, trying to sound cool and calm, and doing a relatively good job of it given her level of unease. Perhaps her accented rolling of her Rs quavered just a touch as she spoke, but her voice at least managed to stay level. "I also think you know where I need to go. My name is Ensign L'Nari. I'm an attaché with the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps. I've been sent to join the Theurgy's crew, and was instructed to seek you out to arrange transport to her."

The General seemed to growl in contemplation as he regarded her, leading L'Nari to reflect, not for the first time, on the fact that Klingons seemed to sound angry no matter what they were doing.

"I know you're a busy man, General, and I don't want to waste your time." L'Nari's ears folded back against her head as a sign of her nervousness. "If you could authorize transport to where the Theurgy is docked, I would appreciate it."

"Very well, Ensign L'Nari." Even the was Chu'vok said her name sounded angry as the General lifted a PADD form his desk and began keying in commands. "Your travel to the Aldean Orbital Drydocks is granted. Show this to Grorak, the one who brought you here. He will escort you to the transporters." Chu'vok offered her the PADD, and sat back as she took it. "I will inform the Theurgy of your arrival." With that, Chu'vok turned his attention back to the PADD he had been working on when she walked in, growling at the device as he roughly punched in commands. L'Nari took that as a dismissal, and hurriedly stepped from the room.

"Good luck, cat." She heard General Chu'vok say. She turned and saw the General giving her a jagged and rather horrible grin. "Judging by the shape the Theurgy was in when she arrived, you're going to need it."

She could hear Chu'vok's growled laughter as she stepped form the room, the doors whirring shut behind her and cutting off the ominous sound.

L'Nari had done as the General had said, showing the PADD to Grorak and following the Klingon to the transporter room. From there she was beamed to the Aldean Orbital Drydocks, where she was escorted by a Klingon soldier to where the Theurgy was docked. As they made their way to the airlock arm which extended out to the ship, L'Nari was stuck by the sight of the USS Theurgy. Here was the renegade USS Theurgy, declared an enemy by Starfleet and the Federation and hunted by an entire task force. She had seen numerous reports about the Theurgy cross her desk before she'd gone on bereavement leave, and the idea that she was now going to be boarding that ship left her feeling a bit light-headed.

What the hell have you gotten yourself into, L'Nari? She though to herself, not for the first time.

She'd looked over the Theurgy's specs during her journey, and knew that she was looking at the Theurgy's Vector 01, the Helmet, and that this Vector held the Main Bridge, and would likely be where Captain Ives was. She was pulled from her thoughts, however, as the Klingon escorting her suddenly came to a stop and punched a button which sent the doors beside him whirring open. The Klingon gave a curt nod towards the open doors which led out into the airlock arm, and then stomped away without a word.

"Um, thank you!" L'Nari called after the Klingon, her tone uncertain. The Klingon either didn't hear, or did care, not bothering to turn around. With a sigh, L'Nari turned and peering into the airlock, the passage seeming to hold a looming threat. Or perhaps it was just the knowledge of where it led.

With a sigh, L'Nari stepped through the doors and made her way along the arm towards the airlock on the Theurgy's end.

And that was where she stood leaning against the wall of the airlock arm, waiting. The tip of her tail flicked with annoyance as she wondered if General Chu'vok had done this on purpose.

Make the cat wait. L'Nari thought to herself, imagining the growling laugh of the intimidating General in her head. Finally, after waiting for some time, the doors to the Theurgy's airlock hissed and began to open, prompting L'Nari to push herself upright and off the wall with a murmured "Finally..."

Re: Day 19 [1535hrs.] Anxious Arrivals
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[ Lieutenant ThanIda zh'Wann | Airlock | Deck 16 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Fife 
Then the sliding doors of the airlock opened, Deputy ThanIda zh'Wann stepped out unto the docking arm, dressed in her Starfleet uniform. With her hands at her sides, she had a pulse phase pistol holstered at the side of her hip. She made no motion towards it, not caring to startle the Ensign that the Klingon General had just alerted her about. It had merely taken her a couple of minutes to get to the specific airlock, and she greeted the Caitian with a nod and a thin-lipped smile. The glow of the Aldean planetary surface cast her antennae in golden light through the viewports of the docking arm. They angled towards the newest addition of Thea's officers, likely having travelled far to get there.

"Ensign L'Nari?" she stated, a mere rhetorical question since she already knew who she was. "I'm Deputy zh'Wann. Welcome to the USS Theurgy. If you would kindly step inside."

Turning around, she led the way inside the airlock, where two other security officers waited, bedecked in hardsuits in their golden divisional colour. They stood at the side in the room, rifles held in a rest-position in front of themselves - muzzles towards the deck. When Ida had entered the airlock, she waited for the Caitian to step inside, listening to whatever she might have to say. Once the new officer was inside, Ida tapped a few commands into the control panel on the opposite wall, to the right of the next set of sliding doors that barred their way. Yet instead of them opening up, the doors behind the Ensigns closed loudly, leaving the four present people locked in. Ida then tapped her combadge, turning to face L'Nari with an expressionless face.

"zh'Wann to Security Ops, confirm visual and begin anyon sweep in airlock three," she said, and only then did she put a hand on the handle of her pistol, while the guards to the side of the Caitian newcommber widened their stance a little bit, seeming more at the ready to raise their weapons.

[Aye, Deputy. We can see you. Sweep commencing in three, two, one...] Inside the sealed airlock, the vents along the edge of the deckhead hissed loudly, but of course the subatomic particles could not be seen. [Cycling phase variations now. Please stand by.]

It took about ten seconds, during which Ida just looked at L'Nari without comment, her white eyebrows low over her stare - her hand still ready to draw her weapon. She said nothing, just like the two security guards in the room - their faceless visors void of any emotion. Ida might just have worn a helmet herself - nothing distracting her from her duty. She'd dealt with Infested before, and knew how small the margin for reaction was in case she just shared the airlock with one.

[Cycle complete. Unless you want to do your old test, I think she's clean. Sec Ops out.]

The comment made about her old high stun test made the side of Ida's mouth curve a little bit, and she removed her hand from her weapon. The guards also stood at ease again, and Ida tapped the control panel to open the doors through which they would enter the Theurgy's corridors. "My apologies. I take it you have been briefed about the enemy. We just had to make sure. You were saying?"

Listening, Ida turned around and led the way.

Re: Day 19 [1535hrs.] Anxious Arrivals
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Ensign L'Nari | Airlock | Deck 16 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan
[Show/Hide]L'Nari vivid green eyes watched as the airlock doors hissed open to reveal a female Andorian in the gold uniform of what L'Nari assumed was Security rather than Engineering. The phase pistol holstered at the blue skinned woman's hip only reinforced that assumption. L'Nari studied the woman for a quick moment, taking in the Lieutenant's pips on the gold collar and the blue features which were basked in the golden glow of the planet below.

"Ensign L'Nari?"

L'Nari nodded, giving the Andorian the beginnings of a smile. "Yes, ma'am. I was told to report here, and to meet..." The Andorian had not waited for the response before she introduced herself, L'Nari falling silent as the Lieutenant spoke. Deputy zh'Wann welcomed L'Nari to the USS Theurgy, then politely asked her to step inside the airlock before she turned and led the way, L'Nari following with a growing sense of uncertainty.

That uncertainty only grew when she caught sight of the two Security officers in full exosuits and armed with phaser rifles. It was hardly the first time L'Nari had seen officers kitted out in such a manner, the Caitian having had armed Security escorts on numerous occasions during her time on Cardassia. This was, however, the first time she felt that she was the one they deemed a potential threat, and the feeling was more than a little unnerving. As was the fact that Deputy zh'Wann's face had become cold and expressionless as she turned to face the Caitian once the airlock doors had banged shut, sealing L'Nari in with the three Security members. The Andorian tapped her combadge and sent a message to Ops.

"An anyon sweep?" L'Nari repeated the woman's words, though the Caitian's voice was significantly more timid than the Andorian's had been, a look of confusion crossing her features. "Why are..." L'Nari trailed off as the Deputy's hand went to the pistol grip of her sidearm, a chill running through the black-furred woman as she stared on silently and listened to the countdown which came over the comm channel. L'Nari tensed as she saw the two armoured officers adjust the position of their weapons, the two seeming much less relaxed now. Wide eyed and afraid, her ears laid back against her head, L'Nari remained perfectly still. Her eyes darted from one armed Theurgy officer to another, not sure what to expect.

They waited for what felt like hours, though in reality L'Nari would guess it to have been about ten seconds, before the voice from Ops came over the comm announcing the cycle to be complete, and that L'Nari was "clean".

The two armoured and faceless security officers seemed to relax, and zh'Wann removed her hand form her pistol. Only then did L'Nari let out a breath she didn't even realize she'd been holding. She realized that Lieutenant zh'Wann had begun to speak once more, apologizing and voicing the assumption that L'Nari had been briefed about the enemy. She said they had had to make sure before finishing the statement with "You were saying?", the question throwing L'Nari off for a second. A moment ago L'Nari had thought the three might simply shoot her and dump her back outside the airlock, of the Goddess knew what else. Now she acted as though they had been having a perfectly polite conversation which had simply been paused due to a minor interruption.

"I have been briefed on the situation and the enemy," L'Nari admitted sheepishly, "That I can't say I was expecting that." L'Nari took a deep breath and let it out slowly before she continued. "What is the purpose of the anyon sweep? Does that allow you to detect the presence of the parasites? How many have you found?" L'Nari asked the question with a curiosity which still carried with it a hint of the ebbing panic from a few moments earlier. Zh'Wann seemed to be listening, though she turned and stepped through the next set of doors and into the Theurgy. L'Nari paused and stared after her a moment before hurrying to catch up. "Wait, you thought I was a parasite?" L'Nari had caught up with zh'Wann, and fell into step beside her. "What... what would have happened if I had been one?"