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Day 20 [1300] Mechanical Malady
[CPO Eun Sae Ji | Life and It's Lemons | I Thought We Fixed This?  | Aliens Need to Leave my Deck Alone | Assistant Chief on Duty]  @Top Hat @Fife

"You got grease running up your arm."

Ji pulled her head out of the engine compartment of one of the worse off fighters.  One of the ones that she and everyone else was trying to get flight worthy again.  It was getting closer, every day, and she was currently rewiring some of the engine to add those connections that would allow the whole system to figure and respond to the controls in the cock pit.  The Korean woman was slight and light, not weighing much even with that corded muscle that wrapped around her frame due to the sheer level of physicality that was her job.  Being Assistant Chief, had it's perks, but it also came with far more long working hours, and a lot more time spent on duty than off.  She hadn't seen much of Liam since he, too, got promoted and they had both been working to repair the damage that the Asaurians had done to the deck along with several other incidents.  Not including the Endeavour's crew aboard the Niger.  Right now, she was just glad that all the drama of those situations had, for the most part, calmed down and she didn't have to break up as many fights. 

Tensions were still high at times, and though they were on a sort-of leave, there was no shortage of work to do, things that needed fixing, tweaking, or just plain trashing. The Klingon had been instrumental in getting them parts and things that they needed and couldn't replicate.  But, she wondered sometimes, at what cost.  Looking down at her arm that clasped the side chassis of the fighter engine compartment sure enough there was a long streak of grease running down her arm, likely, from rubbing against something while she was working.  But, Ji had always come to think of the grease stains, bruises, cuts, scrapes, and general wounds were because of the job.  They proved that she was working and working hard.  Besides, grease always came out in the shower and it wasn't that much.

Ji currently wore her bright yellow jumper that she wore every day.  It was not on her upper torso though, but isntead the sleeves were tied around her waist so that the black sports bra with her combadge was all she wore up top.  A few beads of sweat from her hard efforts and endeavors to get the fighter fully functioning again, had begun to trickle down her back and the edges of her hair were damp with it as well.  Ji hardly ever stopped moving, even though Liam was her boss she never gave an ounce of her own job up.  She never lazed about, in fact she was probably one of the harder workers here.  The men understood her and she had a great rapport with them that she had cultivated over the time spent here. 

With Sten gone, she felt a weight off her shoulders.  No longer did she have to worry about him coming at her, over her, or behind her.  She didn't have to worry about his touches or his gaze, and she didn't have to worry about his harsh judgments where Liam was concerned.  Of course, they had misued his desk when he wasn't around to use it himself, but it wasn't that bad of a thing.  At least they hadn't done it on the flight deck... well... anyway, she figured that he had over reacted because it was a 'you can't have me but you can't have someone else' kind of complex.  Which she was completely uninterested in.  She wanted to find someone special in her life, and someone that she could grow up and old with over time.  Someone she could fight for, love with, and enjoy life beside.  That person had turned out to be Liam Herrold and she was all too glad that it was.  Their brief flirting at the start of the relationship proved how shy he was at first, but now, he seemed to be just fine with grabbing her and kissing her here or there, though on deck they remained as professional as possible.  Saving their private moments for in private.

Turning back to the job at hand, she reached down and tightened the hydrobolt one last time to make sure that it was perfect.  The wrench didn't budge the bolt so she knew that it was good, but as she pulled the corded muscles in her arm stood out against her olive skin tone.  Finally, she let go satisfied that it wasn't going anywhere and reached up to wipe the sweat from her brow for a moment.  She glanced at the large chronometer on the wall and it proved that she had been here working on this engine installation for over four hours straight without a break.  Come to think of it, she could hardly feel her legs and when she gave them a little move, they nearly buckled from the muscles having stood in one place for such a long time while she worked to install and connect all the lines, junctions, conduits, and relays.  Now, it was ready to go, or at least, ready for an initial start up test, but that wasn't going to be what she needed to do right now.

I really need to pee.

She suddenly realized.

Tossing her wrench into the small loop on the work belt that she was wearing, it popped slightly against her leg as she turned and headed down the maintenance stairs to the deck plating below.  "Fire her up, run a diagnostic.  Do it three times, compare results and then send them to me.  Report to me any anomalies." she told mechanic that had spoken with her earlier, his name was Duke, and his bicep was larger than her waist, the man could probably haul one of these fighters across the bay by pulling it on a rope.  And while that was something that she would actually like to see one day, maybe she should start a pool....

"All right boss, will do." 

"Do the three, five, seven." method if all goes well.

"Got it."

"Chief!  Chief!" another voice called out as it rushed over to the young Korean woman.  She waited, hands on her hips, to see what the heck was going on now.  It seemed to be a never ending turn of issues.  It was as if the deck could not get ahead of any one issue without six more springing up behind it having just waited for her to let her guard down.  Brown eyes, were warm and happy, but sharp with curiosity as the tall Andorian male stopped in front of her. 

"It's Nix's fighter.  She's just come in, but the umbilical won't lock."

"What?!"  Ji said as she brushed a hand quickly, nervously, through her hair.  "She's still in the fighter?  Tell her to power that shit down, there's no reason to have it up and running right now.  I'll put in a work order and head over."

The Andorian nodded and took off at a loping run with his long legs.  Ji pulled the PADD out of her side leg pocket and quickly began to fill in the information about the broken umbilical and what exactly was wrong with it.  She didn't know exactly the problem until she went over there and began to check out the systems, but right now, at least it was on the docket to be fixed.  This was a larger problem than just something that she could do later.  Nix couldn't leave her plane unattached to the ship because that meant if something happened, it would roll and cause damage not only to the fighter but to the bay and possibly people. 

That wasn't going to be allowed to happen.

"Jieger, Stanton, Colesca, th'Bri.  I need you to use the pinpointed tractor beams to hold Nix's fighter in place.  Four points of contact, I don't want that thing going anywhere until we figure out what is going on with the docking clamps." she cried out as she began to run across the deck towards the issue and the fighter in question.  She had never actually met Nix, but she knew which fighter was hers, which bay wasn't working, and she knew exactly where to go.

Ji arrived on scene just as the fighter powered down, and the four that she had called out to began to scramble into their positions to get the tractor beams settled, she had to make this as safe as possible while they figured out where the malfunction originated from.  Blowing out a puff of air, her bangs shifted off to the side as she surveyed the fighter, and then walked bravely underneath it to begin to check the clamps. 

Sure enough, wide open.

Re: Day 20 [1300] Mechanical Malady
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[ Ens. Isel "Foxfire" Nix | Cockpit | Wolf-04 | Fighter Assault Bay | Deck 16 | Vector 2 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @BZ  @Top Hat
Isel sighed as her fighter eased into the Fighter Assault Bay, eager to be done with yet another uneventful patrol. It seemed like all they'd done since arriving at Aldea was run boring routine patrols, and the monotony of it all was beginning to get to the Vulpinian. That boredom had prompted her to stay out a little longer, her fellow Wolves having already returned to the Theurgy. Isel had decided to use the extra time to put her fighter through it's paces, perhaps pushing it a little harder than she should have. Those hairpin turns might be a bit hard on the fighter, but it was fun.

[Wolf-04, you are cleared to dock at your usual spot. Welcome home.]

"Roger that, Wolf-04 proceeding to docking space 04." Isel replied over the comms, guiding her fighter to the designated space as her thoughts drifted to getting the fuck out of her flight suit and into a large mug of coffee, preferably spiked with something strong.

Such thoughts were interrupted when, as she guided her fighter into position, an alarm blared into life and her HUD showed a rather annoying blinking red alert just before her eyes. "The fuck?" Isel growled, her eyes focusing on the alert as the voice of the fighter's computer finally put voice to the problem.

[Warning: Umbilical failure. Unable to complete docking sequence.]

"Oh, for fuck's sake, really?" Isel growled, her teeth bared behind the visor of her flight helmet. "You've gotta be fucking ki-"

[Warning: Umbilical failure. Unable to-]

"Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!!" Isel snarled, punching a command into her fighter's console to silence the alerts. "Fucking assbag piece of shit fucking..." Isel's tirade trailed off as she keyed open a channel to report the issue. "Wolf-04 to Mission Ops. I've got a bunch of obnoxious lights flashing in my fucking eyes, and am unable to dock. I think your shit's broken."

[Roger, Wolf-04. Sit tight. We'll dispatch emergency crews to secure your fighter.]

"Sit tight? Where the fuck do you think I'm gonna go?" Isel grumbled as she keyed the comms channel closed, sighing as she watched the FAB deck crew scurrying about to deal with her little problem. One of the flight deck NCOs was signalling her to set the fighter down, waving his arms around like an idiot. The sight made Isel chuckle as she let her fighter come to rest on the deck and powered it down, feeling tractor beams engage against her fighter as she leaned her head back against her seat for a moment, closing her eyes. "Why is it always my fighter that breaks?" Isel asked herself, wondering if it might be something she was doing that was destroying fighter after fighter. "Maybe I'm just fucking cursed." Isel muttered, opening her eyes and releasing the canopy. "I should have stayed in the fucking Sundicate..."

After waiting for the canopy to rise, Isel clamoured up and out of the fighter, pausing to allow one of the deck crew to move a ladder in place for her to climb down. Once her feet touched the deck, Isel reached up and released her helmet, removing it from her head and running a hand through her long, pale white hair. She saw movement underneath the fighter, and turned to investigate. It turned out to be one of the deck crew. Isel had seen her before, she was sure, and after a moment she remembered that the woman was the Assistant Chief of the deck, though the Human's name evaded her. "Uh, hey." Isel said, resting a hand on the fighter as she watched the Deck Chief inspect her fighter. "So, your shit's broken. Does anything on this fucking ship stay in one piece?"
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