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Topic: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch (Read 125 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson & Samala | Transporter Room 02 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

"What do you mean I cannot take my knife down to the planet?" was the aggravated question that swept over Lieutenant JG Donna Petterson's ears as she walked into the transporter room on Deck 05. With the Theurgy separated into its independent vectors for repairs, Donna's habit of using her ship's different gyms for her workouts was a little more difficult than it usually would be. She could have just used the FAB's gym, but Donna didn't want to be too lazy. Her life had just started getting interesting again, perhaps too interesting, but she would make the best of it. She always did.

"Weapon's aren't allowed to be taken to the surface, ma'am," the transporter operator said to a person, apparently a female, standing before him. Donna could only see the rear of the woman but she already found herself analysing her. "Hair tied back in a ponytail; functional. Clothes are clean but show wear and tear, obviously not from a replicator; understands items have value. Footwear, casual thongs that look freshly replicated; unsure, many reasons." Shaking her head, she stepped forward and to the side to better observe the conversation and interject if necessary.

"That is stupid," the woman retorted, her voice more frustrated than angry or annoyed, Donna judged. "You are all on the run, docked in a place you cannot be sure is safe and yet you won't even take the most basic of self-protection steps. How are you all still alive?" the woman wondered, obviously rhetorically. Now getting a better view of her, Donna judged the woman to be around 20 standard years of age, well-built and, going from the ears, not entirely Human, if at all.

"By following the rules and being careful," Donna commented, not entirely disagreeing with the woman's thoughts but also not able to just stand by either. From her words, this woman was new aboard which raised several warning flags in Donna's mind. Who was she and where did she come from? "I don't believe we've met, miss?"

"We haven't," Samala responded to the new arrival. The woman was garbed like others she had seen, wearing what was apparently a variation of the native wear in shades of blue. This one, while looking similar, appeared to have less layers to it though. "And I understand being careful. More than you know."

"Doesn't mean you need to be impolite," Donna retorted calmly, glancing at the transporter tech. "Did she tell you her name?"

"No ma'am, sorry," the tech apologised, wanting to help but being unable too. The smirk on the female's face irked Donna somewhat, making her want to wipe it off her face, figuratively speaking.

"I suppose that would have been too easy," Donna thought to herself. She could leave and just go on about her day, but this woman was too smug for her own good. She needed to be taken down a peg or two. "Thea, do you have a moment to spare in Transporter Room 02? There is someone here refusing to give her name."
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Re: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Transporter Room 02 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Stegro88
Having received the verbal cue just when she was about to beam down to Aldea herself, Thea adhered to a sense of spontaneity and decided to answer Junior Lieutenant Petterson in person. So, she made a site-to-site transport from her own quarters - appearing on the transporter pad before the three women.

"Her name is Samala, a civilian shipmate that arrived together with her borther, Lorad. She's his sister, and she has security clearance to be in my public areas," she said, standing there in a chlamys of her own, two-layered and form-fitting to her projection. It was actual, real clothing that she wore on top of her photon-and-force field projection, and she could feel it against her unique sensor mapping. Much more than she could feel her usual chameleon body suit. She was also wearing an Aldean communicator on her arm, just like like the two women in front of the transporter pad, and hers had been made to project an Aldean life-sign - fooling most casual scans that she might be subjected to once she was down there.

I only wish you had been able to come with me, Kae. I suppose I should be grateful that you freed me from the Savi, together with Commanders Ducote and Cross... but seeing you die for me... it's something in my memory banks that will haunt me. Today, however, I decided that the best way to honour your memory would be to take the opportunities you've given me, and enjoy myself.

"Is there any problem?" she asked, looking towards the Transporter Officer, who shook her head, even though it wasn't usual to see Thea in such attire - suggesting that she'd leave her own hull. It wasn't usual, but she'd already cleared it with Ives after listing the precautions she'd take. All in accordance with the security protocols for planetary visits.

Oblivious to any present contention, and eager to put her feet on planetary soil for the first time since Theta Eridani IV, Thea then turned to the two women. "Are the two of you beaming down as well? Where are you heading? I have yet to decide what to do, so if I am not imposing on any private excursions, may I come along?"

Thea remembered the first time she beam off-ship, seeing herself from the ground of Theta Eridani - her hull undergoing repairs at that time as well. Back then, she's been in Standard Operation Mode and had her landing gears extended, sitting across from the USS Harbinger in a deep valley. This time, she wouldn't be able to see herself from Aldea's surface, even though the subspace synchronisation link would keep her appraised of her background tasks aboard her three Vectors.

Re: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson & Samala | Transporter Room 02 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

To date, when Donna had asked something of Thea, the Theurgy's Artificial Intelligence had only ever replied as a faceless voice through the ship's intercom system. In truth, in the 9 days she had been aboard, Donna had not actually met the AI formally. Which in hindsight, seemed a little rude of her. She could understand the slip, most ships didn't have a functioning AI as part of the crew, but now it was at the forefront of her mind.

"I'll need to apologise," Donna thought to herself as Thea answered her question about who the female was that was causing a fuss. "Lorad's sister," Donna mused, thinking about the hulking Reman that she had seen around the ship. She had made it a point to learn about how he came aboard, given the rumours and reports of the Theurgy defecting to the Romulans. But so far, his story had held up. As to his sister? "She doesn't look like a typical Reman female. Adopted? Hybrid?"

Samala wasn't sure what to make of this new arrival. The Human had been bad enough but now she had called on the ship's computer to explain who she was. Why did all of Starfleet have to be so annoying? All she wanted to do was to get her knife, which was her property, and transport down to the planet to look around the markets. No. Big. Deal.

"No problem," Samala commented even though the hologram wasn't looking at her. "I just want my property back," she explained, choosing her worlds carefully. She wasn't sure if the computer had heard her or not as when the hologram turned to face both her and the Human, she asked if they were both beaming down to the planet and, quite surprisingly, if she could go with them. "What do you mean, 'may you come along'? You're the ship's computer, you can't just get up and leave."

"Thea is not actually the ship's computer, Samala," Donna interjected before Thea could comment. "Thea is an Artificial Intelligence that, while integrated with the ship, is a separate entity," she explained to Samala before turning to Thea. "I assume you have some sort of holographic mobile emitter?" she asked of the AI, having heard of the technology brought back by the USS Voyager from the Delta Quadrant but not being sure if Thea possessed it. The assumption was a stretch, but a valid one.

"By the way, we haven't formally met before now," Donna said. "I am Donna Petterson. As for the planet, I was going down to the Ibai Besi Promenade. I hear that is where all the good shipping is and a place where a stranger can blend it easily," Donna explained, not revealing the fact that she had a second outfit in the bag over her shoulder. As much as she liked the chlamys, she preferred lighter, often single layered clothing as a personal preference. If she found the opportunity, and it wouldn't break her cover, she was going to change. "You are welcome to join me. You too Samala, if you wish."

"So, you are part of the ship, but not the ship?" Samala reasoned, working her head around what she had just heard. "And you can leave it...somehow?" It was all a bit of a stretch. Her training hadn't really covered advanced computer systems and holograms, being more focused to skills and technology that she could use to fight the Romulans. "I was headed to this promenade place as well. I need to get off this ship for a while. I wasn't planning on going with anyone but sure."
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Re: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Transporter Room 02 > Ibai Besi Promenade | USS Theurgy > Aldea Prime ] Attn: @Stegro88
Listening to the two women talking, Donna appeared to have the general gist of her identity mostly right, though on the topic of what and who Thea identified herself to be, it could only be she herself who could answer that. Indeed, while she could be removed from her own hull and computer systems - as evidenced recently in the Azure Nebula - her name was the same as the ship, only shortened, and she knew no other existence than being the proverbial soul of a starship. She smiled to them, confident in who and what she was, even though she was still in a stage of development much like the organics aboard her.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, and yes, I do," she said in regard to a mobile emitter, and brushed a hand over her abdomen, which beneath the chlamys was hidden by the latticework of forcefields and photons that made her projection. "Shall we then?"

She gestured in an invitation to the transporter pad she stood upon, and looked at the female transporter officer. Thea had no idea where this dagger they'd spoken about was at, but if it was on Samala's person, the officer would just filter it out while they were beamed down - the weapon ending up in the buffer instead. A precautionary measure to ensure that the Aldeans wouldn't rescind their rights to have shoreleave down in Aldea Prime. "The Ibai Besi Promenade, please?"

While she could have executed the transport herself, she had made a point of not interfering with the officers in the transporter rooms, knowing that if she were to meddle with their operations accidents might happen. So, she stood there with her hands folded behind her back, and let her emitter and her projection become enveloped in shimmering light...

[ Ibai Besi Promenade | Aldea Prime ]

...only to be materialised on a street overlooking a river cast in golden light. Her eyes widening, she looked around, seeing how people dressed like herself were moving up and down the promenade on both sides of the wide river. Twisting skyscrapers lit by the orange sky soared above her, and anti-grav bikes and speeders whisked by. The bustling activity surrounding her was altogether new to her, only experienced in simulations on her holodeck. This was, however, real, and she could feel the breeze from the sea against her face, and with her olfactory upgrade, she could scent it all. It was warm, but not like the warmth of Theta Eridani IV. That had been a dry heat, whereas this was another kind of experience entirely for her sensory mapping. She turned on the spot, the breeze teasing her hair and she found herself smiling at all the input from her sensor suite.

"Amazing," he breathed, and she couldn't help but look upwards, as if she could see the shipyards where her three hulls were being repaired. To no avail, of course, knowing that her presence was cloaked and kept a secret from all but selected Klingon and Aldean personnel. Instead, she saw glass walkways criss-crossing the air above her, going to and from buildings and spanning the Ibai Besi. Eventually, she found herself looking at the two women that had accompanied her down to Aldea Prime. "This is amazing!"

Gone was her moderate and taciturn attitude aboard the ship, reserved to her dutiful service of the crew, and instead finding the new sensations enveloping her completely. Of course the subspace synchronisation link made her aware of the background processes of her runtime, dedicated to the shipboard functions far up there, but her eyes, her, nose, and her skin - even the taste of the oceanside air - it made her laugh happily and stretch here she stood. If there was ought that made her feel alive... then that moment was something she'd return to in her memory banks.

"I want to do everything," she said, grinning as she looked back towards the crewmembers she'd arrived with. She was not even sure what the city had to offer. "What are you going to do?"

Re: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
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[ Lt. JG Donna 'Chance' Petterson & Samala | Transporter Room 02 | Deck 05 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan

Donna wasted not a moment and stepped up onto the transporter pad next to Thea and turned back to look at the younger hybrid that she had first found in the room, arguing with the operator. Today was going to be an interesting day. A trip down to the surface of Aldea with Thea was sure to be an experience to remember. Having the hybrid along as well was just a bonus. This was an opportunity for Donna to learn how both of them would behave in an environment other than the ship.

Samala, on the other hand, despite agreeing to accompany the two of them down to the planet was starting to have second thoughts. She had spent most of her time aboard the ship repairing the Apache or availing herself of some of the amenities. But lately, after several conversations with different people, she had begun to wonder if perhaps she had judged all those aboard too harshly. Deciding to find out, Samala stepped up onto the pad beside the Human and the hologram.

[ Ibai Besi Promenade | Aldea Prime ]

Materialising on the surface, Samala was immediately hit by the noise and the light. She had become accustomed to the lights and sounds of the Theurgy and now, here she was, on the surface of the planet that the renegade Starfleet vessel was orbiting. Movement to her left drew her attention and Samala turned to witness the hologram's, awe, at being on the surface. That was the best way she could describe the look on the AI's hologram. Standing there, Samala couldn't bring herself to say anything, caught up in the moment as she witnessed something that she didn't quite understand and probably never would.

"Yes, it is," Donna whispered, more to herself than to anyone else as she stood still, holding her bag and watching as Thea had what she would best describe as a religious experience. Somehow, in a way she didn't understand, the AI was FEELING what was happening around her. She hadn't considered that Thea was even capable of that, of feeling; but here she was, standing in front of her and gazing out in wonder at everything around them.

"I want to do everything," Thea announced, quite innocently as Donna watched her turn to face Samala and herself. "What are you going to do?"

"I had planned to do some shopping," Donna answered calmly, a small smile on her face at the obvious excitement on display. "I arrived with only the clothes on my back, so to speak. And as nice as replicated items are, nothing beats the feel of handmade outfits, or other things. By the way, I am Jessica down here."

"Trading," Samala offered, a little upset at the Starfleeter's for flaunting their wealth and confused why her name would be different now. She had nothing but what was in the Apache. It wasn't much but Samala was hoping to find someone that might be willing to either buy or trade for it. "I need to get some of the local currency if I want to be able to enjoy myself down here. And like you, there are things I want to get."

"You spent all your money already?" Donna questioned, not sure how that could be true given the sums they had been given. 

"What money?" Samala wondered, not knowing what Donna/Jessica meant.
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Re: Day 09 [0930 hrs.] The Odd Bunch
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[ USS Theurgy "Thea" NX-79854 | Ibai Besi Promenade | Aldea Prime | Epsilon Mynos III ] Attn: @Stegro88
The idea of shopping attracted Thea as well, since she did have her own quarters and it was rather barren in terms of personal items. It seemed, however, like Samala did not know that she did not have to trade unless she absolutely wanted to. "Your communicator," she said with a smile to the young woman and pointed towards it, "all the crew has been given an ample amount of funds to spend down here in Aldea Prime. You just use it to pay for what you are in need of. I believe you can find your current balance of Aldean Stars in the menu."

Just like Donna's communicator, Thea's was fitted with a false life-sign reading to make it seem like she was an Aldean herself instead of a human. Or rather a hologram and an emitter, in her own case. Any scan would render the same kind of result as Donna's, so Thea didn't have to feel self-conscious about being down there. Well, she didn't have to, but being down there, among people who had no idea what she was? It was a first for her to feign being a human. No, Aldean. Of course she'd accessed her database and made all the data that were available on the species ready for retrieval in case she'd need it. Nonetheless, she felt a bit giddy about it all, masquerading as an alien organic. It was quite exciting too!

"Carpets..." she said, looking around the signs above the shops, all being in Aldean but she could translate it with her shipboard UT subroutine. "Cushions... Bedcovers... Towels... Curtains! I need textiles for my quarters. All kinds of textiles and decorations. I like the patterns on these chlamys. There's got to be stores where I can buy that. But clothes too! I have only replicated things for myself and my wardrobe, but I'd also love to find something from this planet that's hand-sewn. Samala, since you already have funds, would you like to go shopping for clothes as well?"

Looking at the hybrid, it struck Thea that she mightn't have recovered from learning how much she had to spend yet.

OOC: Kept is short since I don't want to push thing forward without Samala's reaction and preferences stated. :)