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Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising

STARDATE 57574.81
MARCH 17, 2381
1930 HRS.

[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Top Hat
Having returned to the Theurgy after the short excursion with Cameron, Jien found himself contemplative. About the impact of the mission upon the crew, and his own needs to keep himself level-headed, and not let the losses and the repercussions of the past five months undermine his ability to lead. As a former counselor, he knew of the necessity to speak with someone, of course, but after what Cam had told him about her own issues over the loss of her family, it had been a mutual agreement that the support Cam had provided before as his Yeoman had to end. She was too emotionally compromised to carry on with that particular duty, because of what happened at Starbase 84 and before then on Theta Eridani IV. He shared the same guilt, of course, after the Calamity's first attack.

If anything, Jien blamed himself for not having realised how deeply Cam had felt about him, just because he had been hurting too much. It reminded him about what he'd begun to feel for Nicole Howard before she was taken from him. Twice. This was the very reason he hadn't stopped Cameron when she sought to comfort him.

Since then, having learned about Nicander's true nature, he couldn't help but wonder if the Infested doctor had truly done everything to save Howard, or if the man had manipulated events to lay the blame upon Ives instead. Thinking such thoughts, about what the Doctor might and mightn't have done... it was something that had festered on his thoughts ever since the battle at the apertures, where he'd not just learned about the double nature of the Câroon, but some of the things he'd done. Apparently, Heather MacMillan had done something to alleviate the hold of the parasite, restoring the Doctor's sanity... but because of everything else that transpired since they first intercepted those transmissions at Starfleet Headquarters, Jien had a hard time finding forgiveness. Not just for Howard, but all the setbacks before then as well.

Howard had died in his arms after the mission to Starbase 84, which allegedly was a time when Nicander had retained his mental faculties somewhat. Am I projecting my guilt by blaming the Doctor instead, or did he take her from me?

Restless, and even if he knew he'd been recommended to rest after returning on the Allegiant, Jien decided that he couldn't just be idle at the early hour of the evening. He knew there were good tidings to bring from the away mission, and it would serve to focus on that instead all the rest that delved in his mind at that hour. He wished to speak with Commander Ducote, share what progress had been made with Rear Admiral Andersson, and learn what came of the research into the Doctor's claims. He'd already sent a brief report to the Senior Staff, given them the skeleton outline of the results, but such tidings were better shared in person.

"Ives to Ducote, are you available?" he asked after tapping his combadge, already having altered his form to wear a uniform instead of the Aldean garments he'd had together with Cameron. After receiving the answer, he had stepped off the turbolift on Deck 01. "Could you please join me in the conference lounge? I have good news to share, and hoping for more on your end."

One might only hope, he thought, and changed... to her female form. She waited for her new First Officer whilst standing next to the long table, and asked Thea to project the relevant reports above the tabletop - holographic texts and imagery suspended in the air. Outside the panoramic viewport, Aldea's bronze planetary surface shone like a golden world.

Reading in quietude, it took Jien's mind off Howard, Henshaw and all the rest, in wait for Ducote's arrival.

Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan

The summons had reached Ducote in the bowels of the ship's third vector, checking in on the internal repairs of the heinous perforation that part of the vessel had sustained. The outer sections were still bare to space, barring the containment fields (and, being on umbilical power, they were as secure as any hull plate... still, he hadn't spent long there during his journey across the ship), but the decks between had mostly been replaced.

They were a little bare, of course, but 'pretty' was not necessary for 'functional'.

He beamed back over to the Helmet - and was anyon swept during rematerialisation per new protocol - and headed for the top deck while he brought up the last few days' top-level reports from the department heads, as well as his own logs and reports. Chief among them were his meeting with Trent and the almost-disastrous interview with Nicander.

Still, the prospect of "good news" from Ives helped dispel the scowl that had briefly formed on his face when he thought about the captive doctor.

The turbolift deposited him in the corridor between the bridge and the lounge, giving him time to tug his tunic straight and scroll back to the top of his report list on his PADD. He still didn't have a great handle on the captain just yet, mostly due to the fact that they still hadn't spent much time together even before the consideration that in hir case, his empathy was more useless than usual. At least professionally they somewhat shared a past line of work. This very world they orbited was one on which s/he had worked undercover for some time.

With a hiss, the doors opened to the lounge and bathed Ducote in the golden reflected light of the ochre deserts of Aldea. "Captain," he greeted, already looking in hir direction. He couldn't read Chameloids, but he could still sense them well enough. "I hope your trip was as uneventful as our stay." The scant details in hir report notwithstanding, anyway. He was looking forward to hearing more about them.

Ducote moved towards the replicator, gesturing with his PADD. "May I get you anything?" he offered, on the way to getting something for himself.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Top Hat
When Ducote arrived, Jien turned where she stood and greeted the man with a faint smile. "Thank you for coming, Commander," she said casually. Seeing how he headed for the replicator at the end of the room, she turned back to finish reading the extensive amount of information available on the anyon swep protocols and how they tied into past and present intel on the nature of the Infested. "I see you've been busy. I was wondering why the transporter sequences were taking a few seconds longer than usual, thinking they were overburdened with the amount of traffic between the Vectors and Aldea. I'll take a glass of Aldebaran whiskey, neat. Thank you."

Given the late hour, the request ought to make it clear how Jien intended for this meeting to be off-the clock, so to speak, and a bit more relaxed... but in realising how much there was to speak of, she wasn't sure it was ideal to just restrict the meeting to be just between her and Ducote. Perhaps, if the Senior Staff were available, she ought to request that they all came to the conference lounge. She put that thought aside for the time being, instead turning to her Executive Officer before making a decision. She needed to know more.

"While it's not explicit in these reports, I can imagine that the decisions pertaining to these safety measures couldn't have been easy. If we are to believe the intel we've gathered at this point, it would seem that the host bodies are not completely compromised by the parasites, and that our leaders in Starfleet Command might be saved." Jien stepped away from the table in thought, her hands idle at her sides. "If so, de-phasing the enemy and killing the hosts in the process might be considered a last resort, otherwise in violation against the ethics we abide by... but we are truly vulnerable at this point without any means to safeguard the ship and its mission. Therefore, I think you did the right thing, given present circumstances. Well done."

When Ducote returned and had made his comment, Ives naturally asked the obvious question. "Besides the new anyon sweeps, equally controversial and necessary as they might be, what other news do you have? Has there been any progress made in isolating the bioluminescence of the Radiants?"

More and more, Ives wanted to give credence to this idea of using the abilities of the Radiants to thwart their enemy, since if Nicander and Semathal both were to be believed, that transphasic light might actually serve to free the hosts from their infestation. If it was true, then the usage of the anyon particles could cease at some point.

Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan

The transporters were something of a sticking point in his own mind, and Ducote found himself inwardly bracing as Ives brought up the anyon modifications. It seemed s/he was mostly in favour, though, so he just busied himself with the replicator. Hir request was unusual - or perhaps, he was just unused to it... even for an evening meeting like this, he still counted it as work. Still, Ives knew hirself far better than Ducote would, so there was no hesitation as he typed in the order.

Next to the tumbler of hazy green nectar appeared a ceramic mug, the smell of comfortingly strong coffee reaching his nose almost as soon as the swirling energy matrix faded away. He'd save 'getting drunk with the boss' for once they knew each other a little better.

He handed hir the glass and blew on the surface of his coffee before sipping it, tapping with one thumb on his PADD to interface with the holo display over the table so he could stow the thing and free his hand.

Ducote looked levelly at the captain as s/he gave hir evaluation of the anyon procedure, only nodding once s/he finished. "It's a less than ideal solution, but work has begun on tuning it to make it less problematic. Given that Nicander had opened up somewhat, his value as an intelligence source jumped, and I wasn't willing to jeopardise his integrity by inviting the parasites to regain any of their lost control over him."

There was the uncomfortable thought that the only source they had for anyon sweeps being effective at all was from someone they couldn't exactly trust... but the only way he could think of to test it would be to wash Nicander's cell in the particles to see what happened. There was similarly every chance that he had been truthful and then they'd be entirely down their best information source regarding the parasites.

Decent chance for a necropsy on the thing, though, said a traitorous voice inside his head, soon quashed.

"... Has there been any progress made in isolating the bioluminescence of the Radiants?"

The hybrid shook his head, turning to the holo display to scan for the reports he was looking for, before gesturing at one to highlight it. "A science team convened a couple of days ago - the morning of the interrogation of Nicander - to work with Ms McMillan to determine how they might replicate the effect, but I haven't heard anything since. I try and avoid micromanagement where I can, which is why there's a hole in that information now, but I can chase that up for you and have a firmer report by the start of Alpha shift tomorrow. Given the fact that she is no longer completely a Radiant, I suspect it might take a while... which is why I ordered a parallel team to work on finding a way to have the anyon screens debilitate rather than destroy any positive IDs they find in the meantime."

A somewhat euphemistic way of saying 'not kill an infested in the goriest way possible', but he preferred the prosaic to the colourful when he could manage it.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
@Top Hat @Fife @Argyros @trevorvw @Nolan @TWilkins @BZ @Brutus @Kinvarus @fiendfall

Knowing as she did what had happened to the Radiant - Heather MacMillan - and having seen it all, Jien wasn't surprised that the venue of isolating the wavelength of the woman's bioluminescence would be difficult. At least work had begun in that particular endeavour, and she hoped something would come of it. Regardless the outcome, it was also reassuring to hear that with the new means of using the anyon emissions, the door might have opened to alternative ways to deal with the Infested in a way that wouldn't kill the hosts.

"I look forward to hearing what will come of that. If our scientists are able to use the anyon particle emissions to isolate the parasite from the host during a transport sequence, then we might be able to separate it from the host when they are both in the buffer. Whether this kills the parasite or allow us to rematerialise it in a safe containment area is a secondary priority, as long as we can find a means to save the admiralty in Starfleet Command."

And by extension, perhaps even the Federation as a whole.

"I realise now that the good news I have about our inside man in Starfleet Headquarters might be best to share with the entirety of the Senior Staff. In short, we'll be expecting new officers to find their way here and complementing our thinned out crew. Furthermore, our database will be updated once more, not having to be stand-alone, and we'll gain access to Starfleet movements and deployments - allowing us a better chance to move about without being caught in the sensor readings of Sankolov's fleet. Thea, could you please request the Senior Staff to join us here?"

[Aye, Captain,] said the A.I. over the intercom wile Jien sipped her whiskey. Returning her attention to Ducote, she continued.

"We also had unfortunate news from Andersson," she said, a frown creasing her forehead as she thought of the potential fate of Anya. "You remember the FNN article about Captain Ziegler and her crew, and how they were arrested? It appears that the prison transfer ship has been compromised after that. Whereabouts and fate unknown. Odds are that the enemy took the opportunity to silence them all... but since we don't know what happened yet.. I will hope for the best, unlikely as it might be they are still out there."

She'd had the whole voyage home to process what may have happened, but still it filled her rage - tightly controlled as it might be. It merely ghosted over her face at that point.

Bringing her glass with her, Jien came to stand behind her chair at the table as she waited for the others to file in through the doors. With one hand resting on the back of the chair, she wished to learn more from Ducote about what had happened while she'd been away. "Anything else to report?"

OOC: With this post, all Senior Staff writers have 7 days to post your characters arriving to the conference lounge, replicating something to drink or snack on, and sit down at the table. Later, there will be both opportunity to react on what Ives will say about the away mission, and also for all Department Heads to report on progress in their departments as well. The important thing is that you have fun and given the success of the away mission and there being some hope for the future, this might call for a celebratory drink afterwards. This thread will likely require three posts in total from you guys, with one being their arrival, the second being their reactions and their reports, and the last one being a toast for the future. Looking forward to reading the development!

Here is the Conference Lounge, and the seating arrangement is shown by subtle numbers on each chair:

> > Click For Full Resolution

Check the seating arrangements, and FYI Cameron Henshaw won't be at the Yeoman station, nor will there be anyone in the Chief of Intelligence and Chief Diplomatic Officer seats. The Liaison seat will be empty too.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Auctor Lucan  et al

"I have confidence that the science teams will find a way. Once they have a window onto a part of it, the rest might come easier. Like starting a jigsaw puzzle."

Not that the resident blueshirts would likely appreciate his comparison of their talents to a children's boardgame, but it had been a long day. No one else was here. They didn't need to know. Just drink the damn coffee. It might help.

The news that they'd be getting a database update was welcome; it was one of those things you didn't realise you leaned on until it was taken away. He'd only been here for a week or two and already he felt as if he'd had a limb amputated. The ability to just look things up was something he altogether took for granted - no longer. The news about replacement crew was mixed, for Ducote. On the one hand, those angry red holes in their roster would diminish. On the other, that meant another distinct group to integrate into the crew, and as a relative newcomer himself.

He'd be grey by the end of the year, presuming he lived that long.

"We also had unfortunate news from Andersson..."

Ducote's gaze drifted out over the planetscape below as he gripped his coffee mug. He had come closer than he might admit to leaving aboard the Cayuga with Ziegler, in the vague and forlorn hope that he might have salvaged his career. But Blue had kept him back - or rather, saved him from himself - as well as one surviving practical streak that told him just how likely a return to blissfully ignorant duty would have been in reality.

"She seemed more than competent," he said. "Ziegler earned that fourth pip somehow... If there was any chance they made it, she'd have found it. I don't imagine you survive the Borg and the Asurians by being used to rolling over and giving in."

As he said this, he was moving back over to the replicator so he could produce a couple of tall cafetieres of coffee and a pot of gao shan for the tea drinkers. It was almost automatic; the words 'staff meeting' invoking the ingrained habit as if it was as much part of this ship's traditions as his own. The liquid vessels stood in the centre of the table, along with a dozen cups and saucers, plus sugar and cream, ready for whomever might wish to partake.

Could almost be back on the Endeavour. Almost.

He stood back and sipped his own (half-empty) coffee.

"Anything else to report?"

Ducote thought for a moment. "Nicander's an ass," he said, with feeling. "Though the meeting was enlightening in another way. I was complacent, with most of the interrogation team being my own old staff. I didn't take the time to ensure we could have worked together as well as I'd like, and it allowed the good doctor to nearly entirely derail the event until I could convince him that we were not in fact there as an especially high-ranked execution detail... Anyway," he said with a wave, "that's a personal comment on what's already in that report. Otherwise... nothing stands out. We had a few interesting scrapes.. Mister Douglas down in TacCONN was acting as bodyguard and cultural liaison for Ms Stark and took a knife to the shoulder while visiting the shipyards. No political damage, though, and I understand he'll make a full recovery."

Another sip. "I met with Trent yesterday morning. He's... going to be difficult, sir, frankly. He's sore that Dewitt has more freedom than him, in his view, and pushed me for a raft of things that I am fairly certain you had already refused... That's another report, too." Ducote shook his head. "He has a new office though, starting... tomorrow, if Ops are on schedule. Deck 9, so it's at least a short journey to secure between there and his quarters. We're still not done vetting the Bellerophon folks, though that's mostly complete." 
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Transporter Room > Conference Lounge | Deck 5 > Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @fiendfall @Brutus @BZ @trevorvw @Nolan @Argyros @TWilkins @Kinvarus
[Show/Hide]Cross stood for a brief moment on the transporter pad, hands folded behind his back as the materialization sequence finished. He thought, not for the first time, that it was a nuisance having to beam between Vectors while they were docked in Aldea, though he understood the necessity of it. It still made what could have been just a simple trip in a turbolift into a much more lengthy process. Pushing such thoughts from his mind, Cross paused to allow Commander Hathev to step down form the transporter pad ahead of him, then followed as they made for the turbolift, having been summoned to a meeting of the Theurgy's Senior Staff.

The summons had initially been greeted with a certain level of annoyance on Cross' part, having come at the tail end of a meeting with Hathev. The session had been coming to it's conclusion regardless, the two Vulcans having been meditating at the time of the alert from Thea requesting their presence in the conference room. Hathev, in true Vulcan form, had seemed utterly unperturbed by the interruption. Cross, while also Vulcan, was rather more irked by the intrusion, yet obeys the summons all the same. The journey from Hathev's officer in the Theurgy's Main Sickbay to the transporter room had been made in relative silence, and it appeared that the remainder of the trip to Deck 1 would be made in the same manner. Cross was well aware that Hathev likely thought it logical, and as they stepped into the turbolift he inwardly grumbled to himself about how frustrating Vulcans were.

She's probably just standing there singing the Logic Song in her head or something like that. Cross thought to himself with a sense of amusement, casting a glance over at the Chief Counsellor. He had to admit he had found his meeting with Hathev to be less annoying than he had expected, given his previous experience with full-blooded Vulcans. The counsellor had behaved without judgement, and had actually been rather pleasant. Now, glancing sideways at her, Cross also had to admit that the ship's Chief Counsellor was also rather pretty, though he may have been understating the truth somewhat even with that admission. The thought caused a tinge of colour to rise in Cross' cheeks, and he quickly averted his gaze, instead staring blankly at the bulkhead of the turbolift and attempting to will the rush of blood out of his cheeks.

The trip seemed to take longer than it should, and Cross was just steeling himself to break the oppressive silence and speak when the turbolift slowed to a halt, the doors hissing open to deposit them on Deck 1. Cross again paused, gesturing for Hathev to exit first, and followed the much smaller frame of the counsellor as they made their way to the conference room.

Cross surveyed the scene over the diminutive counsellor's head as they entered the conference room, seeing both Captain Ives and Commander Ducote present. Both cradled drinks as they regarded a series of holographic projections which were suspended over the conference table. Nodding to the Captain and XO as they entered, Cross made his way to his seat, taking a moment to pour a cup of coffee from one of the containers present on the table. Having taken his chair once more, Cross sipped the hot, bitter liquid held within his mug as he waited for the rest of the staff to arrive and the meeting to begin.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Turbolift > Conference Lounge | Deck 5 > Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @fiendfall @Brutus @BZ @trevorvw @Nolan  @Argyros @TWilkins  @Kinvarus

It was only logical that the two Lieutenant Commanders travel to the staff meeting in tandem, having both been in Hathev's office when the summons reached them, and yet it displayed an unfortunate blurring of the lines between personal and professional -- lines which Hathev endeavoured to keep well-maintained at all times. Their meeting had been an unofficial one, and there was something of a lacuna in etiquette regarding the transition to the highly-officiated meeting of the Theurgy's senior staff. Hathev herself had no difficulty in switching between registers, but as they travelled she became aware of some awkwardness on the part of the commander.

Of course, this could well be attributed to the untimely interruption of their meditative state. The session had been nearing its end, certainly, and yet Hathev had been unable to properly count them out of their meditation, with the end signalled instead by the chirping of notifications requesting both of their presences. Despite this, Cross had shown some promise: he was an amateur in meditation by Vulcan standards, but considering the circumstances she had been prepared for far worse. She could hardly definitively assess his state and needs from a single meeting, of course, but she was confident that progress could be made.

She felt Cross' eyes upon her once more, and redirected her attention to other things. The captain may well request an update from each department, and she would need to carefully prepare her response. She kept close track of all developments within her department, of course, and yet the majority were confidential; the scope of what could be shared at such a meeting of this was extremely limited. Thus she spent the remainder of the journey to the conference room in thought, identifying the information which could be safely imparted and separating it from what which she was unable to utter in such circles.

They reached their destination with a gratifying punctuality, entering to see Captain Ives and his Executive Officer already seated, clearly already in discussion. She offered a brief 'Captain, Commander' in greeting, before making her way to her newly-assigned seat. The summons had included a seating plan on this occasion, and she had studied the arrangement on the journey over. She was to be seated directly opposite the Captain: something of an auspicious position and yet one that suited her as it would afford the best view of all others present, allowing her to study expression and body language as was necessary.

Seeing no reason to ingest any further liquids at this time, Hathev merely folded her hands in her lap and prepared to wait.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @BZ @fiendfall @Brutus  @trevorvw  @Argyros @TWilkins   @Kinvarus @Fife

Rematerializing on the pad on Vector 01, Thomas looked around with a nod to the man operating it before striding off towards the turbolift. He had a flight shift starting in a couple of hours and had just woken up from a prolonged power nap. Curious as to why there would be a new Senior Staff meeting, the SCO made his way for a turbolift. Waiting for it to arrive he ran a checklist in his head for things he still had to check for the squadron, the paperwork that just kept coming and the patrol that he would be conducting later today.

Inside the elevator he leaned against the wall of the lift as he stared to a particular piece of plating in the lift. The wait was tedious and Ravon straightened himself as he adjusted his uniform slightly before the doors whooshed open. He stepped out and made his way over to the conference room. Just before he reached the conference room he saw a yellow shirt almost bump into him from an adjoining corridor. Ravon came to a full stop in order to not run over Chief of Operations Stark as he smiled "Miss Stark, nearly ran you into the floor there." he answered her professionally though with a slight hint of teasing in it. He gave her a nod "After you of course." he answered and offered her to lead the way before entering the room with her. The voluptuous Chief of Operations was always a nice sight to behold, though when they entered the professional environment of the conference room, Ravon pulled back any lingering emotions and focused on the task at hand.

He filled up a cup of coffee and added some sugar to it before taking a seat on his designated spot. His eyes travelling to the various new faces that he still had to get used to. He warmed his hands on the cup while awaiting the start of the senior staff meeting.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Vivian's Quarters -> Conference Lounge | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @BZ @Fiendfall @Brutus @trevorvw @argyros @TWilkins @Nolan @Fife

It had been another long day for the Chief Science Officer and boy was she tired. Having just stepped out of the shower which had somewhat helped her to relax, she padded across the room in nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. Now to settle down with a nice cup of coffee, a book and some music to relax.

She had just sat down and started to settle in when Thea's voice came over the intercom ordering all Senior Staff to the Conference Lounge. "Oh you have got to be kidding me." she muttered under her breath. With a sigh and a reluctant groan she pushed herself up and out of her chair and over to the wardrobe, quickly throwing on her uniform, painfully aware of how semi-wet her hair was as she grabbed a scrunchy to tie the wet mass up as she went.

Entering the turbolift, Vivian took the time to straighten out her uniform and haphazardly pulled her hair back and into a ponytail, not her usual look but one that would have to do. She had just finished tying the hair tie when the lift doors opened, something she was grateful for as she made her way over to the conference room.

"Evening everybody." she said with a smile "Captain, Commander." she added with a nod to both the CO and XO as she made her way over to the replicator. "Coffee, black and make it a double." she requested. Knowing that it wouldn't be a surprise to anybody in the room that the CSO would order a coffee, because of course she would, it was rare that she ordered a double unless she'd really burned herself out during the day, which she admittedly had, even by her own workaholic standards, which was saying something.

Picking up her coffee, she made her way over to her seat and sat down, fully aware that neither seat opposite her was occupied due to the lack of a Chief Diplomatic Officer and Chief Intelligence Officer after Trent's actions had cost him that position. At least she had elbow room, that was nice. Inhaling the aroma of her coffee as it rose from the table directly under her nose she took a sip, curious as to what warranted a staff meeting at this time of the evening.

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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Meetings My Ass | Fuckin' Brass Shit | Better Be a Decoration Ceremony | I've Upgraded this Bitch from Scotch Tape to Duct Tape]

[Miss Blue, your presence is requested at a Senior Staff meeting.]

"Is it now?" she asked as she looked up from her PADD.  She was actually in her office for once and sitting there getting some of the pile of paperwork that Ducote kept giving her 'the look' for because she hadn't fucking turned it in yet.  It had started to be a game at this point.  She would turn in just enough to get by, so that he couldn't say too much but he knew that she could probably accomplish more.  Fun part was, she actually had finished more than she let on, because it was all time released for the messaging system.  At certain intervals on certain days, Ranaan Ducote would receive either one small piece of work, or he would get a pile.  It largely depended on her mood and how their morning went and usually.. how much evil bitch she was feeling that day.

[Per Captain Ives' request through Thea.]


[Need you to respond?]

"I do not." she replied as she quickly as she shut down her PADD and sighed locking it away in her desk with her biometric lock she stood up and brought her arms over her head.  With a swipe of her desk she deposited most of her food wrappers within the waste bin that was already full.  Some toppled off the top and to the floor, she would probably get around to dereplicating it later.  Right now, apparently, there was a meeting she needed to attend.

"I did need a good nap today.  Albert, hold down the fort, and don't let these bitches have any breaks that aren't scheduled.  Embrace your inner asshole." she informed him picking up her department head jacket and slinging it on her shoulders.  She zipped it up half way over the tank top that she had been wearing with the logo of Engineering on the front. 

[Miss Blue, I do not contain an interior anal cavity.]

"Just don't stop being your overly logical, over scheduled, dick face self."

Blue stepped out of her office and headed for the meeting.  Some people were already there, she could hear them in the room beyond.  She stepped in, with her hair down and springing all around her, a cup of fresh coffee in her hand that was three sizes bigger than the ones most of the people were drinking.  Carefully balanced on top was a stack of three chocolate donuts. 

The first face she saw was Ducote. Instantly, her face warmed up and her eyes softened just seeing her fiance right then and there always brightened her day.  She put her PADD on the seat she could acquire closest to him but not right next to.  Putting her drink down she unloaded the top with the donuts and put them to the side of her spot.  Blue was either eating or working.  Because if it wasn't one or the other she would pass the fuck out and that just looked bad all around.  She used her foot to kick out the wheeled chair and plop herself in it.  Her eyes cast themselves over to Cross, again she gave him a smirk.  He was her brother and she felt quite close to him.  He was soon to sport the hand that she had made him.  But, she was a bitch and holding out on him until she could get it absolutely perfect.  The day she had taken it back from him was the day that he was sad.  But, he would live, and the more he had to live with the shit the fleet made him, the more he would appreciate the golden hand of God that lay on his stump when she put it back on in a couple days. 

"I'd shake your hand but-" she smirked teasing him and laughing a little bit as she sat down fully in her seat sending Cross a wink.  They were full on siblings, in the sense that they bickered and picked at each other but they both knew that they could count on each other to get them though anything.  They had been there at their heaviest lows and come out on the other side tight.

Her eyes shifted again, to Hathev, who sat there in the room as well, and she gave a bit of a wave.  "Hey Doc.  Nothing I say or do in here can be used against me in your office." she teased, hell she was in an oddly good mood today.  Might die once Ives started speaking, but, only time would tell.  Her eyes then shifted lastly, and having forgotten until that moment, to the Captain. 

"Hey Cap." she gave a quick wave and bit into one of her large chocolate donuts waiting for this shindig to get started.

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Argyros  @TWilkins @fiendfall @Fife @BZ @Top Hat @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @trevorvw @Kinvarus 

Natalie had been pacing her quarters, narrating a log record when the summons had come in. She had a report from Shar to review, having briefly spoken with the feisty Andorian upon the return of the Allegiant to the Theurgy. She told herself that was the reason she'd been on hand when the ship docked - a need to check in on her most recently acquired Assistant Chief. It was a lie, of course. Not a complete lie, but it certainly wasn't the truth. She did want to check in on Shar, especially after having learned a bit about the woman from Lt. Commander Cross, the ships new Tactical Chief, whom had served with Shar aboard the Endeavour, and was essentially the only real character reference she had for anyone on that ship.

The full truth was that Shar, while important, was not the reason that Natalie had rushed herself down to meet the ship. She'd just come off shift as it was (off her bridge rotation it least) when the call had come in, and she'd hastily changed track to the docking lounge. It was to reassure herself that not only was Captain Ives back in one piece, but that Vanya was as well. The satisfaction had come in the form of a few very quick words with both officers, and a promise extracted to get the whole story from Vanya later, as the Android had to check in with her superior, and Ives had hir own matters to attend to. 

She'd just been putting down some of her concerns in her private record when Ives ordered the senior staff into a meeting. She'd called off a quick, "Confirmed," response, but she needed a moment to collect herself, and put her jacket back on over her yellow shirt, adjusting both the combadge on the darker top and the pips on her collar, zipping it back into place. She dropped her glass off in the replicator, and then made a bee line for the nearest lift. 

It dropped her off on the other side of the access corridor, and so she'd been hurrying along, collecting herself. She didn't look over her shoulder as she came around to the door, and nearly barreled into the imposing form of Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Ravon. They both managed to draw up short of knocking into each other, though the Ops Chief felt a heat sink into her cheeks. She swallowed and looked up (and up) at the man, whom hand almost a full foot of height on her. "My apologies, Mr. Ravon," she replied, matching his professionalism if not his teasing tone, a trace of embarrassment in her own words. "I'm afraid my mind wasn't on my surroundings." Nat supposed she appreciated the way he took a share of the blame, but if she'd been paying more attention to what was around her, she would surely have heard him coming. She wasn't as deft on her feet as the pilot was, and she considered herself lucky that the lanky man had been a bit quicker on the release than she had been. It would have hardly done to be flattened right outside the door to the conference lounge.

With a short nod of her head to acknowledge Ravon's offer, Natalie did take the lead, softly tossing a, "Thank you," over her shoulder and taking a slow breath, entered the room. She let her gaze sweep over the table, seeing who was there and who wasn't, noting that yet again the table had a few karafs, and she could smell the siren call of coffee from one of them. For a long moment she pondered that, but then fell in line behind Vivian Martin. She found it odd that the scientist chose to replicate coffee when there was some on the table, but she didn't comment. Instead, she smiled to the other woman as they passed, and she addressed the replicator, ordering, "Lemonade, with ice. cold." And then took the glass, moving to her own seat, and nodding to the Vulcan with the Bajroan nose, offering him a soft smile. She liked Cross, the Tactical Officer having sought her out the previous evening, and of all the officers that had survived the destruction of the Endeavour, she had found him the easiest to get along with, and the two had shared quite a lot between them.

"Lieutenant Commander," she said as she put the glass down on the table. She already had a case of the jitters - adding another cup of coffee to the mix would do little to help her later that evening. Her glass clinked down on the tables surface, and then she tucked her skirt up under her as she sat, drawing the chair forward. Directly across from her was Ranaan Ducote, the XO. She offered him a tired smile, and then, a wider one, to Captain Ives. Something was going on, she thought - she felt something in the way that Ives stood behind her chair, something in the gaze.  "Ma'am," she said softly, leaving the loud, more extroverted chatter to Blue Tiran, whom had come in and was making the rounds as the engineer flopped down into her own seat.

To the others, Natalie just gave a little nod. Nothing else needed to be said yet. What had been important was making sure that Ives, Vanya and Shar had returned in one piece. Nothing seemed to be missing a few hours earlier when they docked. Everything seemed to still be there for the Captain now. Sipping her lemonade, she leaned back into the chair and let it mold around her back, crossing one leg over the other, under the table, and resting a hand over her lap, as she kept a hold of the glass with her right. The calm before the storm, she thought, quietly creating a list of updates to give, should she be called on. They had been very, very busy worker bees over the past week.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Brutus @Argyros @TWilkins @fiendfall @Fife @BZ @Top Hat @Auctor Lucan @Nolan @Kinvarus

Kai had just begun getting ready to leave his office for the day, after a long day of yet more paperwork, when he had been summoned to the Conference Lounge for a senior staff meeting. He sat and rubbed his temples after being summoned, wondering if being Chief of Security aboard the Theurgy was worth it. 

He quickly pushed that thought out of his mind as he raised his body out of the chair that seemed like it was slowly becoming part of his body. He then proceeded to make his way down to Transporter Room 3 to beam over to Vector 01 for the staff meeting, the details of which he wasn't privy least not yet.

After the ever quick transporter cycle and the short turbolift ride up to deck 01, he entered the conference lounge and saw that most of the senior staff were already there, however he saw Captain Ives and Commander Ducote standing together near some holographic displays. He nodded in their direction.

"Captain. Commander." he said professionally enough as he looked around to see who all was in the room. He didn't quite know who was missing as he was still trying to learn names and faces, but he definitely saw some people he knew. Just because they happened to serve together aboard the Endeavour, sure didn't hurt the recognition.

As he looked at the table, he noticed the nice touch that had become standard aboard the Endeavour. Ducote had replicated some coffee and tea for the meeting, and it was a nice touch of normalcy that Kai had missed lately. He grabbed a cup in his left hand and the carafe in his right hand and proceeded to pour himself a cup of coffee. He finished pouring and sat the carafe back down on the table and looked for his seat.

Kai smiled when he saw that his seat was right next to Cross', just as it was aboard the Endeavour. The large man settled down into the chair, which seemed a little less comfortable than the one in his office.

I guess I'll just have to break this one in too, he thought to himself.

He raised his cup slightly to Cross and smiled.

Kai soon realized that this ship was becoming more and more like home.
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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin| Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @Fife @trevorvw @Nolan @TWilkins @BZ @Brutus @Kinvarus @fiendfall
Derik boarded the turbolift, eyes downcast at his PADD as he correlated any relevant reports and their latest updates. He made sure to include everything about the modifications to the cloaking systems for the shuttles, as they had finally worked out all the errors and system crashes. Or at least I hope we have.

Amongst his own thoughts to the upcoming report he'd no doubt have to give, the Trill hardly noticed the lift slowing down as it made a stop on its way to Deck 01. He didn't look up immediately when the doors parted, but after a few seconds, nobody stepped aboard. His eyes drifted upward, only to lock with a very familiar pair of black eyes. Ayden Tyre, his ex of several years now, seemed good. Derik couldn't help but look. Well groomed, prim and pristine as always, just as the man had preferred to be back when they knew one another. The last time they'd seen each other was at the last staff meeting but they hadn't really talked. Not since you left years ago as a matter of fact. Not since that damned trip to Betazed. Veradin didn't know where these darker thoughts were coming from all of the sudden. Such unnecessary anger. Was it because he hadn't had a long-term relationship since the academy? He hadn't blamed Tyre for leaving all this time, so why was he so upset now? Ayden had wanted to find himself, to slow down, to figure out what he wanted to do after the death of his Fiancé. That wasn't wrong, and despite the pain it caused given the time they'd spent together, the effort he'd put forth, Derik had supported him. He'd hid his disappointment as best he could have dating a telepath. Ever the strong front for the ones you love and all that. Yet now as they stood there, staring at each other, it was as if neither knew what to say or do.

"Tyre." The helmsman greeted simply, stepping off to one side of the lift. The awkward pair spent the rest of the trip up in relative silence.

Yet though no words passed between them, the Trill felt bad about the way he had initially reacted to seeing his former paramour. Like a heavy droplet falling upon the boiling lake of his mind, Veradin slowly regained full composure. More important things to worry about He thought, slowly putting his feelings aside as best he could. We'll need to catch up sometime. Bury the hatchet once and for all. Neither one of use wants to be prey to ghosts from our past, whether that is moving on together or forever apart. It was a rather enlightened idea given his mindset mere moments ago. Not that it would have surprised anyone though. Derik was always taking it upon himself to settle things. Too short of lives to live to carry around so much weight. Ever the gentleman, or at least trying to be. Even to a fault.

When they finally arrived at Deck 01, Derik took the opportunity to leave the lift first, trying his best to keep his thoughts off the other man. He even went so far as to hope that Ayden hadn't read his mind, especially at the beginning when they were at their blackest. It would have been a breach of protocol but it wouldn't have been the first time the CMO had done it in the years they'd known each other. Ayden was not fond of secrets.

At first glance, Derik and Ayden were the last to arrive. "Evening Captain. Sorry for the delay." He greeted and apologized in case he had held up the meeting. Quickly grabbing a cup of coffee and finding his assigned seat, the helmsman gave a few quick greetings to those around him and settled into his chair. He was thankfully not right next to his former lover but after a brief moment he realized Ayden would be in his view the entire time he was facing the Captain.
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[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Turbolift | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @Argyros @fiendfall @Fife @Nolan @trevorvw @BZ @Brutus @Kinvarus

In a way, the summons from Thea had come through at a most opportune time.

The Doctor had already been aboard the first vector, his last patient of the day having had her follow-ups reassigned to the Sickbay closest to her own quarters. It meant that the patient didn't contend with the hassle of being rematerialised across vectors to attend her daily follow ups, which was the far superior option when it came to the rest he had enforced upon her. It meant that he had to make the journey, but the welfare of the patient was the more important aspect regardless.

Yet, in other ways, the summons arrived at an especially vexing moment. 

He had concluded his consultation, and had been well on his way to the transporter room, planning on heading to the arboretum for an evening meal, when the notification reached him that his presence was requested. The disruption to his eating schedule was not the cause of his ire however... It was the knowledge that no doubt half the table would be eating some form of sugary morsel as Commander Ducote tended to encourage.

If Ayden ventured towards some sugary pastry to keep him going through the Staff meeting, his quiet dinner overlooking the arboretum would no-doubt be replaced by a food-fest in his quarters, with platters of confection laid out across his dining table, sugar lingering for days after as a pestilent reminder that his metabolism only stretched so far...

Yet despite his internal complaints, Ayden was hardly one to even consider dismissing a summons by the Captain. Instead, as soon as the call reached him, with little more than a soft sigh, the Betazoid turned heel and made a brisk pace back towards the turbolift he had so recently exited. He was afforded a few scathing looks by a pair of gossiping Ensigns whom he had walked past twice now, but the Doctor pretended to busy himself in his PADD in order to dismiss their gaze.

It was as Ayden stepped into the turbolift however, that he noticed his paracortex buffeted by something considerably more potent, his dark eyes lifting from his PADD to lock with a pair that he found far more familiar than any previously encountered aboard the Theurgy... They'd shared a few fleeting words about a week ago, in their previous staff meeting. The Trill had conjured some small tease in his mind that he'd known Ayden would intercept. The Betazoid had, and had almost choked at it...

But now, the emotional presence from the Trill was less than hospitable, his thoughts fogged over with a degree of bitterness that stole Ayden back to their 'break-up' so many years ago. Much to his displeasure, the emotive memories made Ayden shift his jaw slightly...

The Doctor had graduated, but his chosen posting on the USS Artemis had a delayed start of a few months that Ayden had believed would be wisest spent on Betazed. The concept of a 'relationship' with Derik had always felt unusual to Ayden; he had a spouse who'd died. 'Dating' and 'Boyfriends' were unnecessary in his culture. He'd never understood the process of the courtship that he had apparently been a part of... They'd not engaged in intercourse at all during their time together, yet Derik had been clear that platonicy was not what he wanted for them.

It had been notably confusing for the young telepath.

Of course, years had passed since then, years spent living aboard a starship and immersed fully within a different culture. Ayden understood those customs far better from his time aboard the Artemis... He'd slowly understood the hurt that his own departure might have brought upon Derik, that Ayden had chosen to return to Betazed to spend time to collect himself before his placement, understanding his loss, visiting the grave of a young man whom he'd never met... To Derik, the thought must have been that Ayden was choosing a dead man over him... The Doctor could understand why that may have felt unpleasant for the Trill.

Yet Derik wasn't the pure little victim in his endeavour. He had lied. The Trill had offered false support and understanding that juxtaposed the turmoil in his head. As much as Derik hated Ayden reading his mind, Ayden hated lies... It had made it far easier for the Betazoid to exit his confusing bond with the other, once he knew him to be false and disrespectful.

But alas, the past had gone and was of no holding to the way the men bore eyes at each other in the turbolift, the doors sliding shut behind the Doctor in the somewhat uncomfortable silence that echoed around them. Ayden had even opted to quieten his influence and let Derik's thoughts remain his own... Not just out of respect for the Helmsman; Ayden didn't wish to know what occupied Derik's head so close to a formal staff meeting.

They were both senior staff members, a colossal leap from the juvenile holodeck program Derik had been overlapping on Ayden's time with.. They would now set an example of professional courtesy, and if Derik needed to drag up their history in a private circumstance, Ayden would receive it.

"Tyre." Derik greeted, in a tone that Ayden couldn't discern and made the Betazoid itch to pry into the Helmsman's spotted head and unearth the hidden mysteries of subtext that his mind couldn't appreciate... Another part of Ayden, the part that had evidently spent too much time wrestling with the gnawing displeasure of Nicander's smug face, wanted to correct the Helmsman that it would be Doctor Tyre, as opposed to 'Tyre'. He wasn't on a sporting team or a battle squad... He was a medical professional.

The affront was a trifle melodramatic on Ayden's part, he could accept that; he afforded the Trill a polite nod in response.

They hadn't arrived late by any stretch, but the Helmsman had apologised on their behalf regardless. They were last to arrive at the meeting however, and Ayden moved past the replicator in order to take the assigned seat that the CMO had been afforded, settling himself onto the material soundlessly, and easily distracting himself with a PADD full of data he could bring up if requested.

He was good at compartmentalising, which is exactly what Ayden opted for when he put his thoughts about Derik aside in order to broaden his paracortex once again. He barely even noted that the seats flanking him were both empty, instead taking a moment and some Vulcan techniques to put himself into a mindset far more appropriate for a staff meeting.

It was likely that Nicander would arise in conversation. When did he not? Ayden was sure that were the Câroon to know how often he emerged in conversation, his smug little smirk would grow big enough to cause a hull breach.

Nevertheless, Ayden did have much to discuss on that particular matter.
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[ Captain Ives | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
@Top Hat @Fife @Argyros @trevorvw @Nolan @TWilkins @BZ @Brutus @Kinvarus @fiendfall
Ives shared Ducote's optimism about their Science staff, and she hoped they weren't wrong in thinking they'd find a means to isolate the bio-luminescence of Heather McMillan. If that failed, they would have to vest all their hopes in that their transporters could be modified to isolate the phase variance of the parasites, and separate them from their hosts. She truly hoped it wasn't wishful thinking.

When Ducote moved to supplement the meeting with coffee and tea, Jien moved to help out with it as well, and listened when her XO spoke of the interrogation with Nicander, and how the Doctor nearly derailed the effort. Did the former CMO truly have so little faith, thinking that they wouldn't uphold Starfleet protocol and regulations when it came to his fate? Ives wondered who had given the Câroon that impression. Jona Rez? Trent? Even Cinn? Likely so. If he truly feared for his life, Ives might actually understand if the Doctor wouldn't be ready to cooperate immediately... and judging by Ducote's report it would appear that he did as soon as those fears had been allayed. She wished she'd been there, to see how Ducote managed to convince Nicander that they meant him no harm.

Surely this was why he hadn't come forward after Starbase 84 as well, but Ives didn't want to give Nicander the benefit of the doubt. She wanted to direct all her ire and frustration towards an enemy, and she reckoned she wasn't alone in that. Because of Howard and all the others. Garen Nelis among them. She wanted to pin those murders on the Doctor... but if he was a host, and as innocent as he claimed to be when the parasite didn't direct his actions, was she ready to give up on that wish? She had to, of course, since the reports about the Doctor's actions suggested innocence rather than guilt, but she knew what she instinctively wanted.

This wish, she quickly realised... might just corroborate with Nicander's initial trepidation. Have we made him a scapegoat for our hate? It was an ancient folk tale from Earth, where a goat upon who's symbolical head was made to carry the sins of the people. That goat had been sent into the wilderness. Ives wondered how many aboard were prepared to end the scapegoat's life instead. For all his shortcomings, be it an arrogance because of his intellect and schooling, his non-Federation culture and upbringing, had he become a focal point for all to direct their hate? Jien didn't know, and she didn't like the implications - what the implication made her see in the mirror. I wonder who the Doctor will become, if we manage to separate him from the parasite.

Jien's train of thought was forgotten at the mention of Trent. Speaking of arrogance... She had no issues, essentially, with the man working outside his quarters as long as his personal safety could be all but guaranteed. "Until the Bellerophon crew has been vetted, let's hope Thea can keep her eye on him. I will look over you report on his requests."

The Senior Staff filed in through the sliding doors, offering greetings. They all knew that she'd returned safely already, and she greeted them with nods and a faint smile. Commander Martin wanted stronger coffee than what they had replicated already, and Stark wanted lemonade instead. Soon enough, they were all seated, but Ives remained standing. "Welcome. I have called you all here at this late hour because I bear news from the mission on the Allegiant that I want you all appraised of, so that you can inform your departments first thing on the morrow. They all deserve to hear some good news."

Stepping away from the table with her glass, her short figure was framed by the light of the Aldean sunset. "After all the hardships we've endured as a crew - new and old to this ship - the truth isn't ours alone to carry any more. At first, besides ourselves, it was just the Harbinger crew that learned what has become Starfleet Command - Sonja Acreth showing them the face of the enemy. Then, personnel at the Black Opal saw with their own eyes how we hadn't sided with the Romulans since we defended them against the Romulans, letting them see that someone else had compromised the base's hidden location. The Resolve crew then learned the truth through the actions of Captain Ian Hawthorne at Starbase 84, but the message we meant to deliver had been altered by a former member of Starfleet Intelligence. Instead of the threat becoming public knowledge, a mere select few received the simulcast intended... one of which we managed to speak with two days ago."

Jien ran a hand through her hair and set a slow pace around the table, and changed... to his male form before he continued. As per Medical's recommendation, after her time on the Versant, she had to shift her form more often to revitalise her morphogenic matrix. "Our new inside man in Starfleet Headquarters is Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Andersson, the Head and Director of Covert Operations in Starfleet Intelligence, but that name should remain classified knowledge and doesn't leave this room, lest we might loose him to the enemy. Given the sensitive nature of affairs, the away team also knows to not divulge this man's identity. What you can tell your departments, is that help is coming our way, and that we aren't alone any more. Martok and the Klingon Empire might already be on our side, the Aldeans by extension, but you can now tell them that over time, Starfleet officers and ships will slowly rally to our side. The first new faces are due to report for duty in a matter of days, hand-picked by Director Andersson, and their means of getting here will happen in accordance with adequate Intelligence protocols."

The means in which the new officers would learn of the Theurgy's coordinates was a system set up by Starfleet Intelligence long before Jien had served as an operative, and it would keep that information from being revealed until the new officers had come within a certain distance to them - only having a bearing to begin with. Should Andersson have picked someone Infested, the anyon emission protocols would take care of them before they learned where the Theurgy was. While not perfect, far better than the phaser test that we used before...

"Andersson has also given us hidden access the Federation database so that we can update it on a more regular basis, no longer having to rely on the stand-alone version we've used since Theta Eridani IV - when last we managed to have it updated." Having said this, the bad news remained. "You all saw the news about Captain Ziegler and the Cayuga, and I am afraid that... as of two days ago, the prison transport ship they were all upon vanished without a trace - their fate unknown. We can but hope that the Infested didn't destroy the transport just to silence them all about what really happened in the Azure Nebula."

Ives paused there, seating himself in his chair at the end of the table. "Director Andersson has already secretly committed resources to investigate, and he had already deployed operatives to reach the Cayuga crew after the battle at the apertures, just to learn what really happened in the Azure Nebula. We were able to tell him two days ago, but he hadn't heard back from his operatives by that time. Ziegler was my First Officer... and if there was a way off that transport, she and her crew would have found it. "

Hope springs eternal.

It was time to let them speak their thoughts, and report in. "So, within the next couple of weeks, we may have new officers in this room qualified to fill the empty seats, but until then, we continue repairs. High Chancellor Martok is due to reach Aldea eventually so that we may plan for the next move, and Director Andersson will approach Ambassador Elim Garak on Earth - him being another one that received the real simulcast." Jien gestured to the seated officers before him. "Please, if you have any questions, let's hear, and tell me how your Departments have fared while I was away."

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Lt. Cmdr Vivian Martin | Conference Lounge | | Deck 1 | Vector 1 | USS Theurgy ]   Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @BZ @Fiendfall @Brutus @trevorvw @argyros @TWilkins @Nolan @Fife

Sat at her spot at the table, Vivian was sure a few of the others already gathered had noticed that she had hit the replicator for her own coffee despite there being some on the table already, but Vivian also knew that what sat on the table was nowhere near as strong as she needed hers to be at that moment. As the others started filtering into the room, she let her hand not so subtly run through her hair, trying to get it a little neater than it currently was.

When the Captain started speaking however, she paid full attention and the longer Ives spoke the less unhappy she was at the lateness of the meeting. They weren't the only ones who knew! There were actually people in Starfleet who were aware of the situation and that they weren't the traitors they were being made out to be!

Granted it was only a small group but they needed some good news and this was certainly it. It was a start at least and something that did bring a small smile to the CSO's face. Not only that but they were to be getting some new crew to shore up their depleted numbers, that would certainly help. For a few people who knew about the Allegiant's mission there was a small bit of hope that not only everything would go well but that the Captain would bring back some good news and this certainly qualified as good news.

Well mostly good news, the news about Captain Ziegler and the rest of the crew of the Cayuga was not good news, hopefully they would be found eventually and were all okay, although the odds might not be in their favour the same could be said about the Theurgy surviving all this time by themselves too. Shaking her head slightly to banish those thoughts and focus on the more positive news for now.

When Ives finished speaking she wondered if this Admiral Andersson and the people he fitted could be trusted? After all he could be infected and this could all be some ploy to get their location. No, no they would have taken all the precautions before hand surely, she was just being paranoid. Besides that was more a question for Kai as the Security Chief  to ask than her.

She could however update the Captain on how her department was doing and since weaponizing the light was one of their main priorities and fell into her domain she didn't see the harm in going first. The fact that nobody else had started speaking yet was also a factor she admitted.

"The Science Department is slowly but surely getting back up and running, there are still a few labs that are down as we wait for the repair teams to get to them." she said "Research on Miss MacMillan and how to weaponize her light is ongoing, it's a slow process and while we haven't had too much success yet, I have some of my best people working on it and from the reports I've read they're hopeful that something will come from it, given time. Unfortunately it's too early to give a time frame on when that might be." she added, before taking a breath.

"That being said however, we are exploring other avenues as well. Doctor Nicander revealed to us the location the parasites come from and with that information we're researching ways to potentially cut off their area of space from the rest of the galaxy, it won't help us deal with those parasites already here but if we can come up with something, it will at the very least prevent any more of them from coming through and joining the others." Vivian added.

"Finally some of the other, non infested related projects are starting up again although they obviously have a lower priority than anything related to the infested. I also believe a few members of the botany department are scheduled to head planet side to check out the local flora and fauna and perhaps acquire any that have advantageous properties that we could use."

Vivian took a moment to let her brain run through the mental checklist of things her tired brain could remember about her department that the Captain needed to know. Not coming up with anything she gave a small smile "That's pretty much it for the Science Department Captain, I'll keep everybody updated on any new developments as they happen."

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[Lt. Cmdr. Natalie Stark | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01| USS Theurgy ]Attn: @Fife @Top Hat @Auctor Lucan @Kinvarus @TWilkins @fiendfall @BZ @Nolan @trevorvw @Argyros 

Stark had known that the captain had returned from their mission in relatively good spirits, based on that short conversation they'd shared in the docking lounge. They hadn't divulged any details however, and Natalie had not pried, not with Ives, nor Vanya or Shar. The latter had made a report, but it was unread, laying on her bed back in her quarters. Taking a sip now from her drink, Nat tried to suppress a smile from spreading over her lips at the first revelation from the Captain. She had never heard of this Admiral Andersson, but she supposed that was more than a little fitting, if he was the Director of Covert Operations. That wasn't the kind of person you wanted to become an household name around the Fleet. 

If Ives trusted them, that was more than enough for Natalie. The smile was there, despite her efforts, and she glanced around the room at the others, meeting gazes from Ravon, the only other original Theurgiest at the table, and then Lieutenant Commander Martin, late of the Resolve but around just long enough to feel like she belonged on the senior staff. At least to Natalie, as well as the younger Mr. Veradin, whom most oft sat next to Natalie on the bridge. Familiar faces, each with their own reactions to the news at hand. They'd known longer than the rest of the senior staff, after all, whom had not felt so desperately alone as Natalie had. It mattered, in ways that she could not put into words, as she followed the Captain making his rounds about the conference table.

Already, Natalie was drafting a message she would deliver to her department. It would be easy of course to call them all together, but they were busy. There was much to be done. Instead she was leaning toward a personal recording, sent to each members quarters, and a quick comm note to all staff members appraising them that she'd shared good news for them all to look into at their earliest convenience, duties permitting. That'll be the best way to handle it, she concluded, her smile growing softer and more satisfied. The smile threatened to  grow with the news of access to the Federation Database network again, but then vanished in its entirety with the further news related to the crew of the Cayuga that had not been trapped aboard the Theurgy prior to the Borg assault. 

Her heart immediately went out to Vanya and the others, and how they would take ht news. She liked Anya Ziegler, and though their initial meeting in the Azure Nebula had been what could only politely be called 'rough', the Cayuga's ship master had been just what Natalie needed, and when she needed it. She ran her tongue lightly over her lower lip, having bit it when the news was given, and sat back in her chair again. Though both hands held her glass of lemonade, a drink was the furthest thing from her mind. She was already wondering how they could possibly assist Ziegler and the remaining crew. She decided to put some faith in what Ives had said, and not simply assume they'd all been covertly killed. This Admiral Andersson was going to have plenty of opportunity to prove his worth, between ending new recruits to bolster the Theurgy and finding what happened to Captain Ziegler.

They can't be all dead. I refuse to believe it. That's too...messy an option for the enemy to use. No, they're not dead...

Looking back up, Natalie struggled with deciding which was more nerve wracking - the thought of Martok there, in person, after everything that had happened in the Azure Nebula, or the idea that Elim Garak would be brought into affairs. Both men had hard earned reputations during and after the Dominion War, and Natalie decided that she did not at all envy their new friend in Covert Operations. Though she wished him the deepest of luck in dealing with the tailor-turned-diplomat. She pondered events coalescing on a quadrant wide stage for the first time during this mad dash, as Vivian reported in. Looking about the room, and seeing no one immediately jumping into the gap left by the other woman, Natalie took a deep breath and sat up straighter in her chair, delivering her own report into the silence that had followed Lt. Cmdr. Martin. 

"Operations, alongside Engineering," she shot a nod toward Blue Tiran as she spoke, "Have been working around the clock the past week, making as many repairs as we can. We're borrowing spare hands from every department when we can steal them away, though I know we're all hard pressed for resources right now. We've made significant progress with the ships ODN network, as well as some overhaul work on the main computer cores. Having a shipyard to run backup processes for us and an umbilical cord to supply power had been a godsend. There's been a lot of work we simply couldn't do up until this point and we've pretty much dived off the deep end tackling it."

She paused and allowed herself to meet the captain's gaze, despite his being in his male aspect. That moment, months ago in the transporter room flickered before eyes, but she didn't let her gaze waver. This next part was important. "I have concerns, however, for our transporter network. We're running those systems pretty hard, and I'm running short on specialists to man the posts. With our vectors scattered about the shipyard we're having to route a lot of traffic through the transporters, and we haven't yet had a time to make all the repairs I'd like to. I've managed to recruit a few new officers from the ranks of the Endeavour and [/i]Belleraphon[/i]'s Ops departments, including one Ensign K'Lara, that shows some strong promise, but the pickings have been slim. Neither ship had a particularly extensive transporter network like the Theurgy. Outside of starbases or ships with specific recuse profiles, most don't. Even borrowing a few folks from sciences that had minors of transporter theory back in the Academy has only helped so much. 

"I'd like to see if we can leverage the shipyards resources a bit more for transporter operations, at least to allow us to take one room off rotation at a time for maintenance. There will be a bit of a security risk, of course, but even if we can simply route only a few routine activities through their facilities, beaming crew from one yard transporter bay to another close to a different vectors docking port would be enough to let us do some of the work we needed, even if it would extend the amount of transition time between  vectors slightly, for non essential transports."
She paused then, to sip her drink, her throat becoming parched as she pressed on. She wasn't one for long conversations, and this was pushing the boundaries of her usual reports. But she was trying to be more forthright and live up to the responsibilities placed upon her shoulders.

"If Admiral Andersson has any transporter chiefs he can spare, I'd be might appreciative of them." it was a joke, but only just. She'd happily take even one more officer trained in the use and maintenance of a transporter room. She sorely missed Mr. Kiiz and his expertise. But there was nothing she could do about that loss, not now. Steeling herself, she then quietly added, "Additionally, we've encountered a few issues with promised supplies from the locals. It's mostly small things," a not quite truth, "and we're working with our hosts to route out the cause. Pirates, more likely than not. Administrator M'Kish ahs raised some concerns in relation to the deuterium mining efforts and security there. A delightful fellow,very easy to get along with," there was sarcasm in her voice now as she outright lied. The man, or his aide, or someone under his command had tried to kill Natalie, but she wasn't going to bring that up in the general staff meeting. "I have a more detailed  report I can deliver later, but if anyone here is having any issues getting supplies, personnel, or certain time with dockyard resources, I want to hear about it." She was speaking now as the ships Second Officer, and not its Ops chief. 

"There are a few other details, but I'd like to go over them later on in private if you don't mind. No reason for me to hog all the fun here in this meeting." She smiled wide, and if one didn't know Natalie, or wasn't an empath, one could be forgiven for thinking the joke a genuine one. Ives likely would have heard the undertone of importance, and Commander Ducote - already informed of Natalie's concerns regarding the locals, and her brush with assassination aboard the shipyard - would have picked up the emotions under the surface. She was fine with that. She needed to convey to the Captain that not every Klingon in the Aldean system, let alone the High council, was aboard with Martoks plan. Having been told as much point blank by M'Kish, there was little doubt in Natalie's mind that she needed to say as much to Ives. 

There was no need to tell everyone else that however. Especially not after such happy news. In this at least, Natalie was genuinely pleased. The prospect of new crew, and allies in Starfleet again, and the ability to do something about everything was outweighing her own less than welcoming venture in to Klingon Politics.
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[ Lt Cmdr Thomas Ravon | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @BZ  @fiendfall  @Brutus   @trevorvw   @Argyros  @TWilkins  @Kinvarus  @Fife 

Hearing of the newest developments and changes, Ravon remained stoically in his seat as his eyes moved over Ives. It was quite the news to know that new recruits were coming and that their debacle at Starbase 84 would somehow be throwing of fruits that were in their advantage. Of course words were just words, Thomas would be happy to see new faces drop in and for now he'd believe it when he saw them actually getting on board.

His eyes shifted from the highest ranking officer to the others in the room. Martin took the word and began with her reports and status on McMillan's ability. Thomas listened half to it as the science aspect was mostly foreign to him. Instead his eyes came to rest on Derik for a second as he inspected the features of the helmsman. The pilot couldn't help but chuckle in his seat slightly before he cast his eyes away.

Stark took the word now and Ravon couldn't help but find his eyes drawn to the woman. For some reason she still felt like a superior officer to him. Perhaps because they had shared this voyage since the start and she had always outranked him since. Now they were equals in rank, though he imagined Natalie having quite some experience ahead of him. Regardless though, the woman carried on with her report and Ravon shifted in his seat as he looked over the other present at the table. When Stark was done with her talk, he saw it fit to give his report.

"Tac Conn reports aren't that spectacular. Most of our ships have gotten the essential repairs needed to get them space worthy. Operations are being conducted alongside Aldean and Klingon officials to guarantee dominion over this sector. Our ships have been given devices which allow us to be less conspicuous to foreign visitors. So far we're doing our scheduled patrols with an occasional call for aid, but nothing spectacular to report so far." he stated as he moistened his lips. He doubted if he should mention the debacle with Khorin in the meeting. Sure it impacted the wolves operations, though he hardly deemed it fit to be thrown out here in the group.

"There might be some slight changes in the roster as of late, yet these trivial matters are to be considered my work, so I won't bore you all with the specifics." he decided to say, to prevent anyone asking questions about a certain Klingon in the brig. Ravon's face was fixed however, thus if one didn't pay attention to it, there wouldn't be anything that would give away the struggle that had happened the day before. "That would be all." he concluded as he gave the word to the next officer.
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Cross | Conference Lounge | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @fiendfall @trevorvw @BZ @Top Hat @Kinvarus @TWilkins @Argyros @Nolan
[Show/Hide]Cross had glanced up as Blue had entered the room, the familiar face of the Theurgy's Chief Engineer a welcome one among so many new faces. The face that Blue had a tiny stack of donuts with her was unsurprising, the Human having the most keenly developed sweet tooth that Cross had ever encountered, though the fact still brought a faint smile to the Vulcan's features. Cross chuckled as Blue threw a smirk in his direction, accompanied by a comment about shaking hands, the chuckle growing as Blue fired off a wink in his direction. Cross stuck out his tongue in reply before taking a sip of his coffee and shaking his head in amusement.

Three other officers had entered as well, only one of whom Cross was familiar with. He had only met Lt. Commander Stark the day before, and now returned her smile as she seated carried her lemonade over and seated herself in the chair to his right, giving her a nod and a "Ma'am.". Kai entered next, and Cross found himself grinning as his large friend seated himself to Cross' left, shifting in his seat as though he found the thing uncomfortable. Kai eventually settled, smiled and raised a glass in his direction, to which Cross replied by raising his mug of coffee and a grin of his own. Once Dr. Tyre and another officer Cross wasn't familiar with had filed into the room, the Captian began the staff meeting. Apparently there was news from the away mission the Allegiant had been sent on, and good news at that.

Apparently they had a new contact inside Starfleet Headquarters, a Rear Admiral named Joseph Andersson who was the Director of Covert Operations for Starfleet Intelligence. Admirla Andersson was apparently sending them additional officers according to the Captian. They had also gained access to the Federation databases, which would be a great help. Having finished in his explanation of the events, the Captain opened up the table for questions, as well as reports from the various departments.

Cross listened to the reports from the Science and Operations departments, then from Tac CONN, the unfamiliar officer who had entered the conference lounge with Commander Stark proving to be the fighter squadron's department head.

"Tactical has been appreciative of the time in the dockyards, just as Ops has been. We've managed to repair numerous weapons systems that have been too long without repair or proper maintenance, for obvious reasons." Being on the run did little to provide the opportunity for repair and resupply, after all. "Our torpedo and submunition stocks are low, and we're having similar trouble with our hosts that Commander Stark mentioned. The KDF and the Aldeans haven't been overly forthcoming with the promised resupply, though they did try to placate us with four new forward-facing torpedo launchers on the Helmet. I've had Lieutenant Evoras sign off on the installation of the launchers, though it only increases the necessary resupply of torpedo stocks from the KDF." Cross shrugged, inwardly thinking that the Klingons hadn't really thought the offer through. "Aside from the lack of munitions, Tactical isn't in bad shape. We didn't suffer as many casualties as some departments." Cross turning his attention to Lieutenant Commadner Stark to his right. "Commander Stark, if you need the manpower we can probably send some more staff to help your people with repairs." Cross turning his attention back to the Captain. "That's more or less all I've got for you, sir. Tactical is in good shape, other than the lack of resupply from our hosts."

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[ Lieutenant Ayden Tyre | Conference Lounge | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @fiendfall @trevorvw @BZ @Top Hat @Kinvarus @TWilkins @Argyros @Nolan

Ayden settled into his seat as the Captain began talking, thanking them for their attendance and affording the appropriate formalities for a gathering of the senior staff. The mention of good news had Ayden adjust his posture ever so slightly. Moral was more Commander Hathev's concern than his, but being a Betazoid, he couldn't help but nod his head ever-so-slightly at the Captain's words.

And the Doctor listened, and perhaps would have smiled were he more expressive in his emotion. Apparently, their latest ally was an inside man in Starfleet Headquarters, Rear Admiral Joseph Nerva Andersson. Ayden didn't know a great deal of the man, but being the Director of Covert Operations in Starfleet Intelligence certainly made that understandable. The name was classified, and Ayden committed that important detail to memory.

Alongside their new ally, their Captain listed them the rest of their slowly building network, including more new faces that would be reporting to them in a matter of days.

Perhaps the most favourite news to hit the ears of the Doctor, was the knowledge that the Federation database would become more readily accessible to them as time passed, a great boon that would benefit the medical team exponentially. A wake of negativity then lapped against the Betazoid's paracortex that drew his black eyes more keenly to the handsomely-structured face of their Captain, all cheekbone and jaw, ready for whatever bad news was set to be announced next.

Apparently, with each ally gained, one was due to be lost. Ayden was aware of Captain Ziegler through reputation and rumour, but to know that a prison transport she had been sealed upon had gone missing, truly put a dark cloud over the meeting. Of course, a great deal of threats, a great deal more than anyone cared to admit, awaited them out in space. But somehow, this disappearance seemed to feel linked to the ever-more sinister actions of Starfleet.

When Ayden recalled to how, just a few weeks ago, back aboard the Endeavour, he had been so vehemently disgusted with the supposed treason of the Theurgy crew, that he hadn't stopped to consider if Starfleet's words had been lies... He almost flushed at the thought, thankful that attention was shifted to the members of their meeting each taking turn to express the conditions of their department.

"My first expression would be to offer my thanks to the Rear Admiral, having a chance to access an up to date version of the Starfleet Medical Database is inexpressibly useful." When it was Ayden's turn to speak, he certainly had a lot to say. His intention was to keep it brief, as his words had little baring on the Parasites as Commander Martin 's had, but given Commander Stark's less exciting, but more pressing, expression of concerns, Ayden decided that he'd allow himself a little more time to explain.

"Now the medical staff aboard the Theurgy have been absolutely exemplary, and with the bolstering from all of our sister vessels, we have an outstanding breadth of knowledge and skills across a wealth of areas. Considering our casualty levels at the start of this week, compared to what they are now, I can confidently say that we have one of the best Medical compliments in the entire fleet." Ayden thought that good news ought to come first, with issues taking second place, lest he appear a 'debbie-downer' as he had been called once before. "The android whom came aboard following the Battle with the Borg, V-Nine, in particular has been fundamental in the reversal of the Savi's genetic experiments, and has shown a genuine understanding for Starfleet ethical and clinical regulations, which was my primary concern."

"We are however, not without problems." Ayden straightened himself, ready to address the entire room. "We have crewmen on this ship from what seems like a countless amount of vessels, not to mention wayward souls whom have flocked to our banner. Species range diverse from Gorn to Orions." Ayden frowned a thimble at the bitterness of his next planned comment. "And the medical manifests are gone-to-the-wind, so to speak."

"Before we leave Aldea, we need to have a routine medical, at the very least, performed on everybody aboard this ship. We haven't got medical records for about half of the vessel, and with such an eclectic range of species, the risk of a medical oversight is far higher than it need be." Ayden took a brief moment to collect himself, realising that he was getting a trifle flustered; he couldn't express these issues to his Staff, it would be unbecoming of a Senior Officer to reveal such missight to his subordinates... He hadn't realised that he was repressing them so.

"I don't know who on this ship has special medical needs, and with species as diverse and uncommon as we have aboard... Without medical files, in a triage situation we could kill a patient with the wrong medication." Ayden paused, trying to convey the seriousness of the issue. "I doubt anybody in the medical staff has studied Gorn physiology at any length, as just one example. In fact, we have species aboard the ship that aren't even doccumented in any Starfleet text that I have studied." Ayden turned to Commander Stark next, judging the woman as someone who would take these issues seriously, and be able to assist. "With the ship in the state it has been in, my requests for routine follow-ups don't seem to be sticking. I would therefore ask if Ops might be able to assist in the facilitation of getting every soul aboard into sickbay before we depart."

He indeed felt like a 'debbie-downer' when he turned back to the Captain with a second, equally pressing, concern.

"A second concern we are facing, is a severe diminishment of our medical inventory. In the first forty-eight hours I was aboard, we saw three serious conflicts that all came with their fair share of wounded. We expended a considerable amount of resources doing so." Ayden reached a hand up to adjust a strand of hair that had fallen into his eyeline. "And that wouldn't have been such a grave concern, had the majority of the spare medical supplies not been lost during the conflict with the Borg."

Ayden returned a glance to Commander Stark, as he addressed her, before moving back to the Captain.

"Commander Stark and I briefly discussed the issue, but with the sheer volume of resources we've expended to get the crew back on their feet, I fear that we won't have anything left by the time we depart." Ayden felt a pang of nervousness with his next request; he'd not said much to the Captain directly since his time aboard. "I fear that I need to request that steps be taken to secure a new source of Medical supplies as a matter of urgency; I am happy to assist in the endeavour in any manner that I am able."

"I apologise for such bleakness, but given our somewhat precarious history of avoiding danger, quality medical supplies are not a resource that I would enjoy being without."
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Hathev | Conference Lounge | Deck 1 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @Brutus @BZ @trevorvw @Nolan @Argyros @TWilkins @Kinvarus

The list of senior staff members had changed somewhat from the previous week, the Acting Heads of Security and Tactical being supplanted by their permanent replacements in Lieutenant Commanders Akoni and Cross respectively. The latter she had, of course, already met, making Akoni the only new face she was to see this afternoon. She had, of course, studied his file with the same rigour as she had afforded her other new colleagues; an alumnus of both the Dominion War and, more recently, the Endeavour, Akoni was in good company around the conference table. It would remain to be seen whether he would improve her current poor judgement of Security officers, or whether he would simply reinforce her previous observations of them as boorish and militaristic.

Despite perusing his file in this way, Hathev found herself unprepared for the sheer physical size of the man; she had hardly deigned to spend more than a moment skimming the physical section of the man's file, lingering only long enough to categorise him as Human, and was thus somewhat surprised to discover he stood over a foot taller than herself. An unusual height for one of his species, to be sure; but then, so too was hers for a Vulcan. Nevertheless, despite his size he carried himself with an unassuming air that was promising in its seeming lack of affectation, and she watched his interactions with his fellow ex-Endeavour officers with a curious eye.

One such officer was Commander Tiran, whose own behaviour had been most interesting. Her interaction with Mr Cross had been more personal than professional, a light teasing that spoke to a history of close acquaintance. Hathev's own greeting she had not expected; her knowledge of the woman said that Tiran was likely to be uncomfortable with the presence of her counsellor in a professional setting, and would therefore attempt to minimise contact. Certainly it was not ideal that Hathev should interact with a patient in this way but considering the staffing difficulties faced by her department she had decided it was prudent for her to deal with such a high-ranking case personally. That Tiran did not, in fact, ignore her as she had predicted, but in fact drew attention to their relationship outside of these circumstances was a positive sign, no matter how unconventional the delivery.

Of course, Hathev would never 'use' any information gleaned in any manner 'against' one of her patients, but she predicted such a clarification would be out of place in this setting. Indeed, from Tiran's behaviour she could extrapolate the assumption that her words had been intended in jest; she could only hope this meant the woman understood the false logic of such a statement. Thus she opted for a simple greeting in return.

'Good afternoon, Commander,' she said, with a lightness that aimed to match the woman's tone and as much warmth as she ever exhibited. It was pleasing to see Tiran in such high spirits; she infused her words with that approval.

Of the other members of the senior staff, Hathev had met all before, and thus none required particular greeting. Stark and Tyre remained the best among them, by Hathev's judgement; although she was not well enough acquainted to draw conclusions on many of those seating themselves around the table. Veradin and Ravon in particular remained unknown quantities, and her estimation of Martin had unfortunately fallen somewhat, yet such damage was not irreparable. Of course, it was Captain Ives who posed the greatest uncertainty, followed only by Commander Ducote, but she hardly expected to draw any kind of reasonable conclusion on either individual from the meeting here today.

The assembly convened, Ives briefed them on the various developments resulting from the Allegiant's away mission. Hathev listened dutifully, with a detached interest; the updates were, it seemed, primarily positive, albeit delivered with a theatricality she found unnecessary. Coming as she did from a ship whose command she though unquestionable, she now found it difficult to unequivocally accept this Rear Admiral's word that he was trustworthy; if he would indeed be sending relief personnel, they could pose quite a security risk if they were not properly cleared.

'I assume that all incoming personnel sent by the Rear Admiral will be rigorously examinedy,' she said, turning slightly to direct her words more specifically to Commander Akoni. 'Should psychological evaluation be considered prudent, Counselling is at your service, Commander.'

The news that the last of the Cayuga's crew had been lost, including her captain, was sobering and unfortunate. The implication that those enemies among their ranks had turned upon Starfleet's own so insidiously was unpleasant to contemplate, and yet considering Hathev's experiences upon the Bellerophon, aided by hindsight as they were, she could not discount the possibility that such was the case. It served as little more than proof of her suspicions.

With that sombre news imparted, the agenda moved to departmental reports. Happily it seemed the ship was in a much better state than it had been the last time they met, with the exception of Medical which seemed to be dealing with a minor crisis of its own. Hathev, at least, could offer a more balanced report.

'My own department remains low on staff,' she began, 'however our numbers have been bolstered by the efforts of Dr Tyre and his team in treating those counsellors in stasis.' She nodded her thanks to the doctor before continuing: '92% of those retrieved from the Versant have either seen a counsellor or made an appointment to do so, and you all have my thanks for your assistance in arranging this. Those few who have as yet been unresponsive to such requests will be urged to seek treatment on a case-by-case basis, and I will be arranging mandatory sessions if they continue in their reluctance.

'We are now beginning to incrementally widen our catchment to include individuals classified as medium, and eventually low risk. As I initially reported, it is my belief that every person aboard this ship should see a counsellor at least once in the coming weeks, even if the meeting is merely confirmatory or preventative rather than leading to active treatment. I would particularly encourage all here to seek appointments with my team, if only to lead by example.

'I have personally met with every crew member from the Bellerophon; many are grieving or uncertain, but I have offered my reassurances. Crew integration is proving to be a slow process, however this is an issue the department is actively working to address, to acceptable results thus far. Departmental bonding, shared quarters, and mixed excursion groups to Aldea are all moderately affective, and I am in the process of arranging wellness events that will continue to bridge the various crew gaps. Should any here have any further suggestions or requests, please consider my office open to you.'
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[ Lt. JG Derik Veradin| Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @Fife @trevorvw @Nolan @TWilkins @BZ @Brutus @Kinvarus @fiendfall
Derik felt a pit in his stomach at the news of Captain Ziegler and the crew of the Caguya. While no word wasn't necessarily bad news, mixed faces around the room mirrored Veradin's own inner thoughts. He hoped that those brave souls hadn't in fact become victims of the parasites' offense. Starfleet needed as many good people as possible running around. The loss of those officers would be a blow to their future.

The Trill took an audible sigh of relief as their Captain moved on, delivering good news for a change. Help was coming. They were receiving reinforcements to their staff and soon. The ship had lost so many good men and women. The need for fresh crew members was becoming more and more apparent. Too many positions open. That being said, the Trill had no doubts his counterparts were all thinking the exact same thing: Check every damn one of them for infection. Thoroughly. An infiltrator, now, would be the worse thing that could possibly happen while they were stuck at dry dock and vulnerable. Veradin wondered if he was getting any new staff himself.

When it was finally his turn, Derik stood, trying to speak with as much confidence as possible. He was the youngest person in the room and he didn't want it to show. "CONN isn't doing great but it could be a lot worse as well. Engines on all three vectors have taken a beating and virtually every cluster of maneuvering thrusters have either been damaged or completely destroyed. Repairs are underway but there have been setbacks resulting from secondary damages that are slowing the return of full functionality. I will continue to monitor repairs and send out updates whenever appropriate. I would however, not recommend taking any of the vectors out of dry-dock until I've been able to run a full battery for each vector individually myself. We nearly had a core breach on the Helmet during that last battle from the engines, which I'm not keen on repeating. That being said the renewed access to the Federation database has allowed us to update navigational data. We should be able to use it to find new places to resupply when away from our allies."

"We also had a few problems initially integrating the Aldean cloaks to our shuttlecraft. Power transfer between our two technologies was unstable in around 30% of the units we received. We've seemed to have corrected the issues as no more reports of cloaks failing have come in. I would still advise everyone to keeps a close eye on the units to ensure they don't go out again when using shuttles for travel. Also aligned with the topic of said shuttles, the new availability schedule for what types of shuttles and when they are available will be made accessible to each of you at the conclusion of today's meeting. Please continue to have your personal use transporters as much as possible to keep the various craft free for those who have greater of need them. If you require more than one shuttle for a task, please confer with my team. We'll do our best to have them ready."

Derik turned his attention back to their leader. "That's all from me Captain. You'll have regular reports on your desk and direct communiques with any major development."

The Acting Chief CONN officer nodded, sitting down and taking a long drag of his coffee, glad his report was finally delivered. 
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Lt. JG Derik Veradin
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[LCdr Blue Tiran | Fucking Protocol | Fucking Reports | Fucking Public Speaking | Why Aren't There Twinkies? | Fucking Pastry Discrimination!]
@Auctor Lucan @Top Hat @Fife @fiendfall @Brutus @TWilkins

There were two problems, when she walked in.  And she had thought she had Ranaan Ducote trained to understand her ways long before today.  She was pretty fucking sure he knew what she liked, and didn't like, and how to keep his favorite and easily pissed the fuck off engineer that kept his entire fucking ship running.  But, looking at the spread on the fucking table in front of her she realized that he had either gotten so fucking old he was going senile and forgetting his shit.  Or, he had forgotten that his extremely talented, beautiful, and can-kick-your-ass-with-a-wrench-while-laughing kind of fiance had been left out of all that stood there in the center of the table.  So again, there were two problems on this table.

1. Lack of twinkies.
2. Lack of proper energy drinks.

Her brow rose as she shifted her eyes over to her fiance that sat there giving his little professional nods to those around the table.  She knew that he could read her loud and clear especially since they had gone on their little not-really-a-break vacation but had made the most of it.  When his eyes shifted over to her, she rose her brow even further.  She knew that he hadn't figured out what exactly she was a bit miffed about (total understatement) but he would.  Because if he didn't, she would make sure she loudly explained it all later.

Ives began to speak, and Blue shifted her crystalline eyes off the eye candy in the room and towards the Captain.  There she stood doing the whole 'we have good news' routine, and Blue was just really fucking curious why this couldn't have been done in a fucking ship wide message system.  Surely, she could just send the fucking reports to his-her office and she could fucking read them in between baths or something.  Whatever it was that Captain's did in their off time.  There was no fucking reason they had to all be here, she had shit to do.   You know actual shit that needed to be finished if they ever wanted to fucking fly this ship with any regularity again.  Ives said they needed to know some shit so they could pass the shit down to their own people.

Again, a fucking message could have done the whole ship at once.  A wham bam thank you ma'am kinda shit and everyone could rejoice in their own fucking ways or.. not and keep working like most of the fucking adults here....  Ives began a general history of the ship and all it's allies and what not, all the people they had rubbed elbows with in the past.  I need a fucking twinkie.  Blue slunk down in her seat slightly, like a bored school girl as she crossed her arms underneath her chest and continued watching the teach-Captain go on about the whole system and how they had a fancy new ally in their midst.  As the woman spoke she took a pause and began to morph into her male counterpart.  That whole process still gave Blue the heebeejeebees.  She was surprised that it seemed she was the only one but it just made her wonder if the woman-man-wondertwin whatever could morph into other things.  But, that seemed rude, maybe if she was pissed. 

Cross rose from his seat and she watched him, with curiosity because frankly he was more interesting, as he headed to the replicator and began to push some buttons.  Nevermind, he's probably replicating some more of that nasty Cardie shit that he likes to drink.  He turned but she was no longer paying attention to him.  Until he reached over her shoulder and placed three perfect, wrapped twinkies on the table in front of her.  Her brow rose, and a winning smile took over her face.  She looked up at him and gave a quick nod of absolute respect and endearment.  He headed back around the table as Blue busied herself with liberating her favorite treats from the cellophane they came replicated in unnecessarily.  Once the crinkle of plastic disappeared she tried to figure out what Ives was talking about again, but she was sure that Ducote could give her the cliff-notes version later if it was necessary.  Something about Starfleet Intelligence, and names that couldn't leave the room.  Didn't he-she just say we were supposed to tell our crew?

She bit into the favored snack and leaned forward seeing a cream filled pastry on the center of the table that just happened to need to be tossed at Cross.  "Here I know you like your cream filling." she grinned watching the realization cross his face after a moment.  "Be careful, it might just... come out." she said with a flourish of her hand a shit eating grin on her face.

"Keep it up, Tiran, and I might just dye your hair pink while you sleep."

Her grin widened.  "It'd be worth it."

People began to give their reports and Blue tried to pay attention but she just couldn't science it was boring as shit, and dry as shit, and there was just very little that could make all the shit they did interesting enough to actually pay attention.  Ranaan was probably lucky he couldn't read her mind because she was being particularly bitchy about Science at the moment.

Starky began to give her own shit, something that blue at least paid a slight attention to because it went hand in hand with hers.  They had been working their fucking asses off to get shit together, working, and functional to the point of being almost as if it had visited a Fleet shipyard recently.  Blue was good, Stark was good, the two of them were going to grease this mother fucker up.  Almost every report there after was a shit storm of 'we need this' and 'we need that' and 'shit don't work' and 'we don't have cool supplies' 'she won't share her crayons' 'bill is eating glue again..' that sort of thing.  Blue figured it was probably time to give her own report and it was probably going to be less stout than the others but she supposed this was part of having the Chief title.  She supposed it was handy on the Endeavour because Ranaan knew what the fuck was going on because she bitched loud enough all the time he didn't need reports and she would much rather be fucking working than talking about the work that needed to be fucking done.

Blue stood up and finished swallowing the ass end of the first twinkie that Crosss had replicated.  "So there's still some broken shit in Engineering, I mean you guys really fucked the ship up by pushing her to the fucking limit and you're fucking lucky it didn't just wiggle the fuck apart at the seems."  Getting a look from Ranaan, she cleared her throat and tried to remember this wasn't Amasov.  "Anyway, we've been working ridiculous hours to get this fucking thing back on track.  Ready to ride when she needs to be.  There is still some fine tuning to get the engines where I'd like them to be for a ship this size.  Albert claims that they are working quite efficiently but I have high standards." she gave a bit of a smirk.

"My list of shit that's broken has shortened significantly.  So, we have less shit that we have to tackle, but more idiots that need to get their list of shit done.  So I spend more time than I'd like chasing down lazy mother fuckers than I would like and it's a fucking waste of time.  Anyway, I currently have a team on rivet duty making sure all the seams in the ship are held together with more than fucking duct tape.  The Klingons are working hard with us and have been really fucking awesome with their knowledge, strength, and skill sets.  They've made it possible to fix a lot more shit than we could have done alone.  Um yeah, so just tackling more stuff and getting it knocked out one by one hoping that when you green light this fucker to take off, then we'll be confident in her again."

Blue sat back down and hoped that she hadn't been too embarrassing, but then, there was a twinkie waiting to be eaten and so her worry lasted approximately the time it took to open the next wrapper and shove the first third of the cake into her mouth for a bite.

These should be a staple at every fucking meeting.
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Re: Day 07 [1930 hrs.] New Hope Rising
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[ Lieutenant Kai Akoni & Cmdr Ranaan Ducote | Conference Lounge | Deck 01 | Vector 01 | USS Theurgy ] attn: @Argyros @Auctor Lucan @Brutus @BZ @fiendfall @Fife @Kinvarus @Nolan @trevorvw @TWilkins  NPC use of Akoni with apologies to @trevorvw on suggestion of @Auctor Lucan

As the order came round to Kai, the mountain of a Human stood to give his report. The details were simple enough, and so he didn't feel bereft without a PADD in front of him to provide them.

"Without wanting to tempt fate, things have been fairly slow with only a couple of exceptions. Mostly, I want to remind everyone about maintaining their check-ins while on the surface for extended periods - and that no one is to travel to Aldea without the proper cover identities and clothing. The last thing we need on a non-aligned world this busy is a slip up."

Mostly that was a housekeeping thing more than anything, and the instances where people had failed to check in had been fairly rare. Still, they hardly needed bits of the crew going missing when they were still trying to get everything up and running. There were some edge cases among those assigned to places or environments where calling the ship every now and again might damage their cover, but everyone else still had to abide by the rules for their safety.

"I also want to emphasise that customs and contraband regulations are still in effect, no matter what anyone else thinks of us. Between the Aldeans and the KDF, there's a sizeable black market trade here, and we've already confiscated several items from returning crew. The worst so far was a Varon-T disruptor pistol."

"Who had that?" Ducote asked, a frown on his face.

"Lieutenant Rawley, sir. TacCONN."

The XO made a note in his PADD, but didn't say anything.

"Deputy zh'Wann and I supervised the interrogation of Doctor Nicander - so far we've had no downtime in the anyon protocols to prevent any Infested from boarding the ship... but we still do only have his word that they're an effective defence, sirs."

Ducote nodded, having been taking notes as the others spoke. He made a note to step up his planned meeting with Ms Stark - mostly they'd been passing each other like ships in the night, given the superlative job she'd been doing as 2XO, but the fact that she was requesting to meet in light of recent events made him realise just how long it had been without him sorting out a proper working introduction.

Mostly the others' reports were as he predicted. They needed more supplies than they were getting, but there were limits as to what they could expect. Not only was this not a Federation facility, but the politics of the situation meant that it was almost impossible to have their every wish fulfilled. Ducote suspected they'd have to choose which of materiel, medical supplies, or munitions to focus on, but that would be a devil of a decision. Another note, to speak to the Captain about it.

The news about the unreliable cloaks was worrying, from a potential-discovery standpoint, but it was good to hear that the problem had been solved. Or at least worked around, at any rate. He hadn't really expected much progress out of Science just yet, given the early stage of the research projects, but the fact that the number of questions they had was still increasing was a good sign. They obviously weren't coming up against too many roadblocks or dead ends, so the answers would come eventually.

Blue's report was... very Blue. He had to suppress the smirk that threatened to ruin his professional visage at the spectrum of reactions he picked up around the table, even if he did have to non-verbally remind her to rein it in a little, at least for now. It did at least appear that as mean as they were being with their material supplies, the Klingons were certainly being free and generous with their manpower and expertise. And Klingon engineers are hardly slouches. Their feats during the Dominion War were proof enough of that.

"Deputy zh'Wann and I supervised the interrogation..."

Ah, yes. The interrogation. Kai nodded to Ducote as he stood in turn, resisting the temptation to sigh before he spoke. No need to prime the attitude before he issued his report.

"Nicander was cagey with us at first, to put it mildly. He made a great show of deciding whether or not he could trust us with whatever information he might impart, though there is still a non-zero chance that it was a charade to lead us to believe the anyon hypothesis. The only concrete way we have of testing that right now is on the doctor himself, and that is less than ideal if he can be leveraged as a future intelligence resource. The full report of the meeting is available to the senior staff.

"Nevertheless, he can expect us to treat him fairly; he appears to be as much or more a victim of the parasites as everyone else. Between Science and Security, I know that any future fact-finding expeditions can be trusted to be ethical," he added, emphasising the point. Starfleet was Starfleet, but this crew had been through a lot, and could reasonably be expected to become... impatient at the prospect of a way out.

"Other than that... please inform your teams that they have been doing a stand-up job, and to keep up the good work. Ms Stark, if you could let me know a good time that we can catch up, that'd be ideal. Mister Cross, Ms Tiran, please stay behind when we're done." He glanced at Ives, passing the baton as he resumed his seat. "Captain."
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