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Topic: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02 (Read 101 times) previous topic - next topic

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Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
STARDATE 57577.33
MARCH 18, 2381

[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Planet Surface | Shuttlecraft Tesla | Aldea ] Attn: @trevorvw @lisavw @The Ostrich @CanadianVet

Mickayla stood at the base of the ramp as the Andorian pilot, a woman known as Blizzard, shut down the craft they had descended in. The Tesla, as it was named, was an Argo-type shuttlecraft; which meant that it came equipped with a rover. Mickayla wasn't sure if that was also named but given that it was Starfleet property, it probably had 3 different designations.

"A technical one, a practical one and then the ubiquitous nickname that everyone else uses; simply because it is both easier to say and easier to remember. Someone probably calls it the Volta or something. Just to be whimsical," Mickayla noted mentally as she examined the city border only 200m away. It earnt its name of a ghost city quite aptly, in Mickayla's opinion.

From where she was standing, the late afternoon breeze swirling about her, Mickayla wondered what they would find amidst the ruins. Ancient, undiscovered technology that might help the Aldeans rebuild. Perhaps another, even more ancient civilisation once existed here before the Aldeans and something had awoken their hidden relics. Or maybe it was the pirates and scavengers that Mickayla felt that Trent wanted to say were there but couldn't, because he himself was not sure of it.

Either way, she'd be ready for it.

OOC: Part 02. Let the fun begin.

7-Day Posting Window for all writers. If I could ask @trevorvw to go next with Akoni to pass out orders and ensure everyone is in communication with Trent aboard the Theurgy. We'll end this round with the Rover team ready to drive off and the Foot team ready to start walking.

Rover Team:
Lt Cmdr. Kai Akoni (Security) @trevorvw
Lt. JG Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes (TacCONN) @The Ostrich
Ensign Ema Newberry (Human Female/Science Department)

Foot Team:
Lt. T'Panu (Medical) @lisavw
PO1 Mickayla MacGregor (Security Department) @Stegro88
PO2 M'Mau (Caitian Male/Security Department)

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Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Planet Surface | Shuttlecraft Tesla | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @lisavw @CanadianVet @The Ostrich

As the shuttle reached the surface and set down in a nice and smooth landing, Kai checked his Aldean weapons to make sure the power cells were fully powered and ready to go. He was hoping that they wouldn't need them, however he made sure everyone was prepared nonetheless.

He looked at the rover in front of him and then looked to the rest of the team. He saw a mix of excitement and nervousness on the faces in front of him. He figured he should re-brief them before they got on with their mission.

"Okay people, listen up." he said as the crew members gathered around him, "I don't want any of you taking any chances today. Make sure you stay together and stay safe. Remember, if you run into anything dangerous, double time it back here and we'll figure out a plan."

Kai looked around to nods from all the people that were gathered around him. He felt like he should be inspiring, but wasn't quite sure what to say. The large man now in charge of the mission left his inspirational speech unsaid. Everyone knew what they had to do.

"Just follow your tricorders, do your job and then get back here. No heroics tonight...and don't forget where we parked the Tesla", Kai finished with a mischevious grin on his face. He said it to lighten a little bit of tension, which had seemed to work a little bit.

"Doc, Mickayla and M'Mau, you'll be on foot. The rest of us will be in the rover. Any other questions before we get going?"

There didn't seem to be any other questions, so Kai nodded at them and touched his communicator.

"Akoni to Trent, comm check."

He got a reply from Lieutenant Trent confirming good communication link between the ground crew and the ship, at least so far.

The team going on foot had just departed the shuttle when Kai settled into the passenger's seat of the rover and was ready to go. He still couldn't quite shake the bad feeling he had about this mission.

I hope Trent's mission doesn't fuck us, Kai thought to himself as the rover departed the shuttle and made its way out on to the surface of Aldea.
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Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt Carrigan Trent | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @The Ostrich @lisavw

The mission had been a go. 

Truth be told, Trent had thoroughly prepared himself to see it aborted at that last possible moment and his every effort ridiculed as those of some loose cannon desperately trying to show he was still relevant, somehow.  But, he'd pretty much given up on fighting the lies spoken about him.  Words would not change things, deeds would.  But this away mission was going to be a make or break point for him; either it would proceed and answers would be forthcoming, or it would be aborted and he'd be lucky if he was ever listened to again for more than putting in a meal or drink order. 

Part of him wished he was down on  the surface.  He was sending people to deal with the unknown; even if someone else had held the final go/no-go authority, it remained a fact that without him and his insistence, there would have been no such mission.  Perhaps the official logs would show otherwise, especially if he mission was a success, but this was entirely on him at least in his own mind.  And despite accusations he was one to spend lives like water, he'd never particularly enjoyed sending others into dangers he did not share himself; there was a reason he was much more comfortable with entirely spaceborne operations not involving small craft or directing other ships: it meant the risks were entirely shared. 

So there he was, in orbit over Aldea Prime, watching a console and a hologram whose output was outside of the visible spectrum through lenses that gave him a crushing headache, and wearing the very same headset he'd taken to wearing as XO as to minimize noise output. 

And then, from the surface, there was a request for a communications check.

"This is Trent, communications are good and I'm fully tied into your tricorders, the Tesla and the rover's sensors.  I also have orbital eyes on you, such as they are.  And Mission Ops is standing by if needed."

And now, there were only three things to do.  Watch his feeds, hope everything would go according to plan... and wait.

Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt. T'Panu | Planet Surface | Shuttlecraft Tesla | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @trevorvw @CanadianVet @The Ostrich

As the Tesla flew down to the planets surface, T'Panu looked around to the rest of the crew sitting near her. She made a mental note of all her gear, triple checking that she grabbed everything they'd need. She opened her satchel to take a look inside.

Tricorder? Check. Dermal Regenerator? Check. Osteo-regenerator? Check. Hypospray? Check. Hydrocortilene? Check. Bandages and immediate trauma equipment? Check.

She felt the nerves starting to act up slightly to their away mission. It had been a while since she was without a proper med bay, thinking back to the aft compartment she had to setup for the crew. She definitely didn't miss those days, being spoiled by the vastly stocked med bay that was aboard the Theurgy. T'Panu thought about the mission and planned a course of action in case she was needed by both groups.

"If anyone needs medical, contact me as soon as possible. We may not be able to beam me over, but I can be picked up if needed. Let's hope it doesn't come to that."

T'Panu listened to the pre-mission briefing. She heard the Lt. Cmdr Akoni speaking, asking if there were any questions. She looked down at her phaser and her phaser rifle. It had been years since she actually used either of them. She thought back to when she grabbed them and the few strange looks she got. In all honesty, she thought the same of herself, wondering why she needed both, but she wanted to be prepared. Her Vulcan side told her both weren't needed, but the Betazoid said otherwise...obviously, the Betazoid won on this one.

She thought about double checking how to use both, but the subject was changed and she realized she would remember if the time came to need it. She hoped it wouldn't, but was prepared either way. Her instincts always kicked in right when she needed them, never hesitating to do what she needed to do.

Being a doctor on an away mission, she thought about how interesting her tasks would be. Not only was she trusted with potentially saving the lives of the crew, she also had to save them by possibly taking life; or rather, ghost life? Anomaly life? She wasn't sure how it was going to go, but was nevertheless excited for the opportunity, and honoured that she was the trusted one to head out with everyone.

"Okay everyone, we got this. Groups stay close together, we'll get out in one piece. Comm me as soon as I'm needed and I'll find my way to you. And remember, be safe and stick to what we know. There's a lot of unknowns, but we're ready for this. We have the best crew aboard the Theurgy, now it's time to kick some unknown ass!" T'Panu said wholeheartedly, ready for the mission.

The nerves were high, but the stakes were higher. She meant what she said. They had the best crew, ready and trained for anything. And they were likely going to need it.

Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ PO1 Mickayla MacGregor | Planet Surface | Shuttlecraft Tesla | Aldea ] Attn: @CanadianVet @trevorvw @lisavw @Auctor Lucan

There are a lot of ways to begin the active part of a mission. Your boots hitting the deck of a ship or the dirt of a planet is generally a good indication that you have begun. Whether you are doing that in armour, or a zero-G suit or in Starfleet's trusty duty uniform was a matter of circumstance; as was if someone was on the other end of a phaser or disruptor and about to fire at you. But it was a uniform fact, at least in Mickayla's opinion, that when the person standing closest to you cursed, then something had just gone sideways.

"Shit," M'Mau cursed, looking back towards the Tesla. Mickayla thought it might have been something beyond the craft that had drawn his attention but turning around herself, the Klingon could see that the problem was much more serious. Her view of the horizon was blocked by the Tesla itself.

"Fuck, it's not supposed to do that," Mickayla thought to herself, about to shout out a warning when Jhoza, the Andorian pilot that had brought them down, lept from the driver's seat of the rover and sprinted back up the ramp of the Tesla. "Hopefully it is some sort of systems error that is easily fixed and we can get one with what we are here to do," Mickayla hoped as a small ball of anxiety began to form in her gut.

"Not good," came Jhoza's voice across their channel. "The Tesla's systems state that the installed Aldean cloak is functioning properly. There must be a fault somewhere but I don't know where to even start looking for it. I'm better with a warp fighter than a shuttle craft," the Andorian bemoaned. "What do I do, Commander?"

OOC: Hi everyone. After a brief stall we are on the road again. Due to The Ostrich's unknown absence and at Auctor's direction, I have NPC'd Jhoza so that the thread can move forward.

If I could as @trevorvw to post next, directing Jhoza to return the Tesla to the Theurgy for repairs (we cannot risk it being seen and identified) while having everybody else continue the mission. @lisavw feel free to have M'Mau and Mickayla both fall into step with you as they start walking. I can also supply any speech for Mickayla if you want to add more to your post. Just let me know. That goes for everyone. @CanadianVet , not sure what you'd like to post this time round. Perhaps letting Ops know that the Tesla is returning and needs urgent repairs while seeing if a second shuttle is able to be on standby? I'll leave it to you.

Everyone should end their posts with the Rover driving off while the walkers start walking.
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Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt. Cmdr. Kai Akoni | Planet Surface | Aldea ] @Stegro88 @lisavw @CanadianVet

Just seconds after the rover had departed from the Tesla, Kai heard what he thought was a swear in Andorian, before the rover had come to an abrupt halt. His driver had hopped out and ran up the ramp of the shuttle they had just left. Kai finally realized what was going on. The shuttle had failed to cloak and they couldn't just leave a Federation shuttle on the surface, since they were supposed to keep a low profile. He had hoped Jhoza could fix it quickly and they could continue on with their mission.

The communication from the Andorian all but confirmed the shuttle had to leave. It had showed that the cloak was functioning properly, but the fact they could still see proved that was obviously wrong. Jhoza had asked for further direction. Kai thought for a moment before deciding on a course of action.

"Take it back to the ship, we can't have it sitting uncloaked out here." Kai told the Andorian before bringing Trent in on the new development in case he hadn't heard.

"Akoni to Trent. We've got a problem with the cloak on the Tesla. Jhoza will be bringing it back to the ship, however we are continuing on with the mission." Kai said as he hopped out of the rover and made his way to the driver's seat. The wind howling a bit as he heard the Tesla's engines power up and he reached the driver's seat. The young Ensign had moved to the seat he had just occupied. Kai looked out from the rover and scanned the horizon while thinking.

We've been on the planet for all of five minutes and we're already down a crew member, he thought as he hoped they could just get this mission over with.

As Kai looked to the young Ensign next to him, "Ema is it?" he asked the young woman. He got a nervous nod in response to his question.

Kai sighed and smiled, "Looks like it's just you and me" he said, trying to break her nervousness as he activated the comm line to the rest of the personnel.

"Let's move out people" Kai finished and then pressed the accelerator on the rover to get the mission started.
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Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt Carrigan Trent | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] Attn: @Stegro88 @trevorvw @lisavw

From up on Theurgy, Trent had been keeping a close eye on the deployment and then, a red light showed on his display.  Telemetry from the Tesla was returning a problem, and just as he brought up he alert so he could take a look, he received the call from the surface. 

Cloak malfunctions.  By all accounts, that was grounds to scrub the mission.  Oh, there might be an opportunity to try again, but it was just as likely that hiccup would kill any chances of investigating that spike... but no.  Commander Akoni decided to actually go through with it.  Now there remained the problem of getting the rover back to the ship, but that was minor enough; worse comes to worse, it could be pulled off the ground with a tractor beam, if the pilot would fly gentle, or it could be tucked away somewhere and recovered later, or beamed back using a cargo transporter if they'd drive it out of the immediate area.  So all in all, a manageable issue.  However, there would be a need to be able to provide rapid extraction to the team if needed.

"Trent, acknowledged.  Be advised that with Tesla gone I've lost a lot of my overwatch capability for you; finding  a replacement is a priority up here."

Well, that would be interesting; hopefully, there wouldn't be too much of a fight getting the resources he needed; after all, there were other people involved... though if anything went wrong on the surface...  "Trent to Mission Ops.  Status change.  The Tesla is inbound with a malfunctioning cloak.  They will need a clear approach vector, and I need a runabout to take her place on the surface."

It was just a hiccup... Trent had to keep telling himself that.  There were already entirely too many unknowns with his mission, and now this?  He had been confident enough when they had launched, but now?  He had this very uncomfortable itch between his shoulder blades that led him to believe there was something dreadfully wrong down there...

Re: Day 08 [2130 hrs.] Searching For Ghosts | Silver Shadows Part 02
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[ Lt. T'Panu | Planet Surface | Aldea ]
@Stegro88 @trevorvw @Auctor Lucan

T'Panu, Mickayla and M'Mau had just left the comfort and safety of the Tesla. Which, apparently, wasn't that safe, as it had completely malfunctioned at nearly the worst time. Albeit, there could have definitely been worse, such as being detected. But there was nothing saying it still couldn't happen.

Nerves were running high. Between the unknowns of the mission and the shuttle malfunctioning, T'Panu had a feeling no one quite knew how to feel.

"Okay everyone, Rover team has taken off towards their assigned locations, now it's time to check out ours. Phasers at the ready, we'll fall into line and everyone be ready for anything. Whatever we find inside I know we'll be okay if we stick together," T'Panu voiced with confidence.

She actually wasn't quite sure where her courage was coming from. Was it courage, or battle mode? She knew she had to be in the right mindset for the mission, and most importantly, the crew.

T'Panu looked around at their surroundings, trying to get a feel for everything. In the quiet sunset, there was much to see. The untouched earth stood out the most to T'Panu. She wondered how long it had been since anyone had been here.

She prepared for what they were about to find. The smells, the textures, the aged materials, the likely uninhabited recklessness of it all. The...ghost people? There was nothing confirmed about it, but she couldn't help but imagining haunted ghost houses. It was a very, very old tale humans used to sit by the campfire and tell. And she imagined it started out with something like this. She wondered if someday they would be telling their own ghost stories.

"I never properly introduced myself. My name's T'Panu, this is actually my first away mission. How about you, petty officers? What do you think we're about to find in there?" T'Panu asked, hoping to ease some of the nerves.

Just as she was asking the question, the Rover began speeding off. They were officially alone.