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Topic: SD 57563.55: On Solid Ground (Read 50 times) previous topic - next topic

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SD 57563.55: On Solid Ground

STARDATE 57563.55
MARCH 13, 2381
0800 HRS.

[ CPO Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] attn: @FollowTomorrow

It had been three days since they landed in Aldea, and Morgan's feet hadn't touched the ground since -- literally or metaphorically. The Theurgy had barely limped away from the battle with the Borg, and even before then none of the vectors had been in great health. Even before anyone could begin to think about fixing up the dramatically-lowered warp capabilities, or the drained power systems, or even the damaged shield generators, there were about a million emergency repairs to be made, both small (like messed-up EPS lines) and very much not small (like the several entire holes blown in the side of the ship). Morgan would've been busy even if he hadn't ended up being promoted; as it was, he was worked off his feet. Still, he had a duty to perform, and he was glad to do it. Never mind that he was mostly running on caffeine and determination at this point.

He'd gotten a couple of hours sleep last night, at least, before heading back out. The Theurgy's repairs had been an exercise in prioritisation: with everyone working round the clock, most of the more dramatic emergency work had already been assigned and dealt with, but there were still plenty of smaller jobs to be getting on with. And with Morgan's new role, the small jobs were apparently his bread and butter now.

One such job had called him this morning. The optical phtotoconductor in Transporter Room 3 had been cracked, no doubt in the turbulence of the battle. Thankfully, the officer on duty had noticed before trying to beam anyone down to Aldea. Still, he figured it was worth dunning a diagnostics check on the other transporter rooms -- they'd be seeing more use in the coming days as people started to go on shore leave, and Morgan didn't want to be responsible for someone being turned into strawberry jam before they'd even gotten a holiday.

Rather than traipse all over the entire ship, he headed to Main Engineering to run checks remotely. It was no substitute for sticking his head in a hatch and mucking around with the hardware, but it'd flag up any issues and save him the trouble of navigating the separated vectors unnecessarily.

Main Engineering was quiet when he arrived. Or maybe it just seemed that way: a lot of people had been picking up extra shifts lately, so he had gotten used to seeing Engineering bustling with personnel. Now there were no longer (as many) holes in the hull, it seemed shift requirements were being relaxed, and some people were using the extra time to visit Aldea on the shore leave the captain had promised.

Morgan was not among them. It wasn't that he didn't want to go ashore, necessarily, but he had work to do. And Aldea didn't much appeal to him honestly, it was just another planet, nothing special. He could wait to get down there. What was the rush? No need to run off at the first opportunity. He was fine up here.

Anyway, who needed shore leave when you could sit alone in Engineering and run the same test five times in a row?
CPO Morgan Song - Engineering - Chief of Maintenance (V2)

Lt Cmdr Hathev - Counselling - Chief Counsellor

Re: SD 57563.55: On Solid Ground
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[ Lt. Jg. Suq | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ]

There was a certain culture among some engineers that encouraged"leaving your mark"on the ship you serve. This could mean anything, from improvements, patch jobs, modifications, or just carving your name on the back panel in some dead-end jeffries tube. So in some ways, it explained why Suq felt so proud that some of his emergency patches were taking so long to fix. That was a hell of a mark he left on the Theurgy. He wondered if his coolant injection system was taken off yet?

That said, Suq was paying dearly for his mark. Despite having sustained broken ribs, a concussion, and internal bleeding during the battle with the borg, never mind the nightmares every night thereafter, he was still working his tiny ass off. Except today. He's got today off, and he'll be utilizing it to the fullest. In fact, today was going very well. He'd heard that Lorad, the Reman who almost got assimilated while defending the ship's cloaking device, was alright. He had not heard of any death notifications that affected him yet--admittedly, he was avoiding them. He figured he'd find someone he could rope into going to Aldea with him, because going alone would be so boooring.

So here he was, sitting in a jeffries tube, looking down on main engineering for a friend he could convince to come with him. He had considered trying to get Derik to come along, but he felt the impulse to shy away from him. He was sure Ejek couldn't come with, he wasn't sure where Meony even was. It wasn't a big deal either; he was planning multiple trips, and he could take each and every friend eventually. So for right now, he was mostly depending on fate to bring someone along, and lo and behold, the first friend he saw was Morgan.

Suq was looking down on main engineering from an open jeffries tube panel. The EPS conduit and panelling that usually made up the ceiling was gone--just a big, square hole in the tubes. Below, Morgan was accessing a control panel and had his back turned to him. Suq watched for a time. He was running a test, but he kept running it over and over again. He understood the desire for redundancy, but damn. It suggested maybe Morgan needed the break as much as he did.

"Hey Morgs." He called out, and started to push himself up and turn around so he could slide out the tube, feet first. He fell from the ceiling and landed on his feet, seemingly with no issue doing so. He was wearing casual clothes, which apparently, consisted of brighly colored, loose pants that came tight around the ankles, a lovely multicolored scarf around his waist, shirt. Suq was a hairy man, and had no problem sharing this fact with Morgan.

"You should come with me to Aldea, I don't want to go alone." He smiled at him, "and I think last time we talked, we agreed we needed a break, right?"

Re: SD 57563.55: On Solid Ground
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[ CPO Morgan Song | Main Engineering | Deck 25 | Vector 03 | USS Theurgy | Aldea ] attn: @FollowTomorrow

Okay, it looked like there weren't any problems with the other transporters. As far as he could tell, anyway. It might be worth going over to check them each anyway, just in case there was something the scans weren't bringing up. In theory they should have flagged up any issues, but tech was no substitute for getting in there and taking a look yourself. After all, better safe than sorry, right?

He just starting to head to the exit when someone called his name. He turned to look, scanning the area -- there was no one nearby, and certainly no one he knew. A slight clattering overhead; something fell from the ceiling, and Morgan found himself face-to-face with a tiny, half-naked Efrosian who'd dropped from above like some kind of tube gremlin. Lieutenant Suq, of course -- who else called him 'Morgz'? -- dressed in civvies, which apparently meant 'shirtless'.

Morgan had to take a moment to get over his surprise. 'Uh, hi,' he said, stupidly, only adding 'sir' when his brain caught up enough to remember ranks existed. He realised he was addressing Suq's chest hair -- which, for the record, was, uh, majestic, and certainly deserving of the honorific he'd accidentally bestowed upon it -- and attempted to drag his eyes up to the Lieutenant's face. This was still below Morgan's natural eyeline, of course, but slightly less so, and certainly less... furry.

It took a real effort of will to concentrate on what Suq was saying and not just allow his gaze to wander back down. It wasn't that he was motivated by anything inappropriate, at all; it was just that he was now hyper-aware of where his eyes landed and nowhere seemed right. Should he just hold Suq's gaze? Or kind of look around beside him? That felt weird. Was that weird? Focus on his nose? That was worse.

The lieutanant was inviting Morgan to join him on shore leave. Morgan blinked, the entire situation feeling surreal. They had joked about a holiday, hadn't they? That felt like a million years ago, now.

'I've got... work to do,' he said, lamely. It sounded weak even to his ears. He was so tired, but there was still so much to be done, and what would it look like to his new subordinates (!) if he took a day off now? He wanted to be a good chief; too bad he hardly knew what that meant in practice.

Suq wanted company, but it didn't sound like it mattered who that company was. The man had plenty of friends who could go with him -- he barely knew Morgan at all. Never mind that they'd actually kind of gotten along, once they were past the initial distrust. No, he was needed here.


He cracked. 'What... What kind of thing did you have in mind?'
CPO Morgan Song - Engineering - Chief of Maintenance (V2)

Lt Cmdr Hathev - Counselling - Chief Counsellor