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CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run


[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Launching From the USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Multificionado @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich
When she had finished her personal log, Captain Dewitt left the Allegiant's ready room and entered the bridge. She was pleased that the bridge crew didn't stand on ceremony, calling out her arrival, since their focus should be on the mission ahead. As for her own role, she had said all that was needed in the docking bay lounge twenty minutes ago. Now, they were due to reach their destination, and launch from beneath the Theurgy's saucer.

"Mister Eboh, what can we expect when the Theurgy drop out of warp? Can the sensors see anything yet?" she asked, seating herself in the command chair and keying up her own HUD in the armrest.

She listened to what the one with the El-Aurian blood had to say, taking it all in without showing her thoughts externally. A Klingon fleet. Multiple energy bursts. Space debris. It sounded like a battle, for certain, but it was made fact when the man mentioned the adversary. The only good news were about the Cayuga. It seemed the preparations that the Allegiant had undergone would not have been in vain, that much was certain. Jennifer bit her teeth together, and quelled the fears that rose in the pit of her stomach. All in all, this was the worst case scenario. Why wasn't she surprised?

With a grim stare on the the viewscreen, the Allegiant still being docked, Dewitt pressed the button for the small ship's intercom. "This is Dewitt. One Borg cube sighted on sensors, and it's in battle with Martok's fleet. I am afraid this will not be a milk run. Prepare for battle. Dewitt out."

Then, there was the telltale sound of the mulitvector dreadnought dropping out of warp. It did not take long before the orders from Mission Ops came. [Allegiant, you are cleared to launch. Protect the Cayuga. Bridge, out.]

"Acknowleged," said Dewitt and took a breath. It was time for her own orders. She closed her hands around her armrests, and focused on the task at hand. As the Theurgy's dedication read, courage was fear when it had said its prayers. No time to waste on regrets. "Helm, begin launch sequence. Tactical, once we're clear, raise shields and arm torpedoes. Ops, I want power rerouted to the forward shields, and make sure the deflector can handle the debris as we go in. Keep your eyes on those sensors. Helm, chart a path straight through the debris field, and take us through at full impulse. We must reach the Cayuga and draw fire from her. She needs to seal the apertures, so if the Borg Queen wishes to shoot at something, it will have to be us. Engineering!"

She had tapped the button that lead to the warp core area on the lower deck. "Overclock the core within critical safety parameters. We need all the power you can spare for shields. You will be alerted before we use the graviton cannon."

That was when the Azure Nebula filled their viewscreen, their launch made. The sight of the debris field and the cube right there in the middle of it... She'd heard Eboh's words, but nothing quite prepared you for such a sight. There were Klingon ships fighting the monstrosity in vain, while the cube just wrecked them all one at the time. Two bird-of-preys were caught in tractor beams, their shields being siphoned by the cube, and boarders were likely tearing through the Klingons aboard those ships.

"Allegiant to Fighter Escort Lead," said Dewitt, contacting Meerkat, not about to let herself be mesmerised by the nightmare, "once you have launched, follow our lead, and clear our path from debris!" There was no time to wait. Any moment, the Cayuga might be destroyed. "Helm, full speed ahead!"

OOC: @Fife posts next, followed by @patches , then it's free for all to post in reaction to the arrival for a few days, but my next post will come pretty quick, since the action begins right away. Those who don't manage to post before me can cover both the arrival as well as the next development in their first posts in this thread, which will follow the Allegiant and its Valravn fighter escort through the Battle of the Apertures. The names of the selected crew can be seen below:

USS Allegiant
CO: Captain Jennifer Dewitt
CONN: Ensign Jaya Thorne
Operations: CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh
Tactical: Lieutenant Masuda Yukimura (NPC)
Science: Lt JG Izar Bila
Comms/Advisor: Zyrao Natauna
Engineers: Petty Officer Sithick, Crewman Russell Rodriquez (NPC) & Crewman Rel (NPC)
Medical: Doctor George Hernandez (NPC)
Security: Ensign Six, PO1 Varder Ridun & PO2 Kythalie Benmual

Allegiant Fighter Escort
Flight Leader: Meerkat, RIO: Bulkhead
Fighter Pilot: Scylla, RIO: Whiteout
Element Leader: Wraith, RIO: Big Zee
Fighter Pilot: Blizzard, RIO: Trixie
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | USS Allegiant | Launching from USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Masorin @Multificionado @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich
[Show/Hide]Eboh heard the doors to the Captain's ready room hiss open as she entered the bridge, though he didn't turn his attention away from the Ops console. He heard her speak, addressing him as she asked what they could expect when they dropped out of warp.

"The Nebula is making sensor readings difficult, ma'am, I'm attempting to compensate..." Eboh reported, the statement reminding him of the last time he had served on the Allegiant. The swirling blue ribbons of the Azura Nebula had long been a hinderance to their sensors, though as they drew closer to dropping out of warp the sensors managed to pick up some detailed scans of the battlefield ahead. "I am picking up a debris field ahead, ma'am. Unknown composition. Sensors are also picking up significant weapons fire and multiple Klingon vessels in the area, one with shields down and signs of significant damage." Eboh's fingers worked at the console as he attempted to further compensate for the Nebula's interference with the Allegiants long range sensors. He had long since begun to hate the swirling blues of the nebula, though now he felt glad of the time spent there. He had some idea of what might make a difference in their sensors and allow them to cut through some of the interference.

He initiated a multiphasic scan in the hopes it would allow them a view though the Nebula's radiation and provide a more detailed sweep of the battlefield. "I am also picking up a single Borg cube in the debris field. It is currently engaged with the Klingon forces. One of the birds-of-prey has just been destroyed." Eboh's brows knit together in concentration as his hands continued to work at the console. "Sensors are picking up the USS Cayuga in the debris field, ma'am. It is intact and operational. It appears they have been using the debris field as cover."

His report finished, he continued to work at cleaning up the sensor readings, knowing full well that their lives might depend on their ability to see through the cloudy interference of the blue soup they would be fighting in. He heard the message from Mission Ops clearing them for launch and directing them to protect his former home.

Then the Captain was doling out her own orders, which he quickly moved to obey. Eboh's fingers danced across the console as he accessed the EPS network and routed more power to the forward shields and the deflector array. He had just turned his attention back to the sensor readouts when the docking clamps released, and then they were underway. Captain Dewitt continued to hand out orders as they moved away from the Theurgy and towards the Cayuga... and towards the Borg. That last thought sent an icy spike of fear through him, the hairs on the back of his neck raising and goosebumps appearing on his arms. Eboh's eyes rose to glance at the viewscreen, seeing the battlefield through more than just sensor readouts. The sight of the cube brought back memories of his previous encounters with the mechanical monsters.

He could hear the screams of fear as crewmembers were assimilated, the horrible groaning of the ship itself as the Borg's cutting beams tore through her hull. The last moments of the Saratoga, witnessed through the viewport of an escape pod. The horror in his friend's eyes as he begged for Eboh to kill him even as the Borg implants erupted form his flesh...

Eboh drew in a deep, shuddering breath and let it out slowly, pushing the fear back down. He had a job to do, a duty to the crew. He couldn't afford to freeze up. Eboh said a silent prayer as turned his gaze back to his console to monitor the sensor readouts.

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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ CWO3 Liliana Walton - "Meerkat" | Wolf-09 | USS Theurgy Fighter Assault Bay > Debris Field ] @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Vox @The Ostrich

There was little left to do in preparation now and the vision of the of the stars passing by the ship on her way to their likely collective doom gave no answers to Liliana's silent questions and prayer. Someone announced the ship's imminent departure from warp, bringing a small frown to the pilot's face. The bulky Klingon next to her clapped his hand on her shoulder in a remarkably gentle manner, giving it a squeeze before he rumbled out a reminder that they needed to be in their Valravn. She gave him a wan smile in response before grabbing her helmet and climbing the nearby ladder to the cockpit.

Her fighter was loaded for bear hunting now, her wings laden with a full load of various munitions that she deemed useful against the most dangerous enemy that Starfleet faced. Quantum torpedoes, cluster bombs, and nearest the wing-tips, a pair of Hellbores that she hadn't had the chance to use yet. Those were still somewhat experimental to her knowledge so it was particularly interesting to note that the Theurgy had a supply of them. It was going to make for an interesting battle, particularly with her flight's assigned mission. They would be escorting the ship's aerowing, the USS Allegiant.

Walton was not familiar with the Allegiant's flight and weapons specifications beyond the fact that it was an advancement from the Talon-class scoutship and further modified besides for the upcoming battle. Some of the time spent was going to be studying the Manta-class but she couldn't focus enough on it, leaving her to her brooding instead. She wished she knew exactly what they intended to accomplish with it, but her task was clear - the Allegiant would be used as a strike craft and Walton's Valravn flight was assigned as dedicated escorts for the battle. The Theurgy's role in general, she was told, would be to ensure the Cayuga, an Intrepid-class ship that some on the crew had recruited to the cause, could close the apertures and the Allegiant played her own role in that.

Poke the bear and hope to outrun his rage.

[This is Mission Ops,] came the voice of Cameron Henshaw from the bridge. [All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

Confirmations followed and the Wolves lined up for their launches. Lily taxied out, leading her flight out of the fighter bay and into the glittering black. It wasn't long before other communications started pouring in, among them one from their makeshift strike craft.

[Allegiant to Fighter Escort Lead]" said Dewitt, contacting Meerkat, [once you have launched, follow our lead, and clear our path from debris!]

"Roger that, Allegiant, you have the lead. Intercept course plotted."

She pulled the stick to direct the Valravn to where the Allegiant was, the aerowing clearly speeding up to full burn. After increasing her own speed to intercept before it got too far away, Lily opened her flight's channel.

"Meerkat to flight, plot in your intercept courses to the Allegiant now. Box formation. Scylla, you're with me up top. Wraith and Blizzard, take the bottom. Clear a path through the debris for them and remember, our priorities are that the Allegiant survives so that the Cayuga can close those apertures. We are going to gain the Borg Cube's attention for this, so remember your simulations for a Borg threat. May the stars light our way back safely."

Her RIO, Bulkhead, had his hands full from the word go, even with the computer's assistance. Already, Meerkat's visor was lighting up with targets and local sensor readings, as well as the output from the Theurgy's central tactical network. Positions of the players on the debris-filled stage were marked, most prominently their primary antagonist - the Borg Cube looming on the stellar horizon. The sight gave her shivers. The screams of the dying and frantic mayday calls from the Battle of Sector 001 echoed in her ears.

I have to focus on the now. I have to focus on the now.

It wasn't long before her flight was in position and she hailed the Allegiant.

"Meerkat to Allegiant, escort is in position. Mark priority targets along your course and we'll keep you covered."
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[Lt.JG Logan Hale - "Wraith"| Wolf-11 | USS Theurgy Fighter Assault Bay > Debris Field ] @Firefox013, @Masorin, @Fife, @Multificionado, @Jm Von Cat, @patches, @The Ostrich, @Auctor Lucan

From his seat in the cockpit, Logan watched as his weapon tech attached his requested payload to his Valravn, a nice fresh supply of Quantum Torpedos, some Hellbore missiles on his wing tips and what looked to be enough cluster bombs to pop a good sized chunk out of a small moon and nodded in appreciation, in theory that loadout should be enough to deal some damage, then again you never really knew when it came to the Borg and their ability to adapt, not to mention what new technology they may have assimilated since the last time the two factions had squared off against one another.

Once the tech had cleared the way, he ran a quick system check to make sure all his ordinance was registering and ready to go and nodded to himself when everything appeared to be good.

When Cameron Henshaw's voice came over the comm he killed the music he had been listening to so he could hear the announcement.  [This is Mission Ops, all fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

"Showtime." He muttered as he slid the visor down on his helmet, watching his HUD spring to life, giving him readout of his Valravn's systems, the IFF marking his fellow Wolves for him as they all prepped for launch.

When it was his turn to depart, he taxied his fighter into position and hit the thrusters, switching to impulse once he was clear of the ship and veered off to the left so that those following him had a clear exit vector. Once all the Wolves had launched it wasn't long before their orders came in.

"Meerkat to flight, plot in your intercept courses to the Allegiant now. Box formation. Scylla, you're with me up top. Wraith and Blizzard, take the bottom. Clear a path through the debris for them and remember, our priorities are that the Allegiant survives so that the Cayuga can close those apertures. We are going to gain the Borg Cube's attention for this, so remember your simulations for a Borg threat. May the stars light our way back safely."

"Acknowledged Meerkat, going low." Wraith replied as he rolled his fighter down beneath the others. The orders were pretty simple, clear the way ahead, keep the Allegiant in once piece and play poke the Borg, not necessarily the smartest game to play in the universe but a challenging one at least.

As they headed towards the debris field, his eyes scanning outside the cockpit as well as checking his HUD in case a contact pinged on it the silence was soon broken from behind him, noticing that it was an internal comm between him and his RIO only

"Hey man about The Borg...we've got this right?" Zeke asked.

"Of course we do, we're the best you know that." Logan immediately replied but heard his friend sigh.

Spare me your pilot ego this one time please." The big man replied, the apprehension in his voice clear as day. Not that Logan could blame him, the guy's entire family had been assimilated by the Borg after an attack on their colony. Now some people would want revenge but Zeke...he just wanted to bury that pain and forget about it as best he could, Logan could understand that.

"Going up against the Borg is never easy, those Cubes are tough as hell and pack one hell of a punch but for once that wasn't my ego talking I know us and what we're capable of, you're great at what you do and I'm great at what I do so when I say we're the best I firmly believe that so to answer your question again, yeah we've got this."

For the longest moment the big guy behind him was silent before nodding "Yeah....yeah you're right, we are. Sorry I know what happened with..."

Logan nodded as Zeke stopped talking "Mmmhmm."

"I love my family Logan but I don't want to join them."

"I know Zeke, me either so I tell you what if things go south and it looks like Assimilation is on the cards for us, if possible we'll kamikaze run the sons of bitches and if not we'll auto-destruct and hope to cause some damage in the process, deal?"

"Deal, thanks Brother." Zeke replied as he reached around and patted his friend on the shoulder.

From his spot in front Logan smiled "Good. Now suck it up buttercup and put your game face on." He replied as he pointed out the window at the debris field they were seconds away from entering "Cos business is about to pick up."

Zeke chuckled from behind him, trust Logan to go from caring friend to jackass in the blink of an eye but his best friend was right in this case, now wasn't the time to be distracted.

"Wraith to Blizzard, we know our orders, clearing the path should be easy enough all being well but if you see anything going for the Allegiant that's priority one, do what you can but no fancy heroics unless it's absolutely I realise this is me saying that but I mean it..." He said taking a moment to pause, although he didn't know Blizzard as well as he should have by, they had both been part of the Valravn project from the start which meant something.  "...We've lost too many of our pack since this mess began as it is." he added although his sense of humour wasn't about to be denied as he finished his little pre-battle speech with his wingmate "Plus the paperwork that comes with both losing and replacing a wingman is a pain in the ass and I don't want to deal with that so please don't make me."  
Logan Hale - "Wraith"

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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PO2 Sithick | Engineering | USS Allegiant ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Fife @Multificionado @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich

The order came down to engineering to overclock the core, within safety paramiters, those two actions however contradicted themselves. Overclocking the core, running it hot and generating more energy than was output was never exactly safe. That said a little stress for a containment field was a good thing, and the lizard hissed in delight.

The cramped spaces of the allegaint reminded him of his first home within the Federation. The Eldarado had been a defiant class vessel, and Black Opal had been exceedingly small with nowhere to run or stretch. The Theurgy by contrast was too big compared too the birds of prey, and Orion smuggling ships of his past. Everytime this place loaded up he found himself so much more comfortable in these small damp places.

"Yez Sssir!" He answered the captains orders, going to the consol overseeing the warpcore, prepping the overclock, the swirling blue's of the antimater containment field became brighter after a few seconds, engineering getting physically warmer as the power output was adjusted causing a bit of a shudder that would be felt through the ship, a slight vibration due to the excess energy. A shudder that quieted down as he directed that flow of energy towards the shields hardening them for battle.

"Core run hot." the female voice of the translator clicked over the intercom, but even then the robotic voice of the gorn was only ever able to say simple phrases. It's grammar was never exactly perfect, but in the heat of battle she was much easier to communicate with than the slow guttural hisses of the Gorn. "Shield's strong, still suggest don't get hit."

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[Ensign Six | Bridge | USS Allegiant] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Masorin @BZ @Fife @Firefox013 @patches @Vox @Jm Von Cat @The Ostrich

I am Noor of Brunali, and you will not have me. I am Noor of Brunali...

Among other things, repeating her real name in her mind, Six thought of various things to keep the Call of the Collective out of her mind. Chess positions, ways to make Kal-Toh perfection, clues, mysteries, anything. She wasn't going to let the Collective take her.

Six had been assigned to guard the bridge. And as ranking Security officer, Six had ordered the other guards, Petty Officers Varder and Benmual, on patrol to guard the decks, one for each of the decks. It made sense, given the size of the ship. No boarders will get by without getting seen by the patrol guards.

"No heroics if you have to take them on," Six instructed as she took her position. "Fall back in a few places. Overall, ensure your phasers are tuned to a rotating modulation, so fall back in the event they adapt. Make your shots count before they adapt. If you have to, fall back within proximity of the bridge; the corridor will make a perfect chokepoint."

Positioned in the bridge, Six had just noticed a woman who wasn't in uniform; still, one didn't have to be in Starfleet to be invaluable to a starship crew. She noticed her hair, how unique it looked...Six had just been wondering who the woman with the freaking huge side part was when she got jolted back to reality at Commander Dewitt's order and Chief Eboh's report.

The Cayuga? Using the debris field as cover? Captain Zeigler is a wise woman, Six thought in admiration. But the debris field is bound to run out sooner or later...

Six heard Commander Dewitt again. "This is Dewitt. One Borg cube sighted on sensors, and it's in battle with Martok's fleet. I am afraid this will not be a milk run. Prepare for battle. Dewitt out."

Six softly let out a scoff. No milk run, indeed, one of the biggest understatements of the decade. May as well deliver takeout through a minefield.

As the Allegiant departed, Six momentarily felt the thrill of flight. But it didn't last long; she could see the debris field. Ships on fire. And the cube right in the middle. Six's mouth felt dry. So

I am Noor of Brunali...I am Noor of Brunali...wait...

Six remembered Commander Dewitt mention something...

"We must reach the Cayuga and draw fire from her. She needs to seal the apertures, so if the Borg Queen wishes to shoot at something, it will have to be us."

Six almost felt as if the bridge dropped a few degrees Celsius. She did all she could to resist a gasp. The Borg Queen was on that ship?!? And Commander Dewitt wanted to divert attention from the Cayuga?

"Something to shoot at?" she said quietly to herself, practically whispering. "With that new toy we have on the Allegiant, that should be enough to get her attention."

I am Noor of Brunali...I am Noor of Brunali...pawn to knight...the butler did it, duh...knight to bishop...
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[Lt.JG Sephiria Arn, callsign Scylla| Wolf-10 | USS Theurgy Fighter Assault Bay > Debris Field ]

Scylla Sat in her cockpit, eyes closed, listening to some Theory of a Deadman as the techs, under her RIOs watchful eye, loaded them up for bear with generous fittings of Hellbores, Quantums, and refilling the internals as well, she had never really used bombs before but knew how, in theory, since she practiced it in simulated fights multiple times during the Valravn's testing, so they also mounted some of the Hellhound cluster weapons.

Whiteout keyed his comms. "We are loaded for bear boss." Were his words, Sephiria's eyes opened and she calmly looked over the fighters weapon inventory readouts, checking them rapidly but thoroughly before turning to the techs and giving them a thumbs up, her helms visor opening. "THANKS! WE ARE GOOD!" She shouted down to the Petty Officer who checked his PADD off as having completed this Wolf's reload and launch prep, bringing her bird back to full fighting force.

As Whiteout strapped back into his seat fully, Scylla keyed their Canopy, the apparatus quietly sliding shut and clasping with a soft hiss as the interior pressurized itself, the sleek Warp Fighter's systems gently powering on into high ready standby as her pilots hands deftly flicked the needed controls, the RIO doing the same for his systems, both of them were very familiar with the bird, having been with her pretty much since day one of her existence back at the test squadron. "All systems are green, high ready standby for launch... achieved." Spoke Scylla as the readings confirmed the status.

Whiteout nodded in response to this. "Confirmed on the high ready Scylla. We are definitely ready to do our part... you sure that kid on the Allegiant can pull this off?" He said, concerned about the very young looking ensign that was to fly the Allegiant into the fight. Scylla smirked behind her visor as it slid shut again. "Oh I really don't think we need to worry about the young Ensign Whiteout, I hear she is quite the helmsman... almost good enough to fly a fighter is what I heard." If Sephiria ever said that about someone, it was no lie or jest, the person probably was good enough to join their ranks or, at the very least, fly with them.

Scylla keyed her comms to the flight leader on their team only channel. "Flight leader, Wolf-10. Ready to go." She reported in then started waiting for the signal to go, it didn't take long before:

<<Meerkat to flight, plot in your intercept courses to the Allegiant now. Box formation. Scylla, you're with me up top. Wraith and Blizzard, take the bottom. Clear a path through the debris for them and remember, our priorities are that the Allegiant survives so that the Cayuga can close those apertures. We are going to gain the Borg Cube's attention for this, so remember your simulations for a Borg threat. May the stars light our way back safely.>>

Scylla heard the comms and nodded, hands going to her controls. She keyed the comms. "Roger launch!" She changed channels to the ATC one. "Control, Wolf-10, launching! TIME TO DANCE WITH THE ANGELS!" She intoned as the ship was moved to launch position, the lights flashing green a moment later and in a deafening roar of engine power, the deadly, heavily armed Space Superiority Fighter agilely swooped out into the Nebula outside and arced gracefully around as she followed her intercept course, taking position up high and to Meerkats right. "Wolf-10 is in position lead." Was her final comment as they formed up, as they flew, piped through the teams closed circuit between just the 4 of them, old earth music by a band named Atreyu could be heard at a gentle level not enough to distract just a nice accompaniment.

"Well here we go, facing off against one of the biggest threats in the known galaxy." Spoke Whiteout, his voice a bit tense, Scylla was feeling it too but they had no choice and had to deal with the Borg. Something then popped up on her sensors that made her shudder. "Oh great! Is that what I think it is!? She spoke, pointing to their sensors, Whiteout checked the sensors. "If you think that's a Negh'Var and its battlegroup already going at it with the Borg, yeah, you'd be right!" He said, Scylla grunted and keyed comms. "Wolf-10 to Flight and Allegiant, you guys picking up what we have ahead yet?"

Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Wolf-12 | Fighter Assault Bay > Debris Field ]


The wait was the hardest part, Jhozahosh sh'Avhennes sat in the cockpit of her fighter, canopy up, and legs resting on the rim as she dozed. She looked up every so often, checking that the Theurgy was still traveling at warp, on the way to meet the Borg in battle. Behind her, in the RIO's seat Trixie was running checks on the systems of the Valravn, ensuring that everything was as it should be.

Jhoza's antennae perked up as they detected a slight change in the operations of the ship. They had dropped from Warp! Any moment now they would be required to launch. She quickly swung her legs into the cockpit and snatched up her helmet. She pulled it on carefully, allowing her antennae to slip into their special sheaths. With her helmet on, Jhoza joined Trixie in ensuring all systems were combat ready.

A voice cracked through the intercom. [This is Mission Ops. All fighters, you are cleared for launch. I repeat, you are cleared to launch. Await further instructions from your SCO and your Flight Leaders. Be aware, debris field expanding towards the Theurgy's position.]

Activating the final launch sequence Jhoza felt the fighter lift off the flight deck, as the canopy slid closed, sealing them in. She pressed a hand to the base of her throat, knowing that her Shapla was beneath her fingers. Offering a quick prayer to Uzaveh the Infinite, Jhoza grasped the flight controls and followed the rest of the Wolves out of the bay. She quickly closed joined up with her flight, just as they received ordered from Meerkat.

"Meerkat to flight, plot in your intercept courses to the Allegiant now. Box formation. Scylla, you're with me up top. Wraith and Blizzard, take the bottom. Clear a path through the debris for them and remember, our priorities are that the Allegiant survives so that the Cayuga can close those apertures. We are going to gain the Borg Cube's attention for this, so remember your simulations for a Borg threat. May the stars light our way back safely."

"Copy flight leader, may Uzaveh guide us all." Jhoza dropped her fighter down and took up position below the Allegiant. As they took up position Trixie's voice floated through Jhoza's helmet "If Uzaveh gets us through this remind me to thank him." Jhoza laughed and grinned, not that anyone could see that through her helmet. "We will make it through this, and when we get back you're buying the first round."

Trixie's protests were cut off as Wraith came in on the comm system. "Wraith to Blizzard, we know our orders, clearing the path should be easy enough all being well but if you see anything going for the Allegiant that's priority one, do what you can but no fancy heroics unless it's absolutely I realise this is me saying that but I mean it......We've lost too many of our pack since this mess began as it is. Plus the paperwork that comes with both losing and replacing a wingman is a pain in the ass and I don't want to deal with that so please don't make me."  

"This is Blizzard, keep it cool Wraith, I don't plan on anything stupid today, this is the Borg...besides, Trixie just promised to buy the first round when we get back"

"I did not!"

"Quit complaining Trixie, keep your eyes open, mark larger pieces of debris heading for us or the Allegiant, I want to conserve munitions for the Borg, we'll be dealing with debris using phasers when and if needed."

"Wolf-10 to Flight and Allegiant, you guys picking up what we have ahead yet?" Another voice came in, and Jhoza quickly glanced at her scanners. A wicked smile broke out across her face as she spotted the Klingon vessels still in the fight. "This is Blizzard, we see them. Mark the Klingons as friendly, and keep your eyes forward, we'll be in the debris any moment." Even as she spoke Jhoza was forced to make a small course correction to avoid a large chunk of what looked like a former Klingon nacelle.
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[Zyrao Natauna | Rock and a Hard Place | We Need Better Music For This Shit | Do or Die | Preferably Not the Latter]
@Auctor Lucan

A different feel, this bridge.

Dewitt came into the room, everyone else was already at their consoles and Zyrao was no different.  She sat there waiting for her own orders and hoping this wasn't a good way for the Theurgy to lose their problem children.  Though, if that were the case, the Sabine would likely be close by.  Her thoughts, briefly turned to Sera, and all the time they had spent together lately.  The night of passion, the small stolen moments, their half cocked plan to run away and leave these mother fuckers to their fate.  She could almost imagine them retiring on some great beachy island with the water lapping at their tanned skin, drinking colorful drinks... awww who the fuck was she kidding.  Zyrao could stand a vacation but she wasn't the sort to lay about soaking up the sun.  No, she had never been that kind of woman and she doubted that she would start now. 

Could use a colorful drink at this point.

Tea was her poison of choice and even now, there was a half empty mug in her hand as Dewitt entered the bridge.  Not unlike the first time she had come onto the Bridge with tea and cookies.  However, this time she was already seated, not having stolen a uniform, and ready to get this shit show on the road.  The others seemed competent enough and if she was to follow any Captain on this doom ship, it would be Dewitt.  The dark skinned man that interrogated everyone from the former Bridge had not instilled a great deal of confidence in the El-Aurian.  Not that he was bad, only that, she felt he could have worked a little harder.  Been more gentle on a woman that made a really hard choice in a shitty situation. 

Dewitt sat down in the center seat and chimed into her system.  Like the PADD she had been handed back in the Lounge, she found that her console was always tuned to El-Aurian.  It almost took a moment before she recognized the symbols as they were different, more fluid, and less harsh than the Klingon she was used to.  She still wrote, for the most part, in El-Aurian when she put pen to paper but seeing it in vibrant display so neatly put was just astonishing for her.  It made her ache, a moment, to remember her home world.  The signs, the books, the banners, all in this exact font.  Clean and crisp and perfect.  Not the loping slope of a hand that had written the same language for two centuries.

Still, she was finding herself in a bit of reminiscing briefly though Dewitt's voice pulled her out of her own thoughts of home.  Another spoke, stating the Nebula was interfering with their sensors and scanning but he was finally picking up things.  Martok was in current battle with the Borg cube, and the Cayuga was out there.  She rose her brow a moment, the Klingon name well known.  It was Drax's father, and she knew not what he thought of her, as the last they had spoken she had been feeling him out for Ives before she had betrayed his idiotic son and they had then... died.  It wasnt because of her that he had died though, however, she doubted that blinded by grief Martok would feel the same way.  She hoped that he was level headed enough to understand the situation.  Even he agreed his son had been a raging idiot.  That was why she had been on board.

The bridge shot into action.  Dewitt had taken a moment, presumably, to collect herself and then began to hand out orders.  This is a fucking Captain. Zyrao thought to herself as she put her near empty tea to the side.  It had grown that almost-cold, temperature that made it unpalatable.  Re-heating tea was not easy on the Bridge and frankly lessened the original flavor and potency.  Thus, it was deemed undrinkable by the El-Aurian who placed the cup to the side, it was only a splash of liquid on top of the tea leaves anyway, no real loss, though in her mind any tea not consumed was essentially a loss.

Sitting up straight in her seat, she allowed her fingers to manipulate her screen putting it split as she had earlier on her PADD.  The El-Aurian symbols swirled slightly as her fingers made quick work of the touch screen and she watched in her right-screen as the fighters disembarked and became little marks on her screen surrounded by the coordinates of the Bird of Prey, the Cayuga, and their own ship.  Then the space the Borg Cube now occupied.

"I have the fighters and other ships on screen."  Zyrao reported to the Captain to allow her the knowledge of the el-Aurian being on task and watching the backs of the fighters if she could.  "I have signatures and locations of the other ships as well as we move closer we will get better information." she explained though it was nothing that wouldn't be known.  It still felt like it needed to be said.
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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Bridge| USS Allegiant | Heading the Battlefield]
@Auctor Lucan   @Masorin  @Multificionado  @Jm Von Cat@Firefox013  @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ  @patches  @Vox  @The Ostrich

Bila consulted the standard time on the science station screen. It was too soon. Maybe he could take the analgesic dose a little earlier. Just a couple of hours, nothing too rush. Maybe that could numb the panic that ran wild in his brain and his veins. Perhaps it would allow him to think straight, a little more clarity in his mind. He couldn't afford mistakes or hesitation in that position. The margin for errors was too tight.

Mechanically, the hybrid removed one of his hands from the console to reach his right ear. His fingertips caressed the iridescent metal of his d'ja pagh. The pendant tinkled softly, a familiar, musical sound that slightly relaxed the knot in the pit of his stomach. Only a little. But little enough to focus his mind on the data that began to unroll in his screen.

As soon as the Allegiant uncoupled from the Theurgy, feedback from the sensors arrays began to flickened before their eyes. Unlike most consoles, the science ones didn't use graphics and visual fireworks to show up information. What he had was raw data from the sensors. Plain text. Bare numbers. Without the ship's computer translating them into graphics, the chemist had the freedom to look for what he needed, to analyze small packages of information without any electronic bias. He knew that many people found this kind of work overwhelming. For him it was, somehow, soothing. He had to focus much of his attention on it.  Put most of his energy on it. Which left him little room to be distracted by his own fear, letting his brain ponder over the worst possible scenarios.

Around him, the bridge became a hotbed of distilled data and  quick commands. Bila tried to isolate himself from that bustle, and leaned even closer to the console, his back deeply hunched. He had seen something. For sure. Where? Where he'd spotted it?. He scrolled back to the initial data, selected a couple of variables and make a quick search of them, debugging the sensor data. There it was. It wasn't a rosy prospect, but it was better to have noticed it this early.

"Captain, the sensors had detected clusters of sirillium among the debris. Some of them are gas' bags pre-existing in the battlefield, but others seem to have moved from adjacent areas due to the explosions, the action of tractor beams and warp engines, putting it simple. " Bila fell silent for a moment, his eyes quickly scanning the data he had selected again. His lips tightened to a thin line, barely visible in his shaggy face. Right after, he cursed under his breath.  It was a short, harsh phrase in cardassian that the UT wasn't able to translate. Possibly it was better that way.  "Some clusters are stationary, but most of them move erratically around the debris field and each new interaction with the Cube or other starships complicates their behavior. I can calculate the approximate trajectory of the nearest ones to avoid them, but we are about to enter in a minefield. "

Quickly, Bila's hands danced on the screen, sharing the purified data with the helm station, as well as with the rest of the bridge stations and the captain's chair displays. However, he knew that it was only a fraction of what was out there. Even worst, the distortions caused by the nebula's radiation could be hiding many more of them, or twisting the sensor's information so that they showed cluster where there were none or showed them displaced from their real position.  In most cases, he would need to track them individually, and the hybrid couldn't confirm their position and trajectory until they were almost hover over them.  Unaccustomed as he was to the presence of the fighters, he realized that they could possibly benefit from the information he was collecting. "The escort must be aware of them too: a full impact of their weapons in one of the largest cluster could set on fire the entire battlefield," he pointed out. He didn't want to clog the comms channels with the fighters, due they must stayed as clean and fluid at possible. But he hoped either Dewitt or the heavy-tattooed woman in comms would take charge of transmitting that information.

The chemist divided his screen: he kept the clusters' tracking in one side of the console, while the other showed the full raw data again. In his initial analysis he had skimmed over something more. Something important. What was it? He knew it was something he'd had in mind in the science department reunion. Something he almost forget to share with the SCO. His hazel eyes scanned the information again, quickly, searching line by line for what he was missing. He knew it! There it was. There was a negligible amount of verteron radiation flowing near the Cube's position. It could be traces of a transwarp travel or residual radiation from the aperture that the Borg were protecting. Whatever the case, it wasn't a natural emission, so he need to remain attentive of it and try to triangulate its origin point. "There is a difuse track of verteron radiation around the Cube too, a variation in its intensity could signal that the aperture is about to open."

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[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Launching From the USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Nolan @BZ @Numen 
The background noise of Sithick's translator over the intercom emphasised the moment. The Allegiant entered the debris field, and Jennifer Dewitt couldn't agree more with the Gorn's recommendation. Don't get hit indeed...

Zyrao was pinpointing ships in the tumbling ship graveyard they entered, or rather the metal maelstrom of an ongoing slaughter. Masuda Yukimura didn't need the order to start using the pulse phasers on the Allegiant to clear the path ahead of them, but given the great speed in which they pierced the debris field, they wouldn't have been able to maintain full impulse if it wasn't for the fighter escort. Meerkat and her Flight had entered their positions around their trajectory, and Masuda was sharing his targeting data even though the Valravn fighters would be able to see the threatening movements of debris themselves. In a joint effort, they all ensured that they could make a straight line towards the Cayuga.

That was when Izar announced the presence of sirillium along their path, making Dewitt's lips move in a silent curse. It was not what they needed. "Mister Yukimura?"

"I have the readings. Much obliged, Lieutenant Izar."

Dewitt quickly checked the data on the display in her armrest and passed it to Meerkat. "Helm! You should have the gas pockets on your screen as well. Adjust flight path accordingly, and make sure the fighters know what you're up to." She remained seated, as much as she wished to stand up. She wouldn't let her nerves get to her. Not even when the Cardassian hybrid announced that the aperture might be opening soon. "We have no time to waste then. Helm, I can't stress this enough, get us to the Cayug-"

Suddenly, Dewitt was out of her seat. In fact, she ended up rolling across the deck in front of her chair, and she hit the front consoles with her feet. She was disoriented, having lost her bearings completely. She was hurt from the fall since the inertial dampeners hadn't been able to compensate for the sudden and immediate deceleration. She wasn't alone either, all present officers having suffered a similar fate. Then, as she climbed to her feet, she heard that loud noise, deafening and spoken from thousands of throats at once. The declaration cutting through the membranes of the intercom.


"Captain! We're caught in a tractor beam from the cube!" announced Yukimura, bleeding from his forehead. "Our shields are draining fast!"

Dewitt moved to her seat, working the control panel in the armrest without sitting down. She tried to reach the fighter escort. "Allegiant to Fighter Escort Lead, take out the tractor beam emitter, now!"

"Shields at 56%! Controls are not responding!" said Yukimura, and while Dewitt had heard Six mumbling something before, she was now reciting some kind of mantra in a louder voice. Something about her name being Noor. It was deeply worrying, that she had to remind herself who she was, and to Jennifer, it seemed like the former Borg was loosing it. She hadn't even drawn her phaser yet.

Time was running out, and she had to prepare, in case Meerkat's flight didn't free them in time. "All hands, prepare for imminent boarding! Phasers up! Keep your distance from them."

"Shields at 34%!" said Yukimura, and he drew his phaser. "I am not reading any cutting beam power surge yet. Wai- No!"

"I am Noor of Brunali, I am Noor of Brunali..." Ensign Six was saying, but her eyes were vacant, and she was raising her phaser in front of herself while facing Dewitt, even though there were no boarders in sight yet. That muzzle was aimed directly at Jennifer, who acted on instinct, drawing her own phaser more quickly than Six had finished her movement. She fired three times against the woman. Yukimura fired three times as well. The former Drone made a disjointed dance when struck by the rapid succession of pulse phase bolts from two different directions. Standard procedure was always to keep one's phaser on stun, but it had happened too fast, and it might be they had hit the woman's head. That might have been lethal. There was no time to find out either.

"Shields depleted!" said Yukimura, and he changed the setting on his weapon to kill, just as the first shimmer of boarders appeared, casting every metal surface into light. Jennifer raised her weapon to defend the bridge, along with the rest. Three drones, and yet Dewitt's raised voice had naught to do with the frightening aspect of the metal and flesh figures before them. No, her words were to Zyrao.

"Miss Natauna, Contact Martok, immediately! Tell him what you must, as long as you do it now!" she called, her phaser bolts sending sparks from the metallic figure of what used to be a Klingon, towering in front of her. "Bridge to Petty Officer Varder, we need you in here, now!"

The dedication of the Theurgy - that courage was fear - suddenly rang hollow in her mind, as she fought for her life together with her crew - waiting for the fighter escort to free them, even though it might be in vain.

OOC: The Allegiant was caught in a tractor beam from the cube, even though they were not flying too close to the looming wall, and it is being pulled through the debris field and towards the cube. The cube managed to catch the Allegiant since their flight path was just straight enough to be anticipated, and they strayed just within range of the beam. There are husks of Klingon ships in every direction, and the debris field is both dense nad moving in all kinds of directions depending on the inertia .

Now, here are additional Battle Objectives to illustrate in your posts! Please check off one objective each, and you have full liberty in setting up details, like ship names or Klingon NPCs if needed. Change or adapt these objectives as you wish too, thinking of it as a writing exercise, as long as the overall intent is still to protect the Allegiant for the Fighter Escort, and to repel the Borg drones aboard the Allegiant. Have a look!

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[Lt.JG Logan Hale - "Wraith" | Wolf-11 |  Debris Field | Azura Nebula]

Navigating his way through the debris field, Wraith shook his head at how many contacts he was seeing on his HUD, with everything that had happened so far this was quickly becoming the busiest and worst week in the history of the universe he was sure. Due his skillful flying however he'd managed to bypass a lot of the debris and was closing on the Cube when he was the tractor beam grab the Allegiant and cursed, their one job was to protect that little ship and already it had gotten caught.

"Well shit." he muttered as he swung his ship around and made a beeline towards them, trying not to focus too much on the fact the Allegiant's shields were pretty much non existent at this point as he couldn't deal with the distraction at the moment. "This is Wraith I've got the tractor beam, pretty sure taking it out will piss off the Borg to no end so if they focus on me feel free to shoot the shit out of the bastards, I don't mind being the distraction."

Flying his Valravn as close to the Cube as he could get, mostly to avoid getting shot down before he even made it to the tractor beam emitters he could hear Big Zee take a sharp intake of breath as the Valravn's wing seemed to be inches away from scraping against the side of the Cube. [Colour=lightsteelblue}"Would you relax back there you're making me nervous."[/color]

"I'm making YOU nervous?" came his RIO's reply "So what's the play?"

"Pretty simple really." Wraith said as he glanced at the sensor display on his HUD "We're gonna pop around the side near one of the emitters and drop a cluster bomb right in front of it, that should take out the emitter then we just shoot the hell out of the Cube until it explodes and back home for a beer and like nine slices of pizza."

Zeke blinked behind his helmet "That's simple to you? What if we get caught in the cluster bomb explosion huh? You're gonna have to detonate them pretty quickly." He asked he tried to avoid looking at the Cube whizzing past him just outside, especially since he could practically see inside the damn thing they were so close.

"Are you suggesting I would get caught in an explosion? Especially one of my own devising? Don't insult me Zeke I'm way too good a pilot for that, relax it's going to be fine."

Before the big guy could reply he felt the fighter make sharp turn as it rounded the edge of the Cube. In front of him, Wraith had gone quiet as he began his attack run, ahead of them the tractor beam cut through the black space between them, holding the Allegiant in place. Glancing down at his own instruments he saw how defenseless the ship was as well as an out of control Bird of Prey heading towards it.

"Wraith, there's a BOP on a collision course with the Allegiant!"

In the front seat, Wraith kept his eyes focused on his target as he switched his weapon controls to the cluster bomb and shrugged "There's nothing we can do about it, one or two of the others will have to deal with it, but send them all a message just in case nobody has spotted it yet." he replied "Oh and hold on to something things might get a little bumpy." He added as he pulled the trigger, releasing the cluster bomb and banking hard to the right to escape the blast radius, feeling the rumble of the detonation shake his little ship.

Glancing out of the window though, he saw the tractor beam flicker but not shut down. "Oh for fuck's sake!" He muttered "Nothing's ever simple is it?" He added as he swung the fighter around and headed back towards the ship, dodging the incoming phaser fire as he went.

"So now what do we do?" Zeke asked from behind him as he finished sending the message about the BOP to the rest of the pack.

"I don't want to waste a Hellborne on an emitter but the clusters did some damage, a full spread of Quantum's ought to finish the job and if they don't then...well then I'm gonna be pissed."

With Wraith at the helm, the Valravn swooped and swayed majestically around the Borg's weapon fire as it closed in, a streak of light blue eventually emerging from the fighter as a small cluster of Quantum Torpedoes rocketed out of their launchers towards the Cube, each one impacting the large vessel where the Tractor Beam emitter was located. The green hue of the beam flickered several times before cutting out, releasing the Allegiant from captivity.

"YES!" Wraith yelled happily as his torpedoes hit the mark and took out the emitter before hitting the comm "Wolf-11 to Allegiant. tractor beam is disabled you're fr...WOAH!" He began to say before cutting himself off as several high yield gravimetric torpedoes came flying towards him.

Pulling hard on his controls he banked the Valravn hard to the left, cursing as several of them started exploding around him, shaking his little craft in almost every direction. His HUD showing more and more torpedoes being fired at him from the Cube. "Fucking mother fucker!" He cursed as he banked and rolled the fighter in every direction he could to avoid the torpedoes, each one just narrowly avoiding his ship by mere inches if that.

They were almost home free when one of the torpedoes detonated just behind the craft, lifting the rear of the craft up and sending the nose down. Before Wraith could level the ship out another torpedo exploded to the right of the craft, sending it sideways to the left while a third grazed the ship on the left wing and exploded, sending it back in the opposite direction and throwing him forward into the console, even through his helmet the impact knocked the pilot out cold as  his fighter flipped and rolled adrift in space.


A loud, annoying beeping slowly started making it's way through Wraith's skull as his eyes slowly flickered open, the world returning to him in a darkened blur as he winced, his head hammering like a thousand torpedoes had just exploded in his brain. "Alright, alright I'm up stop yelling at me." He muttered sleepily as he slapped the console, shutting off the annoying noise.

Tilting his head back in the chair he closed his eyes wondering just what the hell had happened before the battle flashed through his mind reminding him exactly where he was, causing his eyes to snap open again. Glancing around he immediately noticed how dark the cockpit was and cursed under his breath.

"Big Zee you alright back there?" He asked, ignoring both the throbbing inside his skull and the lovely notification his suit's HUD was flashing telling him he had a concussion, as if he hadn't already figured that out for himself. "Zeke?" He asked again. "Come on buddy, talk to me." he added before slowly turning around to glance behind him, ignoring the wave of nausea that washed over him.

Even in the darkened cockpit he could see the streaks of blood that coated the inside of Zeke's helmet. "Oh no. No, no no. Zeke!" Logan yelled, his friend remained silent. Turning back around he quickly hit commands on his console to bring up Zeke's vitals, letting out a sigh of relief when they showed he was still alive but in a bad way. "Thank god." the pilot sighed in relief. "Hang on buddy I'm gonna get you help, just need to get our girl flying again." he said aloud.

Glancing out the cockpit to his left, he could see that there was a chunk of his wing missing but by the looks of it not enough to impact the fighter's flight much, although he'd probably have to wrestle with the controls a bit assuming he could get the girl running again.

"Computer, damage report." Wincing as the display flicked up on his HUD his eyes scanned the readouts, the damage to the wing was the most obvious thing, a few minor dents to the hull, shields were down to 52% but sustainable and although they were running on minimal power he couldn't see anything to signify major damage, more than likely it was just a bad hit that knocked it least that was what he was hoping was the case.

Giving his head a little shake to clear the haze in his mind he thought about the Valravn's specs and what he needed to do to get power back up, something that if he wasn't concussed he would have done in about 10 seconds but since he was, was taking him significantly longer. With his fingers dancing over the controls he did everything he could remember he knew, hoping for the fighter to spring back to life.

"Come on baby, come on you can do it. He muttered as the console flicked and the ship hummed occasionally as it tried to bring it's power back online. "Come on girl I need you to start for me. Zeke needs to you start for him too so let's go." Sadly the ship remained semi dark. Cursing, he glanced over at Zeke's vitals on his HUD and while he was still alive if he didn't get medical attention soon that wouldn't be the case. Knowing time wasn't on his side it took all his willpower to try to not panic as he continued trying to coax his injured fighter back to life.

"Come on girl I know you're hurting but I don't have time for this! Come oooooon!" he muttered as he failed yet again to get main power to kick in. "GOD DAMNIT!" he yelled as he slammed his fist into the console. With a flicker and a hum the Valravn's cockpit started to light up causing him to start chuckling "Hahahahahahaha! That's my girl!" he exclaimed as he patted the console affectionately before looking out the cockpit window, seeing the battle still raging, the Cube in the distance. What he could tell though was that he was definately not where he had been before he'd passed out.

"Right, now where the fuck are we?" He muttered as he pulled the sensors up, hoping to find the Theurgy or at least the Allegiant so that he could beam Zeke there for medical aid. As for him, his Valravn was still in good enough form to jump back into the fight even with the damage to her wing. and his head had cleared enough with the adrenaline now flooding his system that he was good to finish it.

Unfortunately being in a debris field, the sensors were having a hard time distingushing between much in the battlefield for it to pick out a specific ship, he'd have to hope that as he got closer that would change and that one of the ships would be willing to drop shields quickly enough for an emergency transport. 

"Well here goes nothing." He muttered as he headed back towards the fray.
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | USS Allegiant | Launching from USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Masorin @Jm Von Cat @Nolan @BZ Anyone else
[Show/Hide]Chief Okotie-Eboh had been keeping his eyes glued to the Allegiant's sensors, relaying data as best he could to Ensign Thorne at the helm to aide her in navigating the debris field while still monitoring the status of the other ships in the area. The El-Aurian hybrid was glad for the excuse not to look at the viewscreen, as each glimpse of the Borg Cube sent a lance of icy fear through the core of his being. He absently heard Captain Dewitt calling an order to Thorne at the helm, though his mind returned it's concentration to the readouts on the console before him as soon as he recognized that the orders weren't for him. He heard Izar call out, warning of the possibility of the aperture opening. Eboh's jaw muscles tightened, his teeth grinding as he heard Dewitt call out to helm again...

Then he was no longer looking at the console.

The ship seemed a blur for a moment, then there was a blinding flash of pain which blurred his vision and numbed his senses for a moment. Once the pain had subsided and his vision cleared, it took Eboh a moment to orient himself and realize that he had been thrown several feet away from his chair, and was lying on the deck between the Ops console and the Captian's chair. A quick glance around the Allegiant's tiny bridge told him that the others had suffered a similar fate. Eboh blinked several times in rapid succession as he scrubbed a hand across his eyes, hoping to clear his vision. He was surprised when his hand came away form his face wet and glistening red, though all thoughts of his injuries fled his mind as the ship's speakers blared that awful message...


Those words, and the static noise that accompanied them as they broadcast over the ship's comm channels, seemed to turn Eboh's heart to stone. Fear gripped him momentarily, his mind going numb. His limbs wouldn't obey his commands. The world around him seemed to come in brief snippets of visual and audio.

"...caught in a tractor beam..."

"...shields are draining..."

"...-legiant to fighter escort..."

"...controls are not responding..."

He had heard similar things aboard the Saratoga. If the Miranda Class starship had faired so poorly against the Borg, what chance did they stand aboard the Allegiant...

No. Eboh told himself as he finally managed to force his limbs into motion, You can't give up yet... get on your feet Eboh...

As the Ops Chief climbed to his feet, his hand resting against the bridge's forward bulkhead for support, he was greeted with a horrifying sight. Six, their resident Borg Drone, was muttering to herself in an alarming manner. More alarming was the fact that the Drone had her phaser drawn and was aiming it directly at Captain Dewitt.

The events that followed seem to Eboh to unfold in slow motion. He began drawing his phaser, intending to protect the Captain. Six was already raising her phaser. Dewitt was faster, as was Yukimura. Both fired at the Drone, striking her multiple times from different directions. Time seemed to return to normal as Six jerked about at the phaser shots struck home, though it was the alarming tone in Yukimura's voice, coupled with the words he called out next, that brought Eboh fully back to consciousness. The shields were depleted. Nothing remained to stop the Borg from boarding the Allegiant. Eboh quickly switched his phaser's setting to kill and set it on a rotating modulation in preparation for what would inevitably come next. He didn't have long to wait before the shimmering light of transporters deposited the first Drones on the bridge. He could see two. One stood near the entrance to the bridge, near where Lieutenant Izar was climbing to his feet with his back to the drone. As Eboh watched, the drone turned and stepped towards Izar.

"Frankenspoon! Eboh barked, using the first term that came to mind that he was certain would get the Cardie hybrid's attention, "Behind you!"

Eboh raised his phaser, his hand feeling sluggish, and fired. A lance of orange light streaked forward, quickly followed by a second. Both shots struck the drone in the chest, sending it staggering away from the scientist. The drone's back butted up against the bulkhead until a third shot from Eboh's phaser sent it toppling to the deck, where it lay still. Eboh let out the breath that he hadn't realized he'd been holding and turned to see what had become of the second drone. Then he felt the hand clamp down on his shoulder. Fear gripped him. His entire being felt as though it had turned to ice as terror reigned within him. His eyes grew wide with horror. His mouth opened, though no sound came out.

He felt the twin points on his neck as the tubules made contact with his skin, and felt the pressure that accompanied the hiss of the nanoprobes being injected into his system. Panic kept him frozen in place, his muscles refusing to move even as his brain screamed at them to flee. Finally those muscle gave out and caused him to fall to his knees, his hands barely managing to brace against the deck to prevent him from collapsing face-first to the floor. A wave of panic and nausea swept through him, though the spasms in his neck prevented him from retching anything up.

This can't be happening... his mind screamed again and again in repeated denial of the truth, sheer terror blocking out the slight glimmer of hope that Lieutenant Izar's inoculation might provide. This can't be happening...
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PO2 Sithick | Engineering | USS Allegiant ] attn: @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013 @Fife  @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Numen

Sithick watched as the shield drained, and felt a touch helpless, he had just reinforced that thing, and suddenly they were gone. If the tractor beam were to go down, he might be able to get the shields back up and running considering they had been drained. He started working from his station, and gave quick orders to his team. "Rel, Shields up." The translator said giving his orders quickly as he trusted the larger bug to do his part.

"Russel, engines, cool them! We aren't moving, keep them from hot, get them ready to move." There was a sound, and the Gorn turned towards the beam in. As Rel and Russel acknowledged the orders of the petty officer. He watched as a green light faintly filled up the engine room, and a new form emerged.

This thing was an amalgamation of meat and metal, Sithick could smell the strange oils, and pumps that made this thing breath, it was disgusting it burned his nose his eyes searched the thing for any place where he could sink claw or tooth into flesh, but he was certain no matter where he struck his mouth would be filled with plated metal that may break his teeth. His usual tactics in defending the crew would not work here.

"Sithick to security, Intruder alert." He tapped his badge, and he watched the creature as it walked to a station, and injected it's tubing into the machinery. He watched as the screen started displaying page after page of the ships information.

The first and only thought that came to Sithick was the weapon. If the Borg downloaded the specifications of his gravity cannon then they could prepare their defenses before they ever had a chance to fire. They could adapt to the weapon before it did any real damage to them.

He hissed a low guttural violent curse that his translator couldn't understand. Giving only scrambled frustrated noises. The drone was ignoring everything in the bay. This would be the things mistake. The Gorn called Rel over. He locked down the information of the gun, keeping it isolated to his work station. "Guard this console with life."

If they lost this information than they would loose their first best weapon before it ever had the chance to fire. The Gorn stepped forward his body relaxed, he didn't have a weapon, he had claws, and teeth, and none could be used against this thing, he was seeing for the first time an enemy that was possibly superior to him physically.

The Gorn stepped forward. "Away from that!" He moved as quickly as his body could, his body bent low, his head hit the side of the creatures chest, under it's extended arm, as his arms wrapped around the creatures waist. He felt his claws grip the cold metal, he felt no give. The claws on his feet spread, and dug into the tiled floor, as the Gorn's muscles bulged against it. He hissed and screamed.

Russel, and Rel watched as the petty officer did something stupid, yet incredible. The Drone's arm was pulled away from the computer as it's feet lifted up off the ground. Sithick hoisted, Drawing it back, lifting it with the application of leverage and his body straining against the heavy load, it was clearly taking more effort than even Sithick had assumed it would. As he stood tall, the Borg was over his shoulder, and from there it was just a matter of guiding his body safely to the ground, and his enemies neck into the solid plating.

Here the Drone's weight helped him, his body stretching backwards in flexibility that the Gorn had so rarely displayed, The suplex was loud, the metal of the Drone's head and spine snapped uncomfortably as the Gorn fell. Both bodies slammed against the ground, the Gorn's body cushioned by the Drone's uncomfortably.

The force of the impact had caused the heavy plating to snap against the Borg's spine, and the drone fell over as Sithick let go, dropping it. He was panting, feeling the exertion of his movements. His muscles flexing and contracting.

Then there was another green flash of light, a panic'd warning from Russel that Sithick couldn't respond too, the next drone opened fire with an energy weapon.

"Enginering to medical, we have an emergency! Sithick is down!"
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[ PO1 Varder Ridun | Stairway > Corridor > Med Bay | Deck 01 | USS Allegiant ] @Auctor Lucan @Firefox013  @Masorin  @Fife  @patches @Vox  @The Ostrich @Nolan  @BZ  @Numen  
Varder had been seated upon the stairs as he played the waiting game for the Theurgy to drop out of warp, his helm visor retracted to allow him to eat an energy bar. It seemed that one of those minor side effects was getting the better of the Bajoran, he was hungry. Not painfully so by any means, but enough for it to be an inconvenience and an irritation. Then came Dewitt's call over the intercom, "Prepare for Battle."

An oddly familiar call, one to which the Bajoran stood. His visor sliding back into place, rifle held up and across his chest as he began his patrol route. Even steps carrying him down the hall towards the airlock, from where he would turn and wait a moment, scanning the corridor and the doors along its walls for any discrepancy, any hint of movement. It was his job and he took pride in doing it right, more than that it helped him to control himself and his thoughts. Keep his mind on his duty and not on what could happen, dwelling helped no one, especially not when things start going wrong.

Varder was about to step forward and continue when he was instead violently tossed forward, instinctively he rolled. Turning his side to hit the ground rather than his face or back, the suit could take it. The impact was still jarring, the Bajoran impacting the ground with force, the plating of the hall being scored by his exo suit which in turn also took a scrape or four. The suit, however, did its job, Varder was unharmed and with a clear head as he swiftly pulled himself to his feet. Then it came through the intercom.


Even before the command came through Varder was altering the setting on his rifle from stun to kill, checking the modulation was still functioning. Professional, precise movements, well practised and versed. Movements that hid the fear within the man performing them, almost even from himself. "All hands, prepare for imminent boarding! Phasers up! Keep your distance from them."

From the bridge came the sound of phaser fire, yet before the Petty Officer could react the shimmering light of borg transporters illuminated the hall. A single drone materialized, vanishing into the med bay before Varder could react against it. As he went to give chase two messages filled his ears, one from Dewitt. "Bridge to Petty Officer Varder, we need you in here, now!"
The other from Doctor Hernandez. "Sickbay to security! They are accessing our computers!".

He needed to make a choice, and for him it was simple. There were others on the bridge, including Six, Hernadez was alone and the Borg could do significant harm if allowed access to the computers unhindered. Beyond that, should the doc and med bay be put out of commission further help for others would be seriously hampered if not taken off the table entierly.

His mind made up Varder was moving, rifle ready. Holding at the door to med bay for just a moment, the door opened. In that moment he was through, inside, scanning.
There, the doctor..
There, the Borg.
One arm of flesh and metal raising towards the doctor, the other held out towards a computer.
Two shots flash from his rifle, the pulses taking the drone in the back. It staggers forward, smoking and hissing. Looking as if it might yet take another shot, then it collapses. Lifeless to the ground.
Varder does not stop, his rifle dictating where he is looking even as he speaks. Ensuring no other drones are present within the bay.

"Clear! Check the system!" His tone was clear, aggressive and very much demanding.

As to if the doctor was capable of his request he did not care at that moment, he was already heading out of the med bay.
Through the doors of the security checkpoint.
He could only hope those few extra moments would not cost anyone dearly.

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[ Ltjg Jhozahosh "Blizzard" sh'Avhennes | Wolf-12 | Debris Field | Azure Nebula ]


It was all going well...and then it wasn't. The Allegiant had become trapped by a tractor beam, emanating from the Borg Cube. Wraith had instantly accelerated away, racing toward the cube and making grand claims about knocking out the tractor beam. "And he told me not to do anything stupidly risky" Jhoza grumbled to herself under her breath as she opened up the throttle and sent her fighter in pursuit of Wolf-11.

"Wraith, this is Blizzard, I've got your six. Knock out the beam and I'll drop my payload on that cursed Cube."

She followed close behind, matching every one of Wraith's maneuvers. She grinned as she saw the explosion from his first pass, then cursed as the tractor beam stayed active. Her antennae twitched in her helmet as she swung around to follow Wraith for a second pass.

"Calm your snakes Jhoza, you're making me nervous." Trixie's voice was a little higher than usual

"You should be nervous Abigale, this is the Borg" Jhoza's antennae twitched again as she spoke "Make sure our weapons are primed, the moment that emitter fails we're feeding that cube some high explosives."

It was as if Uzaveh himself had heard her words, for as she spoke them Wraith fired again, and in a fiery explosion the tractor beam failed. Jhoza did not hesitate, and pulled hard on the triggers, unleashing the fury of her Valravn. "ASSIMILATE THIS YOU CYBERNETIC FUCKERS!!!" 160 micro torpedoes, 2 Hellhound cluster bombs, a spread of shots from her twin mounts, and scintillating phaser beams streaked out of her fighter and smashed into the Cube. She kept hold of her Hellbore torpedoes for now, she had a feeling they would be needed later, and she didn't want the Borg adapting to them now, and rendering the weapons carried by the rest of the squad useless.

The explosions which spread across the surface of the cube were impressive, but Jhoza had no idea of the damage they had done to the behemoth. She didn't have time to check either, as she saw the Borg throw out a screen of their own torpedoes. Swearing violently in Andorian she pushed her throttle to the max, and pulled hard on the flight controls, swinging the craft away from the imminent detonations. "POWER TO SHIELDS TRIXIE, THIS IS GONNA GET BUMPY!!!"

"If we survive this I'm going to stab you, you blue bit..." Trixie was cut off as the craft shook violently and Jhoza whooped in exhilaration. Action like this really got the blood pumping.

After the explosions had cleared Jhoza activated her comm system, at some point there she had lost track of Wraith. "Blizzard to Wraith, where are you?"

Several seconds passed with no reply.

"Blizzard to Wraith, come in."

More silence.

"Dammit Wraith, answer me!"

Then she saw him. Wolf-11 appeared to have taken a hit, so it was possible that Wraith had lost his comm system. As she swung her Valravn down for a closer look, Wolf-11 began to move again, and Jhoza gave a sigh of relief.

"Wraith, its Blizzard, if you can hear me I'm above you at your 4 o'clock. I'm going to pull in on your Starboard. Do you require any assistance? Signal me however you can"
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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Bridge| USS Allegiant | Heading the Battlefield]
@Auctor Lucan   @Masorin  @Jm Von Cat@Firefox013  @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ  @patches  @Vox  @The Ostrich

Bila was standing, facing the  wall panel, his hazel eyes scanning the screen. He was tracking the closest sirillium pocket and then, the world turn upside down. It tumbled, twisted, spinned. His face slammed against the wall and then bounced off against the nearest console. Against the floor. He heard a loud creak and knew something in him had broken.

After that, everything was darkness.

He felt the damp heat of blood on his face, but he could not see anything.

Then, there were screams.

Screams and whispers. But neither of them had sense.

Hasty steps.

"Shields depleted!"

THAT had sense.


He must flee. He had to know what was happening.

But the world spinning around him. He was nauseated.

Blood soaked the collar and chest of his uniform.

There was heavy thud.

Bila tried to open his eyes, but a stabbing pain in the left eye-ridge prevented it. With his eyes still closed, the chemist pushed himself to a sitting position. His right lid fluttered. Everything was brown. Or crimson. He let his head fall against the wall plates. Cold. Why the world kept spinning?

He put both hands on the wall, trying that the bridge stabilized a bit. He heard a continuous beep in the left ear. A high pitched scream? Or an alarm? He rubbed his eyes. That simple motion made him dizzy again and he rested his hand on the wall another time. He opened his right eye. There was a wall. The wall had brown blood stains.

"Frankenspoon! " Somebody shouted.

Bila's head lolled in that direction, trying to understand what was happening, trying to...

"Behind you!". The hybrid turned to face his demise face to face.

A drone.

Klingon's ridges were still evident in its forehead, half covered by metal plating. The borg advanced to catch him. And he was trapped in a corner. There was no way he could avoid the nanotubes that were beginning to reach out to him from the drone's hands.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion, languidly, so slowly that he could see every detail of what was happening. But there was nothing he could do to prevent it. He crushed himself against the wall. His breath froze in his throat. His eyes staring at the drone, out of their orbits. Borg's eyes stared at him unperturbed, vacant. A metal-covered hand pointed in his direction. Bila wanted to scream. He couldn't do it.

A phaser shot.


The drone staggered and turned away from him. A window to scape. The chemist lunged forward. He stumbled. His knees hit the ground, but he didn't care, he simply crawled forward, away, as far as he could.

A third shot hit the drone.

A heavy body fell to the floor plates.

Bila raised his eyes and saw the ops chief. And what plodded behind. He wanted to warn him. He should warn him. But his throat only produced a suffocated yelp. Eboh's horrified gaze was all he needed to get back in motion. That and the image of how he began to be assimilated.

The world seemed to move forward again. Accelerating. More shots could be heard beyond the bridge. Bila stumbled forward using his hands to stand up. Quick. Quicker. A cascade of sparks rained down from a roof panel. The chemist kept stumbling forward until his chest hit one of the consoles. The drone pushed its appendages away from Eboh and turned slowly. Once he located a new target he advanced towards. Sluggishly. Without rushing itself.

Bila's hands moved madly on the screen. "Fuck," he whimpered. "Fuckfuckfuckfuck" He kept blubbering. Meanwhile, the borg had almost reached its goal. Its hand was rising again.

Bila slammed the screen.

The drone lost consistency, its body turning into a swirl of white and blue sparks. The nanotubes were projected forward, but their consistency was so faint that they failed to reach their goal. The drone's head began to turn towards Bila. And after that it, simply, disappeared.

Bila spilled on the console, his legs barely able to support the weight of his body. His breathing was ragged and wheezing, like a bellows with a hole. The adrenaline still ran crazily through his veins. His body was trembling and wriggling compulsively.

On the main screen, the drone that had beamed out appeared floating in the space in front of the Allegiant, his hands still extended towards the little starship, his determination still focused on assimilate the targets that had been so close to it barely a few seconds before. Bila watched it, fascinated and horrified at the same time... until a piece of debris hit it and threw the drone out of the screen field, spinning rapidly.

Bila averted his eyes and looked at the bridge again, struggling to stay on his feet. The blood that dripped from his forehead got into his eyes. Bila brushed away the brown fluid with a trembling hand.

His stomach twisted. Despite all his efforts, Bila ended up throwing up on the floor.

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[ PO2 Kythalie Benmual | Warp Core | USS Allegiant ]
@Masorin  @Auctor Lucan 

Being stationed in the lower deck of the Allegiant, Kythalie Benmual was still getting used to the confines of the exosuit she wore. If she had thought for the Starfleet regulatory uniform to be confining, this would undoubtedly be over the top. She had changed prior to boarding along with the rest of the security officers. She had first tried it on with the security uniform still on her though that felt more like a death trap then anything else. With no real shame she had slipped herself out of the uniform and chosen to get into the suit with just the standard issue undies. The suit felt cooler against her skin, still confining yet better then with all those other layers of clothes.

She patrolled along the corridor as the primary room she would have to defend was the warp core. She could feel the ship sway to the left and right despite the inertia dampers doing their job. She had no clue what kind of a hell it would be out there and perhaps it was for the best as their fates laid in the hands of the helms woman and the hopefully present wolves.  With a sigh Kythalie had looked around in the corridor for any sign of activity finding nothing more. The moment she'd been waiting on hitting her in no time as the ship was caught in the tractor beam. The wall suddenly closing in real fast as her suit slammed into the wall. Benmual shook her head as she got back up and heard the Borg message crackle through the speakers. "Fuck..." she murmured before getting back up on her feet and rushing her way over to the engineering room.

On her way there though she slammed into a Borg drone in the corridor as she opened the door to get to engineering. He was literally standing by the door and attempting to use a console. The sheer impact of the exosuit had shoved the Borg a few meters aside before it looked at Benmual and raised his hand. "FUCK!" Benmual screamed as she raised the rifle to dispatch of the drone, yet the drone swept her off her feet and slammed her back against the now closed door. The distance between them not much longer then a meter or closer. The assault rifle skidded across the deck plating and was out of reach as the drone moved closer once more.

Time seemed to move slower now as the hunk of flesh and metal closed in on her with no emotion. Kythalie was a fighter however and she reached for the hand gun that was provided to her by Varder. It would be a likewise weapon to what she had used against the Asurian boarders on the Cayuga during their uprising. Ideal for cutting up Borg... Hopefully. She reached for the weapon and simply let her muscle memory take over, not even trying to aim as there simply was no time. The beam carved a line from the drone's left lower torso across his neck over his face. If anything it might be called art as Benmual too her hand off the trigger and watched the drone stagger. It didn't take long before she watched the head split. Brain matter, blood and what else slipping out before the Borg collapsed on top of her, bleeding all over her exosuit as she panted and realized far too well that this was a close call.

Looking up she saw that the pistol had simply carved through the drone and caused for some damage in the corridor. She swallowed and pushed the drone off her as she checked herself for any injuries. As she got up she could hear the weapons fire in engineering, along with a frantic call for help. There was no time to report in what had just happened, she had to move quick!

"Enginering to medical, we have an emergency! Sithick is down!"

Kythalie scrambled onto her feet and stumbled forward as she holstered the side arm and grabbed her assault rifle, dashing her way over to Engineering, hoping she wouldn't be too late. Hoping she wouldn't find an onslaught of death and more Borg.

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[Lt.JG Logan Hale - "Wraith" | Wolf-11 |  Debris Field | Azura Nebula] Attn: @The Ostrich

As he slowly made his way back towards the battlefield, Wraith was slowly coming to realise that his tough little ship had taken a few more knocks than he'd originally thought. While the ship was indeed still flyable and could jump back into the fight if necessary, the missing part of his wing did mean he had to wrestle the controls a little bit in order to keep her going in a straight line, at least for now it didn't look like the Borg or the Klingon's had detected him yet or if they had, were currently ignore him, which he was perfectly fine with.

As his eyes flickered between the view out of his window, his HUD, Zeke's lifesigns in the corner of his HUD, the throbbing in his skull and down to his console as he tried to make some slapdash repairs, he failed to spot the other Valravn approaching him outside.

"Evidently the Comm's not working either." He muttered as he took note of all the warnings springing up around him and switched his attention to that, hitting several keys to pull up a diagnostic on his HUD, he immediately saw the problem. One of the explosions from the many transphasic torpedoes the Borg had fired at him had fried a few relays and shorted out the system, he'd have to do a quick reroute to get it working again, but that would mean sacrificing something else in order to do so.

"Can't do that, can't do that support definitely need that, inertial dampeners yeah need those..." he muttered as he went though everything on the ship he was willing to risk cutting out, eventually moving over to his weapons, the phasers and cannon he'd need, torpedoes too but the cluster bombs...he'd already used some to knock out the tractor beam and with his wing damaged as it was didn't really want to risk trying to outrun another explosion with it in the condition it was so that would be the thing he'd lose for now.

Taking the launcher offline he diverted the power through several other relays to the Comm, not something entirely recommended he knew but desperate times and all that.

""Wraith...Blizzard, if...hear me..." He heard coming through the system as it crackled back to life, albeit a garbled mess.

"Oh for god's sake" the pilot muttered as he gave the console another whack, thankful when that again seemed to do the trick as the rest of his new wingman's voice came through, feeling relieved that at least somebody knew where he was, especially since he currently didn't.

"...pull in on your Starboard. Do you require any assistance? Signal me however you can"

Glancing out his cockpit, sure enough Blizzard's Valravn was right there next to him. Giving a quick wave to signal her, he hit the transmit button and hoped that his Comm was capable of sending transmissions as well as recieving them otherwise he had a problem.

"Blizzard it's good to see you. I have a few issues but right now my RIO is injured and I need to get him back to the ship ASAP but my sensors can't pick up either the Theurgy or the Allegiant, could be interference from the debris or another system on my bird that's not currently working the way it should, I could use an escort."

He replied, hoping she got the transmission, right now his only concern was getting Zeke back to the ship, his fighter and he would survive...probably but his friend wouldn't Logan couldn't get him medical aid soon.
Logan Hale - "Wraith"

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[Zyrao Natauna | Ghosts of the Past | Lies and Truth | Showtime | The Greatest Showman]
@Auctor Lucan @Fife @Numen

Yep.  Fucking nightmare.

Zyrao looked at the screen in front of her.  Pulling the fighters, the Cayuga, and the Borg Cube out of the debris field filled with metallic pieces everywhere was not child's play.  Everything pinged off the scanners though it was easier to detect the fighters because they were moving with purpose.  Once she was able to locate them fully, she was able to use the system to tag them.  This would enable the sensors to keep pinging off the same ship instead of consistently searching the entire debris field.  She didn't leave the field without attention should someone else show up she had her large area scanners pinging her with the whole field.  This was the Borg.  They may not be alone.  Martok may call in more Klingon.  It was hard to tell what exactly the plan here was going to be.  But, she needed to keep an eye out for the fighters, and any newcomers that were either friend or foe.

I still have to make the one a friend... cake walk I tell you.

Her eyes shifted up to the Science Officer as he mentioned there were Sirrillium deposits in the area.  Of course there are, because, this isn't hard enough, lets add some explosive gasses to the whole battle.  That should make it fun, right?  She felt like the Klingon's would have truly enjoyed this battle.  Drex would have breathed in the fury of taking down the Borg as well as utilizing the Sirillium in any way that he could.  But then, the man was an idiot and capable of getting everyone on his ship killed because of his stupid decisions and relying on the word of a traitor convincing him that he could take on the Theurgy without repercussions. 

Or death.  It was death.

They had been cutting a path through the field when all of a sudden they came to a full stop.  Not because of Helm, no, she knew what it was likely.  The Borg.  She had been standing as she worked her maps and kept an eye on the people that were out there fighting much closer to the Borg than they were and thus she had been tossed forward, the console bit into her stomach and her rib cage, the sharp jolt of pain of likely a bruised-if-not-broken rib.  She hissed as she nearly went over the other side, but managed, at the last moment to grab the edge of the console and stop herself from the sommersaulting into another officer's space.  Hanging there for a moment, fingers white with the pressure to continue using their purchase to stop her momentum, she finally, was able to stand. 

Half way to right, she heard the words that haunted the dreams she only occasionally had now.  The ones she had promised Chloe, all those years ago, would fade.  They never left, the dreams, but they faded and held less fear than they had initially.  In time you became desensitized to your own nightmares because they were constant, common, and reoccurring.  But, Zyrao had never expected to hear it again like this.

This is how I die.

It was the sound that froze the blood of the Bridge, the sound that killed everyone before they even saw anyone, the sound of certain doom.  Zyrao's face was white, paler than normal, as she took in the fact that within minutes they had been boarded and they hadn't even gotten to fight.  They were caught, and moments later the officer up front called out that they were in the tractor beam.

Could have told them that without the fancy scanners.

Best not to say that out loud.  She stood up right and turned around as Dewitt began to call out orders, calling out to Zyrao to get Martok on their team right now.  She turned, not able to stand on the Bridge, there was far too much shit going on for her to be able to stand here and get this done.  So she grabbed up her PADD and she quickly headed for the Ready Room. 

"Bila!  Take up my slack!  I have a job to do!" she called over her shoulder.  She didn't know the man, didn't know that he would actually do what he was supposed to do.  She tried to ignore the sounds that were going on behind her of the Borg infiltrating the Bridge.  Some of them being shot at, she didn't see Eboh getting some nanos in the back of the neck.  She didn't see any of that as she palmed the Ready Room door and the chaos that was the Bridge faded for the moment. 

"Computer, contact Chancellor Martok, from Zyrao Natauna, Emissary of the Allegiant." she said quickly to the computer.  There was no time to waste, none what so ever.

The screen over the large table came up quickly with the outgoing call.  She slammed her PADD down on the table in front of her and looked up.  The  IKS Negh'var, was out there and she was just waiting for them to answer. 

"Answer you pompus fuck face!" she cried out and slammed her fist against the table in front of her again, and again, it would probably bruise but she didn't care.  She needed Martok to answer.

"Zyrao Natauna."  the voice all too familiar to her as her grey eyes shifted up to the screen and there was the man that she had known for years.  He seemed shocked to see her alive, and she gave a bit of a smile and a bit of a nod as her shoulders relaxed for a split second before she realized what she was here for.  It wasn't to see a familiar face, it wasn't to have a good chat, it was to get this man on their side against the Borg so they could protect the Theurgy and everyone else.

"I do not have time for niceties, Martok, we, the Theurgy, the Allegiant, the Cayuga, we need your assistance.  The assistance of the Klingon and the battle hardened warriors I know you possess."  There was nothing like blowing major smoke up his ass at this time, because she knew that he liked ... as all Klingons did, to be prideful about his warriors and to call attention them.  She could see his pride take form in his eyes.

"They have murdered my son and his crew!  How you are alive I do not understand!" his thick Klingon voice was heavy with anger and the rage of his lost son.  Zyrao hadn't even realized how she had switched to Klingon language as though it was like breathing, she had used it for so long she was native when speaking it. 

"That isn't how it happened.  Let me tell you what happened, so that you may understand the full story.  I was there, I witnessed it all, and I know you trust me.  I need your help, but first... a quick overview.  We have been boarded by the Borg, there is not time for long tales."

"Speak, Natauna."

She let out a gush of air and began her tale.  "When we finished our conversation, I went out immediately to tell Drex to call off the attack.  That the Imperial Intelligence operative Hi'Jak had fed him bad information and he should not take on the Theurgy.  I told him what you had said about Ives.  First he was mad because I had contacted you before talking to him and he was very vengeful about it."  She gripped her shoulder, as though he had hurt her, but then she dropped it and cleared her throat.  Looking back up at the screen she continued to pour out the story.  She hadn't gotten as far as she had in life without being able to twist truths and lies together beautifully and so she continued to piece together her quilt.

"He wouldn't listen to reason.  When I told him that I would tell you he hadn't listened he grew more angry.  He decided that since the Theurgy and some of it's crew had infiltrated the Coreless Moon because of the dilithium that was stored within, he would attack them.  He sent me down with the rest, stating that since I was against it, I needed to see the evils of the Theurgy first hand and being his strategist I was best served on the moon.  I went down with the crew, and I had no idea of the orders he had given the men that accompanied me down there."

She could hear shots firing from the Bridge, screams and cries of surprise, she hoped they were faring well.  Turning back to the screen she soldiered on.

"My plan was to go in with a force and clear out the Theurgy crew, send them back to their ship.  As soon as the hatches opened in the ships, the Klingon soliders I was with began laying fire on the Theurgists.  I had no choice.  It was either, open war with the Theurgy or turning on the officers that were with me.  I knew the best interest of the Hakkarl was fixing the whole situation and getting out of there.  I would deal with Drex later when I could get back to the ship.  The Theurgists took out the Klingon attackers.  My plan was to get the Theurgists off the Moon base and back to their own ship.  That was the plan of course, but the battle ... one of the officers Drex sent had gone off and accidentally activated the security protocol of the Coreless Moon.  We couldn't stop it.  The Theurgists were kind, and took me on their ship instead of letting me die.  All the wounds received in the battle were healed by these people.  They've given me refuge, and I have agreed to help them.  However, now, we are up against the Borg and we need the Might of the Klingon Empire if we are to beat them.  If we are to save the Theurgy."

She swallowed softly.  "It was not the Theurgy nor the crew of, that destroyed the Hakkarl.  It was the Moon's defense systems. The hidden ruins below SuD Lang.  We barely made it out, but they were sitting ducks because Drex did not believe them to be in danger.  I lost my home, my crew, my family.  Yet I stand before you on this ship, courtesy of the Theurgy and the kindness they have shown me in my time since the Moon.  I need your help Martok.  Too many lives are at risk."

There, she had said it now.  There was a noise in the corridor, and it was getting closer.  She withdrew her phaser and put it in her hand flicking it straight up to kill.  There was no 'stun' for these fuckers.  It was death or nothing.  But, she did not end her call, no, she waited, looking at Martok hoping he would know.  Wrapping her mouth around the word kindness had been hard, but she was pleading a case and even though the people here had been viscous thorned pricks, she needed his help to save her life as well as the few that weren't.
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Re: CH05: BL [D06|1110] No Milk Run
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[CWO3 Liliana "Meerkat" Walton | Wolf-09 | Space, the Final Graveyard] @Firefox013 @Auctor Lucan

In short, everything seemed to be going to hell in a handbasket rather quickly once the Allegiant and its escorts were in range of the Borg Cube. The path to this point had been mostly uneventful save a close call with an expanding debris field at one point. The scoutship suddenly stopped movement. Verification of the cause came quickly - it was stuck in a tractor beam. Wraith called out his intention to take care of the emitter and Blizzard peeled off to follow her wingmate.  Normally, Meerkat paid close attention to such bombing runs for a follow up but with the Allegiant showing Borg life-signs aboard, a debris field that kept shifting, and sirillium pockets that threatened the entire enterprise if a phaser or missile went stray, there was quite enough on her plate.

Her RIO, Bulkhead, added another. "We got a Klingon Bird of Prey closing in on the Allegiant. I show a mixture of Klingon and Borg lifesigns onboard. It looks they're losing the fight though. We also have some Klingon fighters wandering nearby. Their flight patterns don't make sense for an attack run. Maybe finding a place to land?"

"Huh. I have an idea. Think those fighters have ordnance still?"

"They should. Disrupters at the very least. Won't the Borg have adapted to that already?"

"Yes, but Wraith and Blizzard are about to create a hole and our sensors are clearly showing Theurgy's own weapons are having an impact. I bet we can keep that hole open a bit longer for them."

"And the Bird of Prey?"

"That is ... a serious problem." Liliana flipped open to the channel to her wingmate. "Scylla, can you deal with the Klingon Bird of Prey approaching the Allegiant? There's Klingons still on the ship but they're losing to the Borg also on board."

She paused a moment before delivering the final sentence. "I think you know what to do there."

The Klingon behind her whispered what sounded suspiciously like a prayer. Walton didn't respond to it. She knew what must be going through his head. The same thoughts were running in the back of hers as she looked over the sensors indicating lifesigns on the Allegiant. Her own prayer was that she wouldn't have to turn her fighter's weapons on the same ship she was tasked with protecting. Both of them had their attention refocused as the nearby Cube spat out a salvo of torpedoes in their general direction, though not specifically aimed at them. Almost simultaneously with that salvo, the Allegiant suddenly accelerated and returned to its course.

"I take it that's our cue." Meerkat noted. "Meerkat to Allegiant, commencing attack run on the Borg Cube."

She accelerated her Valravn back to combat speed. "Bulkhead, get in touch with those Klingon fighters. Convince them to follow my lead."

After an affirmative, the RIO began speaking a lot in his native Klingon while Meerkat focused on piloting through the expanding debris field. A pair of the Cube's gravimetric torpedoes ended up choosing her as a target. She managed to lose one, but the other exploded close enough to nearly knock her off course and drained a good portion of her shields. As the Cube loomed ever larger in the cockpit, the veteran pilot noticed the presence of four Klingon raiders following her course. They weren't quite formed up, but their intent seemed clear.

"They will follow us, Meerkat, but they are almost out so I am not sure how much damage they can do."

"Well, anything is better than nothing. Arming the Hellbores and quantums. Let's give them a full spread. Do you know the spot Wraith targeted?"

"Targeting data is already loaded. The Borg are regenerating there but I see indications of some deep damage there. Their shields are not yet back at full power."

Her HUD updated with confirmation of Bulkhead's analysis and Lily took a deep breath before corkscrewing to avoid another salvo and correct her course for a proper attack vector. One of the Klingon raiders was not as lucky.


"He's reporting some damage, but he can still make the run."

"Alright, here goes." Gloved fingers tapped a series of commands into the interface, forcing changes in the status of her fighter's ordnance, including her phasers. "Starting attack run in five. Torpedoes armed, course plotted. Phasers at max power plus five percent."

"Overheating the phasers?"

"We need the punch. It can handle a few shots at that level. Firing now."

Bright red beams lanced out against the Borg Cube's shields, followed by the impact of six quantum torpedoes. The last two of those hit the armor proper, detonating near the site of Wraith and Blizzard's impact. The Valravn's pair of Hellbores impacted right after, showcasing the effectiveness of the experimental missiles against Borg armor. Green bolts from their temporary allies hit the same area, as well as the few missiles and torpedoes left on those birds. They all pulled sharply away from the Cube as the explosions registered, already pulling evasive maneuvers in anticipation of the Borg's response.

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[ Ens. Jaya Thorne | Bridge of the USS Allegiant | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

Jaya Had guided the Allegiant out on its run, gently guiding her off on their assignment, it didn't take long for their Escort to Form up, the detail composed of 4 fighters, each one fully armed with the best weapons they could fit to take on the daunting task for both escorting the Allegiant in and helping cause damage to the cyborg menace before them.

"We are en route ma'am, escorts are forming up." She noted as the four Warp Fighters took position, boxing the Scout ship into their formation. The IFF codes pinged them as the indicated Wolves and confirmed they were in the right hands on their way as Jaya's hands calmly hovered over the controls, tapping corrections as she navigated towards their target. "Well I hope these pilots are as good as their files say, I took a few minutes to look them up ma'am, they're all solid according to Starfleets database. Well mostly." She let the last comment hang as she concentrated on their approach.

The Allegiant deftly snaked its way around the floating debris, heading closer and closer to the unmistakeably Borg constructs ahead on their screen. "We're on course, so far so good." She mentioned as they glided ever closer, eyes darting to the sensor readings and looking about some in a methodical manner, hands calm even though she was definitely nervous, her self control and focus were showing through admirably considering they were going to go fuck with the worst enemy the Federation has ever had, not to mention sentient life in general.

Her hands leapt over the console, moving as they navigated around debris and other matter you didn't want to get in contact with in a nebula, like period. She listened to what the others were saying and paid attention to keep the moves easily followable by their fighter escort, so far she was impressed, all 4 of the fighters had stuck to them like white on rice. "Hmmm these new pilots we got making part of this element are pretty skilled." She said softly as the Borg apertures drew ever closer, the Borg ship too.

She managed to get them close enough she thought and then got a bad sign of confirmation. "CRAP! They got us in a damn tractor beam ma'am!" She starts trying to shake them free. "If they board us keep them off a me ill keep trying to shakes us out of their beam!" She continued fighting with the controls and trying to hit the Borg tractor with something to feedback it or overload it somehow but nothing was working just then and it frustrated her to no end. "Damnit nothing ma'am!"

Borg beamed in and Jaya quickly drew her phaser form her hip firing at them while trying to regain mobility for the Allegiant, She stayed focused as the fighting erupted, hearing voices, Varder, Eboh, some of the others then suddenly, a massive flash happened in front of them and the emitter got taken out by a cluster bomb. "JESUS! Hah were free, 2 of our fighters got the beam, pulling back, hang on!"  She then dove the bird and spun it around some debris, trying to get clear enough to start fighting and give her people a chance at containing the situation. "Hope they don't knock anything out ill do what I can to not break anything more but we gotta move and gotta start on the attack run YESTERDAY!"

The Allegiant rounded some debris to come face to face at a few thousand yards, with a K'Vort class Bird of Prey and Jaya shrieked. "SHIT SHIT SHIIIIIIT!" She rolled the Allegiant to the left to try getting out of its way, and maybe get a shot or two off on the BOP, when suddenly,  a dozen quantum explosions followed and preceded by torrents of rapid fire high yield phaser canon shots slammed into the K'Vort, the onslaught was ferocious and left the BOP no chance, its shields gave way, hull buckling from the attack as two of their Valravns flew over the exploding hulk. Their IFFs Identified them as Meerkat and Scylla, it was Scylla who had fired the onslaught and destroyed the Bird of Prey in a torrent of such coordinated and focused fire only veterans of many fights flew and fought that way, Jaya then gasped, still flying. "Oh my god it has to be her!" She spoke sort of to herself, realising she'd heard stories of a trill pilot callsign Scylla who fought in the Dominion War.

Jaya wasted no time in getting back on task and began moving in so they could attack as not only their escorts flight leader but a group of Klingon fighters swooped in and started hitting the Borg with all they had, meanwhile the fighter that had KO'd the K'Vort class BOP swooped in, it's pilot calling out on the comms as the fighter unleashed its own piece of hell on the enemy target. "Well that one doesn't waste time..." She says, looking about to see if everyone's ok. "Did we lose anyone!?"

[ LTJg. Sephiria "Scylla" Arn | Cockpit of the Mk.I Valravn Wolf 10 | Azur Nebula near Borg Aperture]

The launch had gone Smoothly, their systems were all green and she followed the flight leader of their little ensemble as they circled around and slid into position around the departing Allegiant. "Wolf 10 is on station Flight Leader." She intoned once in position, through the teams secondary circuits, at a pleasant accompaniment level, music is heard, Orion by Metallica.

Whiteout chuckled from the back seat. "Your fascination with archaic Earth music is an intriguing facet of you yanno? " He said in a calm, friendly tone as he scanned his sensor readouts. "Whoooo boy... is that what I think it is over there?" He said, checking the sensors again. "Yep, got the Klinks on sensors... they haven't noticed our flight yet it seems."  Sephiria nodded as they continued to approach.

The pilot of the Allegiant was maneuvering her craft around the debris in fluid motions, showing a lot of skill in such a debris laden area, on top of that she had been flying in a way that made it relatively easy for them to actually follow the Allegiants movements, something she was definitely grateful about. "That kid on the stick for the Allegiant, What's her name again? Ensign Thorne?" Whiteout chuckled, nodding in the back seat. "Yeah, Ensign Jaya Thorne, actually just passed the officer tests according to her records, was a petty officer before." Scylla smirked, following the Allegiant and kept her position in the formation with ease. "I hear she's a bit crazy at the helm if in a fight too." She said, smiling as the wolves listened now to "Flight of the Silverbird" By Two Steps from Hell.

As they proceeded they got close yes and then things started going to shit, the Allegiant got caught in a tractor beam, the two bottom birds of the box went at it because just then a Klingon BOP started heading their way. "Oh for the love of!"  She was about to key her mic when Meerkat's call came in. "Meerkat we got the Klinks in that Bird of Prey! Do your thing and ill deal with the K'Vort!"

Just then the music changed on the channel to "Its my turn to Fly" by The Verve, as the harder charging music came on, Scylla angled her bird and her scans revealed it was full of Borg and being assimilated. "Oh shit they're assimilated, if not entirely, soon they will be!" She barked out. Dodging fire from the BOP. "Damnit, no choice!" She banked her fighter around, locking phasers and torpedoes. "WOLF 10 FIRING!" She called out, loosing a torrent of phaser canon fire and a swarm of micro-torpedoes from her fighters internal ordnance bays. As she fired, she called out in Klingon. "HEGH BATLH! GHOS STO-VO-KOR!" (Basically: Die Honorably, go to Sto-vo-kor, I think)

The stricken Bird of Prey's hull buckled and cracked, warping as energy bursts surge through and around it, gases ejecting violently and igniting incandescently, wings twisting and splitting as explosions surged out through the breaks and splits, a massive rolling fireball of molten metal gasses and incandescent energy fallout surges out, consuming what little is left of the shot down BOP along with a fair number of Assimilated Klingon warriors, Borg Drones and trapped Klingon warriors. Sephiria moved her bird back towards the Allegiant to continue helping them get to the target. "Target down, next!" Was all Sephiria said, having taken the target out rapidly after realizing what was going on aboard the BOP.

She then banked her bird and went full thrust, catching up with the others and noticed some Klingon fighters were joining in. She keyed her mic as the Allegiant closed in with the target, firing at it, the helmsman onboard seemed to have balls of steel and was following the fighters in, matching them shot for shot on the target. "WOLF 10 Joining in on the attack, target locked and FIRING!" That's when all holy hell was unleashed in the form of the heavyest series of attacks a Valravn armed like her's could produce, unleashing her own piece of hell on the Borg target. "YEEEEEEEHAW!" Called out Whiteout as they unleashed their barrage.

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[ High Chancellor Martok, son of Urthog | Bridge | Negh'Var battleship IKS Negh'Var | Azure Nebula ] Attn: @BZ
While Zyrao Natauna spoke, in a live hail on the bride of the IKS Negh'Var, Martok debated if it was the right time to listen, even though he'd asked her to tell her piece. Zy kept it short, but while she spoke - her Klingon flawless - Martok also had to coordinate the efforts of his ship. At the times when she paused during her brief account of events, he used the opportunity to deal out orders to his bridge crew. Through it all, he weighed what she said, and while he trusted her more than anyone on the Theurgy, her story corroborated with the words of the one named Wenn Cinn.

"nuqjatlh? So you are telling me that the Theurgy's claims are no lies?" he snarled, this being quite a lot to accept even when not under fire and distracted by an enemy such as the Borg, "That Imperial Intelligence caused Drex to act, and brought his death upon himself and his crew, because of some hidden defensive system on that moon? The Bajoran Commander, he also spoke of parasites, and Starfleet Command being infected, resembling the Changelings in their way of operation. I take it you support this claim as well?"

In asking this, Martok thought of his very recent experience with N'Garen, and how there was no explaining how she'd defied death and tried to have the crew assimilated. He had trusted his weapons officer implicitly... but what if it wasn't really her? He could accept that as the truth. He had known Jien Ives during the Dominion War as well, and that was no Romulan defector. Yet could he swallow all that had been said, even if it was Zy over there, making sense of things? He saw how she was threatened by boarders, and he was too busy to talk, so he needed to make a decision. Ultimately, it was a matter of gaining comrades in arms or dividing his forces between the Borg and the Theurgy. Regardless the possible guilt of the Chameloid Captain, there was no time for it.

He pursed his lips to speak, but his ship was suddenly shaking, and he gripped his arm rest.

"Chancellor! The cube, it has caught us!" shouted N'Garen's replacements, his braided hair settling over his shoulders after he rounded on Martok. "Our shields are failing!"

"I have heard you, Zyrao, and I will honour your word," said Martok, ending the conversation. "If we won't drink bloodwine to celebrate victory here, we'll toast in Sto-Vo-Kor! Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"

Indeed, perhaps death was imminent, caught in a Borg tractor beam as his ship was, but Martok would fight nonetheless. He cut the feed from the ship called 'Allegiant', and addressed his bridge crew. "For the honour of the Empire! wo' batlhvaD!"

[ Lieutenant Commander Jennifer Dewitt | USS Allegiant | Launching From the USS Theurgy ]
Attn: @Firefox013 @Masorin @Fife @Jm Von Cat @patches @Vox @The Ostrich @Nolan @BZ @Numen 
Lowering her phaser, Dewitt's heart was racing, and tresses of red hair hung before her green eyes. Focus, Jennifer!

Jaya Thorne's words came to her, asking if they lost anyone. That prompted a look around the bridge, and while Six was down, and Zy had left, Izar Bila was retching, and Eboh... "Oh, no," she breathed, seeing what had happened to the half-blood El-Aurian. With a glance towards the viewscreen, seeing how Jaya was back en route to the Cayuga, Dewitt crouched down next to the dark-skinned man, seeing how while he'd been assimilated, he didn't look like those she'd seen during the Battle of Sector 001, where she'd served as Chief Tactical Officer on the USS Rapier. He remained... coherent, if scared. It has to be the vaccine.

"Chief Petty Officer, can you hear me?" she asked, even as she heard the sliding doors behind her, and a glance told her that Varder Ridun had arrived. "I need you back at your station, but I will restrain you to your seat in case the vaccine is not effective enough. You'll be fine, just breathe. Take it easy. We'll get back to sickbay as soon as possible, you hear? Varder! Help me get Eboh back in his chair. I'll seal the safety belts around him."

Then, once it was done, she looked at the Cardassian and Bajoran hybrid. "I need your eyes on the sensors, not on the deck, Lieutenant Izar. Get a grip, and tell me what's out there!" she said, not affording to be sympathetic in the dire situation. With Zy gone, she had no one to take Izar's place. "Yukimura! Report!"

"Shields are at 12%, regenerating, Captain. The fighter escort is gone, but I can spot two of them engaging the Borg cube. We're effectively alone, and we still have one drone in Engineering. Petty Officer Benmual is there, but Sithick may have fallen. Internal sensors are unclear on his vitals."

"Varder! Go down there, now!" Dewitt ordered, and sat down in her seat again, her phaser still in hand - heart beating in her ears but her eyes sharp. She kept herself from cursing the jockeys and their daring antics. "Allegiant to Fighter Escort Lead, we're resuming our flight to the Cayuga. Fall back in formation."

"Captain! It appears the Borg cube's adaptive shield matrix has been rendered ineffective! The Klingon ships, they are peeling off it's outer layers. The IKS Negh'Var was almost compromised, but now it is leading a full on assault!"

Dewitt weighed her options. She knew what she had to do, regardless the odds. "Fighter Escort Lead... belay that order. We'll come to you instead."

"Jennifer," said Masuda, the breach in protocol of using her first name a testament to her former First Officer's consternation.

"Helm, engage the Borg cube. Any attack patterns you see fit, then resume course towards the Cayuga. Izar, keep your eye out for surprises, and any sirillium we can use. Eboh, we really could use more power to shield regeneration. Mister Yukimura, weapons free. Have at it!"

There was no telling if they would get another opportunity like this to deal damage to the cube. Dewitt had no choice, since defending the Cayuga and the Theurgy meant dealing with the cube, even if that thing seemed nigh indestructible.

OOC: Check the thread Space Trash Rampage, and how your White Wolves' old squadmate Devyrie 'Dragon' Okhala has arrived to the battle, flying the Theurgy's last remaining Reaver. You'll notice that she can't hear anyone, but she also spots the shields of the cube being down, spreading the word. The IKS Negh'Var was caught in a tractor beam for a short while, before Trent's Soup Sandwich virus lowered the cube's adaptive shield matrix (See CV's posts in Storm Glass). It won't last, but it's a window of opportunity, and the Klingon fleet blasted the Negh'Var free.

Here is a new set of additional Battle Objectives to illustrate in your next posts! Like before, check off one objective each, and you have full liberty in setting up details or adapting these objectives as you see fit, or come up with something else entirely. Have a look!
It's first dibs on these through posting, and you have 7 days to post. Also, have at it unless you want your choices narrowed, but importantly, have fun!

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[ Lt. JG Izar Bila | Bridge| USS Allegiant | Heading the Battlefield]
@Auctor Lucan  @Masorin  @Jm Von Cat @Firefox013  @Fife  @Nolan  @BZ  @patches  @Vox  @The Ostrich

Dewitt sent orders all over the place, without leaving a second of respite to the battered crew. A part of Bila knew that it was his duty, they did not have a second to waste. Still, dizzy and nauseated as he was, he would have appreciated a few seconds to recompose himself.  While Commander Dewitt and the bajoran PO dragged Eboh to his chair and restrained him to it, Izar tried to wipe his face with the uniform sleeve. In doing so he rubbed the wound of his head and the sudden pain made him feel sick another time. He leaned forward, both hands on the side of the console. Surely he was livid, grayer than ever. He noted how cold sweat beaded his hairline. The blood kept flowing from that wound that he wasn't able to find and still couldn't open his left eye. For better or for worse, he felt that part of his face became swollen and numb, so his biggest problem was to keep his stomach under control. And that the bridge to stop spinning once and for all.

With unsteady steps, he approached the door that led to the corridor and retrieved his briefcase and staggered back to the Chief's station. "Hey, Igor, let me check how are you" he said with all the compassion he was able to muster in his voice. Izar knew that he probably was the last person Eboh wanted to see at that time, but Bila had to monitor the spread of the nanoprobes. Not only for the El-Aurian hybrid sake, but for that of all the bridge crew. Also, if he let himself be carried away by his inner scientist, this was a unvaluable situation. After all, the vaccine had only been tested under laboratory parameters, never in a live speciment. The knowledge he could get from Eboh was invaluable and could save many lives later. Although obviously he didn't say it out loud. No one enjoyed being a lab rat.

The chemist opened the case's clasps and extracted the modified tricorder. After a quick scan, he was able to determine the speed at which the infection spread through the patient system. The half-cardassian's eyes darkened at the sight of the data, but his worried expression disappeared from his features as quickly as it had appeared. He couldn't let Eboh know. "I've to thank you for what you have done for me, Chief Petty Officer..." he said quietly as he returned the device to the briefcase and exchanged it for a hypospray. This one contained the last inoculation doses, aside from the lab cultures. He knew that the gesture was practically useless, more symbolic that something else. But it could give Eboh some hope. And that was almost as important than a cure. He need to keep his mind in the right place.

"I'll give you a new vaccine dosage, it'll allow you to keep your mind clear a bit longer than planned." He slowly explained carefully sluring his words, his voice calm and without the mischievious tone that used to govern his interactions with the Chief. He applied the hypospray on the hybrid's thick neck. The device hissed quietly as it introduced the silver fluid into the CPO system. "Did you remember the ORE?" He asked softly. "I've finnish it. Ekon, it really works, I promise. I know you don't trust me so much, but that doesn't mean that my words aren't true in this regard. You helped me to assemble it,  so you know better than anyone else that my calculations were solid. One of the best xenobiologist I have ever met has helped me adjust it. It really works." He reassured the sturdier man. "There is a cure waiting for you in the Theurgy, I swear it by the Prophets' name. You wont be part of the Collective." Izar promised, holding a hand to the d'ja pagh that adorned his right ear. "I owe you this," he whispered.

Regardless the dark-skinned man answer, Bila closed the briefcase and staggered to the console that Zyrao Natsuma had occupied until a few moments ago. When he sank heavily into the chair, another attack of retching raised up in his throat. He swallowed heavily, trying to keep it on check. His whole body screamed him that he need some rest. Blood dripped down the thin line of scales that adorned his neck. But he couldn't do it. He cannot take a break. There was a lot of work to do. Bila's hands moved across the screen, leaving faint brown lines in their wake.

"There are several Sirillium patches close to the Cube, the densest ones are out of our reach due to the battlefield debris, but the fighters can reach them." Bila narrowed his only healthy eye and began to recite the coordinates. "The most dangerous to the Borg are at 121-mark-7, 90-mark-345 and 81-mark-40, every one of them out of our path."  He tapped on the screen several times again, until another cluster appeared on the display, half hidden until that moment. "There is a big sirillium cluster in 269-mark-032, and maybe we could reach it in with a slight course variation. It's close to the remains of a D12-class, hidden by the vessel main body. The core seems still intact, so a detonation in the hull or the cluster can cause a chain reaction that ..." Bila didn't finish the sentence.

His screen flickered. Weird symbols replaced part of the sensor readings. "Ma'am! Our system has been compromised by a borg virus, I'm losing the sensors feed. <FUCK!!!> " Bila barked, desperately typing to raise every firewall. The infection spread through the system quickly and Bila struggled to type as fast as he could, trying to contain the infectious tide that threatened to collapse the entire network. Finally, he only had one option left. It consisted on turning off sections of the ship's logic core, they would lose some systems, but the integrity of the ship would remain intact, as far as possible. He didn't know how long he would be able to kept the virus on check, he wasn't a hacker, nor an IT expert, but it would have to work for now. It was also a mere patch, but is better than nothing.

"I've managed to contain the virus, Commander, but we have lost 15% of the capacity of our central computer and it could destroy our firewalls at any moment if we don't purgue the full system and reset the core computer. One of the starboard's sensors arrays is compromised and can't be used any longer. We've lost part of the internal sensors in the quarters, the readings must be contrasted with a visual checking or discard them all." He said, while the system failures' report began to blink in red on his screen. Possibly new errors would appear as the firewalls began to fall, but Bila sent the current status and prospections to the captain's chair PADD. It seemed that the Prophets wanted to make things difficult for them that day.

OOC: Use the sirillium clusters at your leisure!
Objective 9, done!
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[ CPO Ekon Okotie-Eboh | USS Allegiant | Launching from USS Theurgy ] Attn: @Auctor Lucan @Numen @Masorin @Jm Von Cat @Firefox013 @Nolan @BZ @patches @Vox @The Ostrich
[Show/Hide]Eboh was only vaguely aware of what was going in the Allegiant's bridge around him. The blue light of a transporter beam, the calls of those present on the bridge as they fought to maintain control of the ship. The horrible sound of someone else vomiting on the deck plating.

It all sounded muffled, distant.

Fear still gripped him, coursing through his veins alongside the nanoprobes the Borg drone had injected into his system. His eyes bulged, the whites of those wide eyes showing clearly in stark contrast to the dark skin of his face. His jaw clenched as he fought the urge to retch again. This can't... be happening... Eboh tried to rise, but found himself unable to move, shock and fear having rooted him firmly in place. Eboh had never been once to freeze during a crisis, but then he had never been assimilated before. Memories seemed to play out before his eyes...

He saw himself back on the Cayuga during the Borg attack. Lieutenant Mason, the Cayuga's Chief of operations, had just been injected with nanoprobes from a drone boarding party.

 "Don't... let me turn... Chief..." Lieutenant Mason choked the words out, eyes imploring Ekon to action even as the Lieutenant seemed to convulse again, "That's... an order." A metallic spike emerged from Mason's cheekbone and spread like a spider's legs, taking on the appearance of a steel star adorning the Chief Operations Officer's face. Ekon's hand shook as he raised the phaser and took aim at the Lieutenant's center of mass.

"I am sorry, Mason." Ekon told the Lieutenant softly. Ekon's jaw clenched, his gut clenched, and he had to fight to stop his eyes from clenching shut and he fired the phaser into his commanding officer's... no, his friend's chest. Mason seemed to fall in slow motion, and Ekon's eyes remained locked on his friend's form as the body hit the floor. As if in a final act of mockery, another piece of Borg machinery emerged from Mason's eye, expanding to form an ocular covering.

His eyes drifted to his phaser, which was lying on the deck plating not far ahead of him. He must have dropped it when he had fallen to the floor. Another memory played out in his mind's eye, this one older.

He was on the Saratoga, a PO1 at the time. The ship had rocked violently as the Borg's cutting beam had torn swaths from the Saratoga's hull, causing Eboh and Crewman Nielsen to stumble as they carried a civilian to the escape pods, the transporters being rendered inoperable by the Borg attack. As they moved through a junction in the corridor, Eboh saw a drone grab a security officer further along the corridor, it's hand moving to his neck. The tubules extended, and the man shuddered as the deadly nanoprobes were injected into his bloodstream. Eboh and Nielsen had stopped as they watched the horror unfold before them. The security officer fell to the deck, eyes wide with terror. The drone turned towards them and began it's slow advance.

Behind the drone, Eboh saw the security officer reach for his fallen phaser, raising it to his head as a metal spike erupted from the skin of his face, just below his left eyes. The man's hands shook as he raised the weapon, turning it to place the muzzle against his own chest.

"Nielsen, this way!" Eboh called, pulling the wounded civilian and Nielsen down the corridor to their left, away from the drone and the security member currently undergoing assimilation. He heard the phaser shot as they hurried away, the sound seeming to echo in his head...

Chief Eboh's eyes stared at the weapon on the deck of the Allegiant's bridge, seeing a way to prevent his own turning, but he continued to find himself unable to move his limbs. Fixated on the phaser, he failed to notice Dewitt crouch down beside him.

"Chief Petty Officer, can you hear me?"

Dewitt's voice. The words, spoken so close, seemed to pull him back to reality. He found himself unable to speak, his throat parched. Eboh turned his head towards the sound, his dark eyes moving to regard the woman with the vibrant red hair crouching next to him. After a moment, Eboh nodded to the Captain and let out a shuddering breath. "Yes..." he croaked, his voice sounding strangled.

"I need you back at your station, but I will restrain you to your seat in case the vaccine is not effective enough." She told him, "You'll be fine, just breathe. Take it easy. We'll get you to sickbay as soon as possible, you hear?"

Eboh's mind fought to focus on the words, on the Captain's voice. Listening help focus. "Yes, ma'am." Eboh acknowledged, his voice sounding less choked this time. As Varder and the Captain took hold of him, Eboh forced his legs into motion and rose with their assistance. He staggered slightly as they made their way to the Ops console, and likely would have fallen if not for the two officer's steadying him. As they got him into his seat and the Captain activated the restraints, Eboh reached out and placed a hand on her arm. "Captain..." he said, speaking softly, his eyes meeting hers. "If I begin to turn..." dark eyes bored into green, forceful and insistent, "do not hesitate." His eyes remained locked on her for a moment longer before he looked away.

Eboh turned back to his console then, taking a deep breath to steady himself and focus his mind. He wasn't dead yet, and had a duty to the crew. Was it his imagination, or could he feel things moving inside him, just beneath the skin? The thought caused goosebumps to rise all across his flesh, the hair on the back on his neck standing on end. No, he was imagining it, wasn't he? Eboh focused his attention on his console, his fingers moving across it's surface as he got to work on the sensors and tried not to imagine he could hear the call of the collective in the back of his mind.

Dewitt called out for ore power to shield regeneration, and Eboh leap into action. "Aye, ma'am!" He called, his voice sounding more steady as he focused on the task, "Re-routing power from non-essential systems to shield regeneration. Sealing off science lab, guest quarters, crew quarters, mess hall and cargo bay one. Rerouting power from life support in those sections to shields."

Lieutenant Izar approached him then, the man's grey face covered in congealing brown blood from a wound to his head. Eboh spared the half-cardie only a quick glance as he listened to what the man said, all the while redirecting power from various systems to bolster their shields. He felt the hypospray against his neck, his skin crawling at the sensation of yet more things being injected into his bloodstream. He shuddered slightly as Izar withdrew the hypospray. "Thank you, sir." Eboh said, speaking softly. It was rare for him to speak to the half Cardassian without sarcasm or the use of derogatory nicknames, but in that moment Eboh knew that the scientist was trying to help him, without his usual snark or malice, and Eboh appreciated the slight glimmer of hope the man offered. Izar mentioned the ORE back on the Theurgy, and Eboh realized there may be some hope after all. If Izar had truly finished the emitter, and if it truly worked, there was hope.

If Eboh survived long enough to reach it.

Eboh turned to look at the scientist again as the man swore by the prophets that Eboh would not be part of the collective. Eboh's eyes drifted to the phaser which still lay on the deck, vowing that those words would be true, one way or another. Eboh nodded his thanks to Izar as the man took up his briefcase again and moved off to take up position at the COMMs console, then moved to turn his attention back to his own work. It was then that Eboh gaze fell on the fallen drones that still lay on the deck of the bridge, a thought occurring to him. He turned his attention back to the console, running a scan of the Allegiant for any drone signatures. "Captain, I'm detecting six drones still aboard, five of them are down. One is still active in engineering." Eboh reported. "Locking transporters onto the drone signatures." He worked quickly, his fingers moving across the console with practiced precision to lock onto the signatures with the transporter, "I've got five. I am unable to lock onto the remaining drone in engineering. Energizing."

Blue light shimmered as transporter beams engulfed the two remaining fallen drones on the bridge, as well as those elsewhere in the ship. The drones disappeared, the transporter depositing them off in the debris field away from the ship.

Eboh heard Izar's report stating sensors were compromised and quickly ran a check of his own to confirm the man's findings. "Confirmed. Starboard sensor arrays are inoperable." Eboh reported as he punched in new commands at his console, "locking out computer access to sealed off areas. If any drones beam in, we can't have them accessing the computer while we're blind."

That done, Eboh turned his chair to face the Captain. "Captian," Eboh began, his eyes glancing at the one remaining drone on the bridge. The still form of Six still lay on the deck where she had fallen, and Eboh had no idea if she remained a threat. "Ensign Six. She may still be a threat." Mentally, he added And you've got enough to worry about with me on the bridge at this point...

Eboh reached up and scratched his left arm as he waited for the Captains answer, trying desperately not to think about the fact that the itch might be caused by something building itself beneath the surface of his flesh...

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